time travel something

July 25, 2011

Yeah, so this just fully didn’t turn out the way i wanted it to, but i like the drawings at least and i need to get it the hell out of here and work on something else now. Been taking things too seriously again i reckon. Easy to do sometimes. I guess i can accept the occasional Noble Failure. And yeah, i know, the Sphynx isn’t in this one either. She’ll be back, i swear!!



While i’m here, just a reminder that many new prints are now available in the shop! Thanks x150 to everyone who’s bought one, i can’t tell you how much i appreciate the support, as well as the idea that anyone would want one of my walls of text in their house to gaze upon more than once. Honored! So cheers.

72 Responses to “time travel something”

  1. Leak Says:

    Hey, I like the drawings AND laughed out loud when reading it – don’t beat yourself up over it… 🙂

    np: Alva Noto & Blixa Bargeld – Fall (Mimikry)

    • Hutif Says:

      I laughed out loud as well. It’s a good concept and I think you executed it very well.

  2. fishboy Says:

    Saddest image filename ever 😦

  3. Adam Samsa Says:

    I’m from the Bureau of Responsibility and I say Mark Chapman is the one who should change his life.

    Well, this gives us the opportunity to discuss the shitload of new prints, which was overshadowed by the comic last time. I’m seriously considering revising my bare-walls policy and ordering the Calendar of Life. If I pay extra, can I buy a version with the years up to 42 crossed out?

    One print I’m missing is Princess Washburn. It must be a difficult format, but it’s a wonderful drawing and an example of creativity in fiction that should be displayed in all Humanities departments. I’m a non-fiction writer and I feed Princess Washburn every day with my awkward conversations.

    And do you plan to make prints from Captain Estar? Maybe draw a new portrait of her? I love that self-destructive murderous bitch more than any of your characters. She’s so fucking vulnerable beneath her armor. I’m beginning to understand the ending, I think, after reading it three or four times, and it’s changing my outlook on life. Ironically, some of my major regrets were avoiding the military draft and staying in college for too long. Now I’m trying to tell myself it’s useless to regret decisions that made me who I am, and were made because of who I was.

    • Drgals Says:

      A Captain Estar thing would be SO awesome

    • Clark Kent Says:

      Can you provide a link to the Princess Washburn comic in question? Curious to see what you’re referencing.

    • Adam Samsa Says:

      Sure. This is Princess Washburn, stranger than truth:

    • I actually took a look at captain estar again last week for the first time in a long while, and i’m still pretty happy with that comic i have to say (and honored that anyone has read it once, let alone three or four times). It kind of occupied a few years of my life, and there’s a lot of Me in it, so i’ll always have an affinity for it for sure (plus i’m proud that it has Villains That You Hate, as opposed to Villains That You Cheer For Because They’re Cooler Than the Main Character. Totally made a point of doing that).

      As for estar-related prints, i don’t see it happening right now unfortunately (not that i wouldn’t love to draw something like that, because i surely would. I mean i shirley would). You’ll see Ms. Estar again though in some capacity, that much i can guarantee…

      [princess washburn request noted, by the way!]

  4. Michelle Says:

    Don’t be so hard on yourself! I loved this strip.

  5. Joe Trudell Says:

    Awesome work. Time travel comics are the best.
    And I agree you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself.
    Then again, i suppose that could be how you motivate yourself?

  6. YEM Says:

    You are just brilliant.

  7. Kael Says:

    Had to agree. Not your best work, but the overall theme works fine. I like the choice of making the background static.

  8. Great comic, gotta love that last line

    When you said “possible future salvage, were you talking about the uniforms?. If that’s where they end up after ending their current career, good change!

  9. mike Says:

    Any day with a new comic is a great day. 🙂

  10. bachterman Says:

    nice chron-o-johns 🙂

  11. Otter Says:

    I don’t know why you say goodbye, I say hello.

    • Otter Says:

      But when you talk about destruction… Don’t you know that you can count me out.

  12. TF Says:

    Oh I love this one.

