peopleWatching #3

March 1, 2017

Heyy, here’s episode 3, dedicated to anyone for whom self-esteem is a constant struggle.


5 Responses to “peopleWatching #3”

  1. i’m kind of depressed, single, never really tried dating, reading the comments and obviously the title, i’m not sure i want to watch this

  2. NZfishboy Says:

    Oh Winston. You cut me, you cut me deep.

  3. Jason Says:

    Great stuff as always. I was particularly distracted by all the background art/jokes/easter eggs this time. I kept stopping the video to look at all the bg stuff and lost track of the conversation!

  4. C. Says:

    Kelly and Yorkie! ♥ I’m glad they’re in Safra’s life in some way. I can’t decide if it’s better if Safra watched San Junipero and found their story meaningful enough to put that on her wall – San Junipero is a good thing to watch with time-blurring depression, because it’s concise and pitiless – or if Kelly and Yorkie are alive in Viruscomix world and Safra is their daughter.

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