March 12, 2011

New comic, rolling in fashionably late as usual. I dunno, it’s a nice shade of orange at least, right?


Did an interview this month for Under The Radar, so have a look if you like, well, walls of text (surprise!). Thanks again to Jeremy Nisen for the opportunity!



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  1. behemoth Says:

    oh man, wonderful comic. conventional sexiness is totally overrated.

  2. jgury Says:

    Emporio Bullshiti – Vulgari – QuasiModo

  3. I love your stance. Truly great stuff! Wow! The New Sexy! Or maybe not as new as all that. Keep up the good work! Thanks.

    Bull Slam

  4. dodoman1 Says:

    Cool stuff!

    (“With special guest star Frida Kahlo!”)

  5. fishboy Says:

    Yes. Love it. To quote Ani DiFranco “I think pretty is nice but I’d rather see something new”.

  6. MAC Says:

    Awesome.This is why I come here every week but its a shame that the only place I can find a curvy woman in a De Havilland Aircraft t-shirt is in a comic. Damn where are you.

  7. jenny Says:

    Nice change of pace from the last effort. – less cynical more upbeat, positive, hopeful.

    Great stuff.


  8. This is great. I love your work, but this made me have to reply. Keep up the great stuff you’re doing.

  9. Steve Says:

    Maybe it’s all subjective.

  10. ge rryB Says:

    A wonderfully positive song Winston, and I hope the notes are heard far, wide and for much long.

  11. j l Says:


  12. Scott Hall Says:

    Another awesome comic; all your comics are awesome when I think about it.

  13. Andy Brown Says:

    I like it, sexiness as subversive. Troo troo.

  14. Dominic Says:

    Willingness to get your hands dirty has always been very high on my list.

  15. Njam! Says:

    Oh look! I’ve got some new mail. I wonder wh- HELL YEAH, MORE SUBNORMALITY!!

  16. Nick Says:

    Nice thoughts ! Gotta love the “Chara Sucks” poster πŸ™‚

  17. Rex Says:

    i like everything about your comic except how much you whine about your own text length and update times. that includes the text length and update times.

    the webcomic triangle- art. writing. updates.
    pick two.

    i suspect this Under the Radar dude only jumped on it because you do so often.
    you’re doing fine.

    • Esn Says:

      I think I’ve figured out the reason why he mentions it so often… have you seen the comments that his comics get on Cracked? Wow, just wow… I don’t know how he can stand it. Most of those people deserve to be punched; they often miss the point entirely, then give him their own awful ideas, then loudly whine about how they didn’t like something that they got for free.

    • Rex Says:

      *reads some comments at cracked*

      oh DUDE. i never realised he was getting that kind of feedback elsewhere. i mean, it gets a little brown-nosey over here in places, but those guys are just pure poison.

      is that place even paying you, rowntree? because if they’re not, you should leave, man. the fans will follow, and you won’t have to deal with a dozen “you suck” messages every time you make something awesome.

    • Joe Says:

      I make it a point not to read the comments on Cracked

    • S’alright, the comments on cracked are downright reasonable lately, when compared to the early days. If you wanna see kill yourself-level depressing comments, head over to cbc.ca/news. Ugh….

    • Joe Says:

      I find it depressing that people can still find time to worry about the stock market

  18. steve Says:

    Love this. I always read your stuff and enjoy but I’m not moved to comment often. This time I had to tell you how awesome I think this one is.

    It’s really awesome.

  19. dethtoll Says:

    I smell poster!

  20. bullestock Says:

    Once again, a beautiful and very very true comic.

  21. tkarin Says:

    That’s one heck of a tee-shirt.

  22. Haj Says:

    Great Comic!

  23. Chazz Says:

    Oh no! Pink-haired girl looks like Poison from Final Fight in the face mosaic!

  24. dangermouth Says:

    This is awesome.

  25. Midoriem Says:

    I read this this morning, then changed out out a baggy sweater to a nicer shirt. Everyone needs to remember this.

  26. Sara Says:

    how nice and uplifting…

  27. Joe Says:

    Fuckin’ A! You always seem to be able to help me put things back into perspective. I’ll buy this poster the second it comes out.
    Also, a great comic is sexier than just having a new one every week.

  28. Nillerz Says:

    Or not, entirely possible that it isn’t.

  29. Edwin Says:

    Great work!!

  30. Amanda Says:

    This comic couldn’t have come at a better time. Thank you for your art!

  31. joe Says:

    this is a great inspirational comic but of course your’s always are

  32. nona Says:

    Or maybe, just maybe, facial hair is ugly regardless of gender and people who don’t shave it are lazy.

    The others are pretty good though.

  33. Jesse Says:

    Possibly my favorite yet.

  34. dannykins Says:

    daily dose of self esteem.

  35. Monica P. Says:

    I’ve been reading your work for a while, but this is the first time i’m leaving a comment, because this just plain rocks rainbow socks! That, and I introduced a bunch of people to Subnormality today, and it was the perfect one for them to get a first taste of.