    Thanks again for a great strip, WR 🙂

  13. Purplecat Says:

    I like the subtle touches.
    The adverts in the newsagents
    The phrase “free as a bird” being there to spark a few creative thoughts.
    The fact that there is a barber in Penny Lane
    And he has photographs in the window.

    • Otter Says:

      Also there is a “News of the world on sale here” sign in the shop. 😀 Well that’s not around anymore

  14. benS. Says:

    Oh My!
    Walls of…walls, today.

    That’s quite okay with me, but, please don’t tamper with my sgt. Pepper’s-album! A rumour today said that SUSY -she in the sky with diamonds, you know- has already been Czeckmated. Aand furthermore, there are still some hot dog-days* ahead. CAUTIOUSNESS! NO PILLS!

    * the extra heat is supposed to radiate from Sirius – the dog star.

    Almost forgot:
    gotta getta hair cut.


  15. Ms. B Says:

    Glad to see it come together, and glad this comic is in my life. I can’t explain how much it resonates with me. Keep it up.

  16. Ghost Says:

    Does this mean that alt texts are being replaced with filename jokes?

  17. I saw this post and, realizing that I now have a job, reread all of Subnormality to figure out which prints I was going to buy. I was surprised at how big my list ended up being, and even more surprised when half of them weren’t available as prints :-\

    I eventually settled on pages 433, 523, 525, and 532.

    • Heck, thanks for buying some prints! Hugely appreciated indeed.

      And to Anyone: Please do let me know if there’re any prints you’d like that aren’t available! The intention is to add more to the shop eventually, so i’m quite happy to make a note of any requests. Preparing the files etc. is just a surprising amount of work, so we’ve kicked things off with 60 of the better comix.

  18. Dan Plaat Says:

    Yes the narrative isn’t prefect, But the punchline is always just right. Just because your moral of the strip isn’t going to the core of human existence doesn’t mean it’s bad.
    And why do people from the future always wear one colored jumpsuits? you do eclectic styles well, why not on future folk?

    • Lucy McGough Says:

      The jumpsuits are a uniform. Those were future officers, not future civilians. They don’t let just anybody into a time machine…

    • Honestly, when it comes to dressing people from the future i automatically default to that one jerry seinfeld routine:

      “Anytime you see a movie or a TV show where there’s people from the future or another planet, they’re all wearing the same outfit. I think the decision just gets made. ‘All right everyone, from now on it’s just going to be the one piece silver suit with the v-stripe and the boots. That’s the outfit. We’re going to be visiting other planets, we want to look like a team here. The individuality thing is over.'”

      That always just stuck in my mind for whatever reason. Your point about eclectic styles is a good one though, and may send me in a different direction next time…

  19. dan Says:

    I read Johns lines in the appropriate accent without even thinking about it.

    • Erdosain Says:

      I, for once, was thinking of Paul Rudd in the movie “Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story”. Epic.

      Loved the comic! WR, even when you think it sucks, it is still waaaay better and more honest than most of the junk all around the interweb.

      Cheers, keep it up!

  20. arkonbey Says:

    Thank you very much for spelling it ” fuckin’ ” and not ” fucken “. I appreciate it.

    I didn’t even like it when Joe Haldeman did it.

  21. cbobgo Says:

    great strip, totally didn’t see the punch line coming. Loved it.

    – bob

  22. The Old Wolf Says:

    Santayana said, “He who cannot remember the past is condemned to repeat it,” or something to that effect. It would appear that’s true even if you have a Tardis.

    Awesome work.

  23. Leo W. Says:

    Do more beatles-related comics. NOW!

  24. Gavin Golden Says:

    I can’t concentrate on the comic because Cadbury’s don’t make ice-cream 😦

  25. snap1415 Says:

    Brilliant! Thank you.

  26. cade Says:

    It’s really sad that the thing I liked the most about this was how accurate you got them terraced houses.

  27. Libertariandude Says:

    The old debate: should the government provide safety (including safety from disease, homelessness or ignorance) to the expense of our freedom; or should it just make sure we are free? As a libertarian with a lowercase L, I lean decidedly towards the latter.

