september, then

September 1, 2011

New comix arriveth, thus heralding the end of summer or, uh, something. New subnormality here, and new one over at cracked this week also.


Just a reminder that many new prints are now on sale, and just a Huge Thanks Again to anyone who’s bought one so far– the support is mucheth appreciateth. Seriously, high fives all around. Also: i’ve noticed a surprising amount of people buying the last stand print; does anyone have a photo of theirs? I’d love to see what it looks like out there in the Real World.

thanks for reading,




72 Responses to “september, then”

  1. Yamara Says:

    Well, Leland Orser certainly left an impression on me as a example of why heroes using torture is just fine in Star Trek.

    It’s what Star Trek is all about. Don’t take my word for it. You can ask Zoe.

  2. fishboy Says:

    Larry Purvis was a hero.

  3. You always make me think a lot. Thanks Winston for sharing your art!


  4. Michael Says:

    It took a Leland Orser mention to compel me to leave a comment for VirusComix, something I’ve read for years without the slightest desire to comment at all. She should not be alone in that line, I’ll tell you that. Orser is one of the screen’s few masters of intense anxiety (along with Jennifer Carpenter and Brad Dourif) that are somehow so scary that they’re endearingly accessible. Maybe that nullifies their talent for being frightening then?

    Oh well, thanks for creating such top-notch art and writing on as consistent a basis as you have, Winston. It’s always a treat!

  5. Joe Trudell Says:

    eh, Didn’t care much for Enterprise, and the Capenter Street episode was ridiculous.

    This is a good comic though, with a good lesson as always. Reminds me of why I hate alien movies. It frustrates me that they always have to be about aliens invading Earth and killing everyone. Then I realize, of course that’s what we expect them to do. That’s what we’d do.

    • Yamara Says:

      Yes, “Carpenter Street” was ridiculous, hence my ridicule. One could even use it to objectively determine that one should not care much for Enterprise, at any level.

      But you are correct in returning the comments to how great the comic is, and pinpointing why. Multiverse’s Hottest Dork is the pivot and the epitome of this one. Our unexamined presumptions of others can only starve and destroy ourselves first.

  6. DarkCanuck Says:

    Leland Orser was one of the main reasons I liked Alien: Resurrection. Few people are capable of playing that kind of freak-out spaz!

    Oh yeah, and Ron Perlman, I love that guy!

  7. abelle26 Says:

    I’m loving the cameo in panel 8 :p I’m yet another person who wouldn’t mind raised taxes for public services.. like bike lanes >_>

  8. Kathy Says:

    Kind of sad but true.
    I always enjoy your work. Especially the little details.

  9. cbobgo Says:

    Awesome strip, thanks again!

  10. Fernando Says:

    Was that hand shadow over the boob saying he’s gonna cheat on her or am I reading too deep into it?

  11. Libertariandude Says:

    Politics are the best example of what you’re saying here. That’s why some people in power are paranoid about coups and bizarre conspiracy theories. They fear the press, they fear the corporations, they fear free elections, and in the particular case of Latin America (I hail from there) they also fear the so called “Imperio Yanqui”. Because they are disgusting people, and they project their hideousness over everything they do, watch and think. Rafael Correa, it’s you I’m thinking of.

    Whew… Sorry about that. We all assume. Me, I always think everyone will find 30 Rock hilarious, and always end with some friend chastising me with “You took me away from my Bieber collection to watch this?”. OK, probably I should find new friends…

  12. GeoX Says:

    Oh man, why didn’t someone TELL me the Generals had a new album out?!?

  13. Nice to see that the Generals are still going strong.

  14. Itchy Ike Says:

    “Dewey vs. Mothra: Based on a True Story.”

    I love how you can combine some well thought-out insight into humanity with unbridled silliness. We need more of both in this world.

  15. hello Says:

    I like the hidden “Se7en” in there. GO K-POP!

  16. Luke Says:

    The Generals have really been going strong with their touring ever since they upgraded to an RV.

