apologies for the wait

December 8, 2013

Hi, sorry for the great big vats of Nothing lately. After spending the summer imploding creatively and then sort of rediscovering my motivations, i’m in a way better place creatively now… which has coincided with a fairly major book illustration opportunity that’s come my way in the intervening months. If it’s not one thing it’s another, but the good news is that things are good here presently and to be able to even be here as a working artist saying this is an ongoing honor and privilege. Just want to say thanks for always being so patient– i know the randomness of the freelance life is shitty in terms of comix scheduling, but despite basically being shackled to my desk until, oh, March or so doing book illustrations, i still have a comic i want to somehow get to you before xmas, and shall try like hell to do so.

In the meantime, please accept a linkย (zooming via mousewheel or the icons at the bottom) to some crazy, ill-conceived unpublished thing i did a while back– one of those ideas where my imagination is way bigger than my free time. I had the idea to do remixes of existing comix basically (b-sides too…), and this one i’ve linked to is like the stupidly high-res edition of comic #2. If i had an infinite amount of time i’d probably do stuff like this all the time, i like the idea of remixing comix like you’d remix songs, but for now this and a couple other unpublished ones’ll have to do. Watch out for that third panel, it’s a doozy…

Oh, and when you’re in there keep an eye out for the Secret URL!! It’s pretty easy to find actually. Bonuses therein…

And seriously, thanks again for your patience, i know it sucks to have to wait but it’s for reasons that mean i’m paying the rent at least and hurrah for that. Comix as soon as possible, so stay tuned.



73 Responses to “apologies for the wait”

  1. Leak Says:

    Holy crap – that must have been a full comic inside a single panel of another comic… *boggles*

    Also, that *cough*secret*cough*URL*cough* is… how do I put that… wow… just wow… ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Njam Says:

    Ow my face, my face is assaulted by so much stuff on that page! Even the lettering is a comic! And there’s barely visible background stuff! And there’s a Pajitnov building! And there’s a battle camel! I love the concept of such ultra-high detail stuff, but what you already said about free time: i imagine it would take some two years to remake/put battle camels in a standard sized Comix ๐Ÿ˜€
    Also, I now want a poster of everything on the extra page. Even though i wouldn’t be able to pay for anything, because oh god i don’t have a job because oh god i’m wasting my life playing X-COM all day.

  3. mspreij Says:

    Omg so much details.. little ghost, tetris, Dr Who, …spot :), beatles reference..
    Thank You for being awesome.

  4. Sergeant Major Tom Says:

    “YES A MULE”

    Hey, someone had to be the first to officially acknowledge the dumb joke on offer here. (Possibly adjust that to account for plural in that regard – still looking.)

  5. Tamfang Says:

    What fun.

    For me at least, the drag response is very slow. (Could that be because I have 117 tabs open? Nah.) It would be simpler to view the image directly in the browser and use the browser’s scroll bars.

  6. katemunchie Says:

    Captain Estar! Ahh that comic made me cry…

    Also, holy wow that level of detail is insane. I’d rather just load a massive image and drag the scrollbar, but that’s largely because my computer still relies on vacuum tubes.

    For a non-update, this is pretty spectacular. Good luck with whatever’s helping pay the rent until March.

    Most importantly, where can I buy a copy of Battle Camel??

  7. tt Says:

    This time, you’ve really outdone yourself! The comic was always overflowing with little details, but this is on a different level.

    I thought the secret URL might be hidden somewhere in the speech balloon in panel three or maybe on a magazine cover in panel one, but no such luck. How about a little hint?

  8. Jim R. Says:

    Just wanted to voice my appreciation for your work. It’s easily some of my favorite stuff, so time is only of consequence of your server load as I continue to patiently check back for new works.

  9. r10pez10 Says:

    I read the news (within the news) today, oh boy ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. Joe Trudell Says:

    HOLY SHIT! Already thought it was pretty sweet then I noticed the extra work you put into panel 3! You, sir, are the best thing that ever happened!

  11. Jason Says:

    Lucky me, I happen to check out this page on an update page! The extras are awesome. You should sell those as posters! (Or do you already? I know you do/did sell the full cast drawing already.)

  12. Chris Says:

    Your comics are fantastic. Keep up the great work.

  13. You’re really good and I like your stuff a lot.

  14. kalamahina Says:

    I’d order a “?!” tee shirt; I certainly would.