    Btw, did I detect a dig at Mr. Oatmeal in this one? Can’t remember for the life of me if that’s what he looks like.

  36. wvh Says:

    Yeahs!! That really would make a fine poster.

  37. zarquon Says:

    Sphinxes have sex?

  38. Kate Says:

    Awwww, thank you for this comic. This is exactly what sexy is. Like my momma always said “if you love a monkey, you think he’s cute.”

  39. Leo W. Says:

    This needs to be a poster.

    Cool interview as well. I like you thoughts on the comic industry and whatnot.

  40. Aisu Says:

    Needed this. Thank you for always saying stuff people need to be reminded of.

    (Although I’m not hot for electoral reform – mostly for alternate interpretations of Dostoevsky. πŸ™‚ )

    Please a poster!

    • Aisu Says:

      Which isn’t to imply that I’m not way into electoral reform, because I am. Just not what gets me on the pole, so to speak.

      I shouldn’t make comments on the internet at 1 AM.

  41. The Old Wolf Says:

    Synophrys makes people look awesome, and 3000 is way too low a number. I like this one just as much as “Weird?”, if not more.

  42. stygyan Says:

    Any chance I could get this comic and translate it in Spanish? I like it very much and I think it’s something that should be read by everyone.

  43. TF Says:

    Curse you, Rowntree!

    What do you think you’re playing at, trying to make a hideous mutant like myself think he’s sexy?

    For thisl, you shall be eaten last.
    The pictures are pretty, though.


  44. Dusty668 Says:

    Maybe, maybe not.

    Great shad of orange indeed tho!

  45. LAF Says:

    I can’t tell you how much I appreciate these comics! I check the site daily, and it is always a good day when a new one appears. I especially agree with the listening part. People need to relearn the art of undivided attention. It shouldn’t be as they say in Fight Club that people only really listen to you when you’re dying. Again thank you!

  46. Everdark Says:

    Maybe this comic is sexier than many others I have read πŸ™‚

    I liked it.

  47. Mike Says:

    I like the message.but see a big gaping flaw in it: all of the supposedly “unattractive” people are good-looking. There’s not a one who popular culture would deem unattractive.

    Roller Skates girl is a Manic Pixie Dream Girl, an increasingly attractive ideal (if you’ve not heard the term, check out the entry on TVTropes — you’ve seen the character type somewhere).

    Mutual ideal couples are masculine and feminine ideals: muscled tatt guy and blond girl will low cleavage.

    Girl nerd with luscious long red curly locks.

    Well-breasted blonde thin ‘dirty-glam’ girl casting pleasant look at doctor in his scrubs.

    Two gay bears cuddling up each other … a well-desired physique in the ‘bear’ area of the gay community.

    I could go on.

    None of these people as you’ve depicted them would really HAVE trouble finding love or considering themselves attractive.

    For this comic to have been at all effective, it really would have needed to have had characters that would’ve cast them outside the mainstream concept of ‘beauty.’

    You know, I gotta say, for the very first time, I’m disappointed.

    That doesn’t change my immense appreciation and belief that you’re a Major Talent. But I do think you completely missed the mark on this one.

    • Steve Says:

      I gotta say it’s not the first time I’ve gone “meh” at one of Rowntree’s comics, but hell, he doesn’t have to please everyone all the time.

      I would point out another issue – the fact that the first one, with the Manic Pixie Girl, as TVtropes (<3 that site) would call her, is basically just saying "someone sitting on a huge pile of cash is more appealing than someone who's invested their money in a nice car" – pretty materialistic whichever way you spin it.

      Anyway, I'm just picking holes here, this is still my favourite comic ever (on the internet or otherwise)

    • Joe Says:

      Well, I see the whole pile of money as representing one of two things, maybe even both. Either it’s a persons potential to do great things (stack of possibilities), or it’s simply saying that it’s sexy not to piss all your money away on stupid shit you don’t need. Maybe slightly materialistic, but I get it.

    • lily Says:

      Reading comprehension is sexier than nitpicking.

    • fishboy Says:

      @lily – well said, Mike seems to have expended a great deal of energy in totally missing the point.

    • Eth-Zee Says:

      To be fair, I think Mike could have a valid point. I hadn’t thought about it in that way, but he has a interesting point. I wouldn’t call it nitpicking.

      And anyway, maybe nitpicking is sexy as hell, lily. You aren’t the one to decide that.

    • lily Says:

      1) I genuinely feel bad for people whose Asperger’s syndrome or contrarian personalities or whatever prevent them from appreciating the humor and visual wit of the parallels in the comic.

      2) Oh okay, maybe nitpicking is sexy as hell, and porn is sexier than a mental connection and luxury sedans really are pretty bitchin’ and road head is waaay more of a turn on than being listened to. However, I do have to point out that appealing to post-modern relativism here is, again, totally missing the point.

