September 9, 2010

Hey, the site’s back online finally, and the new comic’s up too. No walls of text this time though. ROWNTREE WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?! TS;DR



OKAY! Even Topatoco have requested that this be a poster, so it’s on the way, the wheels are in motion, etc. Stay tuned for an announcement, and thanks for the requests, it’s the way things get made into posters, i reckon.

*UPDATE #2*: Via the power of democracy, the poster is now available! It’s been reshaped to be a more manageable shape as opposed to the super long and thin format of the original, which i figured was the way to go. Thanks again for the requests, it’s been a hell of a thing to read so many people saying “i want a poster of this,” and i’m just really glad y’alls liked the comic so much. As for me, i got some walls of text to work on, so i’ll see you later…

high fives all around,


491 Responses to “Discrepancies”

  1. Seth shaw Says:

    Love this one! Made me feel good.

  2. Richter Says:

    *golf clap*

    Beautiful, thoughful, simple yet meaningful. Excellent comic. Thank you for that Mr Rowntree.

  3. Andy Says:

    Mr. Rowntree –

    Long-time reader, first-time poster… this is one of your best comics to date… top 10, I think. Thanks for all the great work!

    Also, you should apologize for comic-interruptus less often… it’s just great for us to get comics at all.

  4. B Says:

    I’m keeping my browser window open to this… forever.

  5. Alvaro Says:

    this actually made my day, and put a smile on my face. Thank you, you’re awesome!

  6. schtroumpf Says:

    A heartwarming comic indeed, right up there with “And they tell me there are people who are normal, but […] I’ve never met one […] so why not compare yourself to real people instead.”

    The “How closely they are scrutinizing you” panel reminds me of something an actor friend told me about a course she was teaching on “Overcoming Shyness.” She said that shy people often assume that wherever they go, everyone’s looking at them, which is, as you say here, generally not the case.

  7. Esn Says:

    I love this one, especially the very imaginative artwork filled with the sorts of creatures that I like to draw myself (when I feel I can get away with it).

    Did I see a Yorp?

  8. Quirel Says:

    *Rolls eyes*

    What’s it say about the world, that I look at the first two panels and assume it’s a putdown to the Conspiracy Theorist crowd?

    Good comic.

  9. Questo's Dad Says:

    It would make a good poster for what it’s worth. Very great yo.

  10. S.G. Says:

    This put a smile on my face. I’ve been feeling some version of all those exaggerated assumptions for a little too long now. It’s really something to read a total stranger’s thoughts reflect my inner feelings and also express the positive counterpoint I know I need to hear. It’s why I read/watch/listen to anything and it’s specifically why I always read your comic. Thanks.

    Also, I love the animation style of this one. All those wonderfully unique creatures are really endearing somehow.

  11. torso Says:

    I feel pretty much **** for all my trouble right now with my lost job etc…. but you might be right and maybe (hopefully) its all less of a problem than it seems…. thx man

  12. corby Says:

    Wow. If you made a poster of this, I would buy it.

  13. Me too on the poster thing! Poster poster!

  14. Paul Says:


  15. jocelyn Says:

    I REALLY want a poster of this, maybe 600. Please consider it, and let us know if you decide to do it.

  16. moose Says:


  17. GlitterBerri Says:

    Thank you! I loved the visual metaphor with the rain and fire. You’re wonderful at getting your message across, so subtly yet with such impact.

  18. Pat Cannon Says:

    I like you.

  19. charlie Says:

    cool stuff πŸ™‚

  20. TheUnreasoner Says:

    Brilliant! This should be translated into every language and spread to the four corners of the Earth!

  21. NicoSuave Says:

    I just had an exhausting day. Soo exhausting. Blah. This here comic cheered me right up. Thanks a lot. No, seriously, thanks a lot a lot a lot.

  22. Frank Says:


  23. bwillb Says:

    HOLY CRAP…. that beaver is a quest giver

  24. doug Says:

    That’s beautiful. Truely art. Thank you!

  25. Mister Inveigler Says:

    This is a brilliant piece of artwork, and the message is wonderful, as are so many of your pieces.

    This would go down well as a poster too! Just saying.

