this job is hell

May 19, 2010

New comic for you. Keep scrolling, there’s a bit at the end there.



75 Responses to “this job is hell”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    You know, I think I think that update schedules are a little unpredictable. It makes anticipation more fun!

    Not sarcasm btw.

  2. Sean Says:

    Well done. As in flambes.

  3. Seth shaw Says:

    This was a particularly good one.

  4. frankwolftown Says:

    This is better than Dante’s Inferno.

  5. john gury Says:

    I got an HPZ2100 wide format printer and a bunch of media to blow. I like printing up some of your comics in bigger wall formats or canvas if I have some leftover. If you send me your regular USPS address I will send you a few. That is snail mail US post office address.
    You can check out the printer on flickr at jgury

    HP DesignJet Printing

    Jobs are hell!

  6. Doug Says:

    Kiss doesn’t suck… 😦

  7. john gury Says:

    I agree with the comic on Hell and Kiss.

  8. J. Murphy Says:

    God, it’s the pure unbridled joy of watching a guy you always wanted to punch in the nose get punched in the nose.

  9. john gury Says:

    Mr Knowitall has feet of Petunias rather than clay in a Hell with a giant liederhosened flower gardner. Speaks for itself.

  10. john gury Says:

    opps, that is giant bib overalled flower gardner. Liderhosen in my mind only.

  11. George Says:

    I see you’ve changed your philosophy a little, while people get used to a lot of things, it’s change that really causes people suffering. It reminds me of a torture device invented in the evil alternate reality of Star Trek that continuously shifts where it tortures randomly in order to insure maximum suffering.

    I thought the Devil lady preferred hells women to hells men, or does she like hells men, but only from a sexual perspective?

  12. George Says:

    To those wondering why this signals a change in Winston’s philosophy, read the “Captain Estar” comic, then read this, and you’ll see.

    So, do you believe in an actual hell?*

    *As for me, there’d better be a hell.

  13. john gury Says:

    A device that dishes out torture randomly is in no way suffering maximizing on a human population. Way too simplistic a rule.

  14. Trubloff Says:

    Genius! ‘My prize petunias’

  15. simon Says:

    So the ‘staff’ of Hell have regular Petunia growing competitions, or does he slip out topside occasionally for flower shows?

    /already in hell 😦

  16. Link Says:

    I have to say, I love every strip in this entire archive. A few of them made me cry, too. Others, laugh until I… well, cried. How one person can be so incredibly witty and insightful.. Is that the word?

    Yeah, I.. I idolize you.

    Looking forward to more.

  17. Rowntree, Rowntree, Rowntree, you dissapoint me.

    You missed out the part with the giant radioactive ascetic ant-people priests! AGAIN!

    I shall write to the Times about this…
    *scribble scribble scribble*

  18. icecycle Says:

    I do not exactly know how to put this without sounding smarmy.
    But this is one damn good comic.

  19. dj Says:

    Hell is “other people…” nice touch.

  20. o0o Says:

    one of your best! nice background details, concept, punchline, everything!

    Great Job!

  21. Richter Says:

    Once again Mr Rowntree, you brilliantly sum up people and social situations in a funny, quirky, witty comic. By panel three, I was already hoping the guy would get beaten up (and it reminds me how I used to be that guy too, so global apologies to whoever I may have pissed off, here or anywhere else, and let karma decide the rest).

    Anyone noticed how petunias and begonias never get a break in comics? They’re the go-to flowers for jokes. Probably because their names sound funny.

    And Green Devil Girl has a name now, or at least a designation, woot! She’s right up there with Seven of Nine in terms of sexyness (+5 geek points to those who know).

  22. bachterman Says:

    i need one of those t-shirts

  23. Hafwit Says:

    Outstanding, as always. . I had that exact argument with my best friend during our first semester of Uni.

  24. Brian Says:

    Funny, with a nice Yellow Kid reference!

  25. GerryB Says:

    You’ve just upped your ante Winston, this is hilarious – and are all 7 yellow shirt versions going to be available in yer new shop? I’m still trying to figure the last word of D76’s crumpled shirTruth – ‘you sad sack of…’ – you should make a competition I reckon.

    I’m running out of superlatives to describe your Greatness, so I’ll leave it to everyone else.

    Superlatively superb. (damn).

  26. Eth-Zee Says:

    Oh. Oh dear. I’m afraid I may be that person.

  27. benS. Says:

    Helluva haleakala !

    Last week’s bus driver at the end station !

    Just watch the nice girl’s transformation from prey-ish in frame #4, to ugly male-ish in #5. Or, is this evolution ? What could ANYONE have done to deserve such a disappointment ? Yellow shirt or not.

    This last week has been filled with eyes-related jokes : I’ve seen inserted rolleyes, eyeballs, tar balls (hello Gail), and PRICE PETUNIAS ! (they belong to the potato family).


    Also “Welcome to hell” page462, from nov.3 2008, gives me a kick.

  28. o0o Says:

    oh, man the Yellow Kid! i didn’t even get that! that’s brilliant!

  29. My prize petunias!

    That was brilliant!

