peopleWatching #5

March 15, 2017

Heyyy, episode 5 is GO– this episode is me trying to make a conversation visually interesting, hopefully it worked (walls of text 4 lyfe!). We’re halfway through the series now, and i just want to thank y’all for following me into this new medium with such kind feedback– i’ve tried hard to be myself here, and hopefully it’s worked.


2 Responses to “peopleWatching #5”

  1. Anne B Says:

    I just really want to say: I have never seen a video series that has stroked such a deep chord with me in the same way as this one. All the thoughts and feelings I’ve felt and not been able to express to anyone are written out and animated with such honesty and wit. The characters all feel like real people, but also feel like they’re a part of me, or a close friend. The art style is spot on. I really don’t have the eloquence to praise this series enough. I eagerly await the next episode.

  2. C. Says:

    JEREMY! Oh god, this one made me so happy.

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