New comic. Also: prints!

July 9, 2011

Shit, okay, i’m back finally with another wall of text for you to sift through. It’s… sillier than last time, i’ll say that. Those Bernard guys are still up to their old tricks


Yessir, prints of 60 more comix are now available in the store! Check this master list here to see which are currently available (contains semi-amusing mouseover text, for the thorough among you), or simply browse at your leisure. The store’s organized by comic #s, so just make a note of which number the comic you want is (the archive is fully numbered now, for convenience) and click on the relevant Series and go for it!

The multiple sizes of all the comix (WHO DRAWS THESE THINGS?!) necessitated a whole lot of annoying work to get this all set up, so a huge, Huge thanks to Jeffrey over at Topatoco for rather heroically getting it all in place.

And if there’s a comic you MUST HAVE as a print but isn’t available, just let me know and i’ll most definitely Take It Under Advisement.


So i went to a play, right, and it was Rather Good Indeed…

Yeah, i hate to say it, but anyone who missed last month’s stage adaptation of Subnomality at the Ottawa Fringe Festival missed one hell of a show (how dare you live in other countries!!). I meant to take pictures for y’all, but i forgot about my camera three seconds into the show ’cause it was just So Cool. I was pretty much just impressed x800 at how cleverly they’d adapted the material, how they’d taken six or seven separate comix and combined them into one cohesive story, i mean it was just Amazing, frankly, and the fact that there are people out there who care enough about a comic strip to put so much work and passion into turning it into an Extremely Good stage adaptation is just… gigantically awesome stuff. Huge win for Comix, and the arts in general.

I shall forever remain Massively Honored that Subnormality was thought worthy of such an endeavor. To Marie, Sarah, and of course the talented (and beautiful!) cast: Thanks Again, and congrats on a fringe play that could not have been better. Best Show Ever.

And to those who wanted to see the show but were understandably not able to make it to Ottawa: fear not, for there is a video! Yes, the final performance was in fact recorded, so as soon as it’s edited the best way to distribute it will be determined and then you all shall be the first to know about it. Personally i can’t wait…

good times,


93 Responses to “New comic. Also: prints!”

  1. fishboy Says:

    Woah. You weren’t kidding about wall of text! Cool – I love these ones 🙂

    *gets a coffee and settles in to read*

  2. b.patrick Says:

    Fantastic! I love the POV shots; great way to show people sitting across from each other talking. 68 seems a little low for The Tea Party but then Transmission is the last album of theirs I got. Awesome work!

  3. Drgals Says:

    God, Bernard was so awesome that I can’t wait to see this one…

  4. Spike Says:

    I’ll admit, I’d probably be one of the first five. “Covert right-wing nut”. Genius comic tho’.

  5. A Says:

    How awesome. A friend and I were just talking recently about how they need friendship finder websites instead of dating websites. But I guess the better route is joining groups… or taking classes… or something.
    Loved this one! And so exciting about the prints!

  6. Adam Watson Says:

    I’ve been creeping around the site for days waiting for this new comic! Great work!

  7. This is just freaking brilliant. The guy has a point – it’s easy to have a bad dating experience, but it’s hard to find new friends. Widening your circle of friends does make it easier to meet people you find more acceptable, which does raise your chances of a romantic relationship. Pity the Canadian grunge guy couldn’t quite finish his thought. The effort of getting to the logical conclusion, and the conclusion itself, must have been too much for him.

    • Dusty668 Says:

      Or he just realized how likely it is for hoomans to stop being icky would be.

      I hope we never change, we need highly verbal comic geek artists soo much!

      Thanks WR!

    • Nathan (Wilson) Says:

      The way I interpreted it, the Canadian grunge guy actually thought out his conclusion, and stopped speaking early so he wouldn’t screw himself out of a dating experience, with the idea that “I’ll be better so I’m actually chosen next time.”

  8. Joe Trudell Says:

    So, as a single guy who’s probably been overly obsesses with reigniting my love life lately, this one hit home with me.

    Also, I’m wondering if I was supposed to read “Dave, why are you single, Dave?” in HAL’s voice?