  15. Hah, you really don’t have to apologize for anything. This is wonderful work. And oh my the ~secret url~…

  16. The Old Wolf Says:

    Winston, there’s so much here. The zoom-comic is phenomenal… panel 3 reminded me of the original Mad magazine logo with the centaurs, except 100 times more intricate, and *so* many tidbits hidden in every corner. Then there’s your secret extra; I loved the group portrait. Even the Emperor of the Universe is there! Thank you so much for this… and don’t worry about the wait. Whatever you come up with will be worth it. Congrats on the book deal!

  17. M Says:

    Amazing! The number of stories within the story is incredible. And it coincides with my bday ^_^! Keep up the good work!

  18. Max Says:

    I hate to have nothing of interest to add, but the rest of the comments have already summed it up nicely. I wasn’t expecting anywhere near as much from the high-res version as I got–great stuff!–and insist you take as long as you need to do the best work you can. We’ll all be supporting you even if it takes forever.

    And, of course, congrats on the book illustration deal!

    • Sergeant Major Tom Says:

      Did anyone think to ask what the book is, yet? Just realised I didn’t. Rectifying that now, obviously.

    • I don’t know if i’m allowed to discuss it yet or not, i forget what it says in the contract. It’s nothing to do with my existing work anyway, but it’s a fun book idea and a quite amazing artistic challenge and further down the line i’ll be sure to mention it on the blog for those interested. Should be out xmas 2014, tentatively.

  19. Kalle Says:

    Really liking the Estar picture. You know we still all want you to make a “proper” graphic novel out of that one(one I can have in my bookshelf I mean).

    • Doug Says:

      Agreed. CEGTH is a really powerful story. I would buy the book.

      And no need to apologize, the result is always more than worth the wait.

    • I know, i’d love that too. I love to redraw the entire thing and get it published, but that’ll take a lot of doing. My goal is to be so comfortable career-wise that it becomes a possibility, but who knows.

  20. Magnanimous Says:

    You take as long as you like if they’re anything like every other comic you’ve done. We are patient.

  21. Mikko Z J Says:

    Amazing! Absolutely wonderful, and the secret page is so gratifyingly full of all of my favourite characters; just wonderful portraits. And the remixed comic is very, very cool.

    I love that we got to see Justine’s place. ^^

  22. Oh man, that Captain Estar extra is really well done.

  23. Oniรถnhead Says:

    No need to apologize. We know it’s gonna be worth waiting for.

  24. RattlingRonin Says:

    Is that Charlie Brooker reference I see in the 4th panel too?

  25. Leumas Says:

    Two words, “so amazing!” This is what I love about a lot of your comics. The depth is so large. I enjoyed how almost each word in the description had a inlaid picture describing the word and also those barely see-able parts such as the thought bubbles.

    As for the extra webpage, I was actually gladly surprised to see Captain Ester. I had forgotten about it and that picture brought back the memory. You really should provide links to your older stuff, if if some of them are not not finished.

    Another great job and I hope you have good luck with that illustration!

  26. Very well done. If we don’t see you again before the coming holidays, merry Christmas and happy New Years.

    Obviously I default to the well-wishes related to the more important holidays of the culture I grew up in, but I do not begrudge you if you celebrate differently.

    Honestly, it is respectful and honorable when someone wishes you well in the manner of their culture. Why do people get so threatened?

  27. Andrew Says:

    Awesome comic!

    As for the “secret url,” I kept trying to get trashbat.co.uk to load, when I realized the real link was hiding in plain sight.

  28. Winston, do you have some sort of super secret long term plan to make a revised version of Captain Estar goes to Heaven? Because that would be amazing; its one of my favorite stories of all time, and she may be my favorite heroine.
    Oh, and thank you for your work, by the way. Youre a great artist and a truly talented writer; seriously, like 99th percentile legendary artist talented. Thank you for everything that you share with us.

  29. Neuneck Says:

    Absolutely +1! This makes up for the wait! Keep up the good work ๐Ÿ˜€

  30. AkaP* Says:

    The extra baggy Jumper has got Estar looking a bit daggy, not that she cares of coarse – but the Cruella Deville haircut, new face, awesome print is Badass! Love your mind Winston.

  31. Davy Says:

    Ye canadians get Charlie Brooker and Chris Morris do ya! Nice surprise seeing both of their work referenced in a tiny panel in an extra on a webcomic. Very strange too. You keep surprising me which is very impressive this far in to an artists work. P.S. Made the “i dont want much” image my desktop wallpaper immediately.

