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October 16, 2010

Hi. I just wanna say I’m Still Here, and i’m sorry for another 2-week gap, my work habits have been just Shit lately, more of my trademark flameouts etc, and i just wanna apologize for that and say i’m fucking finally back on track and a new comic will be up this weekend (meaninglessly small preview below).

Like i said, i’ve been degenerating into bad work habits lately. I’ll do this thing where i set to work on too thin of a premise, like setting out across the atlantic on a plywood raft with an armload of lumber with the intention of making it into a ship at some point along the way, and then a week later there i am at the bottom of the ocean and y’alls are standing there on the dock at southampton wondering where in the hell i am. Anyway, too thin of a premise, and then i’ll write and edit for like four days before having to scrap the entire thing because you can’t just hammer something into a good idea, it has to be a good idea to begin with, it has to be a clear, specific idea that can then be embellished upon. Did that twice in the past two weeks anyway, huge walls of text down the drain, but i think i’m actually learning from my mistakes at this point. The best comics i’ve done have basically written themselves after a good premise has been established, and the worst ones, the ones that get scrapped in disgust after four days are the ones where there was no clear premise, no clear thesis, no clear hypothesis or if/then statement or concrete notion of any kind. Groan. It’s amazing how completely oblivious you can be to your own bad habits sometimes, but each massive burnout brings me closer to good work habits i reckon. Fingers crossed. And please feel most free to learn from my mistakes. Keep it simple. Think of an easily-summarized idea and then build around it. Doing the opposite ain’t such a good idea.

New comic actually on the way, anyhow. I hate being away, i hate it hate it hate it. So i’ll be back this weekend. About goddamn time.


PS: On a good note, the new Bill Hicks documentary is finally out on DVD (in the UK, that is), and i’d definitely recommend it to any fans. The way it’s done with sort of animated photo sequences is really cool and different (and sure to copied in the future), plus there are just hours of extra features, interviews etc, so anyone who’s into the whole Bill Hicks thing should get on over to Amazon.uk or something and get ye a copy. If you don’t have an all-region player, just download VLC player and watch it on your PC. Good times.

PPS: I posted my somewhat facetious “influence map” last time, which was essentially accurate, but i forgot to mention Evan Dorkin, who is definitely a huge influence. My comics have titles because his “Fun” comics have titles. Plus that whole “cluttered like my head” story he did is something that i’m just hugely glad to have read. Very influential also.

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