Valentine’s Comic

February 14, 2012

Heyyy, comix return finally.


91 Responses to “Valentine’s Comic”

  1. Edwin Says:

    Fantastic comic. That’s exactly what I was thinking about, it seems people forget to love themselves first. Then they can look somebody else to love.

  2. fishboy Says:

    I have a lot of hope for Ethel. Happy lupercalia WR.

  3. Alexander Erben Says:

    Awww. šŸ™‚

  4. Jenni Says:

    Really, really … d’awww. ā¤

  5. Derrill Says:

    THAT was fantastic.

    And wonderfully timed.


  6. Njam! Says:

    Yay Sarif and yay Rowntree! šŸ™‚

  7. Leak Says:

    That card’s all well and good, but.. “Notice of Eviction”? šŸ˜¦

    np: Hudson Mohawke – All Your Love (The Top 100 Bleep Tracks Of 2011)

  8. Aeron Says:

    Wow. I honestly got chocked up a little. Wow…

  9. Captain Says:

    Is it hard for you to change your handwriting?
    How do do you make your handwriting look more feminine?

    • Elizabeth Says:

      Are we certain that Winston’s a guy? Was there some publicized interview that happened during my life before internet connection

  10. illuminatus Says:

    I woke up to a shitty day, it got better and all of a sudden I get hit by emotional shrapnel.

    This and between stops have certainly touched me.

  11. Damian Says:

    That kind of made my day


  12. F.D.A. Says:

    Thousands of hairs
    Two eyes only
    Its you

    Some skin
    Billions of genes
    Again its you

    XX XY
    That’s why it’s you and me

    Your blood is red
    It’s beautiful genetic love

    I don’t know why I feel that way with you
    I need your DNA

    Your fingerprints
    The flesh, her arm, your bones
    I’d like to know
    Why all these things move me

    Let’s use ourselves to be as one tonight
    Apart of me would like to travel in your veins

    I don’t know why I feel that way with you
    I need your DNA

  13. Esn Says:

    This is so, so good…

    I’ve been there. I may still be there…

  14. Baskingshark Says:

    Damn you write perceptive stuff. And there aren’t too many words, people are just too fucking lazy to concentrate for longer than 30 seconds and actually read shit. If they did they might actually have to stop and think about something for a change.

  15. Roger Says:


    Spot on there.

  16. Hocus Pocus Says:

    Sad Comic is Sad. Well I don’t know. I felt sad about her. For a moment I thought that she was writing that card for that guy who encountered at the market or the coffee shop can`t remember where.

    Anyways, Glad to see your comic back. Cheers!

  17. Melissa Says:

    Damn. I’m Ethel. But I don’t tell myself things like that.

  18. Joe Trudell Says:

    That was good. I must admit I was kind of expecting the Valentine to be for the guitar shop guy. Thanks for not being predictable šŸ™‚

  19. Infanttyrone Says:

    See, I expected it to be a stick-up note for the cashier, actually.
    But anyway, thanks for being so excellent and making great comics. (I linked to this one on tumblr, by the way.)

  20. Mario Says:

    I thought this was your normal awesomeness, but it was beyond that because you mentioned Sarif Industries. Perfekt.

  21. Hal Says:

    I really liked this. The message of self-love’s hokey at times, but you did it really well here.

  22. Jon Says:

    POS-5000 alarm clock. Very nice.

  23. TLV Says:

    Daw? Your comics always leave me confused. I like them, but all the same.

    And am I the only one who notice that, for comic # 50, clicking the “Subnormality” banner takes you to comic # 47, rather than the most recent comic?

  24. The 483 Says:

    That was just… Wow.

  25. Doyle Says:

    ok. perfect timing bro. dude. person? winston. *nods* i finish with your mini-novel and then this pops right up. your such a boss. thanks again! also it might be strange but this is the epitome of a happy comic. having her doing such a lovely quirky thing makes me smile. great to witness realy.

  26. Şpā™ ÄÄ™ Says:

    psssst! it’s ultrasyllabic, not ultrasyllagic, but it could be the prints too small for me to read properly. In which case, mother father kindly disregard this letter. ha! always wanted to say that in a legit convo, and to all a happy valentines day!

    • Şpā™ ÄÄ™ Says:

      Oh, and the concepts not that weird at all, i send myself thank you texts right before i fall alseep all the time.
      It also sounds hokey and sound-bitey but before you can love anyone else, you have to learn to love yourself.

