Store Update

October 20, 2012

YESSS! So the store’s been updated with a bunch of new prints for y’all: the new Floor Plan of the Mind comic’s in there, as are the three comix before that, plus there’s now a new “Other” section where you’ll find prints that aren’t Subnormality comix. Right now you’ll find in there a bunch of the Cracked comix, plus a superfantastico new print of the entire Subnormality cast that you might enjoy (you can preview it here). The full list of all available prints is right here, and it features thumbnails of all of them so you can see the layout of various comix when reformatted for print (it looks messed up in Internet Explorer, but i’m gradually fixing that). Good times.

And thanks to everyone out there for buying prints! I know you don’t do it as a favor to me, but i just generally appreciate the support as it’s a big part of what income i bring in. And there are a few MegaHeroes out there who i see buying like seven or twelve prints at a time, which is happily awesome, so cheers to anyone who’s bought even one and i hope you’ll like the new offerings!

And yeah, i know people would like to be able to buy a book as well. I solemnly swear to make that my Big Project for 2013! To pioneer the technique of making a book with 150 different page sizes. TO TEST THE UNKNOWN



8 Responses to “Store Update”

  1. Harry Says:

    Heya, WR
    Just your friendly neighbourhood complete psychopath checking in here
    I just bought your cast poster, ’cause it’s beautiful and amazing

    I love everything you touch and collect skin flakes I find in your garbage

    Srsly tho why am I always so early to comment and why do I sound like a lunatic. I swear I’m not. I just really like what you do.

  2. Joe Trudell Says:

    WHOOHOO! *throws my dirty US Federal Reserve Notes at you* Thank you! I can’t wait to have this up on my wall 😀
    Totally gonna buy your book when it comes out too

  3. brashieel Says:

    Went ahead and bought your “New Kingdom” print. It’s not one of the new ones, but I’d meant to buy it earlier and then just kind of forgot.

  4. Jorpho Says:

    The formatting of the Print List ( ) has gone a little haywire at the end.

    I would totally have gone with Floor Plan of the Mind if it had been available when I was picking out a print a while ago. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to order another!

    May I suggest including a teensy little “reading order” diagram on some of these prints to aid the casual observer in determining the flow of the panels? (It’s not without precedent; lots of US manga still comes with “read right-to-left” warnings.)

  5. slashdotdot Says:

    I like that you squezed two different both the actual and the sexy version of Theodore Roosevelt into the cast poster.

  6. Aiarashi Says:

    Congratulations on the new prints. 🙂

    I love how you put all the characters in the cast sheet that have appeared, even if they only did once. That makes me hopeful that they might appear again some time in the future. And also, looking at them makes me think that they aren’t that many, and yet they feel like they are. It’s kind of a strange feeling. ^^;

    Oh, and on the subject your project for a book; I just finished reading Captain Estar Goes to Heaven, and would like to suggest maybe trying that one out too, if not first to test the waters. You know, since its pages are more uniform to each other, so get experienced with printing and all that.

    And while on the subject of Captain Estar. Well, I’ll just take advantage of this post of yours to write my take on it. So I apologize for this being kind of a longer comment than it ought to be.


    I did read all the comments (as of the time of this writing) on CEGtH, so as to not say something someone said already. After reading the “about” page on the comic/graphic novel I got to thinking too. I gotta say that I simpathize with Estar a bit. I mean when she got to “heaven” and the guys that took her there were dispatched I was just hoping that she’d be able to get back to how everything was, like the “angels” would heal her tongue and shot wound and let her go unscatched so she could resume what she was doing. I mean I really felt for her when the other guys were bullying her, it seemed to me like she just wanted to be left alone, and they just wouldn’t let her go. Which kind of brings me to the ending; I know some people felt like she made the wrong decision by choosing to get in the killing business again. I don’t want to think of it as either good or bad, but as something that was fair… Not because of how she felt like she was an irredeemable screw up, but more on the lines of not taking “heaven”‘s hypocritical shit. What I man by that is, like if I myself were to find someone else that hurt me (or that I hurt), I’d find it at least a bit insulting if they acted as if nothing had ever happened; not to mention, like how I said about the bullies, I get she wanted to make it clear about The Accident, but not because she wanted forgiveness, but because she wanted to be left alone and not having stupid pointless lectures from bigger screwups than her, like that would do anyone any good. And I hated how they beat her up just because they could, freaking bullies. lol

    Anyways, I also thought of what it could have been like if she actually found Brian/”Heaven guy” again, like maybe he’d have something to say about what she was experiencing when her life got rebooted, and she could be blaming him for putting her there. I don’t know, making it so he was a bigger entity than he seemed; just thought there was a bit of missed potential there.

    Well, that’s pretty much it, sorry for making this such a long comment, but I wanted to get it out where it had a better chance of being read, to save some time and a few clicks. ;P

    And congratulations again for the new prints. I think I’ll get some of them some time soon. ^^

  7. Sergeant Major Tom Says:

    Okay, I really need to remember to keep an eye on this rather than finding out about things late. Suffice it to say that I feel even more spoilt for choice now than before. That, and… I’m sure I can’t have been the only one to make the request I seem to recall making, but for me, that was pretty damn prompt. Good job – handshakes, high fives or whatever the preferred currency is all around for you and whoever else made it happen.

  8. Benjy Says:

    Amazing! Can’t wait to buy at least two or three of the posters come Friday (I already have the creative process one)! Fantastic WR!

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