December 3, 2012


Hey, wall of text (and pictures) for y’all. I’ll see you again asap!


146 Responses to “Hallway”

  1. Edwin Says:

    Fantastic. Love to see your characters connecting.

  2. Sergeant Major Tom Says:

    I’ll have to see if I can properly comment on this once I get home from work tonight – a job there was no interview required for, for a person who has never gotten a job on the strength of one.

    For now, I’ll just say I’m reminded of that episode of the Simpsons where Bart steps into the room so that his head coincidentally obscures the map on the wall at just the right moment. I don’t doubt that you very deliberately sought to make that little part of this comic as hilariously frustrating as that moment – good work.

  3. Joe Trudell Says:

    So, Ethel and PHG are friends now. Awesome! Thanks. I needed something to smile about today. πŸ™‚

  4. Evan Says:

    I remember reading the first Ethel comic and totally being scared to hell about it. Not sure if you intended for her to turn out like she did, or if you just decided to explore her character a bit more instead of tossing her aside after one comic, but… She’s a keeper, basically.

    Your updates are always so worth the wait.

  5. Sheedy Says:


  6. Presence Eternal Says:

    Hey, aren’t you that girl I see on TV during all the monster warnings?

  7. mrputter Says:

    Merry Christmas to you too, Winston!


  8. SkullyKitten Says:

    I have say, it was quite ingenious to pull up that little distraction from BHG, and also very provocative in itself, this is definitely one of your best works yet, of course not counting ‘The Tag Team’.

    For this I award you a digital cookie!

  9. bob Says:

    for the longest time i couldn’t keep ethel and pink haired girl strait in my head, and often thought they were the same person. So this was quite helpful, thanks!

  10. Maochael Says:

    This comic reminds me that I got to remember to talk to people sometimes.

  11. Esn Says:

    That was beautiful, man.

    I love how you manage to care about people so much.

  12. forrester Says:

    Indeed worth the wait. Thank you for the lovely comic. God, so much suspension about her name!

  13. BrainBlow Says:

    One of your best yet!

  14. Alberto B Says:

    Yeah, that was really lovely. …and, for someone unemployed, increasingly anxious, and more and more afraid of human interactions, this was really timely for me as well. Thanks. πŸ™‚

  15. Hairybad Says:

    I always look forward to reading your comics. Whenever I see that you have a new one I wait until I have a spare hour or two before I even bother to start because I know that is how long I will spend reading and then scanning over it. Keep up the wonderful work ^_^

  16. maarvarq Says:

    Wow. That was a really lovely bit of human connection, and I hadn’t even picked up on them both being continuing characters. I also love that the zoom-in feature lets readers see the strip as a whole, to show in this case the way that the panels gradually expand from start to finish along with the evolution of the story.

    • Yeah, this was actually the first one i made specifically with that zoom-in-out thing in mind, so, yeah, one can zoom out and see the hallway as it were. Hopefully it kind of works.

    • maarvarq Says:

      “Kind of works”, the man says. Try “works brilliantly” πŸ™‚

    • Ben Zyl Says:

      Unfortunately the small panels at the start seemed to interact with the JPEG compression of the whole image footprint to make it fairly blocky (but Still readable). Perhaps breaking the image up into thirds and decompressing separately would have helped?

    • Ben Zyl Says:

      Seems to be a problem with a variety of browsers and large images, gets bored decompressing JPEG’s before it’s done and leaves them blocky or just chokes the browser. Saving the file and loading it in a separate image browser works fine though so it’s probably a web browser is not photoshop speedbump.

  17. SuckMyComment Says:

    i hate i when strangers talk to me.

  18. bachterman Says:

    where YOU wanna be in five years?

  19. someguy Says:

    Sometimes I read these, and I think that you and I could really get along well WR. But then I think that these dialogues are so universal to human nature that maybe that’s the point, that almost everyone can relate to almost all of them. Eh, anyways I’m probably just a rambling lunatic.

  20. dpm Says:

    A happy ending without actual “happy” or “ending”. Nicely done.

  21. Mike Says:

    Great comic as always! The #206-thing is a bit obvious but by that i realized that i started reading your comic a few years ago with #71. The particular comic was featured by the german magazine “visions” and from that time on, you had another reader from Germany.

  22. spideycow Says:

    Something tells me Ethel would really get along with the Sphinx as well.

    Great comic as always! You brighten my day, WR!

  23. injygo Says:

    Wow. I love the thing you did with the layout. You’re just totally brilliant.

