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June 18, 2011

Okay, i’m back, finally, though i forgot to bring any jokes with me so, uh, maybe next time. Reference point for the title of this one. Was working on something else but it imploded at the last minute like what often happens. I don’t know, it has not been a good week mentally. Anyway, yeah, good times.



The fringe festival play inspired by the fringe webcomic Subnormality is Now Showing in Ottawa– why not take a look if you’re in town! Proceeds to a good cause. Planning to head up there myself soon.


Can you believe this custom framing job someone had done with their print of the Maturity comic? Respect. I am literally taking my hat off to the effort as i’m typing this. Cheers to Tyler for the picture and for the support, it’s very much appreciated indeed.

Speaking of prints, hoping to make an announcement soon regarding such things, regarding the selection available, so please stay tuned…


122 Responses to “comic for june whateverth”

  1. bachterman Says:

    fuck am i in a bad mood. 🙂

  2. FriendlyTroll Says:

    Heh. Anyone else getting flashbacks to ‘Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind’? Clementine, when Joel meets her again in Boarders…

    “I’m not a concept. Too many guys think I’m a concept or I complete them or I’m going to make them alive, but I’m just a fucked up girl who is looking for my own peace of mind. Don’t assign me yours.”

  3. Peter Says:

    Holy fuck, I felt bad today but I’m glad I’m not that messed up. Kinda puts things in prospective. btw that dude is a goddamn gentleman. I don’t know anyone that would be willing to put up with that.

  4. Leo W. Says:

    Wow that was really good. Also, didn’t know what a meet cute was. So thanks for that.

  5. Bullseye. I think these are the first characters that actually present themselves, name and all, can’t really remember (did the Depressive Future Christmas Space Marine give his name?).
    Anyway, beautifully performed, you really hit the spot with introvert’s tendency to be blatantly honest.

  6. anon Says:

    Huh, that’s strange. Normally this character seems to be an author avatar to me, but this time I have trouble believing the author is really as crazy as portrayed. Maybe this is artist development?

  7. vance Says:

    Well, that was kind of angry and sad.

  8. Mark O'Leary Says:

    If I were Mark (and I am), I would have ended the conversation before the end of frame 8 (where she starts out, “I mean you don’t know anything about me….”) Even by cartoon standards, this conversation is unrealistic to the point of irritation.

    • SuckMyComment Says:

      i think thats the point, meet cutes are always unrealistic. in a hollywood movie this whole scene would have been resolved right after the first couple of frames (“you like tea? omg! i like tea too! dating montage!!!) but in real life you’ll probably have a harder time of it. and you might have too put up with some bullshit teenage angst diarrhea being flung at you first. but wade through the emotional baggage and who knows, it might be worth it. but yeah, most people would just walk away.

  9. DoubleW Says:

    I ran into a homeless guy who pulled this one me once. He didn’t seem to be drunk or doped up or anything. Just really lonely and isolated.

  10. fishboy Says:

    That was lovely. I mean, yeah, angry and sad too but the point is there actually was a connection. Through honesty. I feel hope for them both – probably not together though, to be honest.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Daww.. that was kinda an uplifting boy meets girl story. I reluctantly admit that I have some saviour complex when it comes to love
    In his place, If I didn’t ran away after she started screaming at me, which is the most probable event due to my horrible peoples skills, I’d totally be trying to save her.

    • Fernando Says:

      I don’t consider horrible people skill to avoid a person yelling at you for no reason.

  12. Joe Trudell Says:

    Excellent comic. However I’m stuck wondering what a “Vegan BLT” is. I don’t believe such a thing could actually exist. In fact I’m sure it must violate the laws of physics.
    Well anyway, I love this look at a person who expects to be let down so she immediately pushes people away. I can totally relate.

    • mu Says:

      I’ve had a “vegan BLT”; the B stood for “brown mush (that tastes alright but has nothing in common with bacon)”. Some day I’m going to get around to trying some other fake bacon varieties, because the things I like about bacon don’t seem like they’d be that difficult to synthesize, or at least inoffensively pay homage to.

    • SuckMyComment Says:

      the laws of biology actually. i mean, you’d have to genetically engineer some kind of vegan pig. impossible!! impossible i tell you!!

