Waiting Room

September 17, 2017


A short new comic for you, about being an artist (or trying to be…).


8 Responses to “Waiting Room”

  1. Dott McDaniel Says:

    Whoa. Feels like what all artists experience.

  2. Keulan Says:

    These comics make me wish I had even half the artistic ability you have.

  3. hoom Says:

    Some⁽ʷʰᵒ⁾ say life is a waiting room.

    A waiting room to a waiting room.

    It’s waiting rooms all the way away

  4. Leak Says:

    I think you might want to have Subnormality home page point to this comic – unless this just happens to be the waiting room for the new comic… 🙂

  5. I don’t mind spending a lot of time in the waiting room if it’s filled with artists singing songs, drawing comics or telling amazing stories. 😉

  6. leoboiko Says:

    I read this comic in significantly less time than 40min.

    Who are you, and what have you done to the author?

  7. Woot100 Says:

    Really glad to see you’re updating, really happy to see Ethel again, really needed to read this tonight. Thank you for being like, the coolest, literally ever

  8. Spike Says:

    Depends on what “making it” is.
    Since I find the idea of complete strangers reading what I write to be both confusing and vaguely horrifying, and I like having a day job (luckily one with a bit of down time to write in), I consider that I’ve “made it” in that I can entertain my circle of friends at times and have a cohesive body of work for myself.

    The room, the process, the whole deal, really, is what you make it. Instead of waiting room, I chose an empty house to decorate for myself and my guests.

    I’ve jokingly told my family and friends that when I die, they can use all my drafts and papers to create a nice funeral pyre for my body. That said, they can do what they want with it, I won’t be there to care about my privacy anymore, much less the disposition of some paper.

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