  24. The Mailman Says:

    That was a beautiful comic.

    Thank you.

  25. Rob Says:

    I read this this morning before going to a job interview and PHG’s closing comments to Ethel kinda filled me with confidence. I always love then stories which feel kinda cynical all the way through but end with a high note, having them meet up a month later was one of the highest notes I’ve seen in a while.

  26. OckhamsFolly Says:

    Great comic! I love the Audition name drop, too; that was the only movie to seriously freak me out in a long, long time. Something tells me I would deeply enjoy Ethel’s horror.

  27. This comic has just about made my week. Thanks!

  28. Alarashi Says:

    One word for the ending: Awwwww.

    As for the rest of the comic, I gotta say that I love the way they talk to each other. Specially Ethel’s remarks about how PHG’s asking her questions about her writing and such. I don’t know why when I read your comics I get this feeling that I’m getting some very important insight on how stuff works or would work some times, and give me a sense of hope, but then at the end I feel like not much has really changed. I guess It’s just the expectations I have make me hope for a happily-ever-after kind of ending, except that never exactly happens, but still makes me want to know what would happen to the characters next time we see them.
    With this particular comic it makes me wonder, why did Ethel actually talk to her? I mean she said she almost didn’t. And I want to know what was the reasoning behind actually start talking, she’s one step ahead of me, and she actually enjoys it. It makes me so interested, really. πŸ˜€

  29. Kyle Says:

    I wish I could give you the same kind of warm rush that I get after reading one of your comics. Everything seems to expand and the universe’s mysteries, benign and malignant, seem to step back for an instant. You capture an organic and important facet of my life, and yet we’ve never met.

    I consider your art an intense pleasure, and am thrilled every time I find an update. Thanks for sharing!

  30. Radox Says:

    What’s this? A sort of happy ending that doesn’t feel like bullshit or disconnected from reality and/or basic logic? Astonishing.

  31. Maze88 Says:

    Another great dialog and the “you care already, but they don’t even exist yet” part was beautiful.

  32. Justin Clitheroe Says:

    Okay, on chrome I have a folder, if I ctrl+click the folder, all of the bookmarks open in seperate tabs.
    First on the list? Subnormality. day in and day out, I click on that folder (sometimes even 2-3 times a day) and on days like today, I am reminded why I torture myself each day
    Like Kyle, at the end of a wall of text update, I am incapable of anything other than smiling. You have a way of capturing people in a badass way. Thank you.

    P.S the hallway widening thing was brilliant

  33. Sisiutil Says:

    Amazing as always. These are probably my two favourite recurring characters (well, actually, it’s a three-way tie with the Sphinx), so I really like that you had them meet and hit it off. In a lot of ways, I think they need each other.

    I also liked how the theme of this one tied into the one before it.

    Let me add my vote for someday seeing FPHG introduce Ethel to the Sphinx!

  34. The Old Wolf Says:

    Another masterpiece as usual. I love the little details you tuck away in corners, on walls, on expressions, everywhere. I get tired of sounding like a sycophantic douche but I really, really love the way you think. Sorry.

  35. Lupo_13 Says:

    I pulled the same face as PHG with the kids thing. My god do you know how to move people…

    Masterful work. I don’t know what kind of Subnormalities I like the most, the magical realism ones or this kind of stuff, with all the insights into character personality and human nature in general…

    Just keep doing this. The internet/world is a better place with it.

  36. Rodolfo Says:

    I don’t read this often enough to actually realize these are recurring characters, but I was absurdly touched as usual. This is true art. I love the hallway themes and how the last panel opens up at the end. I could actually feel myself breathing out.

  37. Mikko ZΓΊΓ±iga Jokela Says:

    Thank you.

  38. toaster_pimp Says:

    luv the ones that feel all warm and fuzzy at the end. and lots of poignant moments without words! madness.

  39. what ever Says:

    oh man that part where Ethel says PHG already cares about those kids who dont exist yet and she just wordlessly covers her mouth, that really got me…

  40. OldBrit Says:

    Ethel & PHG meet and become friends. So, in some future strips featuring your recurring characters getting on with their individual lives, these two will stop and say ‘Hi, and meet my friend.’? That’s the way friendship spreads.

    Great work as usual, WR

  41. Sarah Says:

    YEEESSSSSS ❀ They finally met!! πŸ˜€

  42. Sarah Says:


  43. Tim Says:

    Stop writing about things pertinent to my life.

