Cracked things

February 13, 2011

Some fresh nonsense over at Cracked, for those interested. I hope you like nazi jokes…

I’ve updated the after hours page with the drawings from the most recent two episodes as well. They’re not in order, so keep scrolling for the harry potter ones.



5 Responses to “Cracked things”

  1. Anthrax451 Says:

    Thanks a lot for this! It’s really hard to see the semi-hidden jokes by pausing the video

  2. Joe Says:

    Love it. No matter how close I watch the videos I always seem to miss something.

  3. dekr Says:

    Your ability to see through the bullshit and convey it so well through your comics is really something special.

    Keep up the great work

  4. Richter Says:

    Rofl! Super Cohen Bros. The posters are awesome. Thumbs up! 🙂

  5. Thomas Says:

    Almost pissed my pants at the R.Yan one. Almost needed a superior diaper after that, hahaha! This shit should be on the curriculum at my college (not diapers, the shitty logo design :P)

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