museum something something

November 11, 2010

Heyyyyyyy, new comic, took too long, late nights, overthinking, author crazy, hallucinations, voices in my head, illusory dancing clowns with razor teeth, internet comics lifestyle etc. Bleargh. Finished, anyway.


So last year there was this comic, and then this year there was this thanks to one of you heroes out there, which is pretty awesome. Big thanks to Ona for the picture, and great call on the Big Stick. Wish i’d thought of that…

live wrong and perspire,


192 Responses to “museum something something”

  1. n Says:

    Hey, man, I love your stuff, but dropping Southern California into Arizona Bay, that was just mean, man. What did we ever do to you?

    • Jim Says:

      Southern California suffers from being the region where Los Angeles rests its fetid and torrid bowels of consumerism. All the terrible, awful things that makes those who read books more than watch tv hate living in America comes from Hollywood, the poster children of those things live in Beverly Hills, and the demon spawn of a devil culture that guts the once bright future of our country reside in “Gangland”.

      Everybody wants to be naked and famous.

    • Jevon Says:

      Learn to swim!

      Learn to swim!

    • sfury Says:

      …or move to Arizona and start making wine.

    • Offendi Says:

      Oh man, now I have to play that song on full volume. And possibly summon a thunderstorm.

    • Kay Says:

      Mr. Comix author sir, if that really was a Tool reference, you’ve made my week.

    • Crow Says:

      Ironic how the closest real-world approximation to the museum depicted in that comic is the Echo Park Time Travel Mart in Los Angeles.

      How’s that taste, hmm?

    • Raised/Resided in Fresno for 21 years Says:

      I prefer to think LA and Arizona came to blows over water rights, and a convenient earthquake sank the area before anything could be done about it, and the naming was out of spite.

  2. basiamc Says:

    Now, why does the Subnormality book have to be theoretical, eh?

  3. Benjamin F Says:

    Awesome comic as always Mr. Rowntree, I absolutely love your drawing style and the interesting details you put in each panel, as a history buff I especially enjoyed the hints toards Operation Downfall and Operation Unthinkable, and I immediately noticed the badass Fliegensarg Mk.1, nice touch!
    Keep up the great work!

  4. pgn674 Says:

    When I was in 2nd grade, I wrote a story about a mythical drinking-fountain-with-pop-instead-of-water. It had orange soda. The beginning of the story had some students surprised and happy to find their school water fountain suddenly had orange soda, and the rest explained how the piping and whole system was set up.

    I didn’t even like orange soda all that much. I don’t know why I chose it. In the same grade, the teacher had us all try different apples, and choose our favorite one. I choose Red Delicious, only because it had the word ‘delicious’ in its name. I actually hated the taste, but for a few years afterward I tried to convince myself it really was my favorite apple, just because I had chosen it that day. Anyway, I guess my point is when I was a kid my sense of knowing what I liked was a little disabled.

    Though not completely. About the same time I decided what my favorite colors were, in order, from most favorite to least. I still remember them: red, green, yellow, blue, black, brown, gray, purple, orange, white, peach, and pink.

  5. Randall Says:

    Speaking of “Los Angeles is an unredeemable shithole and the world would be unequivocally better were it to drop into the sea,” there’s a museum in Los Angeles which is as close to the museum described in this comic as can exist in reality. It’s called The Museum of Jurassic Technology, and if you’re ever in the LA area you really need to visit it.

    • mormagli Says:

      which is an amazing place that you can lose hours in and be unsure of exactly what you were doing.

      here’s their site

    • Owen Says:

      thirded. When I read the title I expected the exterior of the museum in the comic to be modeled after the Museum of Jurassic Technology.

    • Raised/Resided in Fresno for 21 years Says:

      I seem to recall a somewhat-similar Discovery Museum in the Bay Area, but that was 20 years ago, now. *checks* Yeah, it’s still there.

  6. RPF Says:

    This comic was fantastic. Totally worth waiting for.

  7. DNTMEE Says:

    Very good. Very imaginative, especially the “uphill both ways.” Overall, brilliant. Perhaps a good concept for a web site, if not reality.