    • Joe Trudell Says:

      It just amuses me that vegetarians and vegans seem to eat a lot of things that resemble meat. i mean, speaking from a barbaric meat eater’s point of view, it’s almost like they’re not really happy with the dietary choice they’ve made so they have to
      And as for the genetically engineered pigs, I don’t know about that, though I don’t see any reason you couldn’t harvest a pig’s stem cells and grow bacon from them. Still wouldn’t qualify as vegan, but at least you wouldn’t have the life of an innocent pig on your conscience, if that sort of thing bothers you.

    • bby Says:

      “It just amuses me that vegetarians and vegans seem to eat a lot of things that resemble meat. i mean, speaking from a barbaric meat eater’s point of view, it’s almost like they’re not really happy with the dietary choice they’ve made so they have to”

      Oh dear I’m not sure I want to get into this right here and now.

      But there are multiple reasons a person may become vegetarian. Be it environmental harm, animal cruelty, or for health. But most often it’s not because ‘ewww meat tastes gross!!! veggie’s FTW’ like you seem to be implying.
      Meat is tasty. So plenty of vegetarians eat substitutes while not causing environmental harm, hurting an animal, messing with their diet, or whatever their issue is with eating real meat. Vegetarianism isn’t really about achieving the most tasty meal plan. :s

    • Joe Trudell Says:

      I agree, meat is tasty. I also think there’s a reason for that, which is that human beings have thrived for hundreds of thousands of years as predators.
      I am on the side of vegetarians/vegans when it comes to the environmental issue, and the cruelty to animals done by factory farms shouldn’t be necessary. I believe in only eating organic, free range meat.

    • SuckMyComment Says:

      a lot of good points about vegetarianism, but i’m of the opinion that it’s all to alleviate a guilty conscience. look at the facts, we’ve been eating meat for thousands of years and at many times i’m sure it’s been essential to our survival, so we evolved to like meat. it’s really good for us. so if you’re a vegetarian then does that mean that you represent a group of people genetically inclined not to eat meat? maybe some are, but there are just way too many vegetarians for that to be the case. plus most of them argue it’s an ethical choice, but if it’s in their DNA not to feel guilty, then why do they? that guilts coming from somewhere, maybe they use meat eating as a scape-goat for there real problems. also probably an irrational sort of guilt, like when children feel guilty about their parents divorce, that would explain why every second teenage girl is a vegetarian. just a thought. don’t know if i’m right.

    • Name Says:

      Trying to mimick meat using plant seeds is silly. Just enjoy the many kinds of dishes proteinous seeds are good for natively they’re good enough on their own. Problem solved.

  13. Sutowato Says:

    Insightful as always, it’s just a shame that there are so many people out there who feel like this (myself included). Also, judging by the above comments and notes in this one (i.e. noticeboard), you aren’t having the best of times yourself at the moment. I hope whatever it is blows over quickly for you, and that at least you can always find solace in the fact that people genuinely appreciate your work.

  14. Thomas Says:

    @Mark O’Leary: I hear you, but that doesn’t make that conversation unrealistic. Myself, I’ve tended to get mad when people lashed out at me for most of my life, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve found that I tend to ignore people’s angry tone more and more, and it becomes easier to see past that and get a sense of what’s really going on with them. Age helps, but some people have that knack even when they’re young.

  15. Olives Says:

    Well, this isn’t overly deep or anything, just wanted to say:
    “Dude. You’re a badass.”
    Just incase you weren’t aware of the fact.

  16. Sheedy Says:

    What Olives said.

  17. Amir Livne Bar-on Says:

    + Thanks for the comic. Coveys the eternal existential urban-subnormality feeling.
    + I believe that Ethel’s having a magic marker and writing stuff spontaniously on her shirt does make her cool. So she can’t really deny it. MArk is cool too, but he never denies it.
    + Star Trek reference: niceeee.
    + First time commenting. Although your books and some other strips seem better in my eyes, something about this one really speaks to me.
    + Cheers & would love to buy you a beer (or make you vegan BLT) if we were less than 10000km away.

  18. Purple Chimp Says:

    I am a big fan. Thought provoking and as always masterfully conveyed. I do wish that you would wield your powers more carefully though. The comic definitely has put a damper to my day.

  19. Esn Says:

    Geez… the whole point of inviting someone to talk with them is that you don’t know them. How else are you going to find out anything about them? Stalk them for weeks? Interrogate all their acquaintances? That’s even creepier.

    Of course, it’s also the natural way that things are done on the internet.

    So there’s that.

