September 4, 2013



Hi, it’s new comic time. And yeah, it’s been a while, and i regret that tremendously. I haven’t been away, i haven’t been busy with other stuff, i haven’t been preoccupied– i just seem to have creative difficulties every summer for whatever reason, and august 2013 was just particularly bad meltdown-wise. Just writing thousands of words and drawing a bunch of pages and then either realizing the idea’s no good or just second-guessing it to death (i’m not even sure which, not that it matters), and then scrapping the whole thing after having wasted days and days on it. I mean i do this periodically, but the scale was just worse this time, and then there was nothing else but to try and make THAT situation into a comic, which i started on, but it was too depressing to work on so that gorily imploded too and suddenly it was the end of august and i had nothing to show for it but insanity and i guess i haven’t failed that hard in a long time. But the good thing about hitting bottom is that there’s nowhere else to go. Sometimes you have to admit you’re trying way, way too hard, and for no reason other than a severe lack of perspective. There’s nobody telling me i’m no good but me.

That’s the upside at least. Once i’d admitted that i was in a uniquely bad and stupid place creatively, the ideas started to return. I know this is all semi-interesting at best, i mean i’m not one to go on and on about my just fascinating personal life, i really don’t enjoy it in fact, i just wanted to get across that when there’s a hiatus it’s not because i’m disinterested– it’s because i want it too much. But i’m working on that. I think i want it the right amount now. Thanks for your patience, its really, really appreciated. Artists are just weird and unbalanced, that’s the takeaway here. Just humor me…


New thing over at cracked recently, for anyone who missed that (the original title was just “reasons to get over yourself,” there aren’t really a lot of tricks in there). And yeah, i’ll try and be more judicious with blog updates in future and mention these things when they happen. It’s just been that kind of month. Self-confidence returning…


Working on a solution so people can read the comix on mobile devices– stay tuned for that. It’ll be via a third-party site, and it’s something i’m really looking forward too because the great unspoken issue in webcomics right now is that something like 25% of internet traffic is mobile-only now, and that number grows every year, and woe betide anyone who doesn’t get with the times because things be changin’. So i’m doing what i can to join the present/future. And fear not, the existing site won’t be changing in any way.

thanks for sticking around,


Accidentally insulting a friend

June 27, 2013



Hi, new comic is finished! Sorry for the wait– lately i’m like three people doing the work of six people for the pay of one people, but it’s all good, fear not!



June 4, 2013

Just a roundup of recent goings-on for you:

– Some of the most recent comix are now available as prints in the shop— “The Bullied,” “Gensundheit,” “The Portrait,” and the new “Seven Reasons…”

SPECIAL ORDERS: Speaking of prints, for anyone who ever wants a print of something that’s not available in the main shop, be it a bigger version of something, or a print of a specific panel from a comic or Cracked comic/article, or anything really, please just email me with the details (what you’d like and how big roughly you would want the print to be) and i can set something up for you on a  print-on-demand site (most likely Zazzle). A few people have asked, and i’m always happy to oblige. No request too small/weird!

-New article over at Cracked last week, for anyone interested. There’s a frankly shocking number of comments, pretty pleased with the reaction overall!

-Just a reminder of the new facebook page as well. Thanks so much for the nearly 2,000 likes, and stay tuned over there for news/announcements and bonus comix as well (new one up today– click here for the superior non-compressed-by-facebook version).

-Aaaand just a general Thanks for the various nice emails, comments, and donations (!) in the past few weeks! It is fair to say that i very much feel grateful for y’all indeed.





May 22, 2013



Heya, new comic is up. I honestly took a lot of time trying to not make this just utterly trite, but i dunno, it’s tough.


Just a reminder of the new facebook page, where you can find some bonus comix that will hopefully fill things in a bit between the main comix (you don’t need to log in or anything to see them). It’s instantly kind of useful place to announce/link to stuff too, so keep an eye out over there. And thanks for reading!



April 19, 2013


New comic, finally! Translation assistance from Tom Fummo and Google Translate.


Comix previously seen over at (as well as a few b-sides) are now also available over in these parts in the Abnormality section. There’s a link on the main subnormality page now as well!


This could be important: join me over on the new subnormality facebook page! JOIN ME.




March 26, 2013





New comic for you!


Six years

March 7, 2013


Hey, new one finished. Don’t worry, every comic’s not going to be people having huge conversations in the exact same bar, i’m just trying a thing.


And let me add just  a belated acknowledgment of the 6th anniversary of this here comic strip (hurrah!). I cannot fully express how strange it is that i’ve been doing this for so long, but i’m sure glad i have i’ll say that. I decided to celebrate by finally getting finally a large-format 11″x14″ scanner finally. Six years of scanning all the art in tiny sections was quite enough. The future be most welcome.


So yeah, thanks infinitely for the past six amazing years of readership, i can’t express enough what a pleasure it is to have an audience, let alone one so great. Thanks for reading, and for buying posters, and for the donations (oh lawd some of you are stunningly generous), and for the email and comments which never stop feeling special to me. Handshakes all around, y’all are Tha Best.

And thanks massively to those who’ve assisted hugely over the years– Jack and everyone at Cracked, Jeffrey and everyone at Topatoco, and everyone else who’s made my life a lot easier by sharing my work or commissioning some art. I look forward to drawing more things for more people.


So yeah, cheers, and here’s to Year Seven (startingggg….. NOW!). And here’s to a lot less scanning. Ah yes…




February 12, 2013


Heyy, comix return. And dude here was previously seen in comix 79 and 196, for anyone wondering.

Back again asap. The whole comix every 3-4 weeks thing has been lame, i know– i’m gonna see what i can do about that. Got stories need tellin’.


Thanks to and the Center For Cartoon Studies for bringing some badly-needed attention to webcomics by announcing a new comics prize that features an equal category for online comix alongside the traditional print stuff. They’ve nominated some really good stuff too (and me). I’d vote for Boulet if i were voting– dude has skills.


The new comic over at Akimbo is a fine thing too. This medium got wheels.




January 28, 2013


Comix return! I’ll be back…


Defocus Interview

January 21, 2013

Hey, interview with me at “The Good Men Project” regarding the Defocus comic. Walls of text? Goddamn right.

PS: Thanks for the feedback regarding the zoom-in thing, i’ll definitely be taking it into account moving forward (ie: you won’t see it on the home page again, but i’ll probably maintain separate pages in the archive for anyone who prefers that option. Pretty much my plan to begin with, but it’s good to have confirmation on that from y’all)

PPS: New comic on the way! Stay tuned.