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November 26, 2010

New one over at Cracked, for those interested. Also, i’ve put all the art for the “After Hours” series up on this page here (including some unused stuff), for those interested in that. Apologies in advance for any horizontal scrolling..


16 Responses to “Cracked stuff”

  1. PhD Says:

    Nice comix. As with 95% of the time. Been reading for some time now (1 pr 2 years?), first time posting on the blog.
    It’s always a joy to discover, suddenly, one day, without warning, that there’s a new comix on Subnormality.
    May you may continue on until I die (or world war III ;p) (Sometimes, it’s better to be selfish…)
    Thank you!

  2. Donglodor Says:

    The “the whole new level” drawing (in the cracked comic) is so amazing. Someone mentioned in the Cracked comments that they had it on their t-shirt? Anybody know where you can find this t-shirt? Or a larger scale picture of it.

  3. DoneBlock Says:

    lulz at the trollface detail.

  4. TF Says:

    Most Excellent, Rowntree.
    I have no other words.
    Ok, maybe one.


  5. stag Says:

    You have distilled several random musings I have had in the past, added a whole bunch I never thought of, and distilled them all into a whole thought. The question is “when people identify themselves with a song or type of music”, what happens to them when the music inevitably changes?” And this one cartoon shows which routes they might travel.
    Thanks dude. I’ll go back to my beer now…

  6. NoVan Says:

    Hey Winston, dunno if you’ll read this, but regarding the stuff on your “After Hours” page – are the bears on jetpacks inspired by SMBC? That would make me happy.

    • Are you thinking of that “the most dangerous game” comic? That was definitely a good one. No actual connection to this though; the relevant part of the scrip/directions just asked for “Soren fighting superBears” or something like that, so i drew bears with jetpacks.

  7. Mike Says:

    man, you are really good at drawing chicks!

  8. Terri Says:

    Hey Rowntree, I love After Hours, and your sketches are amazing, too. Thanks for post the others. I especially like the Man Baby one. Plus Soren chainsawing through a Manbaby. Fantastic!

  9. Ben Says:

    I have a sneaking suspicion that maybe… just maybe… you ARE Soren! After all… Winston (if that is your real name) you mentioned that Winston is in fact NOT your real name, and that you have other projects under different names…

    I’m thinking you’re every one of my favorite slightly famous people, simultaneously. I think you’re also living in a submarine off the coast of Portugal to avoid your millions of fans. And you’re Ronaldinho. And the Numa Numa Guy.

    That’s my theory.

    • Ha, well let me say for the record that i am definitely not Soren. Nor am i ronaldinho, or that other guy. I think i remember mentioning what you mention that i mentioned, actually; i do have another pursuit under another name, but it’s nothing significant in the least unfortunately.

    • Ben Says:

      Any chance of ever sharing that other pursuit with us? Because “nothing significant” sounds like an understatement in reference to things that you do.

      Especially considering that you aren’t nearly as proud as you should be of Captain Estar.

  10. Nick Says:

    This is just an idea for your store, perhaps have those comics sold as stickers?? The Oatmeal did that, but I happen to like your work a lot better so I’d actually buy yours.

  11. Richter Says:

    1) Loved the “rock god” of the good covers. The way the shoulder and hands indicate movement is spectacular. And the texture on the pants and shirt, brilliant. Beautiful drawing. Only surpassed by the stick figure (American Pie, WTF was she thinking?).

    2) Gotta admit Swaim’s has a point. Asteroid coming, what else are we gonna do? Bone time.

    3) Damn WR, you draw the hottest chicks ever. God bless you. As long as you never sexualize Pink Haired Girl, I’ll bow to the master of comic boobies.

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