Subnormality #232 – “The Right Place”

December 28, 2022

Hey it’s new comic time again, read it here! Thanks for waiting, and hope the rest of this cursed year is merciful, and i’ll see you in the new and therefore better year for More Things…!



17 Responses to “Subnormality #232 – “The Right Place””

  1. Your Name Here Says:

    Noooo i wanna see the place!

  2. Ross Presser Says:

    Always an adventure coming to Subnormality again.

    Somehow I don’t quite relate to these characters as much as I feel I ought to. Maybe it’s because I’ve never lived in a city. Maybe it’s because I am irretrievably introverted and can’t imagine going to a bar of any description. Maybe I’m just too narrow minded.

    Anyhow, beautiful work as always, and thought provoking.

  3. The hand-hood reminds me of (the poster for) that one movie with Barbra Streisand, which one is it, The Owl and the Pussycat?

  4. Keulen Says:

    I can’t completely relate to this, as I don’t out to bars very often these days. For me the “right place” these days is various online spaces for the unusual things I’m interested in. Anyway, another good comic!

  5. YES. This one hits hard. Subnormality has so many great stories about searching for connections, and this one doles out hope and sorrow in equal measures. I wish I lived in that world. But then again, I do.

  6. Chris Says:

    So, did they find the place, or did they just barge in on a family having diner together?

  7. Al Says:

    “As forces beyond us sweep everything small and unprofitable into the past …” and each of us ourselves is small and unprofitable and that’s fine until we make the mistake of joining into and becoming part of these sweeping forces, which we then realize are not what we wanted, none of us wanted them, but now we can’t stop them, none of us can stop them . . . or we can only stop them by beginning to look for those small countercurrents, in the unprofitable parts of our own ways of life, that have their own life . . .

  8. gridsleep Says:

    As Samuel R. Delany is to novels, Winston Rountree is to webcomics.

  9. KO Says:

    Nice one! Quite a feat to capture something so particular and unconventional into something that resonates…

  10. Sam Coulson Says:

    Just leaving a comment to show that I took a seat.

  11. Mayuri Says:

    As a lonely-ass college student words cannot describe how strongly my heart lurched towards the concept of a place like this. Really exhausted trying to find it. Bittersweet to see others feeling the same.

  12. June Says:

    I’m gutted by how accurate this is to my own experience but i cant wait to read another one.

  13. You know the funny thing is, i think that’s more or less what I’ve been working on making; a place, if not too literally. Though I can’t speak much for the not too loud and not too quiet part, its a little noisy.

    But then people say- how much they’re glad they have something to listen to, and its conversational, and they finished making something. And theres a few kids, but I like having them- better here then somewhere people will be Weird and I can tell them not to hang around adults who say theyre Very Mature.

    well anyhow, I’m taking my seat- i adore them in the neon pools. And I really love how Pink Haired Girl is just a little older looking these days. So are we all… !

  14. Keith Nunn Says:

    Beautiful. I really appreciate your melancholic but hopeful take on the world we inhabit.

    • Keith Nunn Says:

      I was about to share it to some friends and re-read the first panel again. Is that a roadrunner cartoon playing on CityTV circa 1980s? Doubt that was ever actually a thing, but I do appreciate the local and cultural references you layer into your work.

  15. Nectaria Coutayar Says:

    A comic about millenials and Gen Y’s finally figuring out what matters instead of all the social media stimulae that bombards them. Very charming.

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