  17. Amanda Says:

    “Just Don’t It.” Hee hee.

  18. Leo W. Says:

    I was in a pretty rotten mood today but this cheered me right the hell up. Nail on the head as usual.

  19. Everton FOster Says:

    Great comic as per usual, but I would say that the athiest v. creationist one should be changed from “get it” to “care”.

  20. Everton FOster Says:

    Actually I may have spoken through my own perception there. I don’t actually know who lab coat guy is, so I’m gonna say rational person v. other – maybe not so rational people.

  21. Lindsay Says:

    Sorry, but I can’t read the mouse-over text for some reason. Anyone mind sending to me in a reply message?

    • Sam Says:

      it is inconceivable that leland orser isn’t your favourite actor

    • Leak Says:

      There’s no mouseover on the Subnormality front page – you’ll have to visit the newest comic’s page in the archive to find it; or you can subscribe to the RSS feed and get linked there as soon as a new comic goes up… πŸ™‚

  22. ksther Says:

    nice bus schedule.

  23. xjbx Says:

    I feel like if the girl waiting in line for Leland Orser and the guy from #147 “A Glimpse” actually met, they would be super stoked on each other…

  24. Davey Says:

    Tom the Tap Dancing Bug reference. I like that

  25. Richard Says:

    Insightful as always.

    Personaly I’d like to meet Leland Orser, I can imagine him being quite a nice guy.

  26. Finn Says:

    Dude, Dewey vs Mothra needs to be written. Like now. Then storyboarded, shot and recorded on film for all eternity.

  27. I want Pink Haired girl to find love.

  28. Zac C. Says:

    Fallacy of Normalcy, if memory serves.
    We assume of others what we identify in ourselves.
    Not a concrete, absolute behavior, but common enough.

  29. The Old Wolf Says:

    Filtering others through our own experiences is common enough. It is also a choice, which can be stepped away from.

  30. Golux Says:

    Is this why I have to keep reminding my boss and co-worker that my ESP module is broken and that cogent verbal communication from them is necessary if I’m to fulfill their needs and expectations? Slaps forehead and wanders off mumbling…

  31. ds2r Says:

    What if you assume that a newly elected politician is corrupt? Does that mean that you are expected to be corrupt if you were in the same position as that politician or even if you aren’t one? But say, you do have your values and all.

  32. JSfromAH Says:

    I’d probably be waiting in line too to meet Leland Orser. I was pretty fond of Dr Dubenko…

  33. steve Says:

    If I just explain it rationally, then they’ll get it! Ah yes…

  34. Bill W Says:

    Back to your best. This one was awesome. The last frame was the best. Have you got a degree in psychology or something, because so many of your comix seem to have such a good understanding of what people are thinking.

    p.s. You’ve got a lot of posters, but why don’t you have a book of a collection of your comics? I’d seriously buy that, a TinTin sized big comic book. Just my two Riel’s

  35. Trilly Says:

    Please someone tell me I’m not the only one to notice the guy’s shadow groping the bridesmaid in panel 2.

    Also, Dewey vs. Mothra would be awesome, though I have my doubts that Dewey can defeat Mothra.

  36. Heather Says:

    Haha! I love how you’ve got Mammoliti at the city hall meeting. You’re the best.

  37. I bought one of your pics. It’s going on the fridge.

  38. benS. Says:

    My five cents:

    Favourite panels:
    Panel #1, where ms. Muggs seems to be out pickpocketing
    -sue me if I’m wrong-,
    the camera hog to the left and those two impressively nicely drafted characters in the front row. A couple?(matching colours)

    Panel #9, because I got stuck in that Maginot line bunker. Downstairs there are umbrellas and perhaps Chamberlain himself.

    a possibilian, provided that doesn’t equal postmodernist.

  39. D.B.B. Says:

    Damn these are good! That’s the only thing that keeps me from flipping out about how long they take to come out. Good work Winston.

  40. I read this really late last night and the sceen about the music being too loud got mixed up in my dreams and will probably haunt me all day..

