Subnormality #231

May 29, 2022

New comic now available! Thanks as always for waiting. This sees a return of the color black, rather than the dark brown i had been using of late– what starts on a whim may also end thus, and so here we are. Best wishes to You, reading this, and my gratitude as well. -Wr

31 Responses to “Subnormality #231”

  1. Great details. In particular I *love* the shoes in the second party/”alone” panel.

  2. donecheadolinsk Says:

    Hit hard, hit home.

    Especially the ‘You’re not supposed to just forget people’ is deeply relatable to me.

    I used to be afraid of dwelling in fantasy realms in relationships, being with someone without ever really knowing them, but I suppose the parallel worlds can coexist with our (inevitably subjective) realities.

    Worth the wait, as always.

  3. Ross Presser Says:

    I’m commenting to mention, uselessly, that as soon as I saw “Zahir” I thought Borges. And then it only tangentially related to the actual topic, and you brought it up explicitly halfway down.

    But I gotta think about this for a while. Thanks.

  4. Xylem Says:

    So, was there any hidden meaning to “LJZ-954” that I missed?

    • The first part might be someone’s initials, but as to the meaning of that not even I can say for sure…

    • I had thought that the plate number referred to the mysterious girl at the speed-dating event. Her name is Lorna Zahir. Not much of a jump to imagine her middle initial is ‘J’. Lorna Jeanne Zahir. The rest might indicate what universe or reality or simulation that she traveled from: 954. (We’re in 616, apparently.)


  5. Paul Says:

    Ok that one was glorious. Nice to see you working again. Parallel universes have been an important part of me getting through the complexities of living…

  6. George Peterson Says:

    Beautiful as always.

    This how I’ve at things for a long time.

  7. Penn Davies Says:

    Thank you, as always, for the thinky pictures. πŸ™‚

  8. John Tramp Says:

    Perhaps inspired by Everything Everywhere All at Once?
    Perhaps we are all brought to confront our other realities when this one has become so absurd

    • Haven’t seen it yet, though I definitely intend to at some point due to the unusually enthusiastic praise it gets. All story ideas have been done before though, in this reality or otherwise– one can only attempt to put one’s own personal spin on things.

      EDIT: saw the movie– it was… good? Above-average film, certainly. I did think it needed a bit of work to make the mother-daughter theme more apparent though, maybe some different editing at the beginning. Huge fan of the Everything Bagel lol…

  9. Robert J Amsbury Says:

    Your pieces blow me away – thank you

  10. athila Says:

    that’s just amazing. i recently started film school and really you are one of my biggest inspirations for writing, i actually did a People Watching review for my class. i really have to say thanks for creating such incredible stuff, and please keep going

  11. Dave Says:

    Beautiful, insightful, inspiring.
    Well worth the wait.
    Thank you for this.

  12. Ben Says:

    Hello dear Winston, I hope you are doing well. I am thankful forever for your work. The insight and creativity always make the wait worthwhile. I’ve been a fan for nearly a third of my life at this point and I have learned so much from your comics. You are an artist in words, in visuals, and of heart; and you inspire me. Thank you.

  13. daveagp Says:

    Thanks for visiting this universe!

  14. That bit about needing to have that one moment- that one time, where when you look back at it, it feels like the moment where you knew you could be liked, you could be around people who like you? I think that’s going to stick with me a long time.

    A lot of things from these comics do. I honestly think I’m a better person for reading these. It was nice to see Zoe, and Pink.

    And you know? I really, really like Alan. And I really like Naomi. I like the way you drew them smiling when they met. The planes of the face and the crows feet. I’m happy I got to meet them, even if it’s just for ten minutes.

  15. This is nice stuff. I like the main character and the world you’ve created. I look forward to more.

  16. Red Wolf Ben Says:

    Holy moley… I’m new to this website, but this… this was a hell of an introduction, of it’s all anywhere near like this. What a ride!

  17. Not Dead Yet Says:

    I’ve never done this before, but I feel like I should considering what this did for me.

    Thank you. Thank you so much. I’m going through the aftermath of a break up and an alcohol relapse as a result of said break up, but this has given me so much to smile at and laugh at and think about. I made decisions and she made decisions and they brought us both to this time in history and I can honestly tell myself that I’m not so hurt by it all because I have no idea where else things would’ve ended up if we hadn’t gone through what we went through. Thank you so much for putting a bandage on a dying heart.

  18. Vaia Patta Says:

    I’m slightly annoyed at these imagined worlds being called “dimensions” or “parallel universes”; they really aren’t as “real” (read: “influential”) as external stimuli. While those of us who tend to live in our heads (myself VERY much included) often feel as if our daydreams and musings carried the same weight as our memories and real-life problems, the mere fact that we are animals evolved to survive means that, when it matters, our brain WILL prioritise information gained directly through our senses over idle hypotheses. When the girl says that we choose where we live, well, it’s really not a free choice. The one and only reality is where our body is, and whether we like it or not, our brain’s main job is to maintain our body. So, I can imagine what life would be like if I had made this or the other choice, but my current decisions will always be based on what is perceived as a fact, not on the properties of an imagined world where I had studied Physics instead of Engineering, say. No matter how detailed that world is, it’s pure conjecture; I don’t actually know what would happen, and part of me will always know that I don’t know.

    “Simulation” would be a much more appropriate term. We simulate the consequences of our decisions based on what we know, we make some assumptions, and sometimes we re-run the simulation with different parameters (“what if X is at the party?” “what if Y is at the party?”). The simulation is only as accurate as its inputs, and is only as real as a computer program (is Minecraft real? yes and no – it’s a world but you can’t touch it). And while simulations can certainly inform your decisions, they can’t compete with real-world data, and if you don’t consciously realise this, your unconscious most certainly does.

  19. overand Says:

    In my headcanon, Lorna and Alan are both trans*. (I’m non-binary myself, so, I may have a bit of bias & tendency to see myself & my friends in other works, but I’m going to stick with it. πŸ™‚

    (Winston – of course feel free to remove this comment if it feels inappropriate. And, anyone who has anything hateful to say about any of this? …what are you reading these for?)

    • I would never impinge upon the sacred right of Head Canon! Whatever is not up to the author is up to the audience (thus i should mention that Lorna is actually trans in official canon as well, it’s just not mentioned in dialogue).

  20. tassicus Says:

    Thanks for creating. Fifteen minutes to read and a week to process.

  21. Olivia Says:

    Dude. Holy macaroni this one is beautiful, and amazing, and really felt like it was saying something to me. I love the way the faces are drawn in this one! And Lornas hair tumbling from one panel to the next – it was all just so perfect! Thank you as always for delivering these wonderful works of art

  22. The Old Wolf Says:

    Late to the party but this was a beautiful one. Thanks for your ongoing, deep, odd, twisted, and unexpected insights into this thing we call existence.

  23. Fatma Says:

    Beautiful as always. Your work arrives sporadically into my life, but it always manages to leave a lasting memory every single time.

  24. Martin Says:

    Damn, it’s so worth it to wait for these.

  25. I never fail to be amazed at the excellent artwork, story lines, and conclusions I draw from your work. My favorite way to enjoy your art is to let my mind wander as I read and enjoy the text that comes with the artwork. Thank you. I don’t comment on your work very often, but I know when I have connected.

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