Progress Update

June 26, 2012

Hey, just wanted to check in with y’all, and say “yo, don’t worry, the new comic is on the way.” It’s obviously no secret that updates this year have been slow, it’s just been the combination of more bills-paying work coming my way (hurrah!), as well as me trying to get out a few Epics (the 5th anniversary comic etc) leading up to comic 200. And them Epics take…a long time, unfortunately, often an obscene amount of time, and comic #200 is unsurprisingly another 3000-word beast, so it’ll be a little while longer. But just a little while, and then i’ll perhaps get back to some more sustainably-sized work (2000 words, maybe) that comes out slightly more frequently. I know y’all are patient and are not asking for apologies, so i’m not apologizing, but i shall thank you for the patience (thank you!) and i shall see you again as soon as i’ve got some #200 to show you.

on the way,


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