December 10, 2010

New comic, finally. Sillyness, etc. I wish to acknowledge that this every-two-weeks thing is kind of a drag; trying to find a balance between raising my game and keeping to a schedule, and some fine-tuning remains to be done. They can’t all be epic, Rowntree! Or can they…? TUNE IN NEXT WEEK! or two weeks from now…? Sigh.


Gotta go back and shamefully retcon at least one previous comic thanks to this one. Speaking of which, i’m totally into Queens of the Stone Age right now, and so i must rescind any negative intimations made towards said group in a previous Funny Drawing. Being wrong is occasionally Awesome.

a wizard did it,


136 Responses to “Later”

  1. Christmas came early! A Sphinx comic, yayyyy!

    Poor Sphinx. I’d let her live with us, assuming we could get her to use the garage door. And assuming that she wouldn’t eat us for being idiots. But she seems to be pretty okay with letting you live if you don’t go out of your way to piss her off.

    What can I say? I get off on wise women. Thus I loves me some Sphinx.

    Thanks for the early Christmas present! Here’s to some ebay sales so I can buy you a cup of coffee!


  2. Stryde22 Says:

    BAHAHA! i love it. Sphinx gets the best comics lol

  3. Max Chaplin Says:

    Wow, it’s like the first time in ages a Subnormality comic made me laugh. That’s some comedy gold here.

  4. TF Says:

    I need a new flatmate for next year, most likely.
    We have a fireplace and most of the energy providers have stopped bugging us.
    If you’re interested, Sphynx, let me know!

    All insanity aside, I loved the comic. Wonderfully witty take on the ridiculous bureaucracy-chocked society we live in.
    Well done, Rowntree! You’ve done it again!

  5. AliceHatt Says:

    This comic makes me feel like I’m taking a vacation in my own world and it’s not going well.
    But I don’t regret it.

  6. John Loo Says:

    All of a sudden the Sphynx looks stupid. Just sayin….

    Please don’t hate me!!

    • Joe Says:

      I don’t think she looks stupid, just out of place as usual and extremely frustrated because of it. I can relate. And I like to think she ate a few of those people between frames. πŸ˜€

      Thanks for another awesome comic Winston! Well worth the wait in my opinion. I laughed out loud at every strip! πŸ˜€

    • John Loo Says:

      Yeah I get it how we don’t name our things right, there’s some problem with our language. And Shanks below has a great comment about how not everyone perceives reality the same way. But the Sphynx has been around for thousands of years. You’d think she’d know better. Especially about how to use a fireplace?

    • Yamara Says:

      She probably knows how to use a fireplace. What’s left unsaid is that no one has real fireplaces any more: It’s probably just a fake mantlepiece. (“I have what I believe is a fireplace…”)

      That’s what she wouldn’t get– why have a fake fireplace? She’s asking for help from pros because she probably knows it doesn’t lead anywhere–but these humans have invented cars and DVDs and other weird things so therefore must be some way to use the flueless mantlepiece to generate heat.

      She hasn’t visited Iberia since Visigothic times, and missed at least one major outcome of World War I, so not recognizing a small detail of home decor fashion is not surprising, nor does it make her stupid.

      We’re the ones who lazily take everything in context and don’t treat our everyday behavior as a riddle.

      She’s just having a very very hard time answering “This is Man” in the form of a question.

    • Joe Says:

      I’ve only been around for 30 years myself and I’ve already gotten bored with trying to keep up with trends. I can imagine how tedious that would get over a few thousand years. I mean, the invention (for lack of a better word) of electricity is about as recent as the invention of cars, and we’ve already seen what she thinks of them

    • John Loo Says:

      Yamara: Ah… thanks for clearing that up. πŸ™‚ I live in Malaysia. It’s hot here, we don’t have fireplaces. We have air-conditioners. Unless you’re poor. Then you get used to the heat. So if I travel to a cold country my butt will freeze off. LOL. Wait, you guys have fake fireplaces?