  41. Richter Says:

    Gah… that one hit close to home. Recognized myself in a few of these. But hey, I don’t read comics only to be entertained.

    It’s good that you shake our little comfort zone sometimes WR, goddess bless you for that. Never stop.

  42. Monica Says:

    i’m pretty sure there’s some name for that in psychology ^__^ i think it’s interesting i want to study things like that… btw awesome comic here!!

  43. jesterraiin Says:

    …how true, how true…

    PiΔ™kne dziΔ™ki.

  44. localvagrant Says:

    Psychological projection!

    • Zeus Says:

      The Dunning-Kruger effect can apply too, or at least the latter part. Skilled people tend to underrate their ability because a task is easy for them, and as such they figure it must be easy for everyone.

      At least, this comic reminded me of that a bit. YMMV.

  45. Mohit Says:

    I don’t usually post comments/replies on anything…….

    But I have to say, you (even though you’d deny it because I’m thinking you’re a modes person πŸ™‚ ) are so empathetic and have such a wonderful understanding of human behavior. And not just that of Sphinxes too πŸ™‚

    I’ve experienced many of your characters as my own personality traits in my life, and you hit so close to home….. I hope you continue to write and draw comics. And man, I would totally date the sphinx, she is so hot, aloof, and has a strange but good sense of humor.

  46. Mugendi Says:

    Your work… It’s brilliant. I’ve gone through the whole Subnormality series, twice now. I think you have an awesome perspective of how the world works, and you bring it out exceptionally through your work.

  47. T52 Says:

    I see you’ve learned how to draw Doug.

  48. M Says:

    Why is the rightmost bridesmaid apparently a black girl from the waist down? (Her legs are super dark in a way I can’t attribute to shadows.

  49. just_asking Says:

    Can I have more of Devil #76, please?

  50. Robert Says:

    Love the “Doug” reference!

  51. Christian Z Says:

    I’ve read every singel comic on this site and I loved them all, I can totally identify with most of your characters. This one was, as always, awesome! Thank you for cheering up my life! πŸ™‚

  52. r9a Says:

    I don’t have my copy with me, but the office in panel 7 reminds me very much of Ozymandias’s office in Watchmen.

  53. Enoch Says:

    Who the fuck is Leland Orser?


  54. Yamara Says:

    Hang on, Winston. Enoch’s rudeness aside, this is weird. Who is “Leland Orser”? Is it an anagram for something?

    I can find no reference to this name anywhere across the internet, including my own site.

    I know, I know, I’m even looking at the first comment, left by me, and I have no idea what I’m talking about. IMDb states that that part in the Enterprise episode “Christopher Street” was played by Luciano Pavarotti. I don’t think he ever used a pseudonym.

    ‘Leland Orser’ doesn’t even sound real. If he’s an actual TV actor maybe it’s a forgotten stage name?

    Actors usually like to be noticed and remembered, but this is sounding like he encountered something that ripped him from existence across space and time.

  55. Christian Z Says:

    I just typed it into google, and found this and also wikipedia etc.

  56. This girl, I think looks exactly like the one reoccurring character in this series. πŸ˜€

  57. She shows up at the 3:31 mark.

  58. Eric Reid Says:

    Panel 3 makes me sad. I do that all the time, assuming that rationality is a universally shared trait.

  59. Karhe Says:

    Can we get a print of this?? Pretty please?

  60. RHJunior Says:

    The thing about saying you’d be willing to pay higher taxes…. is that it’s not just you that would be paying higher taxes. What you are really, objectively saying is, “I’d be willing to pay higher taxes if that makes everyone else pay higher taxes.”

    Which puts a much more interesting spin on it when it’s someone like Jimmy Buffet or Bono saying it. Doesn’t it. They’re willing to pay higher taxes because they think it won’t affect them much…. and unfortunately, in economic ignorance, think that it won’t affect anyone else, either.

  61. Joe Trudell Says:

    Just had to come back and read this one again because of multiple reasons

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