peopleWatching #6

March 22, 2017

Next episode is up! This is probably more esoteric than the other episodes, but you have to make what you wish existed and i wished there was a thing about how sometimes art is your voice.


peopleWatching #5

March 15, 2017

Heyyy, episode 5 is GO– this episode is me trying to make a conversation visually interesting, hopefully it worked (walls of text 4 lyfe!). We’re halfway through the series now, and i just want to thank y’all for following me into this new medium with such kind feedback– i’ve tried hard to be myself here, and hopefully it’s worked.


peopleWatching #4

March 8, 2017

Episode 4 is Go! #fuck2016


peopleWatching #3

March 1, 2017

Heyy, here’s episode 3, dedicated to anyone for whom self-esteem is a constant struggle.


peopleWatching #2

February 22, 2017

Episode 2 is here! This is the one episode with a premise (and a couple dudes) that will be familiar to y’all long-time readers– just something i wanted to revisit with different characters.



February 15, 2017

I have a webseries now, by the way, for anyone who missed that news over the past year or so, and it’s finally ready to debut, so hopefully you’ll enjoy walls of text when they’re being spoken aloud instead of being literal walls (huge credit to the actors, by the way– not everyone is going to be good at reading Huge, Run-On Sentences, but we were lucky enough to find people who absolutely owned them).

Hugest thanks to for making the show possible, and stay tuned for nine more episodes over the next nine weeks!


Happy New Year

January 7, 2017


HELLO and happy new year, comic-style.

Apologies for 2016, let’s say it was a rebuilding year (and i did do a lot of building…). 2017 will make up for it by seeing the release of all the stuff i was working on last year (including this new comic), so stay tuned, and thanks sincerely for waiting– i’ll try and make it worth your while…


Comic #224

January 29, 2016









Hi, next comic is up, see you in 2017! Just kidding. See you before that, and thanks again for waiting, and always, for reading.

Also, free shipping on shirts right now with the code LOVE16, if you’re reading this before february 3rd! And if you’re not, HELLO FROM THE PAST, IT WAS OKAY HERE.

2016ily yours,



July 24, 2015


Hi, comix return! I’ve included links to the previous comics in this sort-of-series just for anyone who’s unfamiliar with past premises (it HAS been a while, after all). Thanks so much for reading, and i fully intend to return in a far more timely manner– the spring was kind of a writeoff for various reasons, but ironically the summer has been better (usually i hate the summer).

Hope y’all are well,


Comic #222: Gimme Shelter

May 12, 2015

saulter st

Hi, next comic is ready— something shorter before i begin the next Massive Thing…