  32. Fritz Says:

    Wow! Very nice! The level of details in your comics generally kinda reminds me of old Berlin-based Gerhard Seyfried. Dunno if he’s available in non-German, but it’s definitely worth it, both his 80s (I think) anarcho comix, and Space Bastards/Future Subjunkies. (I don’t recommend his newest one, “Kraft durch Freunde”; it’s not very imaginative).

    Anyway, good to know you’re well and financially secure for the time being (I assume). Your comics are more thought provoking than most other literature I come across.

  33. I am glad you are OK. Thanks.

  34. Dave Harmon Says:

    Wow. For both the ultra-lettered comic and the extra material!

  35. M.S. Wilson Says:

    Long time reader, first time commenter…wow! I don’t normally leave comments, but the zoom comic and the “secret” comic were both so good. Justine’s “dream place” was cool (although she doesn’t seem to be eating nachos) and in the zoom comic we see that Justine is a Broncos fan…i think I just fell in love! (Too bad she’s not a Canadiens fan too,but I guess nobody’s perfect.)

    Anyway, just wanted to say how great the comics are in general and however long it takes for the new ones, it’s worth it! (And as a Saskatchewan native I especially appreciated the in-jokes in some of the older comics, like the CKCK 620 All Oldies t-shirt, or the Lazy Owl reference.) Keep up the great work!

  36. Tomas Says:

    That’s our Winston, using the latest advances in web technology to make double-density text walls. Moar, plz; as a poster.

    I love every picture on the secret gallery and I love that you made us run through a scavenger hunt to find it.

  37. Sergeant Major Tom Says:

    Have come back to this only to realise there was a whole lot of stuff I didn’t even think to look for the first time. Hats off to your attention to detail and your thinking-to-do-all-of-this-to-begin-with, but it has to be said that the “use the force” earned an actual facepalm.

  38. Guess I am a wee bit late , the remix was awesome along with the extra stuff, actually printed the subnormality character on a vinyl and now its proudly livens up my room. You rock :]

  39. Sean Says:

    In case you’re ever wondering: you’re brilliant and awesome. Happy new year, sir.

  40. Lichelord Godfrey Says:

    I’ve loved your comics for a long time, and I sincerely hope you continue making them – even if you make them at a pace that would be more in-line with geological time scales than anything a mortal could comprehend quickly. ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. Tiido Says:

    I spent quite a few tens of minutes scanning through the page and looking for little goodies… I found way more than I expected ! Thank you for making my day hahaha

  42. Why – WHY!!! February already is 6 days old and still we’re waiting for the new comic. Oh you cruel world….

    Please take your time – art can’t be rushed. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  43. Rikio Says:

    Ahhh can we at least see the book you are working on? Whens the next comic coming out!!!

    • ASAP! Believe me, none of you could possibly be as impatient as i am to get the next comic finished, i’m only happy as a person when my work is out there and not stuck in my head. It’s underway though! Every idea i have is just 999999999999 words lately, so it’ll be a while until it’s finished. I remember when these things used to take only four days…

  44. Bandit Keith Says:

    The book you’re working on wouldn’t happen to be “How to Fight Presidents” would it?

    • Naw, i finished work on that at the end of 2012 actually (publishing moves rather slowly…). It’s another project with the same publisher that at least partially resulted from them knowing me from the Presidents book.

    • Bandit Keith Says:

      Makes sense. As long as you make things I can consume, comix or not, I will wait for them. I’ve been waiting for Dan’s book for like 5 years.

    • Ben Zyl Says:

      Finding Jesus?

  45. Dasylirion Says:

    Every time I check virus comix and there is no new Subnormality, I have flashbacks to the last days of Homestarrunner. Breathe…Breathe…

    • I know, the waiting sucks… i’m not going anywhere though, believe me. The good news is that while the delay was previously because i was working on a side gig, i’m done with that now and the current delay is because i’m working on the next comic and it’s so goddamn long (word count: 6630?!!?, but that could change as i go) that it’s just gonna have to take as long as it takes. No last days around here, don’t worry…

    • mspreij Says:

      No worries, the waiting for a new Subnormality is never too long, and always worth it ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Sergeant Major Tom Says:

      Just don’t make the mistake of saying it’ll be someday when we least expect it.

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