    • Ben Says:

      It’s all relative… that’s the point. This whole comic could have been a bunch of cliches that everyone hates so we could all go “Yea man that’s right! Photoshopped models are fugly!” without further consideration… but he chose to throw a few gray areas in there (see: http://www.viruscomix.com/page500.html) to make it interesting.

      Also, you don’t have to agree: everything is preceded with a “maybe”. Honestly, just knowing about some obscure issue is enough to be sexy without them agreeing. Makes it more sexy to me to have contrasting opinions on something that you didn’t think anyone else knew or cared about so you can discuss it in depth.

      At any rate, not my favorite but still pretty neat. I want a tattoo of that “Hot For Electoral Reform” girl. Only thing I would add to this comic before making it a poster is more maybes! Update it with more panels. ^_^

    • Ben Says:

      Also, you can be listened to while getting road head. Just sayin.

    • Eth-Zee Says:

      Maybe complaining about nitpickers is sexy as hell, lily.


    • David P Says:

      I must respectfully disagree: simly posessing an amount of money is not /necessarily/ materialistic. it is the attachment to gaining more money in comparison to others, for the purpose of aquiring status symbols to assert one’s superiority over them which is materialistic. unfortunately often possessing large amounts of money leads to such an attitude, but one can imagine a generous but careful rich person. indeed the seem rare if not nonexistent, but you would indeed expect not to hear of them as much as the other kind as they are not trying to use their money for social status.

  48. Golux Says:

    Frame 2, Hell yeah, IS not Might Be. Lotta things to be solved on this planet. Taking them on and working together to do it is Sexier than…

  49. Roadtoad Says:

    As usual, Winston, it’s utterly brilliant. Frankly, I couldn’t think of anything less sexy than body by Fisher, brains by Tinkertoy.

  50. Richter Says:

    Making intelligent webcomics is sexy.

  51. frida love Says:


  52. Andrew Cheek Says:


  53. Michael R PDX Says:

    Yes! Yes! Yeeesssss!

  54. Sef Says:

    I love this so much.

  55. Kitsana Says:

    You make the best statements – please keep up the great work!!

  56. Gabriel Lez Says:

    A brilliant, out-of-the-comfort-zone diamond. Please keep up the great work! [2]

  57. Aaron Hancox Says:

    There’s a lot of things here that I agree on but wouldn’t ever tell anyone else.
    Let me know

  58. Jacob Says:

    Great piece. Pleasure to look at and read.

  59. mare is awesome lul Says:

    this is so cute, i love thiss!

  60. George Says:

    First time poster, long time fan of the site, hope I get your attention though because I feel like this one deserves to be another epic poster. I’d definitely buy it and I hope others agree so this can happen!

  61. Ackapus Says:

    Isn’t “sexy” an extrapolation of lust? I mean… you can respect someone’s opinions or mindset or talents and all but ultimately that comes from a cerebral connection you make with that person. “Sexy” can also be a gut reaction to someone you see on the street- it doesn’t need words or abstract reasoning.
    I’m not sure what all “sexy” means in the context of the comic, though.

    • TentacledBeast Says:

      Yeah, I’m with you there. Just because someone is cool it doesn’t mean they’re sexy.

    • David P Says:

      that is what seems to me to be (one of) the central point(s) of this comic: for many (obviously not all, and often, not consciously) “sexy” has taken the place of what used to be called cool, and this has led to somewhat of an erosion of the value of cool things. So since now the word sexy is often used meaning “cool” because it is seen (again often unconsciously) as THE prime value in the western mindset, one way to gain back those values is by adjusting what we see as sexy.

  62. James Says:

    I’m usually 100% with you, but Frida Kahlo is gross.

    • lily Says:

      She doesn’t even need to be sexy to be 3000 times sexier than people who go out of their way to call her gross.

    • DoubleW Says:

      You know, I don’t find her attractive, but I don’t feel any ill will toward her for it, or have any need to mock her. Is that okay?

    • James Says:

      Golly. I really made some people angry on the Internet. Maybe I should post some YouTube comments and AAAAAAHHHH I’M AN INTERNET TROLL NOW.

    • James Says:

      Boy, it’s like we had a little conversation about Mexican paintress Frida Kahlo and the concept of feminine beauty right here in the comments of W.R.’s webcomic. As if you engaged me and asked me to reconsider my trollish position. I still think she’s gross, but I’ve had to stop and think about why (it’s the eyebrow). Where else are intelligent and sophisticated people conversing on this subject? NPR? The Gridiron Club? Coffeehouses in Paris? We’ve just had a little moment here together. Thank you, Lily and DoubleW, for challenging me. It gave me room to grow. Also, I’m replying to myself!

    • Joe Says:


    • Eth-Zee Says:

      The question we all want to know is:

      Can Frida Kahlo detach her monobrow and use it as a mustache when she needs to disguise herself as a man? Because that would be sexy.

      And what would happen if Frida Kahlo called herself gross?

