Comic #224

January 29, 2016









Hi, next comic is up, see you in 2017! Just kidding. See you before that, and thanks again for waiting, and always, for reading.

Also, free shipping on shirts right now with the code LOVE16, if you’re reading this before february 3rd! And if you’re not, HELLO FROM THE PAST, IT WAS OKAY HERE.

2016ily yours,



July 24, 2015


Hi, comix return! I’ve included links to the previous comics in this sort-of-series just for anyone who’s unfamiliar with past premises (it HAS been a while, after all). Thanks so much for reading, and i fully intend to return in a far more timely manner– the spring was kind of a writeoff for various reasons, but ironically the summer has been better (usually i hate the summer).

Hope y’all are well,


Comic #222: Gimme Shelter

May 12, 2015

saulter st

Hi, next comic is ready— something shorter before i begin the next Massive Thing…


Message 652

March 2, 2015


Next comic is GO, thanks for waiting… Happy, uh, new year..? Honestly it still feels like late January to me, i think the weather is throwing off my internal, uh, chronometerometer. Thanks for reading, anyway, and special thanks to the Patrons, without whom this would not have been possible.

Cheers and all the best, and i’ll see you next time– likely for a shorter comic you won’t have to wait as long for (on the way to another epic…),



December 13, 2014


Heyyy, so this is a more important announcement than usual…
I’ve mentioned in the past that i might do this, and indeed the time has come: i’m pleased/nervous/pleased to announce that in the future, Subnormality will be (crowd)funded via Patreon.

This comic strip has always been something i’ve funded by doing other work (ad-free as it is), but as the comix get longer and the other work gets otherer i’ve ironically had less time to work on the stuff that’s most important to me. If the comix can pay their own way, that would change (things that would NOT change: walls of text, me at, and the content and format of the website in general. I just want to do less of the stuff that isn’t the above) . Please click through for the full announcement (and an explanation of what Patreon is, for those unfamiliar), and thank you x999999999 to the 99th for listening, and for reading, and if you have any questions at all then please let me know in the comments.

with non-creepy love and much respect,



November 24, 2014


Hi, new comic up. Something shorter while you wait for something longer…


I have a book out, for anyone interested— i know i’ve been low-key about it maybe, but that’s just because i’m incapable of the kind of professional-type publicizing and whatnot that one expects of hugely grateful creators in the realm of publishing. Honestly, it’s a pretty fun little book that’s more about finding all the other amusing shit in there than it is about the title character or whatever, and you’ll almost certainly like it, so thanks for checking it out. Amazon has a preview of a few pages, and this cracked article kind of previews the art style as well.

And if you missed it, for fuck’s sake check out the PHG/Sphynx art that LOVESYCK/LOVELYSS comics man Alexis Flower done created over here. Buy it on a shirt, like i just did, ’cause it’s Mega. And check out his site as well for the rare combination of art that is good and writing that also is good.


When i was a kid i loved garfield comics; now i love this.

hurrah! And as always, thanks for reading,



October 11, 2014


Hi, new comic, apologies for the wait. More later, it’s late where i am. Goddamnit, it’s always late where i am…



July 5, 2014

watch this



Friday Night

April 8, 2014


Okay, holy fucking shit let’s get back on track here, new comic available (and here it is in that scalable format for anyone who prefers that with the larger comix, since this is the Largest comic).

Thanks for waiting, i’ve hated being away for so long. And apologies to anyone who’s emailed lately and not received a reply, i’ve been just unusually busy and am behind on literally everything. Is it weird to reply to emails from like a month ago? Well, let’s go and find out…

i platonically love all of you,


The Making Of

January 27, 2014

Hey, so this illustration project i’m working on will be over soon, and as fun as it is to pay the bills it of course still sucks to be away from y’all for so long. Things will resume around here in February anyway, and thanks again for waiting, i know it’s been kind of excessive….

In the meantime… to celebrate the 7th anniversary of The Comix i though i’d post for you a “making of” kinda deal that i put together a couple years ago but held back for the right time. Which is now i think, so check out this link this link right here this one, and keep checking back and clicking “next” as i’ll be adding another page in the series every day for the next little while (there are eight pages in total). Short version: i think of ideas and then draw and color them. Long version: stay tuned..!