      Joe: Do you think rock music is a trend?

      *Not that I’m saying you don’t have air-conditioners in the US, just it’s something we really like to put in our homes.

    • Joe Says:

      I mean, as much as I hate to think of it as such, in the grand scheme of human culture I would have to say that rock music is a trend. Although it doesn’t seem like one from my point of view, since it has been around longer than I have. I would imagine that the Sphynx would certainly see it as a trend, and probably an irritating one at that.

    • John Loo Says:

      Then I don’t have anything to worry about, haha. Since I won’t live as long as the Sphynx. I was just worried I’d grow old and stop liking rock music, which I’ve been listening to pretty much of my whole 20 year old life.

    • Joe Says:

      Naaah. I’m sure rock music isn’t going away any time soon. It’s popularity may vary over the years is all. It’s been declared dead several times and come right back. Albeit in different incarnations.

    • John Loo Says:

      True. Lately I’ve been listening to old rock music like the Pixies and Oasis. Nothing much of the new stuff fancies me. My Chemical Romance’s new release was good though.

    • Joe Says:

      I’m about to start rebuilding my CD collection. I made myself a list of artists to get albums of. Most of it is 90’s alternative. Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Nine Inch Nails, etc. I only have a couple relatively modern artists on it. Muse, White Stripes. I might put some MCR on there too. They have some good stuff.

    • John Loo Says:

      Nice. I like Muse too. I’ve never listened to Nirvana but I feel I should since they’re like one of the best of all time, right? But I heard Cobain said he was only trying to rip off Pixies? LOL. Wonder if it’s true. But too bad Pixies wasn’t as popular as Nirvana.

    • Joe Says:

      I don’t know if I’d call them the best of all time, but they were one of my favorites growing up, and still are. Being completely honest I would have to say your band gets a huge boost to it’s artistic credibility when your lead singer blows his head off (or is murdered, depending on who you ask), so they’ll always have that going for them. I don’t know about the whole ripping off Pixies thing, but I can see the influence. But hell, everybody’s ripping off somebody. I mean, the whole rock genre is ultimately a rip off of the blues.

    • John Loo Says:

      True true. Hey, if I can’t say the sphynx looks stupid in this comic, can I say she looks a little bit ignorant? Just a little bit? But anyways, she should build her own home. That way she’d have all the features she wants and none she doesn’t need.

    • Joe Says:

      I suppose ignorant would be a better way to put it.
      It would make sense for the Sphynx to build her own house, though I’m not sure how she’d do that having no prehensile extremities and all. I suppose she could force some contractors into it. It seems to me like the house she had was impossibly small for her to live in anyway. I suppose she could fit in the garage….

      Winston, if you’re reading this, don’t listen to me. My overly analytical mind has the power to destroy any creative endeavor.

    • John Loo Says:

      Prehensile extremities means hands and feet, right? I didn’t think of that. I guess she could be forgiven for not learning to build a house even with thousands of years of existence. But I like your idea of her forcing people to build her one. Haha. I think Winston’s mind is also overly analytical. Remember his comic about the Design Process or something like that?

    • Joe Says:

      I’m pretty sure that’s what it means. I hope so anyway, because that is what I meant by it.
      And I suppose you’re right. Probably why I love Subnormality so much in the first place…

    • Joe Says:

      oh, actually it only means hands, since feet aren’t really prehensile. Unless you’re a monkey

    • John Loo Says:

      Haha, thank God you told me that before I started using my nearly learned word extensively. And yeah, that’s why I love Subnormality too. But Winston is definitely better at expressing his overly analytical mind through his writing and comics than me.

    • Joe Says:

      yeah, likewise. Since I can’t draw worth a fuck.

    • John Loo Says:

      Is this the end of this overly long comment thread? Cause I don’t have a comeback for that. LOL.