    Greetings from your only libertarian fan (I just assume it, I’m used to be the only lib everywhere I go).

    • Oh, i’ve heard from many a libertarian reader before, and i welcome you as i’d welcome anyone else.

    • Joe Trudell Says:

      I watched a comedian recently who pointed out that there’s both far right libertarian’s and far left libertarians. Right wing libertarians love guns, left wing libertarians love pot. Of course, I happen to like both guns and pot myself, so I don’t know where that puts me.

  28. Rob Says:

    love the story and the logic behind it. but the ART! Holy shit, totally awesome.

  29. JTWilson Says:

    SOLID! Excellent. So many lovely details and a great last panel 😀

  30. André Says:

    One of the bests that i read here.

    Keep going with you great work!

  31. roisino Says:


    I’m in the UK, can I have prints too?

  32. drinksnob Says:

    Not a failure.

  33. squishydish Says:

    Of course the argument is familiar, but the last panel made me grin: third time TODAY, so clearly he’s been dealing with it for quite a while. Does he keep getting harassed right until 12/8/1980?
    For a different take:

  34. John Loo Says:

    It would be cool if Lennon said, “You know what? I really do want to live a long time. But if what you say is true, that I’d go on to do so many great things, I don’t mind dying young either.”

  35. Rems Says:

    Should have warned him about being used as a marketing tool by Macintosh.

  36. Jonstewarthoe Says:

    Been a fan for a very long time, good as usual sir. Keep up your most excellent social commentary.
    Some Canadian

  37. Sirdogbird Says:

    This comic reminds me of a quote I read recently.
    “Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards”-Soren Kierkegaard- Quoted in the Montreal Gazette. It might apply in this comic. Don’t you think?
    Nice choice in picking Lennon for a thought about time travel.

  38. Lucy McGough Says:

    Well done for a very accurate drawing of terraced Victorian houses. The one on the far left looks almost exactly like the house I live in (except that mine’s semi-detached). Must have taken you ages to get all that detail correct.

  39. Richter Says:

    I love how it’s from a distance. It’s less “intimate” that way, so you don’t identify too much to John since he’s after all a secondary character in this one. It isn’t about him so it’s nice to see the whole thing framed with a big pull-back.

  40. andrew Says:

    I say a nice little compromise would have been warning him to stay home that day.

    Nah, I know the point is bigger than that. Just wanted to be a pissant.

  41. Dusty668 Says:

    Ugh Wall of images again!!!
    Hee hee.
    Still lovin the comic, hope yer not tired of hearing that.

  42. Meghana Says:

    Oooh A great treat after such a long time! 😛

  43. Sarah Says:

    I think I read somewhere once that he said he’d always had a sense that he wasn’t going to ever grow old. That makes this all the more funny to me, it would be hilarious if that sense came from an incident like this.

  44. any sentient beïngs who were brought great happiness by John Lennon need their heads examined.
    i like what you do, though it’s diametrically opposed to my worldview. but this kind ov praise ov a piece ov dog shit like John Lennon is completely unwarranted.
    the only tragedy in his detah was that it took so long.

  45. I like this, but a correction: the barbers on Penny Lane, or at least the one immortalised in the song, is called Bernie Slavin’s. He’s still there, opposite the shelter in the middle of the roundabout (which has recently ceased trading as the “Sergeant Pepper’s Bistro”, but still has a bus stop outside). The bank’s still there but the fire station has moved on.

  46. Oh, and the shop next door to the barbers is still in 2014 called Penny Lane News, so full marks there!

  47. Penguin Says:

    You’re blaming John’s murder on the fact that he was a musician?! what the actual fuck?

    • Panda Says:

      You shouldn’t assume that characters are authorial mouthpieces when they’re depicted as being moronic.

  48. Steve Bowers Says:

    Nitpick; there were very few burglar alarms in Liverpool back in the Sixties. People relied on community (and nosey parkers) to reduce that sort of crime. To be honest this strategy didn’t work very well.
    Otherwise, excellent art.

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