June 4, 2013

Just a roundup of recent goings-on for you:

– Some of the most recent comix are now available as prints in the shop— “The Bullied,” “Gensundheit,” “The Portrait,” and the new “Seven Reasons…”

SPECIAL ORDERS: Speaking of prints, for anyone who ever wants a print of something that’s not available in the main shop, be it a bigger version of something, or a print of a specific panel from a comic or Cracked comic/article, or anything really, please just email me with the details (what you’d like and how big roughly you would want the print to be) and i can set something up for you on a  print-on-demand site (most likely Zazzle). A few people have asked, and i’m always happy to oblige. No request too small/weird!

-New article over at Cracked last week, for anyone interested. There’s a frankly shocking number of comments, pretty pleased with the reaction overall!

-Just a reminder of the new facebook page as well. Thanks so much for the nearly 2,000 likes, and stay tuned over there for news/announcements and bonus comix as well (new one up today– click here for the superior non-compressed-by-facebook version).

-Aaaand just a general Thanks for the various nice emails, comments, and donations (!) in the past few weeks! It is fair to say that i very much feel grateful for y’all indeed.




4 Responses to “various”

  1. Edwin Says:

    Nice one! Could be longer though.

  2. Jorpho Says:

    I think a lot of these prints would definitely work much better as lengthy vertical scrolls. I felt obliged to stick a small legend onto my “Choose Your Own Adventure” print to indicate to the unsuspecting reader that it should be read as two sequential columns rather than as multiple rows (or as random panels).

  3. And… print purchased. 😀

  4. Nat Nat Says:

    Thanks for the link to the Cracked article. Really liked the “depth” image… you even gave the cat some depth. I only wish the article had advice for women whose dating profiles suck too. You could do a follow-up!

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