  20. Trilly Says:

    Haha, oh god…I think you just made a comic about me. >.>

  21. toronto Says:

    good one. thanks!

  22. Jorge Says:

    Sorry to say it, Rowntree, but this one was just kind of average. I do love your work, so i just stopped by to say hi anyway.

  23. Phil C. Says:

    Man, he’s in for a fun time. Persistent guy, though. Seems to be just what she needs.

    We are all of us broken in our own ways. Isn’t it nice when someone sees past that to the underlying strength of character, and finds it worth pursuing despite the surface imperfections?

    Great comic as usual, Winston. Thanks.


  24. PXJ Says:

    This one went onto my facebook feed. I love when Mark turns around in the just-below-center panel. Seems like a keeper to me, but then of course I’m not her. Also, I *liked* the parodic over-the-topness of the conversation. Is there some real that webcomics are supposed to be realistic!? Finally, you should market that shirt, exactly as drawn (i.e., in crazy scrawly marker font). It’s pretty hilarious.

  25. mike Says:

    christ, what a cunt she was.

    let’s just blow up on a guy because he was being nice, though asking her back to his place after 5 seconds is a bit odd. her reaction was so un-justified.

  26. Infanttyrone Says:

    That was great. Of course it’s not a 100% realistic conversation– it’s the unspoken one that I’d prefer to the usual inane jibber-jabber.

    And I don’t understand why this one is making people feel bad. I thought the ending was upbeat and hopeful. Isn’t it? Actual communication and connection: it Might Happen! Isn’t that exciting?

  27. Anthrax451 Says:

    I feel obligated to mention that Mark is the guitar store clerk from #179
    and Ethel is the main character from #173

  28. Adam Says:

    I’ve never commented before. Just want to say thanks for all the laughs and please keep ’em coming!

  29. voleinhand Says:

    I like the goofy, rainbow-colored packaging in the background. Like, “Make yourself happy by purchasing a product! Wheeee!” while the actual people are being all dramatic.

    • Joe Trudell Says:

      I like the “Alterna-chick” cut out saying “I like the right things!”
      ….and the fact that she’s dressed like Ethel, now that I look again

    • Esn Says:

      “I like the “Alterna-chick” cut out saying “I like the right things!”

      I don’t think that was fair of her, though. “I MIGHT like the right things” would probably have been closer to what he was thinking.

      And again, she got really angry that he wanted to find out more about her by meeting with her while knowing very little about who she was – but what’s the alternative? Would it have been better if he had STALKED her for weeks instead, to make sure he knew everything about her before approaching to talk?

      Or would the world be better if no human beings interacted at all, because she sees happiness as being a zero-sum game? Maybe we should all retreat into our smartphones, books and games and never converse with another living person, while calculating and scheming to take more resources from the shared pool.

  30. Richter Says:

    Nice to know the first name, she’s my favourite character. Ethel has a nice ring, it suits her very well. Her facial expressions are pure gold too, you can really feel the pain and how messed up she is inside. Great job on drawing the details, mouth, eye wrinkles, the anger and all. Good art, very solid craft there.

    Lollery at “Mr. Tea”, and giving out a bro-hug for the bad mood flyer in the last panel, whatever the reason. Hope it feels better soon.

    (Ironically, the bloody thing is exactly why I’ve stopped trying to talk to women. Happens so much you just go, fuck it, have your goddamn tea.)

    Great, now I’m depressed too.

  31. Simon Says:

    Boy, do I ever sympathize with Mark there. Trying to be polite, reasonable and friendly and still inadvertently pissing off people I think are pretty cool? Yep, that’s me.

    Thanks as usual for creating funny and relevant comics.

  32. LeHack Says:

    Very interesting comic, also nice to hear from you again 🙂

  33. Dhue Says:

    Let us know how the fringe show goes. If it’s good, maybe it’ll hit Winnipeg’s fringe, which would be awesome.

  34. GerryB Says:

    A sweet piece of sadness there, lovely.

  35. Ethylglycerol Says:

    I’m not sure whether to be mildly touched or to back away slowly.

  36. GlitterBerri Says:

    God, I love your comics.

  37. pG Says:

    Not really on topic, but I thought you guys would like this one. A real stealth comic.

  38. The Old Wolf Says:

    Great Mogg, this is so sad. In an awesome sort of way. Vulnerability is being open to surprises. More people should try it.

  39. Matthew Abel Says:

    That’s a pretty devious way to get the last box of tea AND have someone else pay for it.