    • lily Says:

      No clue what merited those melodramatic comments considering neither of your replies were remotely angry. I guess you reeeally feel the need to think of yourself as a master provocateur!

    • “And what would happen if Frida Kahlo called herself gross?”

      From what i’ve heard she DID think of herself as gross, hence her exaggerating the eyebrows in her paintings (please correct me if i’m wrong though. i don’t know too much about her to be honest). She was so not gross though.

    • James Says:

      I guess I felt attacked–which might not have been merited; DoubleW was certainly finding proper middle ground, and my emotional reaction to your reply, lily, is almost certainly different than the spirit in which you wrote it. My Internet defense mechanism to that sensation is to talk around the conversation, to circumlocute, and thereby remove myself from what could have been either a very positive or perhaps a very negative conversation. I should probably put forward that Kahlo’s outward appearance in no way diminishes the intense bravery and sensuality of her gross artwork. Also, I might add that I’m naturally melodramatic, and prone to writing very short or very long comments. [smile emoticon]

    • TentacledBeast Says:

      Math says that if Frida Kahlo indeed calls herself gross, and if the comic is right, then she’s completely unattractive.

      The above sentence also makes me completely unattractive (and everyone else who understands math).

    • Eth-Zee Says:

      It’s… oh god, it’s an unsexiness chain reaction! WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE (eventually, since nobody finds each other sexy so no new generations).

  63. James G Says:

    I find passion sexy. By which I mean, if someone talks about a subject passionately and engagingly, then I’ll love them for it. It doesn’t matter if they are talking about 16th Century handkerchiefs, 21st Century Hungarian film, or the use of imaginary numbers in modern physics and mathematics.

    • Eth-Zee Says:

      I suggest you qualify that “doesn’t matter”, good man. Unless you also think someone talking passionately about their firearms collection or the 9-11 conspiracy or Jersey Shore is sexy too, in which case can I get your number? Β¬____Β¬

    • James G Says:

      Okay, maybe not any topic. Although I still hold that a discussion of firearms could be sexy if taken from the right angle. I admit, that it does make me skeevy on one level (being instruments of death and all) but seeing as I happen to think swords are quite cool* , I realise that it would be hypocritical to assume that an interest in firearms was an extension of a power trip, or an enjoyment of killing.

      I suppose I can knock the conspiracy theorists on the head by requiring that the discussion be well informed, as well as passionate. I suppose I should also add a requirement for basic human decency, to get rid of the various bigoted rants, although mostly they’d fall at the ‘informed’ hurdle as well.

      *I don’t actually own any… the whole instruments of death thing… but I love them as museum pieces.

    • Eth-Zee Says:

      Heh… Er, just FYI, I’m not one for Conspiracies or (worse) Jersey Shore. I am interested in firearms, but I don’t think it’s a power/killing thing; killing people is, I think, bad. And I don’t actually own any, either. I just think they’re fascinating.

      (But yeah, I can understand the passion thing; just, try to qualify your statements in future)

    • Joe Says:

      I love swords and firearms myself, though I am very much against killing people. Well, unless we’re talking about killing the cast of Jersey Shore. Then it’s incredibly sexy

    • Eth-Zee Says:

      You do know that people who are in the Jersey Shore are people too, right? They may act ridiculously but that’s due to a combination of factors including upbringing, psychology, and the external pressures induced by watching and starring on reality television.

      Claiming a desire to kill these people in cold blood is rather disturbing. Maybe you should see a psychiatrist before your psychopathic urges get the better of you.

      Besides, waste of ammunition. That stuff’s expensive, I hear.

  64. Carlos Arellano Says:


    you made my night. ^^

    cheers from Mexico

  65. Meghana Says:

    Reading a webcomic with too many words is sexier than any other webcomic on the www!
    ‘Sexy’ is a frame of mind πŸ˜€

  66. Roland Li Says:

    I think I see Poison in the last panel! Ha!

  67. Kurdt Says:

    Thank you for this!
    Personally, I find a girl who’s an avid reader pretty damn sexy and fake silicon breasts pretty damn repulsive. But I guess I’m in the minority in this society.

    And some of the photoshopped magazine covers I’ve seen staring at me while at the checkout line are hideous! Yeck!

  68. Matt Says:

    LOVE. IT. Thank you!!

  69. zwrdl Says:

    Everything WR does is thought-provoking and growth-producing….though sometimes the seeds take a little time to sink in and grow. He’s right up there, wide open, taking chances, like a jazz musician pushing the edge. Do you know how hard that is, how much work is required–to come up with original *non-derivative* material time after time?

    Hey, donate a few bucks to the cause, yeah? If you can. Help should go both ways.

  70. zwrdl Says:

    I love the fact that the cover of Fake Monthly features an image of Eleanor Roosevelt! All that’s left of her is the pearl necklace.

  71. Max Says:

    Remove “maybe”.

    Strengthen argument.