    • Dusty668 Says:

      One small missing detail was the snow that was walked in barefoot.

      If this comic existed, I would totally love it!

    • Hotel Detectiv Says:

      Actually, my old school was on the other side of small local valley.
      So both ways it would be downhill at first and then an uphill slog.

      So, yeah.

  8. Trubloff Says:

    An even smarter version of ‘things that could have been but never were’ than The Gernsback Continuum.

  9. skye Says:

    Poor LA =/

  10. ksd Says:

    “Ha ha ha ha! It’s [L.A.] gone, it’s gone, it’s gone. It’s gone. All the shitty shows are gone, all the idiots screamin’ in the fuckin’ wind are dead, I love it. Leaving nothing but a cool, beautiful serenity called… Arizona Bay. Ha ha ha! That’s right. When L.A. falls in the fuckin’ ocean and is flushed away, all it will leave is Arizona Bay.”

    Fucking loved that reference.

  11. GerryB Says:

    All of it, from the cinematic single leaf that starts the slow scroll at the top, to every conversation I ever wanted to have over a meandering beer, I love all of this comic. And I’m impressed by the museum janitor for keeping the outside of those toilets free from the puddles of urine that’d inevitably result from visitors to confused to choose.

    “I love that suit…it really brings out your ass” is possibly the funniest thing that will get me slapped when I imminently repeat it to strangers.

    Brilliant top-form Subnormality Winston, congratulations.

  12. Fernando Says:

    I just wanna say that the final statements, that niche ideas can’t exist because we live in an economic darwnism, I just can’t agree with that.

    I think it is actually quite the opposite, it is exactly in a big city that you would find something so niche as a theoretical museum. The liveliest a city is economically the more you’ll find there. There’s even a book about it, The Long Tail, explaining how niche markets are feasible.

  13. AK Says:

    I came here to say exactly what Fernando just said: if the economy is large enough, you’re more likely to have niche industries in all sectors, including museums! Think small-town-with-one-grocery-store versus big-city-with-five-organic-locally-grown-co-ops. There’s a reason why Philadelphia can have a medical oddities museum, for example.

    Excellent work as usual though.

    • For the sake of argument, I bet that museum benefits from patronage, and that’s the key issue i think. Even the Guardian newspaper is dependent on handouts, as is yours truly (currently, anyway). But you’re right that there’s more to the issue than was addressed in the comic, and i’d definitely like to know more about this “Long Tail” book that Fernando mentioned above^.

    • Joe Says:

      If this comic is being supported by “handouts” then they’re not really handouts as far as I’m concerned.

  14. pG Says:

    221B. That adress alone should have given away the punchline. Brilliant as usual.

  15. Erik Says:

    I think that you could probably sell a profitable number of “DEWEY DEFEATS MOTHRA” shirts, were you to make them.

    • Infanttyrone Says:

      That was the laugh-out-loud line in the comic for me, certainly. This was one of those Subnormalities that had my face inches from the screen, trying to read all the little details.

    • fishboy Says:

      Oh god – yes please! If you don’t make a Dewey/Mothra t-shirt I might have to produce one myself. And it’ll probably suck. Stop me from committing this crime against art!

    • I’ll definitely consider it. I mean, i’d like to offer some new shirts next year, and i’m not exactly overflowing with ideas..

    • GerryB Says:

      Sorry, but “I’m not exactly overflowing with ideas” is something you’re Precisely Not Getting Away With.

    • mrputter Says:

      “DEWEY DEFEATS MOTHRA” t-shirt?

      Yes. Yes, I will buy.

  16. Johnny Says:

    The Beatles album title is brilliant!

  17. Marina Says:

    Excellent as always!

  18. Hey one a them pyramids is a crittur!

  19. Christopher Norton Says:

    Awww I miss Crystal Pepsi too.

  20. DoubleW Says:

    Huh. I was wondering where the ‘Girls who know how to flatter their ass without wearing awful jeans’ exhibit was.

  21. TF Says:

    I enjoyed ‘Our somewhat uneventful lunch with Godot’.