  40. Benjy Says:

    I disagree with her shirt and her mentality, knowing other people does make life easier. Friends and relationships are what keep me sane and I feel that meeting others who aren’t just trying to get in your pants (which… he may have been) can be a good thing. If Ethel was willing to open up without blowing up I think she could see that.

    Her bitter cynicism reminds me of an ex of mine, and ex who I’m glad is an ex. She always used to drag me into romantizing our depression and overthinking menial things. People really aren’t that bad if you are open to meeting the right ones. That’s not to say it is easy, because putting yourself out there makes you vulnerable. So… not easy, but possible.

    And on the subject of this conversation being “unrealistic”… I don’t know that I think so, sometimes hurting people explode on unsuspecting strangers, I’ve seen and experienced it. And Mark actually does start walking away, he’s bothered but curious about this bitter girl. That’s the trap though, he can’t fix her and he needs to realize that the same way people who date people like that do. She needs to fix her.

    And this is a lot of analyzing for fictional characters… but I just thought I’d share..

    • Dean Says:

      Maybe knowing other people actually doesn’t make it better. Maybe she’s been let down too many times and she’s blowing up because it’s easier to be alone than to be with others.

      For some people, meeting others really does take that much effort. It really is trite to say “I know it’s hard, but you can do it.”

    • Benjy Says:

      So cynicism with no advice is better? It may be trite to encourage someone in those exact words (“I know it’s hard, but you can do it.”) but there are other ways of encouraging someone with the same message without putting it so simply.

      And if nothing else, learn to be alone and enjoy it.

  41. Charmin' Varmint Says:

    This just goes to show– tea drinkers are crazy people. Get some freakin’ coffee next time, Mark!

  42. bandit Says:

    Is it wrong that this made me cry?

  43. Christina Says:

    One of my favourites so far 🙂
    Love it !

  44. Human Unit 346534925 Says:

    Ahh this one hit me in the right way, awesome work.

  45. Someone’s in a bad mood!

  46. Rebecca Says:

    I adore your work. The illustration is wicked, and I love the storylines and concepts. Hope to see more (:


  47. Sean Champ Says:

    That girl is right on

  48. Livvi S Says:

    Wow, this sounds exactly like the kind of thing my boyfriend says on a regular basis. I just keep reminding him a) he’s not as worthless as he thinks he is and b) as a matter of fact, I love every second that I’m around him. There’s no happiness being “sacrificed” here.

  49. thanksbutnothanks Says:

    I used to like that character. I don’t care that is her point.

    Yes, people will take first impressions. You treat older people differently than you’d treat kids, you treat someone who might mug you differently than you would someone in a suit. You can’t live in the world without having an internal model for it; believing otherwise is trying to deny your own nature, out of some misguided sense of nonconformism. If you appear to be like X, people will assume you are X, until you prove otherwise! That is what appearance means! This is at its most irritating when it is voluntary appearance.

    It doesn’t mean that reasonable people will stick to those first impressions. If I were asking the character tea, that is because I have a good impression of them so far — and I would want to know how well that correlates to reality. Is the company of this person what I want?

    The arrogance of her assumptions put me off enormously. I don’t want to make my life easy, I want to make it interesting! Her aggressiveness in acting within her own first impressions of the interlocutor is hypocritical!

    I’m with the guy who would left her talking to herself; I have better uses of my time, alone, than putting up with this flavor of bullshit.

  50. Haris Says:

    A lot different from the usual work but loved it none the less. Please please please give us another episode of the sphinx.

  51. Spencer Says:

    “Chari-TEA” sign in the last panel made me chuckle. 🙂

  52. I talk to strangers. Best lifestyle choice ever and this only confirms it! Thanks 🙂

  53. Amanda Says:

    I feel like the conversation they had, while not realistic in real life, fits Subnormality’s repertoire just perfectly. And I have to admit, though I’ve certainly had similar thoughts to Ethel’s, I would probably jump on the next guy that admitted to making and liking vegan food. Ethel is obviously in a bad place, but she’s still resisting the typical rom-com-inspire romance that many people try to force into their lives to make their relationships seem more picturesque and “adorable.” Of course this is coming from a single gal, so I’m just bitter, right?

    • Richter Says:

      I agree with you, but I don’t believe those little moments are “artificially adorable”. If anything, Ethel is lashing out because the guy’s nice gesture doesn’t fit in her mental pattern of “people suck”. As soon as someone doesn’t fit into her mind-filter, they’re automatically shot down so their ordinary reality doesn’t disrupt her comfortable pain.