    • Joe Says:

      well I suppose it had to end somewhere didn’t it?

    • John Loo Says:


      No wait, is it beginning again?

      The beginning is the end is the beginning?

  7. bachterman Says:

    aw, poor sphinx!
    love those cuddly-furry thighs. and the literalness. you should draw her a nice urban cave, near a central heating distribution station, so she wouldn’t freeze in the winter. πŸ™‚

  8. hellblade Says:

    that’s what i feel like whenever i have some business with the bureaucracy.

  9. Baru Says:

    I love this one so much.

  10. Dominic Says:

    I’m sitting in a library while reading this. Took some effort not to burst into laughter and get thrown out.

  11. keith Says:

    Yay Sphinx!
    This is probably the best gift I will get this xmas.

  12. snap1415 Says:

    Totally brilliant!

  13. TentacledBeast Says:

    Last panel, “Alternative to …… wanted”, what’s that word I can’t make out?

  14. MathDSL Says:

    Great comic. No need to retcon, IMHO. All comics bend the “rules” when necessary. It depends what you are trying to do : weave a consistent story or pass a message ?

    This comic’s message reminds me of all closely knit groups : how the inner functionality seems evident from the inside, and how nightmarish it must be for someone else to join in. Our society is like one big inside joke.

  15. Harrymason Says:

    Oh, this is funny! I love checking your site to find that there is a new comic. Keep up the good work!

  16. DrB Says:


    I read it as “panic” but I’m not so sure now.

    V. different comic to the usual; more “LOL” than clever writing. Not that that’s a bad thing. πŸ™‚

  17. Shanks Says:

    It’s certainly impressive how people fail to see, how everybody perceives reality in a different way and that you can never expect someone you just met to know from the context (no matter how simple it seems to you to make the connection) like the mechanic does or otherwise you would be judgemental, prejudiced.. So out of respect just directly answer the question without looking annoyed or something like that.. I feel like I’m not getting my point across..

    Anyway, great comic Winston Rowntree!

    • Sally the brunette sellout? Says:

      Yes, many people that I come across expect everyone to be able to make the same “basic” assumptions and inferences, but realistically we are raised in our own culture to understand such assumptions and inferences. I am an elementary school teacher (well, one semester from that degree at least), so my job is to teach such inferences to the little ones. Nearly all of them will internalize the process then forget the lessons…but those early lessons are so necessary!

  18. Edwin Says:

    Poor Sphinx i was wondering when she was going to eat somebody, seems like she’s getting even more nicer. Sphinx and Pink Haired Girl should be roommates!

  19. Ash Says:

    Sphinx as a tool for exploring the convoluted nature of society is a springboard for empathy. I can see why the character’s interesting and useful for you. (Also, please give her a house…<3 Sphinx)

  20. Infanttyrone Says:

    I love you, Sphinx. I have plenty of space in my place. Please come live with me and don’t eat me. Or do, I’m flexible.

  21. Daf Says:

    Nice comic, one of your funniest.

  22. Christopher Norton Says:

    Alas poor Sphinx, maybe they can be roomies πŸ™‚

  23. DrB Says:

    One other thing, one strip per fortnight is fine by me. You think it’s a struggle coming up with these things – you should try reading them. I’m only human, sheesh. πŸ˜‰

  24. This (minus the zaniness) is exactly how I feel, coming to the US and trying to settle in. Very well done, and very funny (-:

    • Sally the brunette sellout? Says:

      I hope you find some zaniness in the US. This does remind me of how frustrating it is when locals (in place or era) expect newcomers to understand everything with a local perspective…forgetting that it is, in fact, a perspective. Based on how I see cultural diversity received in my little city…I’m afraid the lovely sphinx would be received the same way here. Unless I find her at a bus stop πŸ˜‰

  25. Yamara Says:

    I suspect the retcon has to do with using electricity while playing poker. Wait, what about her using VHS tapes and knowing how frustrating a keyboard is? That’s the entire joke of that ep. (And is a phone dialpad any better?)

