peopleWatching #6

March 22, 2017

Next episode is up! This is probably more esoteric than the other episodes, but you have to make what you wish existed and i wished there was a thing about how sometimes art is your voice.


6 Responses to “peopleWatching #6”

  1. celiana Says:

    Great Ep als always, but: Her guitar isn’t plugged in nor does it have a mic…? A clue that her fans don’t even really hear her music, or just an oversight in otherwise very detailed drawing? 🙂

  2. Laurel Black Says:

    Hey. I don’t want to be exactly the kind of intrusive fan you just made a video about, but I do want to say. You’ve done a lot of powerful writing about depression and creativity over the years– Flossy here, the King living in his band van, Ethel’s parallel lives. I hope that kind of dead-girl-walking fugue– depression, dysphoria, derealization, whatever– that feeling that the lines you draw or the words you write are the only real things about you, while you, the person, can’t or may as well not actually exist as a human– I hope it isn’t hitting you too hard. This comic seems like it’s coming from a place of a lot of hurt, and even though I don’t know a way to say this that isn’t just a mirror of the unhelpful demands of a creator’s time and emotional energy you wrote this short about, I hope you’re doing OK and that the skeleton girl days leave you some breathing room.

    • Hopefully it didn’t come off as a video about intrusive fans, definitely not my intent! I really just wanted to say something about how art is sometimes your only voice, and how one may not assume that someone can only be themselves ON stage. And thanks for asking– it’s true that i’ve probably written about such things more and more over the years, and all i can say is that i’m trying to make changes in my life to be sad less. Writing about it definitely helps though, that’s why i write such things and probably why such things aren’t worse than they could be. I owe a lot to art– it’s always a huge help.

  3. Davingsbury Says:

    All the rest have been really good and relatable.
    This one hit me in a weird spot different from the others. The audio choices really helped cinch in my feelings at the end and that was cool.
    Have a good day and thank you. That really was different.

  4. Xminus1 Says:

    I am one of those causal fans I love music, graphic novels ect but I do not want to ever meet any one who creates what I love. I have my own little world I have mine and never should the two ever meet. thanks this video was awesome.

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