    (but actually never stop)

  44. Phil Carter Says:

    Oh, this just warms my heart.

    But I am SO disappointed we still haven’t gotten to learn PHG’s name. πŸ™‚

    Also want to agree heartily with the other people who’ve said they want to see PHG take Ethel to meet the Sphynx. That would be awesome. Man, the conversations the three of them could have……

    • Joe Trudell Says:

      I’m hoping all the recurring characters become friends at some point down the road.

      Not right away, mind you. By all means feel free to draw it out. πŸ™‚

    • toaster_pimp Says:

      i onno…some of em should become like – arch nemisis…ess..s.

      superhero stylez.

  45. This one hit me right in the gut. The ending was right on.

  46. Shade Says:

    That was amazing, thanks as always πŸ˜€

  47. voskhod Says:

    I tear up at the end. No regrets.

  48. Aiarashi Says:

    Say Winston, have you ever heard about Commitment Phobia? And if you have, do you have any thoughts on it? Would you maybe probably do a comic about it if you feel like it? owo

    • Nope, i had to google that one. I’m kind of the opposite in that i hate to not commit, i mean i don’t even like to rent movies. I’m sure something on such themes will make it into the comic though.

    • Aiarashi Says:

      Oh, that’s nice.
      And yay! Possible comic about it in the future. XD

  49. GlitterBerri Says:

    I’m so glad they met again in the end! I was seriously worried. πŸ™‚ I know life doesn’t always work like that, but I’m really happy that it happened.

  50. barnaby Says:

    I just want to thank you. I’ve been reading your comics for a while now and I’ve never commented, but this update really hits me hard. I constantly worry about whether it’s all going to be okay, and whether these decisions I make are even going to matter, and how the hell I am supposed to plan even a year in advance, and where am I supposed to make my next move. I go through these same conversations in my head, over and over. Thank you for giving these characters some small resolution. It’s honestly a little cathartic to see something work out for someone, even if it’s just in a comic. Thank you. Thank you thank you thank you.

    • Thanks for such great feedback, i’m just really glad if my work is of use to anyone. I’ve definitely had similar thoughts vis a vis planning in advance etc, so if my attempts to kind of work through such issues via the comix have worked for you as well then that’s definitely great.

  51. β–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆ Says:

    Out. Of. The. Fucking. Ballpark.
    (You’ve knocked it.)

    I mean, you regularly do quality work that inspires thought and emotion but this one is especially stellar.

    Uh, that whole saying about knocking it out of the ballpark thing; that does mean someone’s gone above and beyond what’s desired, right? I’ve always been a little vague on whether ‘knocking it out of the ballpark’ is a synonymous saying for ‘pushing the envelope.’

  52. arrace Says:

    It’s weird, because usually I only read comics that are funny. I don’t mean any offense towards serious comics, I just don’t have the time of day to look at everything that interests me, so I stick to the funny stuff. But your comics are just perfect in every way. This wasn’t funny at all. It was just two people talking. But it was so freaking REAL, and I fell in love with the characters. I don’t know how you do it Winston. It’s one thing to be an amazing artist (which you are); it’s another thing entirely to be a phenomenal storyteller. I don’t think any other artist could make me care enough to spend 15 minutes reading a random dialogue between two women. Like the guy above me said, you knocked this out of the park.

    P.S. I’m a guy, but I love the way you write your female characters. It’s almost like they’re real PEOPLE or something, and not just mindless objects for boys to put their penis in. I think you’re the only feminist artist that I follow.

    Keep up the fantastic work.

    • 1969tasmanseries Says:

      I agree, one thing I love about the comics is that the women are just as well-written as the male characters.

      It’s a real breath of fresh air.

    • I know, it’s almost like men AND women are humans, with similar concerns and experiences…! Honestly, nothing enrages me more than poor character writing, so i’m obviously hugely glad to be accused of having succeeded at the task myself. Nothing’s more important to me than to create actually convincing characters that reflect something of reality, and not just one-note empty shells that twist and morph to suit the story of the week (as opposed to the characters defining the direction of the story). And now i’ll just curtail this particular rant before it gets completely out of hand, since i could go on and on about it and i really need to go make dinner, but thanks very much indeed for the kind words! It seriously means a lot me.

  53. pG Says:

    I have two kids and sometimes wonder why. That bit about being a good parent because you are already worrying about them really hit home.

    Good one, Wince.
    Have a merry everything.