      I believe that being bitter yields no results (or at best you meet someone who’s as bitter as you and that’s even worse). Misery loves company, ecetera.

      I used to be like Ethel, and I don’t believe other people should sacrifice part of their happiness to prevent someone else from self-destruction. There’s a word for that, it’s called selfishness. I kicked that habit years ago and now I make a killer veggie BLT (yes, guys like us do exist).

      Not saying you’re a forever-alone crazy bitch. Just saying don’t be like Ethel, don’t give up and when opportunity knocks, answer the door. With tea.

  54. Paul Says:

    Eventually, all Subnormality comics become the same treatise about the shallowness of human contact. It’s a tragedy, really.

  55. Frank Says:

    Yay! The Characters have names!

  56. Binh Duong Says:

    The casual “Meet Cute” is what a writer does when he needs to express a love interest between two characters, usually when they first meet. It’s almost always done for movies because the writers only have 2 hours to fit the entire story into. By having the characters connect (usually in a “cute” way), the audience understands that there’s something between the characters and the story can progress from there.

    The common ways of a Cute Meet are:
    Being initially shy or angry at each other, bumping into each other, being embarrassed by each other such as see the other party naked or learning a personal secret about the other.

    For me, nothing is more fulfilling than character development. I personally get joy out of seeing the people I’ve come to know change and grow. Love’ed this issue. Please, keep ’em coming, it’s one of the few things I look forward to.

    God forbid he’s a time traveler, hoping to check out a painting, using a magic walnut to do so…

  57. I *need* to get that T-shirt

  58. daniel Says:

    This week’s comic is just annoying. Ethel is behaving like the most unpleasant person imaginable, and the pseudo-philiosophical drivel about how it’s unfair to assume anything about anyone makes it worse. (Besides, it’s just amazing how overly dramatic she behaves – it’s unbelievable, and just bad writing, Winston.)

    The fact that Mark behaves like a docile jerkoff doesn’t make it better. In the end, it’s too easy to develop a heartfelt loathing for both of the characters, and the message of the comic (if there’s any) is just too fuzzy, which is why the ending means nothing to me and leaves me with a hollow feeling.

    • Eth-Zee Says:

      I guess maybe there is no message.

      Oh wait there is. It’s what the fuck is a vegan BLT.

    • Gwendolyn Says:

      Daniel, I agree with you wholeheartedly. I would have cunt punted this jerk….even though I’m a girl, I can’t stand the way she’s acting. It’s not that funny at all. I have liked almost all the comics up until this one…it was a disappointment. After she yelled at me like that, I never would have bought her the tea or decided I wanted to meet her after all. If this was a man yelling at a woman, I bet most of these comments wouldn’t be so postitive.

    • Benji Says:

      I want to post an at least partial defense of our characters. For one, I think it’s fair to say the Ethel is not mentally stable. She tells scary stories for a living. Anyone who reacts like that to a simple request is probably scarred towards men, people as a whole, or, more likely, strangers. And by extension, I think her logic is wrong, and I’m am almost certain that the author is not trying to promote her view of things.

      As for Mark, “Docile jerk-off” is not the vibe I got. I know that if I got stuck in such a situation, I would just try to back out of it and avoid her, and I think that would be a rather typical response (as opposed to a “cunt punt”).

      But comics, nor fiction in general, are about what you would do. If they were, everything you ever read or watched would be frighteningly boring. I think Mark possesses something neither of us would have expressed – pity. I think he detects her horrible emotional state, and decides to give up on effort to get a date and instead just try to help out this person who is so unhappy. And ultimately, that’s what this comics is about: helping people. And not physically, mentally, or financially – helping people emotionally. The least we, and Mark, can hope for is that Ethel is a little happier after this interaction.

  59. Soe Says:

    I love this comic!! This!!!!! Agh! So right!

  60. henry Says:

    I’d just be impressed with anyone who could write that whole sentence upside-down on her own chest without getting any of the letters backwards.

  61. Kamrom Says:

    I love this comic. Its depressing and often grating, and isnt posted nearly as often as Id like. it feels a lot like real life.

    and yet I cant look away.

  62. benS. Says:

    Mark’s sardonic GW Bush- smile* in the heavily framed panel #14 is terrific.

