new comic. plus: ask me anything

August 5, 2012

Heya, new comic for you, kind of a short one for once.


Also, i’m doing an “Ask Me Anything” (which is exactly what it sounds like, if you’re unfamiliar) over at today (aug. 5th), so look for me there if you have any questions about anything to do with subnormality or webcomix in general. I mean you’re absolutely welcome to ask me anything via email any day of the year, but if you want a more timely reply then come on by today.

thanks for reading,


[EDIT: updated AMA link!]

54 Responses to “new comic. plus: ask me anything”

  1. ebonicplague Says:

    I’ve got to admit you have a knack for speaking on multiple levels with your art. Using the separation of panels to show the dissonance between events that are still connected while simultaneously changing perspectives is something done by few using the medium of sequential art. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: you speak this medium in tones I usually expect from the likes of Alan Moore. I’ve got no higher praise than that.

  2. Remember to link directly to your reddit post from here to authenticate the post as being by you. There are a lot of fake/deceptive IAmAs, especially when a real one is announced in advance…

  3. Dusty668 Says:

    Great comic & thanks for the AMAA!

  4. forrester Says:

    Thanks for doing the AMA! Very interesting comic idea, love the style.

  5. omni Says:

    Incredible. Just incredible.

  6. rougy Says:

    Wow. I just killed a big “bug” too, just before I read this. It looked like a scorpion with claws but without a stinger, and the only reason I killed it was because I didn’t want it to hurt my dog. Felt bad about it all the same. Yes, I’m one of those….

  7. K Says:

    Gorgeous, and I happened to be listening to this – – when I read it – a combination I would recommend to anyone.

  8. That was quite interesting. Everything looks different when close up.

    Kinda fun though, when you zoom in on something, it looks like distant alien worlds.

  9. benS. Says:

    .You smote that lady mosquito?
    I regret she’s unable to lunch today…

  10. bigsoph Says:

    What of the tragedy of the West Nile Virus it carried? That lifeform’s (?) offspring have been denied their chance to grow and be free!

    In those beautiful words penned so long ago, paraphrased here for the specifity of the situation, “when the end somes I know, I was just a mosquito. LIfe goes on. Without me.

  11. The Old Wolf Says:

    Awesome representations of what an electron microscope would see, but better!

  12. dvilla Says:

    Death is a big deal: Go Vegan!

    • Bill W Says:

      That’s exactly what I was thinking. Winston did you watch either “Earthlings” or “Farm to fridge” before drawing this comic because it seems like it might have been the inspiration. I just watched those 2 documentaries last week, and to read this so soon after kind of drove the point home

  13. Deirdre B. Says:

    Thank you for this, thank you so very very much. This is more timely and appropriate than you could possibly know.

  14. Ashcrexl Says:

    Comix with too little words!

  15. Bob Says:

    I think I love you…

  16. Thomas Says:

    The theme is a big of a downer, but the artwork is amazing! It reminds me of Dick Matena.

  17. Ben Says:

    Death IS a big deal. And our sole means of sustenance is other life, a problem universal to advanced life forms. Ah, Earth.

  18. Bob Garrish Says:

    Am I missing something, or is the panel in the thumbnail at the top of this page not in the comic? It looks like a cool image, I want to see it full size!

  19. Justin Cusack Says:

    Hey, just wanted to let you know, your comic’s are all awesome, and you are the only person i know of that get’s it. What’s really cool about you is that you can so accurately and creatively express this in art form, but you probably already know this, so i guess I’m letting you know that i know it as well.

    Oh by the way, I can feel the inner suffering and depression just seeping out of your comics, i don’t know if it’s just the echo of a past depression, or if its a current one, but if its any comfort to you, i am right there with you, and you helped me with this comic.

    Hope you get better.

    • Thanks! I’m really alright, to be honest. Wayy more past depression than current depression, that’s for sure, and that’s down to the success of my work so thanks for reading, and the kind words.

  20. Francis Reed Says:

    Hey, thank you for your work, to be honest it is the only comix that i read, and i know that your art is the comix, but i wanted to know if there are any films that have inspired you, or that have been meaningful in your life,
    Thanks, just answer me whenever you have free time, i’ll be waiting for your next comix ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Cheers! And as for films, i think a meaningful one was definitely “Happy-Go-Lucky.” Not what it looks like from the posters, and 50 times better than you’d think. Plus it’s an acting clinic, just for good measure. Either you’ll love it or hate it, but i loved it and thought it was definitely inspiring.