    I was wondering what the Indiana Jones movie poster was referencing, did they originally plan to use a different actor other than Harrison Ford? Is it Tom Selleck? (possibly spelt wrong)

    Anyway, it’s really really good.
    Not enough dinosaurs playing chess, but I’ll let that pass.


    • TF: Yeah, they tried several actors for Indy because Lucas had already had Harrison Ford in several movies. They auditioned Kurt Russell and a few others before finally settling on Tom Selleck. Went so far as to start preproduction before finding out that Selleck couldn’t be released from his commitment to “Magnum, P.I.”. So they cast Ford after all.

      There are some cool extras on the DVDs showing some of the original auditions. Selleck would have made an interesting Indy.

  22. Winston, I could read and reread this one for hours just delighting in all the references (even the Subnormality callbacks!). My favorites: the Nazi superplane from the “Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe” strip, the Bill Hicks reference, Tom Selleck as Indy, and the alternate Enterprise (the one from “All Good Things”, is it?). Even the Emperor’s New Clothes look familiar for some reason. A reference to Emperor Norton, or am I reading too much into that one?

    Hi, by the way. Just discovered this awesome comic a few weeks ago and went through the archives like a whirlwind. This has become one of my new favorites and I am always delighted to see a new strip.

    • Ben Says:

      Welcome Panserbjorne… welcome to one of the best comics on the internet. ^_^

    • Ralok Says:

      man you totally got it before me, that is definitly the enterprise from taht one alternate future

      so its an alternate future to a potential future

      boggles the mind it does

    • Yeah, that’s definitely the “All Good Things…” enterprise. As for emperor norton, i wish i’d thought of that…

  23. CitySquirrel Says:

    Amazingly beautiful, like always! I also loved the bathrooms… really clever! I feel like there is way more in this strip than I can take in at first glance.

  24. Awesome comic! Unless I’m mistaken, the patron is wearing a jacket styled after the Avro Arrow, Canada’s theoretical superfighter from the 60s.

  25. Mr. N Says:

    The “theoretical museum” one is your best comic ever. The “pop culture” frame made me laugh hard for minutes.


  26. Mike Says:

    I like that one! I have to read it some more time to get all the details and references. BTW: I wonder when Krupp sells this elephant-tank-thing?


    • Quirel Says:

      Actually, there was a Tank Destroyer (can’t call it a tank because it lacked a turret and a secondary gun) called the Ferdinand Elefant. Big, beautiful, a complete waste of resources, and it only made it to the front lines because of politics between the artillery folks and the tank groups.

      Love the visual pun, might have a new favorite comic here.

  27. Illuminatus Says:

    The Soviet room was a must and one of the things that appealed me (including a subtle reference to one of your own comics).

    And the LOTR minus the Songs was just plain brilliant.

  28. Adrian Says:

    another hugely awesome comic, congrats!

    loved the details but i’m sure i’ve lost a few, going over it with the magnifier next 😀

  29. Sarah Says:

    I like the idea of who you might be to create something like this.

  30. bachterman Says:

    love the small details!

  31. dauch Says:

    are the wish horses just her´s?

  32. Stranger Says:

    First of all, let me just compliment you on the sheer detail of the exhibits. I especially like the room full of Wish Horses XD

    ….also, the ending made me kinda sad :/

  33. Josh Says:

    Outstanding! Yeah, it’s unfortunate that such a museum would never exist, but there’s no end to “alternate history” fiction if you know where to look. In particular, you might enjoy “Fatherland.” It’s a real eye-opener as to what might have happened had England fell during WWII.

    • My mom has that book! I haven’t read it but i remember seeing it back in the day and looking at the fictional maps and images of berlin, and i think that was definitely a part of my inspiration for this. I should definitely actually read the book at some point thought.

    • Doom Says:

      “such a museum would never exist”. I think it is definitely possible to build an evil mega corporation, and then use fraction of the profit to maintain such museum.