    Ethel’s alter ego-chick in panel #9 is also smiling, though in a more naïve, heart melting fashion. Ethel, herself, could very well be some sort of a Skepchick**. Yeah! She’s definitely not part of that world wide heeling mafia.

    * google: images:


    and see for yourself
    (=the first hit from my location).

    ** Nothing wrong with that
    Alms to everyone,


  63. dippidy Says:

    I play this girl’s dialogue in my head right before I attempt to hit on a girl, until I shame myself into giving up and return to going about my business

    • Eth-Zee Says:

      Good course of action. That shame is there for a reason! It’s the backbone of society, British society in particular.

  64. Just wanted to comment that I absolutely love this comic… and I really identify with most of them. I also just posted a ton of them (with links back to this site) on tumblr ❤

  65. Rina Says:

    You should put that shirt into production!

  66. Tomas Says:

    This story takes on a whole new layer of meaning if you imagine Ethel as a real prostitute instead of a surreal streetwalking story teller. I went back and reread her debut comic. With the exception of her performance, she was unable to look her John in the eye. She holds her Johns in contempt, and you can see that contempt bubble to the surface when she meets anyone who is fool enough to like her, who buys into her hustle. It’s sad.

  67. The problem is, if I met someone wearing that T shirt they would be my new best friend. Who the hell wants an easy life? I want one worth talking about.

  68. Tuco Says:

    This was the first comic of yours in a while that I liked. It made me laugh and didn’t frustrate me with it’s philoso-drivel.

  69. allison Says:

    Dear artist who may or may not see this comment:

    I love your work. I do. I appreciate the way you draw, the thoughts you have, and your courage to slap it on a webpage and let the rest of the world enjoy it (or, evidently, not.)

    Keep on keeping on,


  70. Great work.

  71. Jeremy Says:

    Seems Mark responds positively to abuse. He has all the patience in the world for a tongue-lashing from Ethel, but while working at the music store, he’s a complete snot.

  72. DateMasamune Says:

    Does anyone know if you can buy prints of this comic? Or is there an Hd version i could print on a poster myself?

  73. Jeremy Says:

    I need that on a shirt.

  74. Benji Says:

    This comic started so tragically frustrating, but it really comes around powerfully. I also love the presence of mutton chops.

  75. Name (required) Says:

    Have you seen this video? There’s a new comic/anime/game style video series starting on Youtube

  76. Martin Says:

    Computer was ill for a few months, yes much better now thank you, so I realized I was way behind on your work and sat and just luxuriated in it, to the tune of maybe sixty installments or so. And when I was done … I was sad. More, I want MORE! No matter how much you do, it’ll NEVER BE ENOUGH!! I suppose what makes it hard for you is, you can’t be imitated. Even apprentices are out of the question. But that’s not my problem, it’s YOURS! Love ya insanely — now get back to work!!!

  77. Doc Says:

    I’ve read a bunch of comments from people expressing how horrible Ethel was acting through the strip and I just want to say fuck off.
    We’ve all had horrible days when we just want the whole damn world to die. I’ve been having too damn many of those days myself lately.
    And what we’ve all secretly wanted is for someone magical to come by, see us at our absolute worst, most outrageously offensive and violently angry and to accept it, to understand it and just maybe to see through it, to hope that maybe despite all that victriole that the strange person they’re meeting is actually just damaged, hurting and needing some kindness and compassion.
    We’ve all wanted that person to come up out of nowhere and help us at our worst and I was nearly brought to tears seeing even a fictional character meet that magical someone.
    Sooooo…. yeah…..
    Probably said more about myself than I should have.

    • fishboy Says:

      Yes! Exactly – I wholeheartedly agree. Here’s hoping it doesn’t only happen in fiction…

    • Trae Says:

      Say what you will, tell everyone to ‘fuck off’ (and in turn be incredibly rude), but I honestly don’t think there is anything at all that justifies lashing out at total strangers in such a dramatic manner. I can sympathize with Ethel’s feelings, but her actions here are simply awful.

    • Maybe the “fuck off” could have been rephrased, but i think the point was still well made. I’m just happy that there are people defending both sides– that the comic wasn’t just cut and dry. And i’m really kind of comfortable that some people aren’t sympathizing with Ethel here, to be honest. I’m liking the idea of allowing myself the freedom to have some characters not be likable 100% of the time (not that i’m gonna go out of my way to make them unlikable…). To me this was a comic about someone who’s unhappy, and how it makes them act, and, i definitely wasn’t trying to suggest to reader about how one should interpret it, so i’m actually pretty thrilled with the mixed response on this one. It came from a place of honesty, as have the comments, so Good Times indeed.