    Instead of retconning, I’d just run with assuming her power was turned off because they couldn’t make out the writing on her check or something. She’s visited the Fire Department after the electric company explained she didn’t have electric heat anyway, but wouldn’t restore her service for some other reason she hasn’t even gotten to yet. The electric company also supplied her meal of the day, which is why no one else seems to wind up as condiment-holders.

    Just keep writing great stories and don’t sweat the small stuff. I think that’s a green-goat concept…

  26. KB_SBI Says:

    I love the Sphinx. She’s my favorite Character

  27. evan Says:

    Most excellent!


  28. Drgals Says:

    Epic comic… I laughed so hard… and that’s over golden standard for a webcomic πŸ™‚

  29. Ellemar Says:

    Obvs the Sphynx and Pink have to become roommates and have zany adventures

  30. Edwin Says:

    As for her house don’t having facilities, her house could have belonged to a person she ate. So she had electricity and gas for a while.

  31. Harry Says:

    Featureless blue orbs πŸ˜€

  32. Quirel Says:

    Presumably, she’d eat someone and live in their house for a while, looking for the run-down places because killing those people is less likely to draw a SWAT team down on her.

    Just her luck that she happened to eat a whole family, and find out that their gas/electricity had been shut off because the parents were out of work. Too full to go out and occupy a new home, so she’s got to make do.

  33. Sam Says:

    I like this comment. Humility goes a long way. Thanks. πŸ™‚

  34. Chamale Says:

    Aww, poor Sphynx. My favourite humanitarian.

  35. Ignazzio Says:

    Just make my day !! Thank you !!

  36. trilly Says:

    Poor Sphinx. I guess humans aren’t the only ones facing housing problems.

    Also, I ❀ this comic so much. ^_^

  37. John Says:

    Another fantastic comic. I really cant express in words how awesome this comic is, and how much I enjoy it. Keep up the good work. I would really like to see your take on the future of humanity instead of it’s present.

  38. Innominate Says:

    The problem the Sphynx seems to be having is that language is not self-evident; the meaning of every sentence is dependent not only on the words used (obviously), the way those words are said (she probably gets that too), but also on the words that people nearby have recently said (likewise), and even on words that people know have been said in the past.

    When an English-speaking person says “Out damned spot, will these hands ne’er be clean?”, other people raised in a similar social context immediately recognise it as a quote, and interpret the meaning according to the context of the previous quote as well as its current context. If you don’t know one of those two contexts, you end up in the position the Sphynx is in: people using words that rely on existing cultural knowledge, as well as linguistic knowledge. The fact is, culture, language and context are all intimately and inextricably intertwined. For a thousand-year-old ungodly monster who tends to eat first and ask questions during that process, everything we say and do must be bafflingly incomplete, like hearing half a conversation.

  39. GerryB Says:

    Love it. No wonder Sphynx is moved to turn us into food; it’s not just our personal idiocy, it’s the language too. Great comic Winston!

  40. SunC Says:

    Yesssssssss….. have the spinx move in with the pink hair oneeeeeeeee

  41. Steve Says:

    The Sphynx is so cute, I just want to rub her soft, furry belly…at the risk of losing an entire arm.

  42. Julien Brightside Says:

    It’s hard being a mythological creature in modern times.

    Really liked the comic, it made me laugh.

  43. Stefan Says:

    Hmmm – I’m pretty sure the fire department is in the yellow pages, probably right on the title, no?

  44. GlitterBerri Says:

    Revelstoke, eh. I’m pretty sure Revelstoke doesn’t have such impressively tall buildings, at least not the last time I checked. =) Have you been there?

    • mrputter Says:

      It most certainly doesn’t (and I have, many times!). However, Revelstoke is the etymological home of the “Revy” chain of hardware stores (before they got renamed to “Rona”), many of which are found in places that do have such construction…

  45. Poor Sphinx. World is too confusing sometimes.

    Loved the strip. I bow in front of your magnificients imagination.