  34. vanetz Says:

    Have a nice Bear Slayer day! 🙂

  35. James G Says:

    Another brilliant comic, and I particularly love all the little details burred in this one. I’d love to wander round a museum like this one, moreso if it was itself theoretical, and thus wouldn’t be constrained by aspects of practicality.

  36. Drgals Says:

    The theoretical, I’d dare say Borges-styled concept is quite good, and adapted to comedy is suitable for more than a couple laughs. Keep up the good work, your not-so-small-now, but ever as faithful audience delights with every word and line. Thanks!

  37. Joe Says:

    Love the Bill Hicks reference and the “Feed Us” horse. You and your comics are brilliant. It’s good to know that at the very least, great minds are not theorhetical 😉

  38. Patteroast Says:

    Heh, old proposal for Canadian flag by the door. 😀

  39. Ms.Amelia Says:

    I’ve been reading your comics for awhile now and I absolutely love them! I especially like this one, it reminds me of this book called “The Order Of Odd Fish”.

  40. YK Says:


    Thanks 😉

  41. Thomas Says:

    Man, this one’s really big, and it’s late and I just don’t have enough functioning brain cells at the moment to parse it all. BUT even so I just want to blurt out that the “People who are comfortable with unisex bathrooms” vs. “People who aren’t” totally made my day.

    I’ll read the rest in the morning. 🙂

  42. Torint Says:

    Nice comic, though I don’t agree that a museum like that wouldn’t be able to survive. Have you heard of some of the museums that are out there?

  43. lynchy226 Says:

    Loved it!
    Very happy i found this site, keep it up please! 🙂

  44. Richter Says:

    Awesome. Love all the little details. Gonna take a while to fully absorb it (“it really brings out your ass”… priceless). Also nice to see Mind-Exploder Girl not wiping out another dude out of existance.

    For those interested in alternate stuff, I recommend the novel “The years of rice and salt” by Stanley Robinson. It’s a fantasy story that tells what would have happened if the chinese and arabs had become the dominant powers instead of the spanish conquistadors, the UK, Germany, France, etc.

  45. JWEIN Says:

    Oh. She was a crackhead the whole time! Of course, I should have seen that coming.

  46. dvilla Says:

    It’s always a pleasure roaming around the museum of your mind, WR.

  47. Seth shaw Says:

    I’d LOVE a theoretical museum.

  48. pigeon hill jim Says:

    Better than “Cats”: I’ll see it again and again!

  49. Ragnar Says:

    Is 221B a reference to Sherlock Holmes?

  50. Tuco Says:

    I didn’t quite understand the connection to the pink-haired girl and the neanderthals. I always thought of her as being naiive rather than stupid. The guy certainly fit, which confuses me even more

    • CitySquirrel Says:

      I think it is just what she would look like AS a neanderthal… if they were the dominant species on the planet.

    • Leah Says:

      Neanderthals were not stupid. The exact relation between the intelligence of Neanderthals and that of modern humans is unknown, but they had larger brains than modern human, making it quite likely that they were actually smarter. In fact, there is speculation that the reason they went extinct is because they could not find enough food to support the energy demands of their brains.

  51. benS. Says:

    Harsh awakening for bag lady?

    The same here!!

    I think I recognize three of the “pyramids”.
    The “3 Royal Hillocks” are 1000+ year old, 11- metre high and also the proudness of my country. Til now…

    About bathrooms: The left one should be the most PC one to choose. There was an edItorial about this problem in the paper recently…

    on the outskirts of nowhere.

    P.s. The first panel with all the
    leafs is just hilarious. And… that upper left single one! Wow.

  52. Sven DiMilo Says:

    nice, man

  53. Joe Says:

    I’d love to be able to meet a theoretical me

  54. Kate Says:

    I hate the nit-pick but Santa Clara, CA is in the San Fransisco Bay area. The city marked as “Santa Clara” on the map is Santa Clarita.

    Also, if one wants to eliminate Los Angeles and its influence on the world, then Santa Clarita and the Antelope Valley (Lancaster) should be dumped into Arizona Bay as well.

  55. Doom Says:

    Much better than “goats”, I think.

  56. Bright Says:

    I had a good smile out of that one, reminds me slightly of Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy for some reason.

