February 15, 2017

I have a webseries now, by the way, for anyone who missed that news over the past year or so, and it’s finally ready to debut, so hopefully you’ll enjoy walls of text when they’re being spoken aloud instead of being literal walls (huge credit to the actors, by the way– not everyone is going to be good at reading Huge, Run-On Sentences, but we were lucky enough to find people who absolutely owned them).

Hugest thanks to for making the show possible, and stay tuned for nine more episodes over the next nine weeks!


15 Responses to “peopleWatching”

  1. Friedrich Markgraf Says:

    You fucking romantic. >

  2. Friedrich Markgraf Says:

    Eh. Sorry, that wasn’t meant to be an insult or anything. It sounded funny/true in my head.

    You tap into a part of me that I very rarely tap into (out of fear, I guess).

    So, anyway, thank you for being you and doing the stuff you do that fits an aspect of me that I blame for 14-24 year old me being a total idiot. Now I enjoy the perks of playing it safe, and I really DO enjoy them, I think. I still get mad at love songs and rom-coms for putting more believable false ideas in my head than porn would ever manage.

    If you ever visit Berlin, please drop me a line.


  3. \o/ it works great! i’m always a bit worried when i see a 10+ min video, will i get bored halfway through, but yeah not this time

  4. pavellishin Says:

    Will you be posting updates here, or can I find a way to subscribe through the Cracked website or anything? I don’t want to have to filter through all of their videos in the RSS feed to find yours.

  5. bpatrick Says:

    Ho-lee shit! That was one of the most incredible things I’ve seen on the Internet. Absolutely amazing!! I’ve never even dared to dream of how awesome an animated subnormality would be but that would have exceeded my expectations. I’m in awe. Outstanding.

    • DUDE– shit, thanks! Coming from you that means a great deal to me indeed, believe me. Hugely honored.

      Also: thank you for your latest comic, it really has stuck in the mind in the best possible way. Eat shit and die, or eat shit and carry on– that really hit me at the right time, and i won’t be forgetting it anytime soon.

  6. Gee Oh Says:

    thanks so much again!
    Glad to not be dating anymore, how icky and challenging

  7. Miika Heino Says:

    Goddammit Winston, you’re supposed to advertise these things

  8. Edwin Says:

    Awesome work!
    Ii have but a small suggestion / request: to add non auto generated close captions, for non native english listeners it’s super helpful EG he likes beach and pegging tagging?

  9. Joe Says:

    Really good job on animating your art. This is one of my favorite webcomics, and one of the smarter things on the Internet.

  10. Jason Says:

    Finally got a chance to watch the videos. So awesome! They capture your webcomics perfectly.

  11. Ulysse Says:

    Gdamn, Winston, you are amazing. Always writing straight to the core of things. Keep up the good work! Never thought I’d enjoy an animated version of Subnormality, but here we are! I especially liked that they are “new” characters. If it’d been people we know from the comic, it’d feel weird.

    The dating scene stung like hell. Great job! I like how half the girls’ faces disapear instantly when the guy said he was a virgin. I’ve got him beat at 41 years old and I know the feeling. Okay with it and not okay with it. Sigh.

    Hope to see more episodes this year!

  12. Jennifer Smith Says:

    Question on your web video show….

    Will you be animating some of your Subnormality comics…
    some I would like to see animated..


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