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The Making Of

January 27, 2014

Hey, so this illustration project i’m working on will be over soon, and as fun as it is to pay the bills it of course still sucks to be away from y’all for so long. Things will resume around here in February anyway, and thanks again for waiting, i know it’s been kind of excessive….

In the meantime… to celebrate the 7th anniversary of The Comix i though i’d post for you a “making of” kinda deal that i put together a couple years ago but held back for the right time. Which is now i think, so check out this link this link right here this one, and keep checking back and clicking “next” as i’ll be adding another page in the series every day for the next little while (there are eight pages in total). Short version: i think of ideas and then draw and color them. Long version: stay tuned..!



apologies for the wait

December 8, 2013

Hi, sorry for the great big vats of Nothing lately. After spending the summer imploding creatively and then sort of rediscovering my motivations, i’m in a way better place creatively now… which has coincided with a fairly major book illustration opportunity that’s come my way in the intervening months. If it’s not one thing it’s another, but the good news is that things are good here presently and to be able to even be here as a working artist saying this is an ongoing honor and privilege. Just want to say thanks for always being so patient– i know the randomness of the freelance life is shitty in terms of comix scheduling, but despite basically being shackled to my desk until, oh, March or so doing book illustrations, i still have a comic i want to somehow get to you before xmas, and shall try like hell to do so.

In the meantime, please accept a link (zooming via mousewheel or the icons at the bottom) to some crazy, ill-conceived unpublished thing i did a while back– one of those ideas where my imagination is way bigger than my free time. I had the idea to do remixes of existing comix basically (b-sides too…), and this one i’ve linked to is like the stupidly high-res edition of comic #2. If i had an infinite amount of time i’d probably do stuff like this all the time, i like the idea of remixing comix like you’d remix songs, but for now this and a couple other unpublished ones’ll have to do. Watch out for that third panel, it’s a doozy…

Oh, and when you’re in there keep an eye out for the Secret URL!! It’s pretty easy to find actually. Bonuses therein…

And seriously, thanks again for your patience, i know it sucks to have to wait but it’s for reasons that mean i’m paying the rent at least and hurrah for that. Comix as soon as possible, so stay tuned.



Progress Update

June 26, 2012

Hey, just wanted to check in with y’all, and say “yo, don’t worry, the new comic is on the way.” It’s obviously no secret that updates this year have been slow, it’s just been the combination of more bills-paying work coming my way (hurrah!), as well as me trying to get out a few Epics (the 5th anniversary comic etc) leading up to comic 200. And them Epics take…a long time, unfortunately, often an obscene amount of time, and comic #200 is unsurprisingly another 3000-word beast, so it’ll be a little while longer. But just a little while, and then i’ll perhaps get back to some more sustainably-sized work (2000 words, maybe) that comes out slightly more frequently. I know y’all are patient and are not asking for apologies, so i’m not apologizing, but i shall thank you for the patience (thank you!) and i shall see you again as soon as i’ve got some #200 to show you.

on the way,


the colorful world of moneymaking

April 3, 2012

Ugh, sorry for the absence, i’ve been having that side project thing where you have nothing for weeks on end and then you get 147 commissions all in one week (like when celebrities die in threes, or when their bus goes into a sinkhole and they die in 48s) and then you get the flu the next day (possibly the flu from that stephen king book) and it all just mixes into a blurry, swirling haze of coughing and 8.5×11″ paper (and then you play mass effect 3 to take your mind off it and we all know how that turned out) and then suddenly it’s like a month later and the smoke clears and you look up and are like “eaaaarhhhhhhhghhhh where am i?”

Well, i’m here, and am retroactively announcing a break for the remainder of March 2012 to catch up on A Whole Lot of Things, which will be really useful to the time travelers among you. But as for the rest of you, i’ll be back shortly with something that’ll hopefully be worth the wait. Thanks sincerely for your patience as i navigate the colorful world of moneymaking (it’s a common issue, i gather). God damn i’m getting a lot of drawing practice lately though, which is forever a good thing, so praise be to those who made me done it.

on the mend,


worst foot forward

January 31, 2012

Okay, so this post is gonna be a little different from even my usual apologetic rambling. I dunno, i’m just guilty of gripping the stick too tight at times (that’s Canadian for “trying too hard”), and occasionally that means aiming higher than one can reasonably go, and spending Way Too Long on a given piece, and then the comic i’m working on becomes like a word you say over and over again until it loses all meaning and the whole thing just goes over like an improperly-loaded container ship (WINSTON, YOU HAVE NOT STACKED THE BOXES CORRECTLY!! WE’RE GOING TO–AIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEE!!ETC). Happens to us all i’m sure, it’s just frustrating, and then it’s been two weeks since the last update and i have nothing new to post and i honestly can’t stand lettin’ down the team like that, so maybe this is just some kind of semi-therapeutic thing as part of the efforts to get myself back to earth and not freak the hell out so much over my work.

Thus: i’m just gonna step off the ice for a sec and post some of that Failed Stuff from the past few years, just to kind of get it off my chest i guess. Or maybe just for novelty purposes. But maybe also to convey that just because you have no editor doesn’t mean you shouldn’t or won’t have a cutting room floor, and just because you post a lot of well-received work doesn’t mean you don’t have a lot of ideas that you’re just not good enough to pull off or that just suck but you don’t notice until the 11th hour.