  57. Highsox Says:

    That does suck…that would be such a tight museum. Now to find a way to make it a reality…

  58. Rick in Mexico Says:

    An N-1 moon rocket!

    (The Soviet super-booster comparable to the American Saturn V. Every test launch ended in failure after two minutes or less. Sometimes much less.)

    • I know, it’s depressing just to read about. Huge, technological marvels just exploding on every launch because of tiny screws or whathaveyou. This is the kind of thing that fascinates me, i reckon.

  59. Line Noise Says:

    Please don’t respond to this camment.

  60. Skullsex Says:

    The comic in tl;dr:
    “People refuse to subsidize the things I like, so I’m gonna bitch about it”

  61. craG Says:

    Was it on purpose that the “people who are comfortable with unisex bathrooms & people who aren’t” doors don’t make sense, as people who aren’t comfortable could still be from both sexes so it would still be a unisex toilet. Also, I don’t think I agree with the unisex bathroom anyways. Its kind perverted of the guys, and i myself would be a bit creeped out to share a toilet with girls, unless it was my partner living with me, but still then only pissing max. Even that is pretty fucking weird. So yeah, i’m “people who aren’t”. Cause c’mon man, does everything with society have to be wrong to you?

    • CitySquirrel Says:

      One could see it more as a joke pointing out the fact that they are not a binary pair. There are actually three groups… people who are comfortable, men who are not, and women who are not. If you make it the either or that it sounds like then it doesn’t work.

  62. Sean Says:

    So, so good. : ) The details! Incredible.

  63. Alan Rimmer Says:

    This is brilliant with great ideas and excellent art.

  64. ESH Says:

    Aww subnormality book theoretical only.

  65. branmuffin Says:

    Longtime reader, first time poster.
    This comic made me smile so much. If there was a museum like this (must check out the jurrassic tech one someday!) I’d be there everyday.
    I just love your comics so much, they are the individual highlight of my week.
    Dear Rowntree, you are my inspiration (in a completely non-cheesy line sort of way, of course). You’re so much of a genius, you’re a…. genie. yeah.

    Keep up the fantasitic and impossibly incredible work! ^_^

  66. Bungo Says:

    Love the British Leyland bag.

    I so would spend hours checking out the Theoretical Weapons of the Third Reich display.

  67. Maim Says:

    Is that a “STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl” reference in the Soviet section?

  68. Filipe Tomé Says:


    I just cant agree with the economic analysis tho. There ar eplenty of niches out there and many many more with the Internet today.

  69. Filipe Tomé Says:

    also, gotta love the piervie v lune poster

  70. Ratazana Says:

    Nice!, Buran!

  71. D Hue Says:

    No more Weezer albums? In my mind, they retired after Green 😀

  72. Vernon Marsh Says:

    Hmmm…kinda makes you think.

  73. Dovahn Says:

    I love the details! I have to say my favorite was the Tintin reference – I almost missed it, but there it was, sitting next to the other books-that-could-have-been.

  74. Amanda Says:

    I love all the little details, especially the book entitled “LOTR without the songs”

    Well done, as usual! I’m so glad to see the comments and support grow with each passing week.

  75. S. A. Ravenheart Says:

    Great one today. Keep those awesome ideas coming! Loved Tom Sellack as Indiana Jones.

  76. localvagrant Says:

    When the girl told the curator how the suit brings out her ass, I went through the comic again, seeing if it did.

  77. Torint Says:

    By the way, I think more of your comics should end with Napoleon bursting forth from the sidewalk. I miss those days.

  78. Breeze Says:

    Oh, I absolutely loved this!
    Keep up the good work!

    The Theoretical Me who has just read this comic, alias Breeze

  79. Taro Says:

    ♥ @ the Barry Lyndon reference at the end, and @ Love’s Labour’s Won

  80. toaster_pimp Says:

    I know subnormality is usually pretty cynical, but this one has a pleasant fuzzy feel to it that is nice.

  81. Stutkhartz M. Says:

    Loved it. Thanks for brightening a gray day.