  54. John Says:

    you make really beautiful comics, and i apprecitate that very much.

  55. Doyle Says:

    Ahh, these comics are like coffee on a cold morning, or listening to the rain. Simple little pleasures and comforts that, if they dont make the day, atleast make the moment grand.

    • toaster_pimp Says:

      i think that’s the nicest thing i’ve…read anyone…write.

    • yeah, i keep saying when i do a book i wanna put quotes from people here on the back (as opposed to quotes from critics or tastemakers or whoever else that i couldn’t be bothered with), and that’s definitely a contender. I love this medium, and i wish more people in the mainstream would wake up and see what kind of reactions it can provoke (reactions equal to those provoked by more popular mediums).

      So yeah, thank you very much indeed for the ultra-kind words!

  56. Francis Reed Says:

    Well, thank you, you truly create art, i love how you use the medium of comix to create something that can’t be replicated in other arts medium, like cinema or literature (which i adore) We should have more artists like you that reminds us that every art medium it’s original and therefore have its own merit. Yet i think it is easier to just follow the norm than being original and creative, which is a shame.
    I really hope to one day be able to create art in movies that are as true and original as your comix are.
    Merry Everything πŸ™‚

  57. Manda Says:

    This is better than any Christmas movie I’ll watch this year.

  58. John Loo Says:

    Hey Winston, just wanted to say I’ve been reading Subnormality for a long time. Love it as always. I’ve noticed that you’ve been playing with the same things lately. But you still have a lot to flesh out. πŸ˜‰

    I want to say thank you for sharing with me that article about evolution. The one about the eye ball. Thanks, it really changed my perspective a lot.

    Merry Christmas. πŸ™‚

  59. Josh Says:

    Ethel found a friend… or at least something as close to a friend as she can have. Great to see πŸ™‚

  60. Magnanimous Says:

    That was so touching. I love this comic.

    I wish you could write all the novels I read and all the video games I play.

    • I wish i could write video games too (once, anyway), i’d love that opportunity to be honest– just to get some something different in there. Different, and, uh, overpoweringly wordy…

  61. Seth Duffy Says:

    You just keep SLAYING it, man.

  62. pond Says:

    If her book is anything like Audition I’d pick that shit up in a hot second. Audition isn’t just scary, it is deeply, primally harrowing and unsettling.

  63. Kalle Says:

    Strangers meeting and finding some common ground – always a nice theme! Good work on this one.

  64. Ricky Says:

    There’s such a wonderful mix of emotion in this story but in the end I was happier for have read it. Thanks!

  65. lana Says:

    awesome comic! now i want more… πŸ™‚

  66. Naomi Says:

    I absolutely adore this, well done! Very well done! (not as good with words as you are, as you may have noticed. But the sentiment is all the same!)

  67. Oh. that’s nice. Thank you again.

    I wonder how it would have gone if our girl had said “oh, and by the way, my best friend is a sphinx, and last Christmas she got me this bag because it like matched my hair then”?

  68. Oh, and that moment when Ethel absolutely nailed it…put it this way, there was more than one person welling up then.

  69. Faka Says:

    Winston, i’ve been reading your comics since the 1st one, and I really look forward to the next release. I love how your characters grow, the deepness of the dialogs and the way they always seem to end each other phrases with their own words. the mix is sublime.

    PD: I sometimes can’t beleave the size of the comics and the amount of detail you draw. You are really good.

  70. Matt Says:

    Very, VERY well done Winston. Towards the end, my mind was filling in the scene between the panels. It felt like… life, you know?

  71. bob Says:

    How about a “Vampires or Something” T-shirt for the store?

  72. a kindred spirit Says:

    I bet these characters just write themselves. it just makes sense that they’d meet each other, and at just the right time in their lives.

    they have so many things in common. PHG and ethel are both trying their hardest to come into their own, and yet they do not see the gifts they already have… and these are gifts that would surely make the world their oyster, once they acknowledge them! PHG’s beautiful (the reason i keep coming back), ethel’s amazingly creative. its a struggle watching them go through things, but now,you just know they’re gonna help each other out.

    as was said previously by so many, thanks for writing such great characters. you’ve put into art quite eloquently what quite a lot of people are going through. please keep up the good work! πŸ˜€

    -from the philippines

  73. Axolotl Says:

    I had to stop reading for a few minutes at the part about the kids, it was just overwhelming. I saw the expression in her face after those words, and it was like looking in a mirror. That one wordless image was brilliant. Subnormality is by far the most beautifully intense thing on the internet, and my goal in life since I discovered it is to create something that makes someone, somewhere feel just a tiny bit of what I’ve felt for a long time while reading your comics. Thank you so very very much!