  72. Feziree Says:

    Poster please!

  73. Two Owls Says:


  74. Zac C. Says:

    So of all the clever and insightful observations, this is my contribution:
    hey, is that Poison of Fight Final fame?
    4th row down, 5th portrait over?

  75. Adrienne Says:


  76. Angie Says:

    Yay for Frida!

  77. broggly Says:

    “Hot for Electoral Reform”

    I’ll show you my Hare-Clark system if you show me your Map of Tasmania.

  78. commentary Says:

    Maybe the way it should be is sexier than the way it actually is.

  79. Hambone Says:

    “Emporio Bullshiti”

    Love it! πŸ˜‰

  80. Ben Says:

    Read the article… considering working on my own comic now. Can’t draw very well and don’t know where to start… hmmmm.

  81. Amy L. Says:

    These are good, insightful…Love it!

  82. chrisnoway Says:

    this site is a great oportunity for reinventing humour or possibly collaborating with it!

  83. Ink Says:

    I don’t normally comment, but thank you.
    I’ve been feeling rather insecure and this makes me feel a lot better.

  84. Ra Says:

    Thanks – brainy funny is way better than lol funny.

  85. johnny Says:

    hot for frida.

    i need this on my wall, rowntree. stat.

  86. BCaff Says:


  87. jorge cardoza Says:


  88. Jamie Says:

    It’s actually become redundant to compliment your work.

    Particularly because times like this one you crack out a damn nice comic, and it IS better than others (to me).

    To put it simple, nice, very nice work..

  89. love ’em. My fave is “listening in public.” Also love the animation-it’s retro fantastic.

  90. Weylin Says:

    I have all of the good things to say about this comic. ALL OF THEM

  91. JihadPunk77 Says:

    I am sexy as hell, and I don’t care what any man says.

  92. Gask Says:

    Maybe, but most likely not.

  93. M. Says:

    Ha, this is great. I wish more people would realise that ‘effort expended and money spent on tarting-up self/obliterating idiosyncracies’ does not always correspond to ‘increase in sexiness’ – quite the opposite, much of the time!

  94. Osinde Says:

    I love your comics, but…..I think you’re heading a little to close to “gotta have a message” territory. I miss the old “draw….awww heck” comics you used to have in between the deep ones. The art is awesome tho

    P.S. Canada is currently competing at the cricket world cup being held in India/Sri Lanka/Bangladesh. Bet most Canadians didn’t know you guys had a cricket team πŸ˜€

  95. qwerty Says:

    Love your work. πŸ˜€

  96. brittany reta Says:


  97. JTWilson Says:

    “Maybe what you have is sexier than what you’re supposed to want”. LOVE that image.

    The one with the listening is always really nice, that yellow works amazing, and the AAAAH license plate is a very nice touch as usual :D:D

    SOLID, Winston!!!


  99. Josh Says:

    maybe i am nicer and happier for see this then i usually am. i would like to see this one day written all over everybodys face. its good to see someone is out there trying to show that everyone can be sexy no matter what everyone else tells you. sexy is in the eye of the beholder. i do have to admit i like a toned mind over a toned body any day.

    • David P Says:

      although I must say: it is nice when the mind is toned such that one understands the value and mental reward in taking good care of the body. Mind alone is surely better than body alone, but eating well, excercise and a good diet do seem to be part of a well-rounded mind. the body and mind are perhaps not as seperate as many would like to think.

  100. cyn Says:

    maybe sexier is a baboon in a bra drinking coke in the Phoenix zoo..true story.
    Liiiiipppssssss !!!!!!!!!!!!!! ah ha

  101. Basia Says:

    Thanks Winston. I needed that.
    I always do, actually.

  102. girl Says:

    i love it

  103. Jasmine Says:


  104. obakasan Says:

    Why “sexier”? Why not “better”?
    Is “sexy” a new trend for “good”?
    Must everything be “sexy”??!

    It’s just plain clear that you all really want is to be “sexier” not “better”. :/

    (well, I’m not sexy, that’s why I’m posting this lol)

    • Stef Be Says:

      I feel like this comic is an effort to reeveluate what we see as “sexy”, meaning what we see as catching your eye, desirable and attractive. How do you define “better”, anyway? πŸ˜›

    • Jakabird Says:

      I am pretty hesitant to post this, as it seems to go against what others thought the message was, but…why can sexy not mean just sexy? A turn on? Or however…I have always found these sorts of things Literally sexy…I’ve been made fun of for…physical reactions to Advanced Mathematics lectures, or spirited political debate, even if it is a subject that is not inherently interesting, peoples passionate, well informed, well Spoken rants are…sexy.