  82. MiLo Says:

    Well done

  83. Arathi Says:

    Mind=blown. I loved it keep up the great work.

  84. Christien Gagnier Says:

    what a great comic/comment on history, human nature and possibilities

  85. PersonMan Says:

    Great stuff, but the anthro-nerd that’s been bred into me (both parents are paleoanthropologists) feels the need to point out that recent genetic data we’ve gotten on neanderthals strongly suggests that they developed into us, along with cro-magnon. Basically lending a lot of credence to a theory my Dad is a proponent of. Multiregional evolution for the win!

    God, I’m a dork.

  86. Maja Says:

    Theoretically, this comic was the highlight of my evening!

  87. Ice Raven Says:

    Now thats what I call NIFTY !

    😉 🙂 {*v*} 😛 😀 I.R.

  88. GerryB Says:

    You should rent these people some space in your museum – they’ve got their own “Imaginary Foundation’ that looks like a good fit:

  89. Chris Says:

    I love your comics. If I need to cheer myself I turn on Neutral Milk Hotel and just flick through a couple dozen for a half hour. It’s such a good time

  90. Deckhouse-5 Says:

    “Hey, wouldn’t it be great if the Museum of the Theoretical was right here-”
    “Welcome back, alternate Self, we’ve updated the section of comics that Winston Rowntree would have drawn if he had received the same mainstream attention and funding as Lady Gaga gets for acting weird”

  91. Flexo Says:

    Wow, this episode must have been a lot of work to create. Thanks for putting in so much detail and effort into drawing this. I really enjoyed it!

  92. Fiona Says:

    Love it made me laugh

  93. Andrew Says:

    nice artwork for a webcomic… too bad you’re a pretentious little shit :p

  94. Evan Balster Says:

    Wow. Okay. I’m frequenting this comic now.

  95. Bill W Says:

    Winston, you gotta make a joke about all this rubbish about Victoria’s secret fashion show…

    This Victoria’s secret thing is everywhere, they even have it on the news websites (like this is meant to be news)

    You’ve got to make a comic about how ridiculous all this celebrity obsession is getting

    And p.s. I think I’ve been to this museum

  96. Sam Says:

    Very nice visuals. Was a fun comic that I enjoyed.

  97. M.Santa Cruz Says:

    Great stuff! Spent all evening looking/reading your work. This is not a criticism but I prefer your ideas and intellectual concepts to your artwork,which I also enjoy. Ever hear of James Tiptree jr.? I think you might have much in common. Keep fighting the good fight.

  98. Richter Says:

    There’s a Stalker reference in the russian section? Someone please explain it to me; my screen is too small and I can’t see it. Thanks.

  99. dillon Says:

    love your comics 🙂

  100. Matt Says:

    Hey, just stumbled upon the theoretical museum comic strip and also the maturity goat diagram. I really enjoyed both pieces!

  101. tris mccall Says:

    *tintin and alph-art*! man, i’ve been looking for a copy of that for years.

  102. Lehooo Says:

    I’ve just read through the entire archive of Subnormality (no, not in one sitting) and I absolutely love it! This has become one of my favorite web comics now (besides SMBC, Cyanide and Happiness, A Lesson is Learned but the Damage is Irreversible, The Perry Bible Fellowship, etc.) Keep up the good work!

  103. Sally Says:

    I love your comics so hard. I’ve been reading them for awhile but only seem to check them about as often as you post them 😛 so I feel silly adding a little comment waaay at the end after everybody else says everything important…but I figure you should at least know there’s another person who thinks you’re awesome. So thank you!

  104. Theoretical fan Says:

    That is ruddy brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  105. Pontus Says:

    Wow, that comic blew my mind. Just the right amount of pretentiousness if you ask me. It’s a delicate ballance to mix real opinions with humor, or maybe it just takes balls, either way you pull it off.

  106. kapsi Says:

    What’s with the high boots every woman has in this comic?

  107. reverundo Says:

    My favorite is the Operation Unthinkable newspaper covered partially by her head.

  108. Lily Says:

    That was amazing! Really, the story and the design, loved it.