  46. migue Says:

    every day I love this sphynx more.

  47. Dusty668 Says:

    Poor Sphinxie, I would totally share a space with her if she didn’t have those late night poker games.

  48. Ratazana Says:

    Love her.

  49. afxx Says:

    aww.. poor sphynx πŸ™‚

  50. Henry Turner Says:

    Poor dear! Homeless before Christmas? Is it me or is she looking a bit smaller than usual?

    • squishydish Says:

      She looks a little smaller to me too, perhaps because she’s eating fewer people these days. Nice to see a smile on Pink-Haired Girl’s face, though!
      PHG could certainly work as an aide/cultural interpreter to the Sphynx, if she could get over qualms of where the Sphynx got her hoard. But it’s probably funnier having the Sphynx point out inconsistencies than it would be to watch PHG explaining.
      BTW, loved the Crack-o-cola vending machine!

  51. Fent Says:

    Haha that’s really adorable ❀

  52. Spacecoyote Says:

    The Sphynx has endured some of world’s most infamous bureaucracies, such as ancient Rome and the many that came before and since. I doubt if she’d be so utterly clueless about such things as fire departments, though you never know. In her time scale, such things are fairly new. (And yes, I can agree with the fake fireplace theory, which explains the house fire quite well.)

    I always assumed she was very adaptable; you’d have to be to survive so many centuries in so many different civilizations. But even she must have her limits, or was just having a bad day. It might be that cold dumbs her down, she IS a creature born (hatched?) in the hottest region on Earth.

    Or, perhaps our society has set a new standard in confusion and stupidity? God knows I’ve been through situations all too similar, and I was born into it!

    • Joe Says:

      Makes me wonder how she came to live in Canada anyway and why, coming as she does from the hottest region on Earth, does she choose to stay there when she could pretty much live anywhere she wants.

  53. Daz Says:

    I know I play too much World of Warcraft when I tried to click on the girl in the last comic to pick up a quest!

  54. D Hue Says:

    I’m really glad to hear you’ve given QotSA a chance. You not liking them plagued me since I had read that comic.

  55. Wellwellwell Says:

    Wow, and she didnt even eat anybody!

    I believe Sphinx is getting quite mellow – trying to cope with human society….

    Poor Lady

  56. Moaem Says:

    No, no, it’s just a book of pages, and they’re yellow, and they have phone numbers for everything. Here, I’ll show you…

  57. Richter Says:

    “Society jumps shark”

    ROFL! Spit out my drink at that one.

    Poor Sphynx. I love the contrast between her being an almost-omnipotent demigoddess and yet falling into the same everyday annoyances and bureaucratic trappings as us slobs.

    If there’s no comic before January, I’d like to wish you mister Rowntree – and everyone else here – safe and happy holidays.

  58. Sean Says:

    One of the few to make me laugh more than it made me think. Which isn’t a bad thing.

  59. John Says:

    Is there anyone who isn’t hot for the Sphynx?

    • LightHorseman Says:

      Sorry, no… here nose is too pointy (not to mention the whole leonine body human eating thing)

      Nope, I’ll take FPHG any day, because obviously, the instinct hind brain sex girl is utterly unobtainable and destined to remain a perpetual virgin.

  60. Darkiush Says:

    the Sphynx is 3000 years old, and doesn’t know how to light a fire?
    that’s… unexpected….
    but extremely funny =D

  61. Leo .W Says:

    I couldn’t stop laughing.

  62. Will Says:

    haha the sphinx’s address is 665- neighbor of the beast

  63. Wellwellwell Says:

    Hey, I missed that


  64. LightHorseman Says:

    Classic. Subnormality at its best.

  65. AlanSmithee Says:

    Well, I guess they’ll have to move the poker game to the Minotaur’s place.