      Just one chicks opinion, hey? =)Have a great day, guys ❀

      *also…I have consumed these comics over the past few days, I don't remember how I found them, I haven't even really eaten…it's amazing, beautiful, just…I'm in awe. I've cried, I've laughed out loud, I've gotten lost in the artwork, I've shared with friends, I've sat quietly after reading, then reread…Just thank you. Thank you for having the guts to do it, and share it, and (apparently) withstand some horrifically trollish comments…I take inspiration from it. I can't really get into Why this means so very much to me, but…Just thank you. (I'm getting all misty, "lol")

    • Jakabird Says:

      *inherently interesting To Me, it should read. Sorry *blush*

  105. Joebard Says:

    These always make me feel better

  106. Mo Says:

    Just a quick note to say thanks for the link (in your interview) to Oyvind Thorsby’s work — which is sheer genius. I hadn’t come across him before, so very glad for the pointer to what has swiftly become a favourite.

  107. Amy Says:

    I wish I could see the FAKE magazine illustration posted everywhere on every magazine for at least a week. Loved it.

  108. David Aronia Says:

    i love tamed sarcasm

  109. fishboy Says:

    Thank you for alerting me to Oyvind Thorsby! ‘Hitmen For Destiny’ is awesome despite the initially off-putting graphics – which I’m now beginning to love.

  110. mark Says:

    then again, maybe not?

  111. Zack Says:

    “Maybe willingness to get your hands dirty is way sexier than it’s given credit for.”

    Thank you so much for writing this. I love your comics man. It’s really nice to have a weekly reminder that I’m not insane, and that there are others around that think like me. Your comics have had a very positive impact on my life, and I can’t imagine I’m the only one, so on behalf of all of us out there…

    Thanks dude!

  112. JesterRaiin Says:

    DziΔ™kujΔ™ !

    Maybe just being is sexier than anything else.

  113. RichoVonBlack Says:

    Maybe pot noodles are sexier than anything else.

  114. Killjoy Supreme Says:

    Maybe a quit smart kid with a future is sexier than a loudmouth dumbass jock.

    Doubt it….

    • I for one like your premise.

    • David P Says:

      it can be. when combined with quiet confidence. not the top-dog macho kind, but the secure in themselves kind. modest confidence, the kind which comes not from trying to put yourself first, but from havinbg nothing to be ashamed of because you do what you /know/ to be the good thing. (oh dear I am really gonna upset some people by suggesting one can “know” what is good. oh well, c’est la vie.)

    • Jakabird Says:

      …is this sarcasm? I truly hope so…Intelligence is the Ultimate turn on…=D

  115. Will Says:

    Your comics have always been amusing or better, but the past few ones I’ve read (this one, good/bad/etc of video games, and a couple of others) have been funny and brilliant. Keep up the great work!

  116. The Kitty Kat Says:

    Nuuuuu! Frida Kahlo is just creepy. Her face staring at me through all those pictures, sometimes from the body of some horrible beast. Whether or not self-expression or the female uni-brow are hot or not should not tie into a woman who was too self-obsessed to draw anything other than her own face.

  117. The Professor Says:

    Women with facial hair are not sexier than the guys who make fun of them. That is just almost never true.

    Frida Kahlo did not actually look like Salma Hayek.

    • David P Says:

      maybe people who understand “sexy” as not just being limited to the body (which will soon fade in anyone…) are more sexy than people with a more… how shall we say… limited understanding of things. this is why those sadly limited people will never be satisfied.

    • TentacledBeast Says:

      “Sexy” is not something you “understand”. It’s something you feel. What you find sexy has nothing to do with whether you’re intelligent, cultured or educated. It’s not even something you control.

    • David P Says:

      Ah but you are mistaken. What you understand, how intelligent, how creative, etc. you are determines your worldview in general, and is the underlying basis for the feelings you have in reaction to something. It certainly isn’t something you control at the time of the feeling, by then it is much too late. But you certainly can do things which shift your underlying beliefs/understanding, and therefore shift the types of reactions you feel to things.

    • TentacledBeast Says:

      But these are base instincts; you’re genetically programmed to follow a “lovemap” constructed at a very early age.

  118. Lexi Carter Says:

    I really enjoy your work. The message is great.

  119. josh Says:

    Obviously the author is a woman hahaha. This shit is ridiculous. These things wouldn’t exist unless they were found more attractive. Emotion vs. logic

    • Yes, but is the comic worse than the Smiths? Because a lot of things are ridiculous but aren’t necessarily worse than the Smiths.

    • Joe Says:

      I must point out that as a male I agree with what’s being said in this comic. Therefore the author is not so “obviously” a woman. Also I’m straight in case you’re wondering about that now.

    • fishboy Says:

      @josh – that sounds like an emotional response, plus your logic is flawed – does that mean you’re a woman?

      @Winston – the comic is in no way as ridiculous as the Smiths. They were, imho, sublimely ridiculous. You’ve work to do to get to that level – get cracking!

    • Killjoy Supreme Says:

      You missed the point of the comic completely; perhaps what we think is sexy is very different than what we are supposed to think of as sexy

  120. Gabe Says:

    “Maybe willingness to get your hands dirty is way sexier than it’s given credit for.”