  74. Grimm Says:

    Oh, really? My name’s WINSTON ROWNTEASE.

  75. Paul Says:

    This has to be one of the sweetest endings to any of your comics. I’m not sure how to explain it, it’s just one of those “life isn’t so bad after all” moments.

  76. meer Says:

    This comic is great. I really liked the passing Ward Air reference. My dad used to rave about getting drunk and hanging out with the pilots on ward flights.

  77. MistiqueCat Says:

    I just love your comics, every time I see a new one it’s like little ray of sunshine from my laptop. Love all the long texts and all the little things you draw about that in the end mean so much. Can’t wait for the next one! πŸ™‚

  78. toaster_pimp Says:

    the most positive comments section on the intertron? i think so.

    • I’m continually Very proud to have one of the rare comments sections online that are actually worth reading (i’ve started to just give up on reading comments on so many websites, it’s just depressing). Handshakes all around on that one for sure, because it’s you guys that make it happen.

  79. Ariel Says:

    Oh my God this is so exciting.
    Sorry, I must sound incredibly annoying, but EEEEE I am very excited about these two meeting. I love this comic, and I rarely comment but this was really the highlight of my day today.
    And of course we won’t find out her name.
    I really love how this comic changes my perception of humanity. It reminds me that people really are so complex on the inside, that they’re just as complex as I am, and how similar humans really are after all.
    I just read this because I haven’t checked here in months (because the updates are so rare, haha) but I’m still really excited.

  80. Will Says:

    Excellent insights on humanity. You’re an artist. This one wasn’t as flashy or novel, but it has value.

  81. Henry Turner Says:

    So when’s Ethel gonna meet/be eaten by the Sphinx?

  82. SOTEX Says:

    when/if I see you, I will be sure 2 dap u up! great comix. specially Oedipus.

  83. Jen Says:

    Just stumbled upon your comic through Topatco.. Almost didn’t finish it b/c my eyes are bloodshot, it’s 1:30 in the morning, the font is soooo tiny, etc. But I stuck with it, and i’m glad I did. I’ll just like to say thank you. For what it’s worth, this comic really spoke to me on many levels (also unemployed writer haha, tear). Bookmarking for future reference and hoping for more gems like this one Thanks again.. πŸ™‚

  84. Toasty Says:

    I don’t think the world is going to end on Friday, but just in case, I want to do something I’ve never done in my life before (really) and leave a comment on a website I like. So!

    Winston, thank you for all the wonderful comix. Subnormality has some of the most beautiful art I’ve ever seen, some of the most realistic dialogue I’ve ever heard, and some of the most thoughtful concepts I’ve ever had the pleasure to ponder. These comix drip with empathy for the human experience, and they make me glad it’s one I share.

    Have a happy apocalypse, and if we survive that, a merry whatever-you-celebrate.

    Oh, and if we do survive, then as a present to your adoring fans, could you put the Defocus poster for sale in your poster shop? (For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, check out this beauty right here: http://www.viruscomix.com/defocus.html) I’ve been wanting to see that thing resurface in some capacity, and now you finally have an “other” category on Topataco! How about it? Ohpleaseohpleaseohprettyplease???

    • How would people feel about me running Defocus as a regular comic in the archive? The main reason i didn’t publish it originally is that the format doesn’t work as a static image (if it’s big enough to read the small writing, it’s too big to see the overall layout, and vice versa), but now that i’ve happened upon that zoom-in dealie i’ve been using most of my concerns about the comic would be allayed (it would then be a poster eventually as well, to answer the question). Let me know by replying to this comment!

      PS: And thanks for the ultra kind words, Toasty! I definitely appreciate you using your final hours before the (non)apocalypse to send some good vibes my way. A merry holidays to you also. (and anyone else reading this!)

    • Sisiutil Says:

      Any more of your wonderful work is always welcome, Winston.

    • Toasty Says:

      Well, I know I would be delighted. πŸ˜€

    • maarvarq Says:

      Hi Winston, I’d love to see Defocus with the zoom-in feature.

  85. Grimm Says:

    How do you use the zoom feature in the comics? I don’t see any option for it anywhere.

  86. Jon Says:

    Yeah, great. Sums up about every conversation I’ve ever had with a stranger – especially the last panel.