  9. Dominic Says:

    I’m reminded of the orientation week for my current major, where we got fooled into thinking that there’d been some mixup and we’d ended up at the campsite for theology – pretty awfully overdone, in retrospect. It really does work. I like it when comix remind me of good times 😀 Now, time to have a stern talk with my wallet and a good look at the new prints.

  10. This is brilliant. Why aren’t you president? You are a social genius.

  11. Excellent: “forge friendships through common experience”.

    Love it.

  12. Gwendolyn Says:

    I almost thought the bullet would be the organizer guy himself.

  13. bfwebster Says:

    Brilliant, as usual.

  14. Sili Says:

    Someday Bernard’s™ will make the Sphynx happy.

  15. Ed Carlson Says:

    One of the best he’s ever done. Sure, I like all the crazy beasts and alien time-travel with demons but this is just so….nice.

    Well done.

  16. Doc Says:

    I swear I’ve been on those dates before

  17. Mark O'Leary Says:

    Excellent. These things are always worth the wait. Great work!

  18. alicemacher Says:

    This is ingenious. One of your funniest strips ever. Bernard’s also needs to be a real thing like yesterday.

  19. A UK Fan Says:

    Big fan, but one little request: could you save your comics as PNG? It’d massively reduce the download time without reducing quality.

  20. Deckhouse5 Says:

    Winston Rowntree, why are you still single?

  21. No_Name Says:

    Is it weird that I look at that comic and think “Yeah, that might actually work. I like that idea.”?

  22. Not at all; I agree, No_Name

  23. Line Noise Says:

    Are these the two ladies that end up married to each-other 20 years in the future?
    My net link is slow tonight and i can’t find the relevant previous cimic

  24. Alastair Says:

    Great Social observation as usual.

  25. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant concept, and still worth the wait every damn time. Thank you for sharing once more.

  26. Stranger Says:

    …this is the best goddamn thing I have ever seen anywhere ever. This is the only reality show I’d ever watch willingly. Jeff, you goddamn genius you.

  27. Kirk Teeters Says:

    Not “slap-your-knee” funny, but “Gee-that’d-be-cool” funny. Well done, as usual!!

  28. YK Says:

    This is, what, your third dating service comic? And they just keep getting better . . .

  29. GerryB Says:

    I wish it was Winter so I could use the Warmth this comic brought. Winston, another winner, from start to end.

  30. GerryB Says:

    Also, why Hugh Dillon as the filename?

  31. Christopher Norton Says:

    Brilliant! Sign me up.

  32. TheDancingGeek Says:

    Wow. That one took a while, but it was definitely worth the wait!

    Bravo, sir, bravo.

  33. Ronnie Davis Says:

    wow ok so i took two days and went threw all these comics and i gotta say that there awesome thank you

  34. benS. Says:


    They are all being fooled for their own good – by a possible cockhopper*-hating Bernard ™Company.

    One good thing is: St. Bernard himself doesn’t display anything even close to a sardonic smile.(saints never do)

    * Word stolen from Bug Girl


  35. BigSoph Says:

    Brilliant, even if I would more likely be a bullet than the friend

  36. Abel Says:

    Always so good.

  37. I was actually wondering how one would set up something designed to make friends without all the focus on the romantic aspect just last week. Although I have to feel sorry for the rejected individuals, this seems like it could have amazing potential if set up properly (if the ‘bad apples’ we plants by a friend or something).

  38. DarkCanuck Says:

    Hugh Dillion spit on me once. Well…me and everyone else near the stage at pretty much any concert he ever put on. I feel like watching Hard Core Logo all of a sudden.

  39. Otter Says:

    Great comic. I really like relationships & philosophy (and comics), too bad Bellen! has ended :/ but at least Subnormality has not. 🙂

    Yay! There is a video! 😀 (Well I hope it will be free to watch)

  40. tenthmoon Says:

    Dearest human,
    I did that thing! Where I tracked you back here from cracked late one night, and proceeded to ravish the archives over the last couple of days, and without further ado I give you my learned and unbiased scientific conclusion: You, sir, are exceedingly, smokingly hot. For reals. The smarts, with the heart, with the art, with the delicious feminism, with the heartening social justiciness, with the heartbreaking accuracy and poignancy of detail, with the humor (oh, right!) with the monsters, the goats, and the pink hair, have MELTED MY PANTIES. That is all.