  66. gcruse Says:

    I’m not fooled.
    That isn’t the Sphinx.
    That’s Kathy Gryphon.

  67. MC Says:

    My favorite one to date. My two favorite characters meet yet again!

  68. Jeremy Says:

    Very very entertaining, Winston.

  69. Ivan Says:

    Okay, now I am pretty curious if the pink-haired lady is going to invite the Sphynx to stay at her place πŸ˜‰

  70. sean patrick Says:

    Dunno why it took me so long, but I just realized that Subnormality is my favorite comic.
    Even over asterix, calvin, and lego robot.
    This is where it’s at.

  71. benS. Says:

    Looks like Sphynx is MOONING Pink Haired Girl in the last panel !

    NOT awesome! She’s probably not much of a Philanthropist nowadays, I’d say. Imagine suffering two cold, daily showers instead of a nice hot one. Brrr.

    Yellow Pages:
    Mike Hammer,
    illegal betting fighter.

  72. Dg Says:

    Aww, poor Sphinx. She needs like a living assistant or something – well, one she doesn’t eat. Like pink haired chick, who was out of a job. But anyway, poor Sphinx.

  73. The Pope Says:

    I just had to pop in to say I love the Sphynx’s little red scarf. That’s all it takes to make her the beleaguered underdog, just trying to bundle up her eighteen-hundred-pound frame as best she can… she’s so cute! I hope things work out for her, the poor dear.

  74. Steve Nordquist Says:

    Much cheerful agreement that this has particularly solid cuteness, agreeably hearty use of language (the Smokestacks in town here are barbecue and smoked-fixins (yes the pommes frites) restaurants; they set a nonsmoking hire policy) and other sunshines.

    People with full heads of hair like that, feel free to say heating is not a problem for hers so much as card game ambiance she insisted on covering.

    So: How to frame a hypothetical upcoming poster release of it? Blown glass front and mattes, pink/red gingham fire extinguisher floating counterbalance (sponsor partner Clinique Frostbite Peau?) (PETE/light stainless suspension hardware?)

    If you happen to make an emoting, wool, talking baby/kid toy like that Sphinx, that focuses on architectural detail and building, light-pipes, maybe HVAC, mineral and rights-of-way; that would be at least as awesome as the poster. Children can put their Bob the Builders under her Dew Claw and cut down on the rework, get profitable…make canny mistakes as an Omniscient Being whose cat brain freaks out at fire after a day like that.

  75. hadge Says:

    I found the strip entertaining, but I did have one problem with it.

    Most of the sphynx comics (maybe I’m generalizing) make some kind of valid point about society and humanity. This certainly has that tone, pointing out things that we don’t usually think about. But the point is that much of our language is used contextually? I find this to be a weak commentary on a nothing subject.

    *long time listener first time caller*. Hope I didn’t come off as offensive; the strip is still an impressive work of thoughtful art.

  76. yoche Says:


  77. Tzenker Says:

    I must say, this was just brilliant. A refreshing exchange from the usual sociological fixtures – not that those aren’t wonderful, or that this doesn’t have a bit of it anyhow.

    Although it seemed like a straightforward comic based around a simple joke, it does help to explain why the Sphynx feels so alienated. The world changes so rapidly around her and grows ever-more complex, yet ignoring that change becomes increasingly impossible.

    We also witness her largely restrain her sphinxy fury for the most part, even when faced with insolence in some cases, even though roughing the heat specialist up would no doubt have solved her problem to some degree or other. I’m sure she would have, if she had realized how close she were to the end of her quest. Instead she merely saw him as another dead end, thus highlighting her social and technological alienation.

    I saw some people suggest that the pink haired girl and the Sphynx move in together. I don’t think that would happen anytime soon, even if it could be fun – I think they both value their fragile friendship too much to risk ruining it at this point.

