Status Update

January 11, 2012

Heyy, just checking in to confirm that i still exist. I know it’s been a few weeks, but i’ve got a new comic in the works so things will get back to normal (ie: weird) around here soon. Had a bit of a Mental Vacation over the holidays, went back to the Motherland (ie: saskatchewan), took a step back and just kind of lay around reading the New Yorker (i just read it for the articles, i swear!), and then flew back home and realized anew that i’ve got this kind of unrestricted creative outlet with an actual audience as well, so that was kind of briefly overwhelming. So i had a bit of trouble writing the new one, got a bit overambitious, but things are gradually coming together, so thanks for your patience. I managed to work in orson welles, so that’s good at the very least…

Happy new year, anyway! And here’s something interesting that one of the Heroes out there surprised me with over Xmas: it’s the Subnormality Wiki! This kind of thing can potentially be really pointless and self-serving, but i read through it and it’s done with such thought and detail and humor that i’m definitely proud to have my work been the reason behind it. The things you can do with a chronology! Good times, anyway– i definitely recommend it. As it’s a “Wiki” i assume that means that anyone can go ahead and edit it (or, uh, deface it…), so if the mood strikes anyone for whatever reason then of course feel free to use any images off my site.

And Hurrah also to the return of Achewood! It feels a lot better to have that comic be an active part of the landscape. Some other good stuff: Akimbo (which i keep mentioning, i know) continues to be amazing; and Depression Comix is exactly what it sounds like (and is great work).

Also: got some episodes of a sorta-animated video series coming out with, the first one being right here (script by Michael Swaim, drawings by me, animation by I’m Not Sure but i think it was mentioned in the comments section and i apologize for not knowing). Another 430 million views or so definitely wouldn’t hurt the chances of further episodes being produced, so go for it if you have a sec.

orson welles,


8 Responses to “Status Update”

  1. Leak Says:

    Welcome back! 🙂

    Nice video, though I think it would have been even better at a more leisurely pace – half the stuff went over my head while watching, and contrary to a comic you can’t follow it at your own speed…

    Also, mad props to Yamara for starting the wiki and putting together that cast page and timeline – I wonder if this happens to be the same Yamara who comments semi-regularly on that other webcomic with that other sphinx (or one-and-a-half-or-so)…

    np: Pink Floyd – Absolutely Curtains (Obscured By Clouds)

  2. ossie Says:

    Happy 2012, Mr Rowntree…

  3. Jorpho Says:

    Overambition? On Subnormality?

    So… it’s going to scroll in five dimensions?

  4. I read the whole back catalogue of comics during two nights in December and have been waiting ever since.

    I really enjoy your work. Thank you for putting it out there.

  5. DrBunker Says:

    2 nights!? It usually takes me a couple of days to digest just one.

  6. The Old Wolf Says:

    And I for one am grateful that you had a nice break, and that you’re thinking of us kindly, and can’t wait to see the new strip. Great elevator vid… so very, very true – all of it.

  7. r10pez10 Says:

    Thanks for the status report, :P.
    Happy New Year, Mr. R!

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