  41. tenthmoon Says:

    also, unabashed verbiage FTW, always.

  42. Jeremy Says:

    I read the Van part of the comic as him realising that he and those like him won’t ever change, so the dating game will always work. At least the guy in the library comic is implied to grow up and overcome his shortcomings.

    • Jeremy Says:

      Because the males in the “male” version end up as friends after biting five bullets, the males and females are desginated differently based on whether they’re dateable. I think it’s pretty fair to assume that at least 5/6ths of the dating pool are terrible. I don’t want to think too hard about the implications of the rules because it’s making my outlook on the dating scene more bleak and myself more self-assured in the decision to just make friends at this point in my life.

  43. JTWilson Says:

    I CAN SADLY SEE THIS WORKING IN REAL LIFE. Brilliant, sir. Good to have you back 😀

  44. Stef Be Says:

    Aw, dude. That was awesome. I can’t stop smiling at how good that was.

  45. Human Unit #325643945 Says:

    Poor Van, he’s the only one of them who’s actually self-aware, I’m willing to bet that at least one of the five unseen “undateable women” from the men’s side would actually make a decent match (or at least a reliable friend). Maybe I’m just sympathizing because he looks uncannily like I do…

    Also, the stage show is a very positive sign for our country’s entertainment scene. It’s too bad I’m lost in the remote mountains of the West because I would have loved to attend.

  46. JesterRaiin Says:

    Mischevious !
    Piękne dzięki.

  47. Richter Says:

    Awesome. Awesome prints. Awesome new comic. Awesome news that the play might be available in video. Awesome, awesome, AWESOME!! 🙂

    (And pure laughter when the chick herself got pissed off at the music guy’s choices. Slayed me.)

    Mr Rowntree, you’re awesome. I don’t think we’ve said that enough.

  48. Skyler Says:

    Great work with the new print selection . I just picked a couple up. Support good artists!

  49. Zac C. Says:

    I am a man-boy and it’s not easy to shake. You aren’t kidding about the painstaking part at all.
    And my god the women can be a faith-in-humanity-killing mix of trashy and psychotic.
    Oh well.
    What else am I going to do?

  50. Joe Trudell Says:

    I’m kind of wondering what the other five “Empty Chambers” were like now.

  51. Mick Roeg Says:

    What an intellectually stimulating view on the single world. Good show!

  52. Terri Says:

    Minor note on artwork: missing nose in first line, fourth panel doesn’t really work.

  53. John Loo Says:

    Winston, random question here, do you believe in the law of attraction?

    • I had to google that; having done so, i would say, no, i definitely don’t believe in it. Obviously at a certain level we all have an ability to shape the world around us and attract some things and not others (if you smile more, people will be more likely to talk to you etc.) (not that that prevents me from having a PermaFrown…), but to assert, as some have apparently done, that the physical world is literally a manifestation of our thoughts, is just more of the kind of ethnocentric, arrogant nonsense that people living in industrialized nations with a high standard of living uncoincidentally come up with on a regular basis (IT IS GOD’S WILL THAT I SHOULD HAVE THIS LATE MODEL CHEVY SUBURBAN etc. Those people in Darfur just have a bad attitude i guess!).

      Root cause? Optimistic version: maybe the cognitive dissonance coming from being randomly born into a disproportionately high standard of living causes people to seek justifications for why they’re well off and others aren’t? Pessimistic version: people wanting easy answers, as usual..?

      aaand that’s my attempt to answer a simple question! (too many words, anyone?) So why do you ask, anyway?

    • fishboy Says:

      I am interested in your ideas and wish to subscribe to your newsletter 🙂

      But seriously – your answer is spot on and a variation (a more erudite version) of what I sprayed at a friend the other day. I get a bit annoyed at this attitude.