    On the other hand, I quite like the girl at Aqua World, and hope to see her again. She’s something the comic has seemed to lack: A completely grounded, yet friendly person. Although she doesn’t go off on philosophical tangents like many of the other (main and a few side) characters, she nevertheless meshes well with the strange. She might never go into a long-winded spiel about the merits of the pink haired girl, and why she wants her to succeed socially if not in life, but she might provide her with a cup of coffee, a pat on the shoulder, and help her figure out what to do with a feline-filled safe. And sometimes, such a grounded person is just what you need.

    • The Pope Says:

      She does seem slightly more mild-mannered in this one. But then, she IS still entering buildings by smashing through walls. That’s got to be great stress relief.

      You might say her ingress is her outlet…?

    • Tzenker Says:

      Ow. Nice one. Although speaking of which, how does she get in through her little door? There isn’t a gaping hole in the side of her house, after all.

    • Quirel Says:

      She just squeezes through, I imagine. The inconvenience is worth it, if it keeps the house relatively draft-free.

  78. Kirk Says:

    Hah! This is the first of this strip that I’ve read (Thank you,!)and certainly won’t be the last. I’ll be making my way through the archives for some time. And hats off to the commentors.

  79. Korilian Says:

    Heeh. That was pretty cool!

  80. Nick Says:

    Hands down, one of your best.

  81. Derek Says:

    In the atheist apocalypse comic I was surprised to find out that “abstainance” is spelled wrong. I can see how the mistake was made since the root of the word seems to be “abstain”. But the correct word is “abstinence”. Had to look up the dictionary and everything.

  82. Tzenker Says:

    Hidden jokes:

    So far I’ve found the ones already pointed out here:
    Crack cola vending machine, 665 – neighbor of the beast, screen with “society jumps shark” in water department, and in the last panel, Winston has put up a notice for himself. “Alternative to PayPal wanted. Contact Winston R. at Viruscomix (at)” (or “denial” or whatever it says.)

    I’ve also noticed the list of admissions in Aqua World:
    Minnows: 2.50
    Salmon: 7.00
    People: 9.00

    And of course the “hot for teacher” printed on the side of the fire specialist’s van.

    I haven’t really been able to find anything else, except possibly the ME of “merry christmas” shown in the second panel of her return visit to the fire department. Could be self-insertion, but I think I’m reaching here.

    I haven’t been able to find anything at all for the chimney restaurant or the house and garden store.

  83. D Says:

    What does it say in the poster, down in the last panel?
    Alternative to Paypal wanted? Painting? Can’t read it well lol

  84. Ancillary Character Says:

    If you like Qotsa you should listen to Them Crooked Vultures. Same singer with Dave Grohl on drums and John Paul Jones playing various instruments.

  85. R10pez10 Says:

    Interrobang! (Bit late but I saw it only just now…)

  86. BiggerJ Says:

    You could easily just declare that the offending past strip takes place in an alternate universe in which Adolf Hitler’s middle name is Penis.

    In other news, the German word for ‘penis’ is ‘penis’.

  87. Casey Says:

    just noticed its “revelstoke home and garden.” love it.

  88. Jason Says:

    I love how even the fish are afraid of the Sphynx! πŸ™‚

  89. that was hilarious. It’s easy to see how humans always complicate things for themselves…

  90. Steve Nordquist Says:

    It’s not just humans, but the canvas for the other organisms is often treated offhandedly. Is it easier just to track transnational donors to legislators, for whom things must be bloody simple?

  91. Monica Says:

    i love your comics they’re so insightful and inspiring…
    and your sphinx reminds me of paget brewster πŸ™‚

  92. madness Says:

    Does the panel with the fire department, when she revisits, have a hidden meaning? i see ME, cut from merry, and a Christmas tree pointing at the Spinx. just wondering

  93. Alex Says:

    Wait… A site called VIRUScomix isn’t about germs and such.. hmmm very misleading

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