I think the thing i was working on for this week, which you can read here in Way-Too-Big format, falls into that category. You know how you feel about an issue but sometimes the words just don’t come. Or some of them come but not others. Or they were there the whole time, but you’re no longer listening because you’ve been working on the damn thing for too long and just need to put it aside before you go mental. So yeah, part of this is me feeling bad for not having something new to post this week, but it’s also an attempt to kind of  turn a corner and kind of not go so mental over comix. I’ll be back soon, fear not, this is just one minor blip in a long-standing series.  I just like to be up front about the ol’ Periodic Artistic Struggles. It comes with the territory, and it’s the truth (and i like the truth), and i’d feel better if i heard another artist saying it, so i’m saying it.

see you shortly,



Status Update

January 11, 2012

Heyy, just checking in to confirm that i still exist. I know it’s been a few weeks, but i’ve got a new comic in the works so things will get back to normal (ie: weird) around here soon. Had a bit of a Mental Vacation over the holidays, went back to the Motherland (ie: saskatchewan), took a step back and just kind of lay around reading the New Yorker (i just read it for the articles, i swear!), and then flew back home and realized anew that i’ve got this kind of unrestricted creative outlet with an actual audience as well, so that was kind of briefly overwhelming. So i had a bit of trouble writing the new one, got a bit overambitious, but things are gradually coming together, so thanks for your patience. I managed to work in orson welles, so that’s good at the very least…

Happy new year, anyway! And here’s something interesting that one of the Heroes out there surprised me with over Xmas: it’s the Subnormality Wiki! This kind of thing can potentially be really pointless and self-serving, but i read through it and it’s done with such thought and detail and humor that i’m definitely proud to have my work been the reason behind it. The things you can do with a chronology! Good times, anyway– i definitely recommend it. As it’s a “Wiki” i assume that means that anyone can go ahead and edit it (or, uh, deface it…), so if the mood strikes anyone for whatever reason then of course feel free to use any images off my site.

And Hurrah also to the return of Achewood! It feels a lot better to have that comic be an active part of the landscape. Some other good stuff: Akimbo (which i keep mentioning, i know) continues to be amazing; and Depression Comix is exactly what it sounds like (and is great work).

Also: got some episodes of a sorta-animated video series coming out with, the first one being right here (script by Michael Swaim, drawings by me, animation by I’m Not Sure but i think it was mentioned in the comments section and i apologize for not knowing). Another 430 million views or so definitely wouldn’t hurt the chances of further episodes being produced, so go for it if you have a sec.

orson welles,


oh shut up rowntree

October 16, 2010

Hi. I just wanna say I’m Still Here, and i’m sorry for another 2-week gap, my work habits have been just Shit lately, more of my trademark flameouts etc, and i just wanna apologize for that and say i’m fucking finally back on track and a new comic will be up this weekend (meaninglessly small preview below).

Like i said, i’ve been degenerating into bad work habits lately. I’ll do this thing where i set to work on too thin of a premise, like setting out across the atlantic on a plywood raft with an armload of lumber with the intention of making it into a ship at some point along the way, and then a week later there i am at the bottom of the ocean and y’alls are standing there on the dock at southampton wondering where in the hell i am. Anyway, too thin of a premise, and then i’ll write and edit for like four days before having to scrap the entire thing because you can’t just hammer something into a good idea, it has to be a good idea to begin with, it has to be a clear, specific idea that can then be embellished upon. Did that twice in the past two weeks anyway, huge walls of text down the drain, but i think i’m actually learning from my mistakes at this point. The best comics i’ve done have basically written themselves after a good premise has been established, and the worst ones, the ones that get scrapped in disgust after four days are the ones where there was no clear premise, no clear thesis, no clear hypothesis or if/then statement or concrete notion of any kind. Groan. It’s amazing how completely oblivious you can be to your own bad habits sometimes, but each massive burnout brings me closer to good work habits i reckon. Fingers crossed. And please feel most free to learn from my mistakes. Keep it simple. Think of an easily-summarized idea and then build around it. Doing the opposite ain’t such a good idea.

New comic actually on the way, anyhow. I hate being away, i hate it hate it hate it. So i’ll be back this weekend. About goddamn time.


PS: On a good note, the new Bill Hicks documentary is finally out on DVD (in the UK, that is), and i’d definitely recommend it to any fans. The way it’s done with sort of animated photo sequences is really cool and different (and sure to copied in the future), plus there are just hours of extra features, interviews etc, so anyone who’s into the whole Bill Hicks thing should get on over to or something and get ye a copy. If you don’t have an all-region player, just download VLC player and watch it on your PC. Good times.

PPS: I posted my somewhat facetious “influence map” last time, which was essentially accurate, but i forgot to mention Evan Dorkin, who is definitely a huge influence. My comics have titles because his “Fun” comics have titles. Plus that whole “cluttered like my head” story he did is something that i’m just hugely glad to have read. Very influential also.

some content would be nice

September 29, 2010

Hey, sorry for the gap, the new comic’s just kind of taking a long time. It’ll be done thursday at the latest, so stay tuned and thanks for your patience. I’ll try and have some extra content on hand too. Been meaning to do some actual blogging at some point, might throw in a wall of text or two. Anyway…



September 1, 2010

Sorry guys, had a comic planned for today but i’m gonna need more time to work on it than i though and i’ve gotta catch a flight in the morning so i’m-a-gonna have to push it back to next week instead (i know, LAME). To mitigate things somewhat though, here’s some Other Stuff: a new comic over at Cracked this past weekend; a uselessly vague preview image of next week’s subnormality; and in case anyone is missing their walls of text fix, here’s Herge to pick up the slack. Good man.

Anyway, my apologies, new comic soon,



July 28, 2010

Fucking hell, sorry, had to scuttle this week’s comic all last-minute like (pictorial representation below, click to enlarge). There it sits, screaming “REVISE ME, FUCKER!!” Yeah, maybe later you accursed, cackling mess. Ahem, anyway, back next week with something else.