  30. Wade Says:

    Another awesome strip! Keep up the great work 🙂

  31. Melvazord Says:

    I love your vision of hell, I could easily imagine Lucifer deliberately setting people up so they think they can beat the system only to slap them down.

    You know, just like life.

    Oh you all know its true.

    *Curmudgeons off*

  32. Melvazord Says:

    I shall devot my life to the sciences so that I may invent a life extending serum. I shall then sneak into your home and secretly inject you with said serum, thusly may I read your awesome comics for all time.

    Until I grow bored of how good they are, then its a case of “man murders three, self”

    *Creepy stare*

  33. ZeaLitY Says:

    Hey, Winston! Guess what I found while archiving the old Dark Horse Jonny Quest comic books:

    Our favorite Sphinx!

  34. john gury: Cheers, i appreciate the offer, but it’s alright, i wouldn’t have much use for them right now, particularly as i’m out of wall space. I feel bad turning people down, but rest assured i know it’s the thought that counts so thanks for asking, man. A handshake to you!

    George: I wouldn’t necessarily infer anything about my philosophy from this one. I will say i certainly agree with Ms. Estar about hell not existing.

    Richter: Yeah, you’re definitely right about funny names. You don’t say he was hit by a car, you say he was hit by a chrysler (or a Studebaker!), and you definitely say prize petunias instead of flowers. Until it becomes a cliche, which it probably did 35 years ago, but, uh, oh well..

    bachterman: Oh god, the shirt alone is my idea of hell…

    Brian: Yeah, i’ve always loved that whole yellow kid talking via his shirt thing, kept meaning to use in a comic.

    GerryB: Originally the shirt was blank as she was handing it to him, but then i realized it would be displaying her thoughts while in hand so i tossed something rude on there.

    Eth-Zee: I’ve been that person too at various points in the past, so let’s say there’s an element of self-satire.

    ZeaLitY: Ha, right on. I’ve run across a couple other cartoon Sphinxes in the last couple of years and they all look pretty much the same (tiaras and wings are optional), which i guess doesn’t say a lot for my imagination but oh well. At least mine doesn’t stare blankly and have friggin’ green eyeshadow.

  35. Leo .W Says:

    hilarious as usual winston

    you are a genius, and by far the best social commentator that i pay attention to.

    keep up the good work

  36. NoVan Says:


  37. drew Says:

    man, this reminds me of the end of captain esther

  38. localvagrant Says:

    I was bracing myself for human excrement-vision that never came.

  39. Adrian Ford Says:


  40. Corinne Says:

    Oh lord. ‘The shirt that displays your thoughts’? That is my hell.
    In a quiet, crowded room i often can’t help imagining that everyone can hear my thoughts and then sure enough they turn to what i want to hide, before i try to drown it all out with some repetitive tune and end up sitting in class with my face all twisted up and my eyes all panicky.
    I think you may have tapped into a common human phobia, Mr Rowntree…

  41. Crotalus Says:



    your most WIN comic


  42. phil Says:

    more goodness. so satisfying. and this would make a great cartoon.

  43. Josh Says:

    This is often the case in my customer support job. Customers will whine and rage that they did not get an order confirmation email and after battling it out with them for 5 minutes you find out the email address they gave originally was wrong then they have to do an emotional 180 and you get a small bittersweet taste of their realisation of their idiocy and pointless antagonism. This shock to the system will only last for a few minutes for them, but for me? It keeps me going for the whole day. Fuck You customers of T***********r.

  44. tim Says:

    too many words. lol.

  45. Anna Says:

    OMG this is the best comic you have ever done. It is so hilarious I can’t handle it. I think you have fully mastered the art of facial expressions by the way, it makes everything that much better. And I really want a t shirt that reads my thoughts. I’m pretty sure this is my fave it’s so clever it makes me sick. Ha.
    Love you

  46. Anna: Aww, thanks. Love you too, I’ll see you at the show next week for a high five..

  47. Jamie Says:

    Love how you referenced Captain Esther Goes to Heaven at the start there, very nice dude. Constantly impressed, though the scroll-over text is always nice, a bit of your perspective is cool.
    Keep em coming dude, and new merchandise please! =P

  48. Benjamin Says:


    I’ve discovered your website two weeks ago, and have been reading through your works from recent to past. I have to say this is one of the most excellent work I ever read online. You like to play around with tropes, and still you have some periodical strokes of genius, and I find your work full of imagination and details. I would definitely like to see “what you want to draw” in a longer strip, it is quite expressive indeed. Please keep up with your efforts.

    As a member of an american-bullied minority yourself, I have no doubt you will forgive my french-broken English.

  49. pG Says:

    Oh crap. I just realsied I am that smartass in this strip. Just tell me where the petunias are.
    Oh and – Kiss. Yep. Definetly played in hell. Poor demons. Almost feel sorry for then.

  50. Ludor Says:

    So very good. Thank you for publishing.

  51. AliceHatt Says:

    I saw the exclamation points as the eyes and fangs of a rock bat that is upside down.

    Love these ones.