    HEYO! My mind just went down the gutter! πŸ˜€

    That was my favorite line in the whole comic. Good job!

  121. Rafael Says:

    You must be told this quite often, but one more won’t hurt: You are really talented, and I think your work carries a very powerful message that needs to be heard. Your art is great too, it comes across as well done, yet accesible and relatable. Kudos to what you are doing, I really admire you. :] Have a great life.

  122. Lulu Says:

    Long time reader, first time commenting. (sorry I have internet social anxiety, ha!) This was absolutely lovely. And Frieda looks like such a g.

  123. Sean Says:

    “Maybe!” Love how that comic rocks without the schadenfreude – cheers and such!

  124. Ol' Tone Says:

    I am never uninspired by your art, words and background humour. Always a joy to look at and to read. A real fucking joy. Thanks!

  125. Muse Says:

    Amazing comic. Was just cute and amusing enough to make me go “awwwwwwwww”.

  126. Bente Says:


  127. identified Says:


  128. jen Says:


  129. rapchee Says:

    not directly related to this, your work on cracked was recommended on kotaku, and i think i had this feeling before too, which led me to ask this: winston, do you like (to quote at least) nine inch nails?
    although “what have i become, my sweetest friend” was covered by multiple artists afaik. but there was a “downward spiral” too

  130. Stone Taggart Says:

    … What I wouldn’t give to know a gal who feels the same way as these comics.

    Then again, I wonder if there’s a gal out there who’s lookin’ for a guy that feels like that, too.

  131. This one is wonderful overall, per usual, but one panel brought me up short. The “electoral reform” pole dancer looks *exactly* like the librarian/writer/freelance editor I love. Right down to the rectangular glasses. I sent her a link and she said “I’ll be damned.” Which brings me to the panel about what you have being sexier than what you are supposed to want.

    Oh, and both of us are hot for electoral reform. Raowr!

    Keep reminding the world of the truth, Mr. R.

  132. john Says:

    i wish we worked together at some cafe in the general ossington/annex/little italy vortex

  133. Ex Says:

    If the pretention in this comic could be converted to fuel, we would run out of solar energy before running out of gas.

    • Killjoy Supreme Says:

      If we all converted to Nuclear, Solar, and Wind power, we could leave the Middle East….

    • Hey, i like you too. Oh my god, we should team up and go on β€œDragon’s Den!!” β€œYes, the pretentiousness of my business partner is the solution to the world’s energy crisis, and thus we are looking for fifty-two billion dollars for one ten-trillionth equity in our business.” Plus then i’d have a chance to kick jim treliving in the nuts. LET’S DO THIS!!

  134. Tani Says:

    Thank you for this comic. It’s possibly now my favourite comic strip ever.
    I totally agree on all of these points. Especially the facial hair one. Any conventionally unattractive person is a million times more attractive than anyone inconsiderate and insecure enough to make fun of them.

  135. Dan Says:

    Ingenious. I’m going to name my peg leg after you.

  136. TCPO Says:


  137. seth zg Says:

    I think you are all sexier than the ideas you oppose.
    Solidarity and Simplicity
    Seth Z G

  138. Ellie Says:

    I was having a bad week and to top it off, I had a bad night. You put a smile on my face and for that I can’t thank you enough. Just so you know, you helped brighten my night a little.

  139. Anesthesia Says:

    You have appropriated my brother’s name, Winston Rowntree.
    And what I have to say to this comic is GOD YES!

  140. Ricardo Says:

    Genial! muchas gracias.

  141. Tom Says:

    Shit! I love all your strips. They make me think, and thinking is fun.

  142. Moe Lester Says:

    I guarantee you this was written by a woman

  143. Chris Says:

    As always a great comic, but this one in particular was that “exactly what I needed to read today” kind of comic.

    Thank you.

  144. Envisage 365 Says:

    Perfect. I love it.

  145. Jonas Says:

    I espicially love the chibi Frida Kahlo in the last panel.

  146. Ona Says:

    Great stuff, Mr. Rowntree. It’s a pleasure having you on the internet.

  147. Catty Fresh Says:

    Wonderful πŸ™‚

  148. Soe Says:

    Emporio Bulshiti!!! I nearly spit out my milk haha! Brilliant!

  149. Xandrel Says:

    …or maybe not.


  150. Greg Says:

    Love it

  151. Eric Says:

    Damn feminist using the internet for their fantasies. When will they learn it’s for men and their stock portfolios

  152. Odd Leah Says:

    Maybe someone already asked this, but is this being made into a poster? I want this in about a 6 foot height. I think this needs to be posted in every high school in my city.

  153. Gordon Says:

    Wonderful commentary and great art! Thanks for telling it like it is!

  154. Marge Says:

    this literally made my day, thank you! i will be sure to share it!

  155. kimii Says:

    beautiful : )

  156. Sam Says:

    I’ve been following your comics for ages, and you’re one of the most interesting, well-drawn, well-written ones on the internet. Keep up the good work!