  27. Şpā™ ÄÄ™ Says:

    Sorree for posting so much, does anyone else notice ethels alarm clock has an atari symbol on it? or is that just me projecting a little?

  28. nathan woodcock Says:

    Just superb. Thanks. It’s encouraged me to be kind to my inner Ethel.

  29. Dusty668 Says:

    Loving the comic as always, I think I need to send my own self a little not telling me the same thing, or maybe a steak.

    Really loved the sense of enterprise hidden in the stock ticker. šŸ™‚

  30. Jeff Dworkin Says:

    It’s five in the morning on the 15th and I have a tear in my eye and a lump in my throat. There is thought and depth to your work all out of proportion to what one expects from a comic.

  31. TentacledBeast Says:

    Nitpick: Last panel, fourth row (“too reticent to verbalise”) – you forgot to colour the bubble pink.

    I’m Ethel in this comic. Bittersweet…

  32. Jorpho Says:

    I would totally buy a “New Microwave” greeting card.

  33. erdosain Says:

    Brilliant, as always. WR is the greatest thing on the inet.

  34. Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all – RIP Whitney. Thanks for another great piece of humanism, Winston.

  35. Also, I too love the New Microwave card.

  36. alystair Says:

    Where can I get myself a copy of the ‘oMg’ Microwave card? It looks adorable.. great comic as always šŸ™‚

  37. Libertariandude Says:

    You know… at some point in my life, I could have used such a card. But I think my family ended up playing that role.

  38. Libertariandude Says:

    Ethel should get acquainted with PHG and the Sphinx. That would be a bitchin’ trio.

  39. Francis Reed Says:

    Excellent like almost all your job, i’d love to see more of Pink haired girl and sphynx, but this comic is just perfect for the time šŸ™‚

  40. Kat Says:

    I definitely thought it was for her other personality. Because it’s totally normal to jump to split personality.

  41. Nathan Says:


    “too reticent to verbalize… I forgot the ‘to'” should be in pink?

    otherwise a perfect comic. Think you’ve found your mojo again!

  42. Leo W. Says:

    As usual, you completely sweep the rug from under my feet and deliver a comic that puts me in a better mood than I could possibly have anticipated, no matter how shitty I was feeling beforehand.

  43. Jack Says:


  44. The Old Wolf Says:

    Perfect. Valentine’s day is about loving people, starting with yourself. There doesn’t need to be anyone else around to do that. Love this, as usual.

  45. Oh hey, there’s something in my eye. *sniffle*

  46. DH Says:

    That was cute, and a bit touching. Good one, Winston.

    Also, now I totally wish I had gotten that store-bought “NICE SHOES” card for someone. And I also wish that it existed in the first place.

  47. Oscarg Says:

    OMG you are good.
    Thats just what I needed.
    Thank you šŸ™‚

    I really hope you have a really nice day today šŸ™‚

  48. Dain Says:

    No one else caught the NCC 1701 on the sign? Always great references, if you can catch them all.

  49. Elizabeth Says:

    I find myself wishing my ex-boyfriend had done this before he and I started dating.

  50. Magnanimous Says:

    That was so great. Very touching.

  51. Lappy Says:

    This was amazing. No really. Amazing

  52. red123!@ Says:

    you sir have given me an excellent idea for the next valentine’s day. great comic nuff said

  53. Morty Says:

    Got the NCC 1701, but what’s NME 710? Just arbitrary name + value in the ticket following NCC 1701, or some hidden meaning?

  54. Hi Says:

    Hey. I really really really like your comic about differences/similarities of sexes. And I clearly cannot express it through words. So maybe you can imagine my feelings after reading it. It made me good inside, knowing that the opposite sex (opposite really?) isn’t what that crappy magazines and movies and tv shows pictured for me – and everyone else. Hey, they’re people too. Hell, I don’t have any dating experiences at all and I was a bit nervous about that. Now I’m excited to know people.
    Idk if this is going to make any difference for you, but if we both have more similarities than differences, you would feel nice to know you touched somebody’s life in a good way. You really did. Thank you.

    (I was going to type ‘sorry for the long comment’ but then I remembered you write the subnormality comics. Silly me.)