      (as usual, Best Comments Section Ever, by the way. I’m just so honored that such a good vibe has developed here, and that it hasn’t developed, like a lot of sites do, into one of THOSE comments sections where all the comments read like they were written by the same freaking person, in the same voice, etc. Dissent and Variety are encouraged– even if it means the occasional “fuck off.” Anyway, my point was, y’all are Awesome).

      (PS: While i’m here, new comic on the way, i swear, it’s currently Under Production. I apologize for the wait, but once again i kind of lost a few days working on another idea before having to scrap it in frustration. I know i keep saying that, but i keep saying it because i don’t want people to think the slowed production is due to lack of interest on my part or something. Plus some other stuff. New one this week though. Plus a recap of The Play. Plus: an Announcement…!)

    • Doc Says:

      Looking back and re-reading my own comment I’m a little shocked at my own behavior (though I am the sort of person to tell someone to piss off on occasion, I’m usually far more civilized in my online discourse).
      I think the reason I reacted the way I did was that Ethel’s actions in this strip resonated a little too closely with my own for comfort and I felt compelled to defend her.
      I still do and though I think that her actions were reprehensable it is still exactly the sort of action I myself would have given people on occasion if I were caught in the wrong mood, and seeing that particular rant be challenged by someone with a supply of patience that far exceeds the norm only made me appreciate the comic more.
      In essence I was lashing out at the negative backlash to the comic because I was hoping someone else would see my point of view, and I did it without even realizing it. Funny how life imitates art sometimes.
      Keep up the great work Winston, you take as long as you need to make the comics you do. They are a constant source of inspiration and often hilarity as well. I only wish I wasn’t so broke myself or had a wall of my own to hang a poster on, else I’d have bought every one you offer.

    • Joe Trudell Says:

      By all means, take your time Winston. I’m certain nobody thinks you have any “lack of interest”. How much you care shows in your work.

  78. A Says:

    Hope you’re feeling better.

  79. katie Says:

    I have read through a nice amount of your cartoons and I just wanted to say, amazing work. They actually have meaning to them and they don’t have a gooey happy center all the time. I love your work, amazing job

  80. benS. Says:

    New Comic strip lurking around the corner.

    Considering all those dog days ahead; perhaps it would be wise entering safe mode.
    Why not some sunny, uncontroversial, Nagel-style strip from say L.A. beaches? Or, why not, Côte d’Azur in the Old World?


  81. Nathan (Wilson) Says:

    Reading this comments section, I was struck by how many different ways a piece of art can be viewed. I absolutely loved this comic, but if I was reading a review, or say, someone’s else’s opinion of the comic, there would be almost as many people giving it bad reviews as good reviews.

    If I was trying to figure out if it was worth my time or not to read or watch by reviews only, I probably would have decided against. I wonder how I can adapt my reading/viewing habits to more efficiently find the pieces of art that are worth my time.

  82. Nishido Says:

    I actually find myself wondering every now and then if that kind of things ever happen. I mean: meeting someone that could find some kindness on his or her heart to feel like cope up with some of the madness I could unleash at a specific time.

    It isn’t a bad thing to keep that hope alive, even if it is in a coma, right?

  83. It’s black currant! The best tea ever! Just take it!

  84. Jean-Samuel Says:

    Please Please Please make a poster out of this one!
    I’ll buy one for sure!!!!

  85. waldosan Says:

    it’s been about a year now since we’ve seen this guy, whatever became of this?

  86. Aiarashi Says:

    After thinking about it, I thought maybe he could have said “Then why did you let me have the tea, what did you see in me that made you think I was more deserving of it?”, eitherway it had a nice ending, even if not a completely happy or sad one. I liked that a lot. ^^

  87. GinnJosey Says:

    I don’t remember this incident. When did you meet me?

  88. Mystyr Nile Says:

    I always thought “meet cute” was just some weird sounding phrase TvTropes thought up. Also, Ethel is really little.
    Great comic!

  89. Goddammit, I swear I’ve met that girl. (And myabe I’ve been that girl). It did not end well.

    I’ve been trying to save my glowing comments for when I made it all the way through the archive, but congrats I can’t make it. This comic slays me.

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