  52. tkarin Says:

    Is the devil actually an inmate herself? I was about to ask why she didn’t quit if she hated the job, and the only reason I can think of is that it must be HER punishment.

    It can’t be much fun being the Random Angry Guy either.

  53. mikeN Says:

    We should all be driving electric cars if gas is polluting the world. We should be on a fast track to phase out all gas powered cars in 2 years. That should do it. Easy, right?! Problem solved. Why do I always do this? If I’ve never seen a problem before I always have an idea of how it should be fixed even if it’s been around for years. We all get these thoughts all the time but maybe it’s too much work to pay attention to them because since when do they bear fruit except for our own suffering… Waitaminute! In the movies these thoughts are always right! I must be right about this! Everyone else is stupid! I’m right!

  54. YK Says:

    shit-goggles+post buffet lapdance= coprophilia heaven?

    I’m not sure if some of your more popular characters might perhaps be occasionally slightly overused, once in a while.

    (Sorry, saw the hedging and ran with it)

  55. YK Says:

    Also, hyphens to indicate rhythm? Love.

    Dr. Cox is now readable.

  56. habbibte Says:

    I just spent all day reading every comic you have posted, thank you, I am a big fan now, my hat’s off to a fellow artiste! I will be checking back often for more fun and games.

  57. Hazza Says:

    I want to see more funny things that go on inside hell! There’s a comedy goldmine there, just waiting to be tapped. WINSTON, YOU ARE THE MAN TO DO THIS. Please!

  58. LightHorseman Says:

    I like it.

  59. genuineparts Says:

    I love your Comics. Every single one is great. This one is no exception.
    Greetings from Austria.

  60. Alec Battles Says:

    It looks like you took my suggestions about proportion on board. Good job. Your comic looks a lot better. Now all you need to work on is color. I don’t know of a good book for learning that, but studying the Pre-Raphaelites would definitely make your comic a little bit nicer.

    I definitely think your comics are some of the best on the web, but I definitely can’t abide net-nannying in any form. Best of wishes. Sorry.

  61. Carlos Says:

    I love your comics, greetings from South America!

  62. Alec Says:

    ‘Salright, man. But only just cuz you also played EarthBound, ha ha. Seriously, though, if you’re ever in the UK, come visit me. You can stay with me & my small family.

  63. Richter Says:

    Gotta love how the “can’t win” theme is first used on the demon chick. Whatever she says to the guy, he always has an answer ready so she can’t win. In a way, that’s her own hell.

    And, really, that’s what makes this comic brilliant. People like that really are hell. No matter what you say to them, they just don’t listen, they’re adamant in the supreme belief that they’re right. Nobody can scratch them since other people’s fingernails don’t even exist to them.

    So annoying. Best thing to do is ignore them and wish there’s a patch of petunias waiting for them down below.

  64. Filipe Tomé Says:

    kudos for having walls of text now on character’s wearware

  65. Stipend Steve Says:

    …I’m sorry, but I find it very hard to feel incredibly sympathetic to a professional torturer.

    But, you know, that’s just me. You guys can schadenfreude it up if you like. After all, the guy was arrogant and sort of sexist, so he deserves to be beaten to tears, right? Right? The REAL victim here is the demon who has to put up with whining, right? Whining is so much more unconscionable than torturing, right?

    Of course it is.

  66. john gury Says:

    Like the famous Gipper speech at Bitburg, “They were victims too” said at the Nazi graveyard.

  67. pookie Says:

    …just noticed that the TShirt says ‘You stu*** sack of S***’ when it’s over her chest. I love he misses that one.

    I just love it all.

  68. TentacledBeast Says:

    Hasn’t everyone been this guy at some point?

  69. Zenith Says:

    I like the added touch of the triskellions on her earrings 😉

  70. fake_name_1 Says:

    I’m waiting for your vision of facebook 😛

  71. Jamjamjamboree Says:

    I know I’m commenting a bit late, but could I just say I LOVE you for the Sartre reference in the second panel?

  72. Steve Nordquist Says:

    Freaking awesome. It could be Buddhist Hell, Reform Catholicism Hell; it could be something BP runs to keep people in line, or say, introduce staff to their vision for an EMEA trading front for American (the continent) States. I do however think the hat on the big guy is over the top.

  73. SotiCoto Says:

    Heh. That guy is going to win.
    Mostly on account of everything he is saying being technically accurate (as long as he sticks to his guns)…

    Silly green devil woman is all “Wah! You can’t win because we say you can’t!” … and he is all like “Oh yeah? Watch me!” ….. So hell resorts to violence because it can’t win an argument. Sorta like the sphynx. Sorta like a lot of characters in this comic.
    #1. Make idiot of yourself.
    #2. Lose argument.
    #3. Resort to violence.

    The guy is going to get beaten up by the big bloke a lot. He will, however, get used to it as he originally noted. Probably rather quickly too. Easiest victory ever. Troll-faces all round.

  74. alarashi Says:

    It’s actually an easy win. You just keep thinking “a guy is gonna appear behind me enraged”, so you win because you guessed it right. And if they don’t want you to win they’ll have to prevent him from appearing. XD

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