Admin week

May 25, 2010

Sorry guys, not gonna be able to finish the comic on time this week so i’m gonna take some time for site-related administrative things instead, the in-box being overflowing as it is (and i don’t mean the email one). I can partially tide you over though; i’ve got a Cracked-style comic that Cracked didn’t want to use, so i’ve posted it over at a new blog that i was invited to participate in and so thou mayest checketh it out at thine leisure. It’s music-related and probably semi-successful at best (the comic, that is, not the blog), but oh well.

I also like to periodically recommend the sketchily-drawn-and-violent-but-ultimately-worth-it-(maybe?) graphic novel i did a while back that you can read here. The associated comments section has been just Amazing, so check that out too if you’re so inclined ’cause it’s mega interesting what people have had to say about the story. I maintain that it’s up to the reader what a comic is ultimately “about,” and it’s been amazing to read people’s reactions and learn just tons about how people interpret stories.  What’s for-lack-of-a-better-word Magical to me is creating something and then having people find stuff in it that you never even knew was in there. Reactions from Y’alls Out There are the best part of what i do, so thanks to anyone who takes my walls of text seriously enough to invest themselves in posting their own thoughts. High fives all around!



4 Responses to “Admin week”

  1. simon Says:

    Your non-email inbox is overflowing? Eww, call a plumber!

    Seriously, one of the highlights of my week is coming here to check out your work, I can offer you only thanks for your efforts and apologies for my efforts, I have been a less than ideal commenter recently but I promise never to troll you again, personal issues y’know.

    But don’t rush things on our behalf, I’m sure I speak for many when I say I would rather wait for a well-crafted wall of text than have something rushed and forced arrive like clockwork. Craftsmanship is rare in this deadline-oriented modern world, keep it up!

  2. Moaem Says:

    Estar was amazing, I read it some time ago and it was a fine piece of work. The type you wish it would exist everywhere but you rarely find.
    I hope you would make more comix of that type Winston. You’d be helping people.

  3. GerryB Says:

    I’m with Simon on the craftsmanship note, and Moaem on the Estar song, in this echoey maze-room where few people know to peek if things are quiet.

    Liked the cracked strip – made me wonder how many people tried to turn their monitor upside down to read the answers, and made me laugh your saying ‘replaced him with someone less distracting’, good funnies Winston.

    I’m also seeing the word ‘sketchy’ creep in to my language, so thank you for that most versatile of adjectives.

    Good luck with the admin; guess it must be some kind of necessary evil. Especially if you can’t get someone to suffer through it on your behalf.

  4. Zahrah Says:

    Don’t apologise; your work never disappoints.

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