  87. Keyona Says:

    I thought that this was just fantastic! The conversation between them felt real and I’m a sucker for happy endings. It kind of gives me hope that things’ll work out even if it is just a comix. Very nice

  88. Keith Says:

    I just wanted to say that I had never listen to Nickelback until just now, and I only did it because you mentioned them once or twice, in passing, and I thought oh come on now they can’t be that bad, can they?

    Well, anyway, that’s all. Just saying, it’s all your fault, you made me listen to Nickelback.

    Leave me now, I must rest.

  89. Kenneth Says:

    It’s just me and my cat tonight due to unforeseen circumstances. While I was waiting for pizza to be delivered and for Home Alone to download so I could be nostalgic, I was reading the entry for “Pragmatic Villainy” on tvtropes.org and there happened to be a panel from one of your comics that I thought was cool. It lead me to your site and your comic totally cheered me up on a slightly melancholy Christmas eve. Thanks!

  90. Tibb Says:

    Thank you!

  91. tom Says:

    Thank you so much for what you do, for the comics you make and the way you create something special.

    Thank you.

  92. Nat Nat Says:

    That’s what our tree needed! More skulls.

  93. Francis Reed Says:

    Merry Treemas and happy skull to you!

  94. Grimm Says:

    Merry whatever-you-celebrate and happy new year to everyone. Best of luck in your endeavors.

  95. zoebrain Says:

    A Sabre, a Mig-15, and a B-36. Every Christmas tree should have them.

  96. AkaP* Says:

    Hi Winston,

    Your dedication to this Site, your Fans & your Work, is phenomenal.

    Often I’m left disappointed with your pieces, years pass & those sporadic sparks of brilliance – there what linger, I think about them on the occasion & that’s why I come back, systematically; yet the beast lingers, you have not reached your potential.
    Maturity; what a ghastly word, self awareness possibly, construction through evaluation? I don’t know whats happened because I was going to pull the plug on NYE 2011 cause shit don’t move me, & now it’s NYE 2012 your pieces are consistently hitting that mark of a scholar.

    Excited to observe your journey, I want see were were you take the direction.

    Happy New Year

    PS What happend to the add comment button on the comic page?

    • Thanks! Thank you very much indeed, and happy new year to you also– it’s easy to be dedicated to the kind of readers the strip has attracted. And to answer your question, the xmas thing doesn’t really count as a comic, it’s just kind of a…one-off thing, thus no comments section.

  97. Benjy Says:

    That’s the happiest an ending to a comic has made me in a while. Wonderful. Is PHG still going to meet up with Spinx every now and then even though she’s flying all over the place? I mean… Spinx does have wings… Anyway, amazing.

  98. Red Heylin Says:

    How load this one didn’t. Still, swapped browsers, waited a week…. you see I just found the site and I spent the last 2 days….. it makes me want to know you, does that suffice?

  99. dreamcastguy Says:

    At the start of the comic I hoped and I wasn’t disappointed\.

  100. Sean Says:

    Oh man. Happiness. This.

  101. poemdragon Says:

    We will never learn Pink Haired Girl’s name will we? Or am I just really unobservant and missed it at some point in the past? (Because that’s totally a possibility.)

    • Sergeant Major Tom Says:

      I’ve compared it to the “where exactly is Springfield?” question re: the Simpsons before – maybe in another 10-15 years Winston will decide he’s made people suffer enough and tell, and it’ll be really anticlimactic and somewhat “how did we not guess that?”. Meantime, it’s hardly the only thing keeping people coming back for more.

    • poemdragon Says:

      The best analogy I can think of for it is in Doctor Who, where part of the beauty of the character is not knowing the Doctor’s name. What if it’s a name you hate? What if it’s some long seven syllable name that you can’t pronounce and that just doesn’t fit the character? It seems like it would change the character a bit. But just like that, it could be a name you love and that seems to fit the character perfectly.

    • I like the dr. who analogy. She definitely has always had a name, but i’m 98.6% sure i’ll never reveal it. Imagine if they came out and said dr. who’s name was really “Gerald” or something, it’d just be stupid. Like when they named comic book guy on the simpsons, that was just idiotic.

    • poemdragon Says:

      Yeah, I know. In one of the newer DW episodes it looked like they would, and I was going “noooo” don’t say it! Because it would change the character, for better or for worse. Just good to know I didn’t miss it somewhere. I’m pretty good at missing stuff. I love the comic and thanks for writing an awesome story!

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