Comic #228

June 7, 2019


Comix return, finally– thanks as always for your patience. Not super long, but it’s meant to be read twice, so hey, double the value..? Thanks as always to everyone on Patreon for making this all possible, and anyone else who reads and shares and comments for also being the reason the comix exist– love to all in 2019, and i’m working on more!


18 Responses to “Comic #228”

  1. Minor Heretic Says:

    Hey, she follows The Generals. That’s a right-swipe right there.

    But yeah, being on the internet dating scene I have to say that it is just life with the contrast dial turned up. We are all performative, but the filter of the internet and the intensely goal oriented nature of internet dating make the fabrication of the persona even more obvious.

    Internet dating also points up who is image aware and who isn’t. Some people present their everyday persona. Some people carefully craft their online persona with understanding of the medium. Some people just don’t get what they are doing and let slip all sorts of unintended detail. A few seem like they are trying to scare away 99.99% of people. Sometimes it seems intentional.

    Pro tip: Get a friend with an appreciation of portrait photography to review your photos. The ones you like of yourself are not the ones that other people will like.

  2. ilvos01 Says:

    Oh man, just yesterday I was thinking “when’s Subnormality gonna update again?” Not that you’re ever in any way OBLIGATED to update your incredible comic, art is a process et cetera, but if Waiting Room was the last comic you ever made, it would possibly send an unpleasant message.
    Still, I was more excited for a new comic than I’ve been for any episode of game of thrones.

    • Hib Says:

      Me too! I was no lie just yesterday thinking “Ah, Subnormality, when will you blow my mind again?” And like magic …

      Thank you Winston!!

  3. I like that it tags well both ways.

    These comics make me feel everytime and have definitely made it into my life philosophy.

    Thank you

  4. J Says:

    Beautiful story, as always. I would never fit in if I lived in Subnormality’s city (Some pan dimensional Ottawa-Toronto hybrid?) but damn, I’d like to visit.

  5. Jason Says:

    Well it seems the browser ate my response, so I’ll write something shorter this time. Just wanted to say I love the comic! Caught the wordplay! And if that’s ol’ Zoe Muggs then, wow, she looks different! I didn’t recognize her (in either getup) on my first read-through.

  6. As someone who has had a chance encounter with a special someone two years ago, and that has changed me forever, I can see points in time as continuum, as if I still live those times and those moments as if today, because since that story has not progressed, it has stayed still in time frozen, the only thing I can to is replay and relive it in my had, as vividly as I can recall, and pretend that happiness is also a continuum.
    So in that way, I have found love, forever. And not just for a couple of nights.

  7. Don Cheadle Says:

    Had a suspicition there’d be an update since Patreon had a post (I really should subscribe at some point, your comics are heckin’ amazing and I’ve been reading ’em for years).

    Delivered on every angle. Gonna be re-reading this all over until the next one.

  8. Rogér Says:

    Thanks for the great work as always!

    Its great to see a new post. and once again a truth to the gut punch.
    People just live designing and wearing masks. even when you meet someone you never really meet the entirity of that human. but people just forget that and brand as they seem fare. and worst of it sometimes we brand ourselfes into inferior life forms just to fit in the crack that society aknowledges.

  9. Ryan Meredith-Pullen Says:

    Worth the wait; thank you.

  10. Keulan Says:

    Holy crap new comic, and it’s good. I’m gonna have to re-read it so I can figure out the timing of the texts and stuff.

    • Keulan Says:

      Now I’m reading it bottom to top and it makes sense this way as well! Nice!

  11. Joshua LaCour Says:

    Yhis was awesome, keep it up.

  12. I really, really missed “Comics with too many words.” I enjoy the acted-out comics, but I am happy you decided to create another comic masterpiece.

  13. Großer Maik Says:

    It made me smile to see a new comic, but then I read it (twice) and it made me sad and feel lucky at the same time. Thanks Winston.

  14. Sean Says:

    Awesome work as always and beautiful art! Thank you for the new comic!

  15. Phil C. Says:

    I am so happy to see Zoe making a connection with someone. It always breaks my heart when she reaches out to people and they judge her. Nothing was ever as soul-shattering as the time she met herself in the Alternate History Museum, though, and she judged HERSELF. That was…..bad. I would seriously like to see her get to be happy for a while.

    Thanks for the new comic, Winston! We missed our Comix With Too Many Words.

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