  21. Paul Says:

    Nice! I was able to figure out that all the pictures were body parts within the first few frames. Didn’t know it was an insect though. Awesome comic. It’s fun to see someone use comics as an art form. Not that others don’t but you specifically use every part in that vein.

  22. Wellwellwell Says:

    Nicely done.

    I figured out the bodyparts-thing quickly also.

    But the small, small irrelavant theme….
    Wow, really
    Keep on the beautiful work!

  23. RichoVonBlack Says:

    And Moebius looks down from heaven and smiles, well done dude,

  24. James Says:

    Nope! Still don’t feel bad for killing all those mosquitoes (or “evil bugs” as they’re known in my family)!

  25. Isi Says:

    Loved how you ended it. Death is a bi deal. It is a big deal. By the way,hi, Iยดm a reader of your comic since the very beginning, just wanted to tell you i love it, and i have recommended it to every one of my friends. I have sent you a couple of emails and you never answered ๐Ÿ˜›

    • I never answered?? That’s horrible, and i apologize. Honestly, sometimes there’ll be like a bunch of emails at once and a few can slip through the cracks, so it was probably something like that, and i would encourage you to email me again and i will most definitely reply.

      And thanks indeed for being a reader since the beginning (!) and for recommending it to your friends (!!), that’s Huge!

  26. Marlowe Says:

    Brilliant comic as usual, Winston.

    You can stir my emotions so deeply over even the ‘mere’ death of a mosquito.

    Death is a big deal but we as a society don’t often pause to remember this until we are in close proximity with it.

  27. Devil Child Says:

    Why on earth should anyone feel sorry for something that spreads more diseases than any animal on earth other than mosquitoes, and is so lacking in actual intelligence that it can live for several days without its head?

  28. carlijn Says:

    Thanks again for another wonderful comic. It’s not just the artwork; the thoughts behind it are, well….wise usually just means woowoo triteness, and interesting is too vague, so I’ll just use the word worthwhile.

    Sigh, all that art in musea is supposed to “unsettle” and ” make the viewer think” and frankly, I have seen few things in musea that come even near your cartoons in that way.

  29. tmgreebo Says:

    Death *is* a big deal. It’s also very, very ordinary.

  30. tmgreebo Says:

    Just like life.

  31. tmgreebo Says:

    Profound, eh?

  32. pepikaboo Says:

    i didn’t get what i was looking at when i first saw it. i was thinking is that like an alien planet something…? but then i saw the bug. and i was like ohhhhhhhhh

  33. Gary Watson Says:

    Subnormailty – comix with too few words since August 2012

  34. Flapjack Says:

    As an entomologist (even one that loathes flies with a vengeance) my only response is that this is very cool. It’s nice to see insects treated as things of beauty, not scary monsters, for once.

    • Honestly, for me this comic was just about insects more than it was a treatise on mortality or whatever. They really are quite remarkable in close-up– seemingly much more intricate than we larger species. I remember seeing such images when i was a kid and discovering all the complicated architecture that’s destroyed when you, uh, smoosh a bug.

    • Eric Pearson Says:

      When you can see something is beautiful; its because there is something beautiful in you. The world is our mirror; it reflects our soul.

  35. Adam Says:

    Wow. Just wow. Amazing how much is said with so few words…

  36. benS. Says:

    .This mosquito has gotten me an earworm, I’m afraid.
    Cole Porter! – could be worse.
    I’m sure a new comic, soon, would be helpful though.

    Otherwise I might try the Mark Twain method, which includes one Reverend and/or an unspecified number of university students.

    ben, down the lane.

    • benS. Says:

      .Don’t rush it WR ! Take your time. This is NOT your fault.
      I’ve now got a stand- in earworm:
      “Put the blame on Mame”, boyz, from “Gilda”, with
      Rita Hayworth/Anita Ellis (Montreal !).


  37. Eric Pearson Says:

    Ask you anything…o.k.: Have you ever considered the life of a seed? I mean, here is a living organism; a seed, that thinks ‘hey, I’m a seed.’ Right? I mean, it has no reason to think of its self in any other terms. For all its life, it’s been a seed. But one day, it starts to change. Its very body erupts and suddenly it is not a seed anymore; it will never be a seed again. It was never really a seed. That was an illusion. It actually was a tree. It didn’t know it was a tree; it had never been a tree before. Its like a chicken being born in a shell. Until it hatches, its whole life is in that shell.
    So, I guess what I’m asking is, ‘would you rather be a tree or a chicken.’ The correct answer might be ‘snake.” I hope this didn’t come across as too silly because I think the seed\shell dichotomy answers a lot about who we are.

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