  157. Herman Says:

    This really helped me. I grew up with the internet but I’ve never left a comment on a site until now. Thanks

  158. Aleigh Says:

    Thank you SO much for your “Sexier Th>n” comic. I’ve been reading your site for ages but that one really struck a chord with me as I have dealt with really bad self-esteem for as long as I can remember.

    Never has a comic put tears in my eyes (in an emotional way, lol)! Thanks again.

  159. Robin James Says:

    Maybe you’re confusing sexiness with value as a person. Not all measures of someone’s worth factor into physical attraction. Which, let’s be honest, is all “sexiness” as a concept really refers to. In fact, I’d say it’s that very overemphasis on physical attraction in our culture that leads well-meaning people to say something like “listening is sexier than anything else you can do in public” or “hot for electoral reform.” Because only by claiming it adds to sex appeal can you get most people consider it something they should bother with.

    • fishboy Says:

      Maybe you’re confusing physical attraction with sexiness. There may be a component of that but there is far more to sexiness than physicallity, i.e. I think Leonard Cohen is intensely sexy yet I am not at all physically attracted to him.

  160. adriana Says:

    maybe this site is sexier than any other crap sites out there! it’s also awesome πŸ˜€

  161. Z Says:

    Yaaaay! Oh sexiness…. will we ever understand you? Will anyone?

  162. crippy Says:

    Poison! You’re a Final Fight fan, Winston?

  163. youre wrong Says:

    You’re wrong about the women with facial hair thing (term “opinion” NOT warranted here). If your art is shit to begin with AND you’ve got a ‘satchel that rivals Reynolds, you probably deserve to become a relentless amputee and be made fun of- for eternity

  164. Bec Says:

    Love it, who’s to say whats sexy and where to draw the lines. Do I have your permission to post the link on my facebook page (not just the layout) with credits to you of course?

  165. Daniel Says:

    Why does everything have to be a cliche!? Lets have our own conceptions of sexy!!

  166. Monica Says:

    Can you make “Sexier Than” into a poster?

  167. Spaghetti Says:

    I love this comic.

  168. jorakorner Says:

    But just maybe.

  169. Beck Gardner Says:

    This is brilliant. Thankyou

  170. Thanks for your graphic art/commentary. I’m an old guy who started out loving the Disney stable of comics, grew into Combat “comics”, Sargent Rock, etc. went to weed in the 60s and enjoyed Zap, Freak Bros and so on. I haven’t seen any I liked in years until I dropped in on your site.

  171. Molotov Says:

    I LOVE YOUR COMICS. Please make more about philosophical and comparing stuff. Thanks!

  172. Annabelle Says:

    This made me smile inside. : )

  173. Morgan Says:

    Fantastic work. I particularly liked the ‘FAKE’ picture, to pick a single highlight from a very beautiful, dare I say sexy? comic. πŸ™‚

  174. dalesyp01 Says:

    Thank you for yet another sublime read. These comics always make me think and smile, and if I can go about the rest of my life thinking and smiling I reckon I’m sorted.

  175. Nishido Says:

    Yes, but what happens when you are the “sexy ninja” type.
    What I mean is: what is good for to be sexy, if nobody can see you?

    Yes, I find myself asking this question rather often.

  176. Helen Says:

    I think you just made me cry. πŸ™‚

  177. Shaula Says:

    One of the best you have! Totally agree with everything!

  178. jen dorgan Says:

    Nice…thank you for making people feel good, rather than never measuring up!

  179. madison Says:

    this was awesome and inspiring. Thank you

  180. Valeri Speights Says:

    I really appreciate your work, and I’m quoting this text to put on my facebook wall (you’re given credit) and I hope that’s okay. Thank you so much for these comics!

  181. Not Supermom Says:

    Love this. Fantastic. Brilliant. Bravo.

  182. This comic is amazing, thank you πŸ˜€

  183. Aaron Says:

    As a guy who often wears scrubs at work, I’d like to suggest that I’m getting my hands dirty, too. Unless blood, feces, urine, and dripping sweat under my surgical gown are that much less sexy than dirt and sawdust in your calculations, I think a true white collar would have been a better character to be looking askance at the carpenter on the bus. Your health care workers are underappreciated.

  184. Erika Says:

    I would really like to buy this as a Tshirt. Es posible?

  185. Matthew Says:

    I check a number of comics every day before work,but, subnormalityi is the only one I am always willing to be late for work to read. This comic makes me proud to be Canadian.

  186. Loved it!!! AND I agree!!!

  187. Nina Says:

    I am definitely sexier than I think

  188. grim Says:

    anything is sexier than photoshop, a toned mind is sexier than a toned body, proper photoshopping is the product of a toned mind.

  189. OK great…. now how do I find a girl perceptive enough or patient enough to look past the expected and see me for any of it?

  190. Anonymous Says:

    And then, just below the comic, the word

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