Defocus Interview

January 21, 2013

Hey, interview with me at “The Good Men Project” regarding the Defocus comic. Walls of text? Goddamn right.

PS: Thanks for the feedback regarding the zoom-in thing, i’ll definitely be taking it into account moving forward (ie: you won’t see it on the home page again, but i’ll probably maintain separate pages in the archive for anyone who prefers that option. Pretty much my plan to begin with, but it’s good to have confirmation on that from y’all)

PPS: New comic on the way! Stay tuned.


7 Responses to “Defocus Interview”

  1. Edwin Says:

    Great piece. I wonder if you would be interested in doing a IAMA in reddit?

  2. Sergeant Major Tom Says:

    I take it that’s another Carol Tavris book I’ll need to read, then. (Background: I was reading “Mistakes Were Made…” at the same time I was working my way through the archives and was pleasantly surprised to see mention of it.)

    Also, the end of this interview makes me want to pretend to have a poor grasp on English, only speak it as a second language or somesuch. I think the point in question goes a long way to demonstrating your success in trying to create comix which tap the collective consciousness and are universally relate-able. (There, do you feel any better about your self-confessedly pretentious responses now?)

    • “Mistakes Were Made…” is certainly the most influential book i’ve ever read… (direct influence on the “Stairs” comic, as well as similar things since). I definitely recommend her work, i’ll say that.

    • Sergeant Major Tom Says:

      Somewhat related curiosity, now this is mentioned: have you looked into/read any of Dan Ariely’s work?

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