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Happy New Year

January 7, 2017


HELLO and happy new year, comic-style.

Apologies for 2016, let’s say it was a rebuilding year (and i did do a lot of building…). 2017 will make up for it by seeing the release of all the stuff i was working on last year (including this new comic), so stay tuned, and thanks sincerely for waiting– i’ll try and make it worth your while…


apologies for the wait

December 8, 2013

Hi, sorry for the great big vats of Nothing lately. After spending the summer imploding creatively and then sort of rediscovering my motivations, i’m in a way better place creatively now… which has coincided with a fairly major book illustration opportunity that’s come my way in the intervening months. If it’s not one thing it’s another, but the good news is that things are good here presently and to be able to even be here as a working artist saying this is an ongoing honor and privilege. Just want to say thanks for always being so patient– i know the randomness of the freelance life is shitty in terms of comix scheduling, but despite basically being shackled to my desk until, oh, March or so doing book illustrations, i still have a comic i want to somehow get to you before xmas, and shall try like hell to do so.

In the meantime, please accept a link (zooming via mousewheel or the icons at the bottom) to some crazy, ill-conceived unpublished thing i did a while back– one of those ideas where my imagination is way bigger than my free time. I had the idea to do remixes of existing comix basically (b-sides too…), and this one i’ve linked to is like the stupidly high-res edition of comic #2. If i had an infinite amount of time i’d probably do stuff like this all the time, i like the idea of remixing comix like you’d remix songs, but for now this and a couple other unpublished ones’ll have to do. Watch out for that third panel, it’s a doozy…

Oh, and when you’re in there keep an eye out for the Secret URL!! It’s pretty easy to find actually. Bonuses therein…

And seriously, thanks again for your patience, i know it sucks to have to wait but it’s for reasons that mean i’m paying the rent at least and hurrah for that. Comix as soon as possible, so stay tuned.




June 4, 2013

Just a roundup of recent goings-on for you:

– Some of the most recent comix are now available as prints in the shop— “The Bullied,” “Gensundheit,” “The Portrait,” and the new “Seven Reasons…”

SPECIAL ORDERS: Speaking of prints, for anyone who ever wants a print of something that’s not available in the main shop, be it a bigger version of something, or a print of a specific panel from a comic or Cracked comic/article, or anything really, please just email me with the details (what you’d like and how big roughly you would want the print to be) and i can set something up for you on a  print-on-demand site (most likely Zazzle). A few people have asked, and i’m always happy to oblige. No request too small/weird!

-New article over at Cracked last week, for anyone interested. There’s a frankly shocking number of comments, pretty pleased with the reaction overall!

-Just a reminder of the new facebook page as well. Thanks so much for the nearly 2,000 likes, and stay tuned over there for news/announcements and bonus comix as well (new one up today– click here for the superior non-compressed-by-facebook version).

-Aaaand just a general Thanks for the various nice emails, comments, and donations (!) in the past few weeks! It is fair to say that i very much feel grateful for y’all indeed.




Some assorted whatever

August 3, 2010

-Heyyy, new comic over at Cracked, for those interested.

-Check this out, it’s the greatest sphynx t-shirt photo ever, courtesy of my friend Tim (click to enlarge):

(thanks again Tim, that was awesome.)

-Oh yeah, and a new subnormality comic is on the way, fear not. Walls of text are being hoisted into place as we speak…




June 18, 2010

Heyyyy, it’s a comic. Sorry for the thursday (?!?) update, but this took like 30 times longer than i thought it would because i unfortunately have no sense of reality. Plus i’m heading out of town for a week on monday so no comic next week sadly. In other news… new lewis black album!! Hurrah! Life is occasionally exciting.


My sister’s in a band, and they are hugely, genuinely good, and they just put out their first album, which is awesome. This is the only time i will ever talk about or recommend country music, but recommend it i shall.  Best country music ever. If you live in a country and like music then it might just be for you.  Seriously!

see yer towards the end of the month,


Admin week

May 25, 2010

Sorry guys, not gonna be able to finish the comic on time this week so i’m gonna take some time for site-related administrative things instead, the in-box being overflowing as it is (and i don’t mean the email one). I can partially tide you over though; i’ve got a Cracked-style comic that Cracked didn’t want to use, so i’ve posted it over at a new blog that i was invited to participate in and so thou mayest checketh it out at thine leisure. It’s music-related and probably semi-successful at best (the comic, that is, not the blog), but oh well.

I also like to periodically recommend the sketchily-drawn-and-violent-but-ultimately-worth-it-(maybe?) graphic novel i did a while back that you can read here. The associated comments section has been just Amazing, so check that out too if you’re so inclined ’cause it’s mega interesting what people have had to say about the story. I maintain that it’s up to the reader what a comic is ultimately “about,” and it’s been amazing to read people’s reactions and learn just tons about how people interpret stories.  What’s for-lack-of-a-better-word Magical to me is creating something and then having people find stuff in it that you never even knew was in there. Reactions from Y’alls Out There are the best part of what i do, so thanks to anyone who takes my walls of text seriously enough to invest themselves in posting their own thoughts. High fives all around!



