March 26, 2013





New comic for you!


Six years

March 7, 2013


Hey, new one finished. Don’t worry, every comic’s not going to be people having huge conversations in the exact same bar, i’m just trying a thing.


And let me add just  a belated acknowledgment of the 6th anniversary of this here comic strip (hurrah!). I cannot fully express how strange it is that i’ve been doing this for so long, but i’m sure glad i have i’ll say that. I decided to celebrate by finally getting finally a large-format 11″x14″ scanner finally. Six years of scanning all the art in tiny sections was quite enough. The future be most welcome.


So yeah, thanks infinitely for the past six amazing years of readership, i can’t express enough what a pleasure it is to have an audience, let alone one so great. Thanks for reading, and for buying posters, and for the donations (oh lawd some of you are stunningly generous), and for the email and comments which never stop feeling special to me. Handshakes all around, y’all are Tha Best.

And thanks massively to those who’ve assisted hugely over the years– Jack and everyone at Cracked, Jeffrey and everyone at Topatoco, and everyone else who’s made my life a lot easier by sharing my work or commissioning some art. I look forward to drawing more things for more people.


So yeah, cheers, and here’s to Year Seven (startingggg….. NOW!). And here’s to a lot less scanning. Ah yes…




February 12, 2013


Heyy, comix return. And dude here was previously seen in comix 79 and 196, for anyone wondering.

Back again asap. The whole comix every 3-4 weeks thing has been lame, i know– i’m gonna see what i can do about that. Got stories need tellin’.


Thanks to and the Center For Cartoon Studies for bringing some badly-needed attention to webcomics by announcing a new comics prize that features an equal category for online comix alongside the traditional print stuff. They’ve nominated some really good stuff too (and me). I’d vote for Boulet if i were voting– dude has skills.


The new comic over at Akimbo is a fine thing too. This medium got wheels.




January 28, 2013


Comix return! I’ll be back…


Defocus Interview

January 21, 2013

Hey, interview with me at “The Good Men Project” regarding the Defocus comic. Walls of text? Goddamn right.

PS: Thanks for the feedback regarding the zoom-in thing, i’ll definitely be taking it into account moving forward (ie: you won’t see it on the home page again, but i’ll probably maintain separate pages in the archive for anyone who prefers that option. Pretty much my plan to begin with, but it’s good to have confirmation on that from y’all)

PPS: New comic on the way! Stay tuned.


the benefits of pixelation

January 3, 2013


Heyy, happy new year. This would be a newOld comic i’ve got for you this week… I made it like a year ago (and shared it unofficially, drawing a surprising number of emails), but held it back at the last minute primarily because the format made it too big to be seen as a whole and simultaneously too small to read the little text in some places. BUT with the new zoom-in-out thing i found recently (after another last minute panic on the floor plan of the mind comic) i’m gonna go ahead and make this an official part of the archive (conventional version available too). Right now! Before i remember any other reasons i didn’t want to run it the first time around…


Thanks y’all for a very pleasant indeed 2012, i cannot stress that enough. And i keep thinking about how to phrase this… i used to have Other sources of income, but of late i’ve gone 100% artist and obviously that’s great for me (it being my goal in life) but bad for you in the sense that it teams up with the increasing-length-of-the-comix to cause some delays in them subnormality comix being published (what with the unpredictable and work-intensive nature of getting paid to draw stuff. Some great stuff, incidentally– more on that later this year…). I dunno, it’s The New Reality of earning a (rather modest) living as a comix person, the coupling of the merchandise income (thank you) and the freelance stuff (and the refusual by me to have ads on the site), and thus it means fixed deadlines are tricky and, as much as it’s the new reality for most comix people, for that i DO still feel bad because i’d sure love to have something huge and new every couple weeks. However, i do promise whatever you wait for will by god be worth the wait. So just wanna say thanks for understanding, and that the delays have zero to do with lack of interest on my part (but you knew that already), and thanks Again for coming back every time with so very many very nice comments and emails (and donations! which i will never not need, to be unusually candid).  So yeah, cheers! Thanks for the self-esteem, for making this comic strip something i’m very happy indeed to be associated with (to somewhat understate the issue…).


This is awesome: I was recently asked by a woman in Illinois if i’d want to contribute some art to her surgery fundraiser (“Give the Gift of Vagina to Rebecca Kling“), so i was like totally, and thus: if you’d like to own the original art of the “Merry Treemas” xmas drawing (pen and sharpie, 14″ X 17″, looks like this!), just head over to her fundraiser site and it can be yours for only a $125.00 donation. Only one available, obviously, so GET IT BEFORE SOMEONE ELSE DOES!! THEY ARE REACHING FOR THEIR WALLET RIGHT NOW!! And thanks for supporting a good cause.


I have (and want) to spend the next couple weeks drawing the city of Chicago (long story, pays well though. Oh, and thank god for Google Earth, incidentally…), so i’ll see you in a few…

Cheers, 2013-style,



December 3, 2012


Hey, wall of text (and pictures) for y’all. I’ll see you again asap!



November 8, 2012



Hey, comix return. Sorry for the disproportionate wait– i was out of town for a while, having a quite lovely time as it happens. OH THIS FREEWHEELING COMIX LIFESTYLE… Seriously though, i’m back, and this comic might have like six words but fear not, walls of text are forthcoming. I declare the rest of the year shall be text-heavy indeed.

more later,


PS: Thanks for the feedback regarding the zoom-in-style-thing that i tried out with the previous comic! I’m definitely gonna stick with it for appropriate comix (like the new one), as it makes me feel better about the tiny, illegible writing i like to stick in there on occasion. Now it’s like, hey, someone might actually read this..!


Store Update

October 20, 2012

YESSS! So the store’s been updated with a bunch of new prints for y’all: the new Floor Plan of the Mind comic’s in there, as are the three comix before that, plus there’s now a new “Other” section where you’ll find prints that aren’t Subnormality comix. Right now you’ll find in there a bunch of the Cracked comix, plus a superfantastico new print of the entire Subnormality cast that you might enjoy (you can preview it here). The full list of all available prints is right here, and it features thumbnails of all of them so you can see the layout of various comix when reformatted for print (it looks messed up in Internet Explorer, but i’m gradually fixing that). Good times.

And thanks to everyone out there for buying prints! I know you don’t do it as a favor to me, but i just generally appreciate the support as it’s a big part of what income i bring in. And there are a few MegaHeroes out there who i see buying like seven or twelve prints at a time, which is happily awesome, so cheers to anyone who’s bought even one and i hope you’ll like the new offerings!

And yeah, i know people would like to be able to buy a book as well. I solemnly swear to make that my Big Project for 2013! To pioneer the technique of making a book with 150 different page sizes. TO TEST THE UNKNOWN



Floor Plan

October 12, 2012


Okay, aaand we’re back. This ain’t perfect obviously, but i, uh, ran out of pixels. Like it says on the home page, i’ve also set up an experimental Thing where you can peruse a larger and zoom-in-able version of the comic. Just use your mouse and mousewheel to navigate around with ease. I know a lot of people wish my tiny, horrible writing was otherwise, so this is one way of addressing that whole thing (as i said i would. PROMISE KEPT). Won’t be necessary for every comic, but some of them for sure. Let me know what you think in the comments!

thanks for reading,