Waiting Room

September 17, 2017


A short new comic for you, about being an artist (or trying to be…).


46 Responses to “Waiting Room”

  1. Dott McDaniel Says:

    Whoa. Feels like what all artists experience.

  2. Keulan Says:

    These comics make me wish I had even half the artistic ability you have.

  3. hoom Says:

    Some⁽ʷʰᵒ⁾ say life is a waiting room.

    A waiting room to a waiting room.

    It’s waiting rooms all the way away

  4. Leak Says:

    I think you might want to have Subnormality home page point to this comic – unless this just happens to be the waiting room for the new comic… 🙂

  5. I don’t mind spending a lot of time in the waiting room if it’s filled with artists singing songs, drawing comics or telling amazing stories. 😉

  6. leoboiko Says:

    I read this comic in significantly less time than 40min.

    Who are you, and what have you done to the author?

  7. Woot100 Says:

    Really glad to see you’re updating, really happy to see Ethel again, really needed to read this tonight. Thank you for being like, the coolest, literally ever

  8. Spike Says:

    Depends on what “making it” is.
    Since I find the idea of complete strangers reading what I write to be both confusing and vaguely horrifying, and I like having a day job (luckily one with a bit of down time to write in), I consider that I’ve “made it” in that I can entertain my circle of friends at times and have a cohesive body of work for myself.

    The room, the process, the whole deal, really, is what you make it. Instead of waiting room, I chose an empty house to decorate for myself and my guests.

    I’ve jokingly told my family and friends that when I die, they can use all my drafts and papers to create a nice funeral pyre for my body. That said, they can do what they want with it, I won’t be there to care about my privacy anymore, much less the disposition of some paper.

  9. Old Nobodaddy Says:

    There’s nothing on the other side of the door. Not that you’ll ever find out, you’re in there working on your craft like they told you in public school.

    The door never opens. If you open it you’ll see the doorway was bricked up sometime in 2002. Pry those bricks up and you’ll find additional walls with earlier dates. The wall marked 1958 is grafittoed “Fatty Arbuckle would have supported Gamergate,” in Urban Decay Vice Lipstic (shade: Roach).

    Once you get that far, you may as well givw up and leave. But once you gather your things and head back the way you came in, you’ll discover that way’s now bricked up.

  10. Akap* Says:

    Hi Winston

    Happy new year! ☺🤓😇🤗😍😘😉😆🤔😎😁🤣😝🍾🍻🍺🥂

  11. Akap* Says:

    Hi Winston

    Happy new year! Cant wait to see what ur working on for 2018

  12. chase Says:

    ethel is such a great character. she singlemindedly devotes herself to her passion… as an easily-distracted 20-something i could benefit from that mentality 🙂 thank you as always, winston ❤

    oh, BTW — your link for hitmen doesn't work anymore. it's redirecting me to some site and trying to auto-downlad flash… pretty sketchy…

    comicfury went offline a few years ago. thorsby posted hitmen (and all of their other weird, wonderful comics!) over here — http://hitmen.thecomicseries.com/

  13. Haze Says:


  14. I got Hunter S. Thompson’s revolver and I’m not afraid to use it.

  15. This one gave me hope at a time when I didn’t have any. I relate in way people can’t see. They will.

    It’s how I feel, it’s what I do, I can’t choose. It just happened, I became this somehow. I don’t really have anyone to share my work with… aside from that it might as well be written in fucking hieroglyphs. Even the people who read Egyptian can’t make heads or tails of it because I taught myself how to speak and just made my own rules.

    My thing is different like, I write functions and; I kinda believe there’s maybe an art to be found in that. They don’t always have to be utilitarian, they don’t have to be perfect. I wanna make something feel alive without animating it at all.

    And so… I just have a lot of broken shattered fragments from all across the years in a sort of heap. Sometimes I’d get low on myself and think like: the people who think nothing of them were right after all.

    Worst of all loads of it is destroyed now, lost or left behind on other people’s platters from when I didn’t have tools, the time, or peace of mind.

    So maybe things work out by 35 instead of 25.

    When you posted this I wasn’t sure they would. Like I said, it gave me hope. It made me cry. Hell it still could if I let it. It’s a beautiful piece that should speak to the creator in all of us.

    Recently I had some bad shit happen, I had to look back and there was a better person there than I expected. There was improvement I didn’t expect to see… and it’s all me.

    They say you’ll know your place in the world before you find it. Artists like you kept me going when I didn’t think there was one.

    Thank you.

    Were we early to meet gods,
    yet too late, to be human?
    What are ‘was’, ‘is’, and ‘will be’,
    for us children, of time?
    Is the cosmos, our shrine?

  16. X Says:

    I hope all is well with you , and I am patiently waiting for your return.

  17. Line Noise Says:

    Like many i too have found myself waiting for the stop sign to turn green…
    Art comes from our personal internal void and thus supplants it with a new or expanded reality but there is no guaranty that it will become a shared reality.

    Art requites no audience, even if the audience craves art.

  18. hilather blackcloak Says:

    so, when is the comic coming back? and whats going on with the cartoon series since Cracked isn’t making anymore YouTube videos?

    • Hi, the comic is coming back soon-ish; we’re just in the final weeks of finishing up peopleWatching season two, and then after that i look forward to getting back to inflicting you all with comics again, and the walls of text therein (i’ve been writing the next comic, just have no time to draw until the show is done). Believe me when i say i’m Dying to get back to subnormality, and i’m happy with the next script too, and i’ve at least been practicing my craft in the interim so the next comic should look pretty good at least… (spoiler: it has walls of text too)

      As for the show, in Canada it’ll be on CBC’s digital site and their youtube as well, and then it will likely still be on Cracked’s youtube in the rest of the world (they no longer produce their own video content, but our show isn’t funded by them). That way if people like season two, they can easily find season one right there in the same place.