150 of these things

May 10, 2010

Alright, comic’s finished for you. Yeah, it’s number 150 as well, making it a Spring of Milestones: 3 years, 150 comix, 6000 comments, 50,000,000 page views, and the only reason that’s interesting is because it means an audience has formed around around this Comix Thing i have going on here, an audience that has come for something it can’t get elsewhere (such is the fundamental nature of audiences).

Because that’s the real story here: the audience, and what they want. The story of a comic or a band or a film isn’t the story of the artist, it’s the story of the whole: what it means that an audience likes what the artist is doing. The Beatles’ story is the story of Lots of People Liking Good Songwriting, and the Bill Hicks story is the story of Not Enough People Liking Forward-Thinking Ideas (Goddamnit), and the Hair Metal story is the story of Music as a Fashion Trend (or something) and chances are you can pick a newspaper comic at random and it’ll be the story of how A Bunch of Old People Enjoy Reading the Same Inoffensive Thing Day In and Day Out (it’s a long story), and that’s fine. Whatever the art is, it’s a Communal Phenomenon as opposed to a Chosen One, descending from on high to amaze the poor, simple villagers with spectacles. I’m in plenty of audiences myself, and i know i ain’t simple. As for my own comix, it’s not up to me what the story is, and it’s none of my business. I’m just glad to be a part of it, because i have reason to believe the audience around here is Awesome.

until later,

Sept. 15th: Down at the Used Car Lot

September 16, 2009

Comic finished, sorry for the wait.  Once again i am going to bed now, so g’night and thanks for reading my semi-successful weekly god-knows-what-in-a-blender.

and how the year does linger,


More by this author

January 26, 2009

Doing a new comic strip over at No walls of text, no sombre moments, very few Sphynxes, but hopefully some laughs so have a look if you’re interested. Should be a regular deal, barring any natural disasters or in-home bear attacks (those bears are wily, can’t be too careful). More on this later. As you were!


The Whole T-Shirts Thing

December 3, 2008



Okay, so i went ahead and spent fifty thousand hours setting everything up and so now there are t-shirts, there are t-shirts. Did you ever want a shirt with a belligerent mythical creature on it? Well, now’s your chance, kids and cadets. You can even choose the color of the shirt (except in Europe, but more on that later). You can even not buy any because i realize that you’re here for comix and not clothing, but more on that later as well. At any rate, what i do know is that i worked hard at some designs and then i worked hard at fixing up the website (have a look around, it’s, well, vaguely different in spots. New home page and logo and such), so one may judge for one’s self the results. As for me, i’m kind of…


I mean, i realize that selling merchandise is the new business model of online comix, and i realize that i’ve been spending the last four years drawing and drawing and literally not making a dime, but i’m still not used to the whole t-shirts thing. It’s just kind of weird and surreal. I’m not a seller of things, i’m a, uh, comics guy. I’ll get used to it though, don’t worry about me. Gotta make comix to make money to buy time to make more comix. Support your non-local comicker! Plus the Sphynx shirt comes with a guarantee that you will not be eaten by a Sphynx while wearing it. Can’t beat that. Fuckin’ can’t. Anyway…


My goal had always been to use a shirt manufacturer/shipper with distribution centers in both North America and Europe, thus removing the need for people to pay ridiculous shipping fees to import t-shirts from other hemispheres. The North American side of things is good to go, but the European side is limited to white t-shirts only for the time being (yes i am serious). This is due to stupid, boring technological issues, both mine and the manufacturer’s, and i shall not waste your time with further descriptions and vague promises. European/Asian customers may peruse the full line of Virus Comix t-shirts at the North American store, but they will have to (sigh) pay increased shipping charges if they buy anything. My apologies for this, and as soon as the situation is remedied i will post an announcement.

The Gist of it

Have a comic. Got some readers. Made some shirts for ’em. They are nice (the shirts and the readers). Thanks for reading, and now i’m gonna go mentally clear my head of the last four days of capitalistic distractions and get back to comicking. Up next: strip #99. Stay tuned, and thanks for reading!



PS: To anyone who’s sent me a friend request on Facebook, i haven’t answered only because i’m never on Facebook, plus i only have as Facebook friends the half-dozen or so people that are closest to me. So don’t be offended or anything when you don’t hear back from me. I appreciate the requests though! Friends? Friends.

PPS: The t-shirts are print-on-demand, so i unfortunately don’t have the power to send anyone free thank-you merch (you know who you are). This displeases me, but it’s for the greater good. I’m using an online service, you see, so i don’t have to spend thousands of hours i don’t have mailing off shirts and renting cars to ferry around boxes of merch and buying crowbars to fend off vicious nazi shirt thieves and whatever the hell else is involved in running a business. Poison spiders, maybe? Probably. Fuck that.