Subnormality #233: “Just A Minute”

May 19, 2023

New comic exists nnnow– find it in the usual place. This wasn’t intended to be topical, but i guess if you write about enough topics then one will probably overlap with a thing in the greater public discussion (online, at least). And i’m fine with this being my statement on that tbh… Thanks for reading, and waiting to read– as always, it’s an honor. -Wr

Subnormality #232 – “The Right Place”

December 28, 2022

Hey it’s new comic time again, read it here! Thanks for waiting, and hope the rest of this cursed year is merciful, and i’ll see you in the new and therefore better year for More Things…!



Sphynx Merch Crowdfunding Campaign

November 10, 2022

Hey i’ve mentioned this everywhere else, but for anyone who missed it: one week left to preorder your very own Sphynx mascot, surely the best merch i will ever have the opportunity to offer… Thanks if you wanna take a look! Link is here:


Subnormality #231

May 29, 2022

New comic now available! Thanks as always for waiting. This sees a return of the color black, rather than the dark brown i had been using of late– what starts on a whim may also end thus, and so here we are. Best wishes to You, reading this, and my gratitude as well. -Wr

Subnormality #230

November 29, 2021

Hey, next comic is here. Also you can watch this as a video for whatever reason, as linked below. Weird! -Wr

Subnormality #229

May 2, 2021

Hi, new comic available here. I am not even close to being too cool to write about The Past Year, so this is largely on that theme. Honestly, i was writing the comic in the before times and then kept rewriting it as 2020 progressed, but it’s probably most surprising how little changed overall. Let us remember that the old normal sucked and we need a new one, to any degree. Thanks for waiting, and for reading..! As always, follow on Patreon to read these early and/or get exclusive apologies from me about taking so long..! -Wr

Comic #228

June 7, 2019


Comix return, finally– thanks as always for your patience. Not super long, but it’s meant to be read twice, so hey, double the value..? Thanks as always to everyone on Patreon for making this all possible, and anyone else who reads and shares and comments for also being the reason the comix exist– love to all in 2019, and i’m working on more!


Waiting Room

September 17, 2017


A short new comic for you, about being an artist (or trying to be…).


Comic #226

June 4, 2017

face it
Hi here’s a new comic finally..! Enjoy, thanks for your patience, and thanks as always for reading– it’s my honor, and i hope this measures up despite the wait.


ask me anything on reddit today

April 2, 2017


Hi, doing an AMA today— get some answers from me!! DEMAND THE TRUTH