    • Joe Trudell Says:

      Winston, you are arguably my favorite person ever

    • John Loo Says:

      Well, I’m in the sales line and I my leaders are telling be to be positive all the time. The law of attraction this, the law of attraction that. I admit I should be a little more positive, one thing I learned a while ago is that I’m too negative and I shouldn’t be. But to be positive all the time? I just can’t do it man. Especially those times when I’m really down and I’m forcing myself to be positive, I just get more negative. I read somewhere when you force yourself to think in another way, you will only get the reverse effect. Anyways, I think there’s good in being sad or depressed. I think it just means we’ve found a major fault in ourselves and we tire ourselves out sometimes when we try to fix that fault, that’s why we become sad or depressed. Like when I started my job, I was terrible at cold calling but I kept thinking about how I could improve and I did. Conclusion, I just wanna be a better person. And I see that you’re a nice guy too. From your comics I ASSUMED you didn’t believe in the law of attraction. But who knows? Maybe you do believe? Just wanted to find out once and for all.

  54. Richter Says:

    Mr. Rowntree, are you in the play’s cast picture? I’m curious to see what you look like (if it’s not too impolite to ask).

    Canadian Rock guy needs to see this, too :

    • Risha Says:

      I had to look at the photo a second time to say that he is, indeed, in it. He kinda blends into the background though.

      Ps: Not that you asked, but I’m the lady with the (fake) glasses, so I can attest to him being in the photo.

  55. Jay Says:

    As I see it: Bernard is what Milo Minderbender would be if Milo’s schemes made any sense, were within the confines of the law, and if he occasionally had a conscience.

    (In fact, I just now realise (after some years of reading) that Subnormality is pretty much the ideal spiritual sequel to Catch-22.)

  56. CerealKiller Says:

    Hey there,
    I hardly have the urge to leave a comment on anything in the internet- I think if I do it’s probably more to organize my thoughts than anything else… but here I go – and someone might read and get something out of it..
    (Maybe there will be some language/grammar mistakes.. I am no native speaker)

    I think the date-roulette comic is great. It ridicules all those “we NEED to find a partner asap – hopefully with as little flaws as possible” websites, speeddating-groups, blinddates or whatever there is. It somehow shows the importance of friendship. How hard it is to “get”, how blind people are seeking partnes but do not put any effort in getting to know people or build (keep) a friendship or whatever. Well and in a psychological way “hard” expieriences shared with others normally form a kind of bond. Which is true and undenyable. I think you have a gift to look at things, critizise them and put them together (or apart) in a very creative way. You have a really good eye for the “human” way of life – and luckily your eye has a wide horizon.
    I really like your style. Don’t get me wrong. You can clearly show reality (in a very ironic way) and even with this comic the behavior of the people is clear. I want to stress that before I get to the but…

    But on the other hand that’s the first time since I am reading your comic that I felt you might should have thought more about the message or at least how to put the message in the right cannon. Honestly though the topic may just be controversal anyway and there is only a heated discussion going on in my head atm ;)…
    I can see (or at least I believe) that you are really drawing with your heart/brain.
    Reading this comic also made me feel offended (and not in a good way).
    * Are there undateable people? Or was that only also a form of critique?
    This is the point I am most ambivalent about in this comic. What to you really want to say? Above all with the comment of the guy at the end saying he could also get his things together…
    I mean I really appreciate people who are trying and willing to turn their life around. Who want to change themselves. But in our society “undateable” often simply means “not the normal-perfect woman/man portrayed in the media/my environment,…. and in that sense no one should change for others do be more dateable, in my opinion.
    Or did you just simply want to stress that dating isn’t the same as getting to know each other..
    When I think of my friends I often think I wouldn’t date them if I met them for the first time. Because when it comes to dating we are more thinking in boxes and whatever, than usually.
    –> This point may just be “read” wrong (by wrong I mean different from your intention) by me.

    The thing I really felt offended by is the heterosexual normative way of describing friendship (uuuh! and believe me when I say that normally I am not a feminist [or whatever]!!!!) and love.
    Why was it impossible to build friendsship with the undateable? Was it because she was only looking for a date – but as the bullet comes and it is a same sex conversation situation she immediately can try to build a friendsship here? – Above all the last character hasn’t got any characterizations at all. All we know is that she has undergone the same dating-procedure as her bullet-friend.
    …. If we look at the social reallity it is “clear” that when meeting someone of the same sex we assume that there will be nothing like any form of love/attraction we might expierience with someone from the opposite sex. I know that’s like true for a 70-99% of the population and even if you are interested in same sex relationships you alway analyse the person sitting next to you from an heterosexual angle. I just want to point to the fact that this doesn’t has to be like that. That there is no homo or heterosexuality.
    And moreover that I think it shouldn’t be like that. When it comes to love it shouldn’t be an issue of gender.
    When it comes to anything expierienced by human it shouldn’t be an issue of gender.
    And it shouldn’t be an issue of a heterosexual lifestyle. Or any lifestyle you “should” live at all.