    • Hey, thanks, i really appreciate that, and i’m glad that comic worked for you. And yeah, it’s funny how many people apologize to me for writing long comments… HOW DARE YOU!!

  55. benS. Says:

    Sad and pathetic. She’s like a “red on black” toppled bowling duckpin (in the EENT EENT EENT…panel.)

    Why not try something a tad more pragmatic like lots of chocolate and/or, my own favourite, – peanuts?

    But then I’ve never been living as a solitaire myself. Noo.. Wrong word, I guess. That’s about bees I think.

    In brevity; to cheer myself up, I’ll reread today’s “Calvin and Hobbes” and yesterday’s “Clusterfuck Nation”.


    P.s. I like your colouring of this strip. You begin with those painfully screaming colours, and end up in a more calmful mode.
    Thank you from my eyes for that!

    P.p.z Sorry, No spellchecking today.

  56. Yaddar Says:

    I really needed to read that.

    You sir. are awesome

  57. Hafwit Says:

    Brilliant and moving. Thank you!

    My apartment used to look like Ethel’s.

  58. Benjy Says:

    This was really sweet in a melancholy way but I loved it. ā¤

  59. I just went back and noticed all of the cards. I really want to know what the heart microwave cards were all about. And the “Lost Virginity” section? hilarious!

  60. isaboblue Says:

    That was awesome.

  61. SuckMyComment Says:

    A little expected. Not that plot twists have ever been Subnormality’s convention. I liked it. Yeah.

  62. Paul Attinello Says:

    Not expected, despite the above… actually quite well done. Admirable. And necessary.

  63. Quig Says:

    Winston you got a great thing going here. I put Subnormality up there with Bill Hicks and Doug Stanhope. In other words, I fall back on your shit when I need to know that there are people out there who share a lot of the same ideas I got pinging around in my head. More than that, your comics are just generally uplifting.

    Are you ever planning to do a Subnormality graphic novel? I’d love to see it. Just saying, as much as I love coming online to read your stuff, I’d love it that much more if I had it right next to my toilet (which may not sound like a compliment but, believe me, it’s the greatest compliment a guy like me can give).

    You’re more than talented, bro. Any talented fucker can draw a nice picture. But your work just hits a nerve, man. You got more than talent, you got really awesome ideas and insights on the ridiculous — should I say “normal”? — shit that effects people every day.

    Keep doing what you’re doing, bro. (Unless you feel like doing more, which would kick ass.)

  64. sylvia Says:

    This made me legit cry (in a cathartic way). Thanks Winston.

  65. Richter Says:

    Another awesome comic. Winston, it’s like you have a scary accurate pulse on everyone’s thoughts. And damn if that card doesn’t the speak the m**fuckin’ thruth. Been following that mindset for a few years now and things have slowly been picking up ever since. Sure, I’m still overweight, I still stink, I’m still stuck in my dead-end job but at least I’m happy, not a self-hating brooding sack of anger anymore. And if *I* managed to find a girl this Valentine’s day after a 3-year drought, anyone can find someone.

    I hope Ethel finds someone. Big bro hug to you too WR. šŸ™‚

  66. Andres Says:

    This was really beautiful Wins. Thanks, really warmed my heart up šŸ™‚

  67. Secruss Says:

    Where are all the other comments? Your comics are great, philosophical reading. Keep ’em comin’!

  68. Stewie Says:

    “Don’t be a taffer”
    I fucking love you.

  69. Leiko Says:

    I’ve always completely over-identified with this character, so this actually made me cry. I don’t know what to do with it, (I never let myself learn anything from stuff like this) but it was still awesome.

  70. Leo Says:

    I just love this fucking piece of work, please keep it coming I have to say thanks!, this is really inspirind and comforting some times. : )

  71. erin Says:

    I want this in a poster. Please.

  72. exrser. Says:

    i’ve read through a couple of your comics and the the truth in each one has brought me to tears. please keep making the world a better place, one illustration at a time.

  73. 5ecular4umanist Says:

    Reminds me of me.

  74. Elias Garcia Says:

    its really cool and beautiful, Im a fan!

  75. Derek DeCoux Says:

    Was this about you Winston? A little bit of the author’s real life poking through maybe? Anyways, keep at it. Once again, I found this to be very relatable and beautiful. I think we’ve all been there or eventually will be.

  76. Abbie Wilson Says:

    i’m routing for you, ethel… (i’ve been there)

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