  109. Pete Says:

    interesting- love ontology

  110. Ellemar Says:

    I figured out another way that would have you walk to school uphill both ways.
    Your house is on one end of a valley, the school is on the other. You’d have to walk from your house, perched on one side, down into the valley, and then back up the other side to get to the school.
    When I figured this out, I was like “Omg I’m so cool.”

  111. Kati Says:

    So, you actually can walk to school up hill both ways. When I was in college living in San Francisco, this is exactly what I did every day for two years. My apartment was on one side of Russian Hill, the school was on the other side. There was no tunnel (near me) through the hill. I walked up hill 4 block, then down hill 4 blocks to get to school. Getting back was the same formula. Therefore, I walked up hill both ways to get to school.

    It’s so obvious that none of us think of it until we actually have to do it. ^_-

  112. Can't think of a name, so I'm posting as Joshua Roey Says:

    This is by far your most intelligent and most entertaining strip yet! It was like something out of The Sandman.

  113. Eva Says:

    This is awesome.

  114. Erdosain Says:

    Someone already mentioned, but this fantastically awesome comic reminded me of a Jorge Luis Borges story called “The library of Babel”, in which all knowledge that could ever be thought of was stored. It was infinite, and its books contained all the possible combinations of words and sentences that are possible using our alphabet (both making sense and not…).
    I also read somewhere that there’s a theory in physics that says that for every action ever undertaken by anyone, another infinite ‘realities’ are then created, in which every other possible behavior or event other than the one that happened takes place.
    I think this little place of yours gives us a small glimpse of such places! 🙂

    Love the comics, read every one of them since i found them on cracked. Keep up the great work!

  115. CyanL Says:

    Thank you.

  116. DukeEuphoria Says:

    Any chance of a poster/print of this one being made available ?

    I have at least one chum would would read this, laugh, then stop laughing and sit down for a really good think.


  117. J Julio Says:

    That IS the Museum of Jurassic Technology, which, improbably, does indeed exist.

  118. Peter V Says:

    I’m sorry.. I snuck in the door right behind you… loved the tour

  119. Phill Says:

    Just finished reading the whole archive after this. After this the Maturity Climb is my favorite.

    You’re a real wiseass, Roundtree. I’d donate if it weren’t for being unemployed 😦

  120. Samuel Says:


  121. Colleen Says:

    I enjoy your stories/commentary/cartoons. Thank you!

  122. Loku Says:

    Man, you make the best stuff I’ve seen on the web in a while. Keep doing it, please.

  123. chris Says:

    this is fantastic, i stand to aplod your creative insights

  124. Macy Says:

    wow this is amazing, i seriously wish there was a museum like that i would spend my days in there until i was done with every book it contained!!! 🙂 great job awesome story and incredible art 😉

  125. I actually think a museum like that would be fairly popular–as long as it was put in a place like NY, LA, or London.

  126. Ooh nevermind. I had no idea this was already in LA

  127. 23886 Says:

    Strange, in the first panel this looked like a single floor building with a basement, and nowhere near big enough to house all that stuff. Yet, panel 3 shows signs of a floor 2. This building is totally a theoretical tardis. 😀

  128. Leah Says:

    I absolutely love all of these comics….I wish I could afford Monstrous Discrepancies….brilliant. Please keep making these!

  129. Looky Lue Says:

    great use of the comic medium

  130. David Says:

    I like the address of 221B. Is it the hypothetical neighbor of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson across the street at 222B?

  131. HOLY SHIT. That was… my mind is blown.

  132. RB Says:

    the thing about school uphill that was freaky

  133. ilssii Says:

    The book titles in the 8th panel are fantastic. “Our uneventful lunch with Godot” indeed. Brilliant.

  134. John Mitchell Says:

    I loved this one. I look forward to seeing more

  135. I would go to the museum just to listen to “Imagine a Photograph of a Passing Jet.”

  136. Rick Says:

    Dratedly “clever”!

  137. Teri Didelot Says:

    This is one of the most thoughtfully hilarious things I’ve ever read.

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