    And I know thats not what you wanted to show in your comic.. I think I really just want to point it out for me (maybe you and others as well)
    And again.. you really have an eye for social reality!!

    Hm.. when rereading my comment.. I really believe it ist more about speaking my mind and not critizising the comic anyway. 🙂
    And I know that it might be controversal or contradictious too (like the “main”topic anyway).

    • Richter Says:

      I think the comic is just about how (as a person/society/whatever), we think too much about finding a partner and not enough about just cultivating healthy social contact, making new friends, etc.

      It’s biology – heck, human nature – to want to be with someone. Instinct taught us that we’re vulnerable when we’re alone. Back in our cave days, it meant death. Being alone meant wolves ate you in your sleep. Now we’re hard-wired into it and, apparently no, we haven’t outgrown it. We’ve got 5000 years of evolution telling us we need a girlfriend. That shit’s hard to shake off.

      In modern times, add the pressure of society and Hollywood (“you’re still single, what’s wrong with you?”) and you’ve got a recipe for desperation. Hence people would rather date bullets than making new friends.

    • I know, obviously there are many kinds of friendships beyond same-sex ones, but a given comic can only cover so much relating to a single topic. Just because it’s not in there doesn’t mean i disapprove of it or something. You have to take my artistic output as a whole if you want to establish what i’m Saying, and if you do that i certainly hope you’d come to the conclusion that when it comes to friendship/love, it isn’t, nor should be, limited by gender (or whether or not one is a Monster…).

  57. Neil Fein Says:

    This is great! I shared this on FB, and one of my friends asked: Why is he holding that clipboard upside-down?

  58. William Says:

    Hi, love the comic and have for years. Just went to buy a print but of course my favourite is not available being #96 Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe – this is my area of interest and i laughed myself silly over this. I love the way you have captured the whole silliness of this period but also remained technically accurate.
    Ok so there’s probably me and someone else who are fans and luft46 enthusiasts who would buy this so I understand why it’s not on the list, i’ll have to go back and make another choice 🙂



  59. dodoman1 Says:

    So what’s wrong with Dave? I don’t get it.

  60. pG Says:

    Spooky thing is. This is exactly how my best friend and I met.
    A manager in the office decided to set us up on a double blind date – seeing as we were the only single people in the office and the company did not condone ‘inter employee relations’. The dates were… I don’t want to talk about it, and anyway, no one believes us if we tell the story. To this day I still refer to her as the best girl I never slept with. (My wife hates her – of course)

  61. Luke Says:

    I appreciate the Bernard company continuity.

  62. Bob Says:


    You take way too long to post new comics.

  63. Richter Says:

    @ Winston :

    “Just because it’s not in there doesn’t mean i disapprove of it or something. You have to take my artistic output as a whole if you want to establish what i’m Saying, and if you do that i certainly hope you’d come to the conclusion”

    “I think the comic is about…” was certainly poor wording on my part. I absolutely did not want to establish what you were saying or come to any conclusion one way or another. I merely wanted to express how the comic made me feel.

    @ Risha :

    “Ps: Not that you asked, but I’m the lady with the (fake) glasses, so I can attest to him being in the photo.”

    Leftmost with the black hat? Instantly caught my eye when I saw the pic. That character feels even more Subnormality-ish (to me) than the rest of the crew, which already looks like great casting. All you guys look like you’re beaming happiness, smiles and good vibes. Grats to all, and keep acting! 🙂

  64. Sad but True Says:

    There is no “men’s version”. Suitably desperate men will fuck ANYTHING.

  65. Jeffrey T Says:

    LOL! Very insightful, creative, eerily realistic and enjoyable. T’anks.

  66. Thomas R Says:

    Beautiful. And funny too. Thank you!

  67. Blaine Says:

    Winston Rowntree, are you a lady?

  68. Aiarashi Says:

    So… Did she get her $200? XD

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