      Thanks for asking– i apologize for the wait, but more comix will be on the way (plus another season of peopleWatching, debuting in july probably).

    • Yes! More comics and more episodes!

      Have you ever considered collaborating with a fellow comic artist, maybe for a small script?

    • Bob Says:

      Woohoo!! I’ve been wondering what you’ve been up to Winston – great to hear that season two is almost done! I loved the first season and am looking forward to the second one.
      I’m so glad someone checked-in with you and you replied – I have subnormality as my homepage so I can find out when there’s a new comic that’s been posted!

      Big fan here. Patiently waiting for yet looking forward to new content – keep up the good work!

  19. X Says:

    Thanks for the update. I hope you have a good summer.

  20. Squiggy Says:

    Your art/comics make me feel things and I love it.

    But the one about the silence and the worms. That freaked me out on a deep level. Well done ❤

  21. Erin Says:

    Hey, sorry, this is unrelated to your web comic, kinda… I wanted to say thanks…but I don’t use Twitter, and didn’t know where else to contact you. Just wanted to say thanks to you for doing what you do in general, but specifically for People Watching. It’s not very often you find things that stay in your head, make you think, and make you feel. You do that. It means a lot. It’s hard to do. But you do it. So thanks for taking the time.

  22. Andrew Says:

    I just wanted to let you know that I’m a very isolated person but I really connect to the comic series you’ve run on cracked. It’s nice to know that other people feel the way that I do about the world and that I’m not alone. People watching means a lot to me and had really helped articulate things to other people that I didn’t know how to

    • That’s awesome, thanks for the kind words– glad if the show has resonated with you. I’m a tad isolated a lot of the time too, so i get it, and art helps me so– to quote a beastie boys song– i’ll be glad if it helps anyone else out too.

  23. Rob Says:

    Patreon’d. Keep doing what you’re doing.

  24. Sivaraman Says:


  25. Pierre Ngeru Says:

    I love everything you do

  26. Alex Hahn Says:

    So any word when the comic will return? I really enjoyed them.

    • Hi, thanks for asking, i too would like them to return! Due to peopleWatching it hasn’t been possible, plus some other stuff came up as soon as we’d finished the season (good stuff, but secret)… But i’ve 100% been writing the next comic, my usual process of 500000 drafts over a long period of time to let new twists emerge, so i will be drawing that as soon as the script can’t get any better (still room for improvement).

  27. Xminus1 Says:

    I am happy to hear your are alive and well. I wish you happy holidays and a happy new year to come.

  28. void Says:

    R U alive?

    • YES don’t worry, just been sidelined creatively due to the constant precipitation of A Large And Secret Thing That I Can’t Talk About But Hopefully Soon. Am writing like six new comics at once because my sanity relies on it, hoping to be able to start drawing this week, in the space between raindrops…

  29. Großer Maik Says:

    I just realized…this IS the waiting room.

  30. Nishido Says:

    Hey there! Everything ok? It has been taking you way more than usual to post something new. And that’s saying something. I miss you, hope everything is going well.

  31. They say waiting on a WinRow comic is like being stuck ina waiting room….

    But it’s always worth the wait, and please take as long as you need.

    What’s your favourite book Winston?

    Mine’s The Bros KM by ‘ol Dosto. I feel like he’s one of the few people on this planet with a better grasp on human nature than you do (though admittedly it’s a lil grimmer).

    Best wishes, and waitin’ on dat new release.

  32. Dee Pressed Says:

    i would say this comment reminds me of the great gatsby. I feel like the rags to riches story applies to any artist

  33. X Says:

    Hope life is treating you well and wait for your return ….

  34. Samantha Says:

    Dear Subnormality,
    I watched your show People Watching on Cracked. I really enjoyed listening to each character express how they view the world around them. And while I realize that being in the dating pool most of the characters may not be focused on having children, I’m curious to know how they would answer questions about starting families. For myself, I tend to fluctuate between “wouldn’t it be nice to be so picture perfect” and “it’s a biological obligation at best” because the two fun things about having children are finding a name and showing them off to previous generations. But underneath those two things are the pressure your parents put on you to have their grandchildren in the first place, and the stress of never again having the opportunity to sleep yet still feeling the effects of separation anxiety because your government doesn’t allow for proper maternity leave. I guess it’s not hard to figure out that my parents are baby boomers and they expect me to have the same opportunities they did and keep the same job throughout my entire life. But I suppose I should stop ranting. Thanks for reading.

  35. Ozzy Says:

    Greetings from Turkiye,

    I remember reading an article here on cracked which has a nice comic that you drew.

    Comic was about comparing reaction types between normal human and corporate entity by showing a burger worker burning his leg.

    im looking for it for an hour now 😦

    please help me, i want to read that article again.

  36. not hanks Says:

    sometimes loving a serialized erroneusly anonymous autonomous conglomerate of sentiments expressed in text and cartoons is like waiting in a waiting room to you and yours the best of bests whoever you may be

  37. My older daughter turned me on to the comic years ago. They’re ALL wonderful.Since there haven’t been any new one in a while. I pull up a random old one every day, and then flip a mental coin to see if I read a few older ones or a few newer one wherever I land.

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