    Keep up the good work sir!

  26. Alwill Says:

    Thanks πŸ™‚

  27. Dom Says:

    Absolutely Beautiful. So true.

  28. wblankenship Says:

    I just want to say I am stunned, and in flipping through your archives I found that you’ve done most of the strange obscure comics I’ve stumbled on that have stunned me. (WEIRD, the signs one, the creative process, etc)

    You truly do have a unique voice, and one that I will be paying attention to, glad to know who’s singing with it.

  29. ΞΞΉΞΊΟŒΞ»Ξ±ΞΏΟ‚ Says:

    Thank you! It’s always nice to find a comic waiting, and frankly they’ve all been good! Congratulations and keep up the good work!

  30. jason Says:

    really super cool.
    Love the guy in the rain.
    Keep up the good work!

  31. Kevin Says:

    Really good comic, made me think.

    Keep up the good work!

  32. Drew Says:

    Agree with everyone who said this should be a poster.

  33. Doaqueas Says:

    Just great.

  34. Amz Says:

    You really need to make this a poster. I would love to put it up on my res floor and my room. I know another friend who would love to do the same!

  35. Ravi Vora Says:

    Thoughtful and poignant. Great comic!

  36. Roberto B. Says:

    As usual, much thought inside each panel.
    Keep up the excellent work.

  37. Fred Says:

    Fantastic! Thank you

  38. Meghana K Says:

    monstrously good! You always draw monsters so well. these ones are particularly likeable!

    Made my day! Thank you!

  39. TentacledBeast Says:


    The “how fortunate you might be” helped calm me down a bit after unexpected complications with my eye surgery. I’m starting to think, things could have been a lot worse. Thanks for that πŸ™‚

  40. Mike Says:

    Wow, you’re just getting better and better.

  41. pG Says:

    Absoultely perfect.
    My day is now made. We all need a little perspective sometimes.

  42. Alex Says:

    A visitor from Spain here. Just came to say how talented you are; after reading this one strip I’m convinced that you have a gift. I rarely see a comic done with such intelligence and wit and so touching as this one, so please keep on keeping on!

  43. Michael Says:

    Thanks for this wonderful depiction of what so many feel like !

  44. Fantastic Comic! This makes me feel good,

  45. micha Says:

    yay. awesome, keep up the great work!

  46. Alwill Says:

    Could I have your permission to blog this?

  47. Karhe Says:

    You actually made me cry…

  48. Tomi Says:

    Always funny but finally you did it. You made one that emotes feelings dude you made art.

  49. Karhe Says:

    Also, me wants a poster, too.

  50. Phil Says:

    So damned true!
    A poster of this should be hung on the wall of every common area in every elementary, middle & high school.
    Poster it. I’ll buy some.

  51. Mike Says:

    Fantastic, love it!

  52. Illuminatus Says:

    This is absolutely outstanding. It’s the kind of reality spoonful that my pesimism would need every morning.

    Also: needs poster now.

  53. Lucas Henderson Says:

    I would buy this in a heartbeat as a poster, as would a good many others on reddit.

  54. AJ Says:

    thanks for this. i really needed it.

  55. Irmansul Says:

    “This has been made for me !

    Well, for me and…for a lot of people, i guess.”

    One of your best comics. Moving and accurate.

  56. Irmansul Says:

    Also, I would buy a print of it.

  57. Sophia Says:

    Amazing, are there prints available?

  58. bookfisher Says:

    aww, so cute

  59. teacher Says:

    I would buy this as a poster as well. As a teacher, it would be awesome to put on a wall in a middle/high school class. Would it be ok to do this on my own? (Probably would have to put a bikini on the chic monster in the TV to not upset parents…)

  60. paul Says:

    I like this comic a lot because it’s 90% picture and 10% words instead of the other way around.

  61. eric Says:

    This one should be a poster, seriously! I would buy it.

  62. Chris Snively Says:

    While some of the comics are weird, others are excellent thoughts. Please continue the excellent work.

  63. krjackex Says:

    This needs to be a poster now! I’d buy this print instantly if available.

  64. Wow I can see others have thought like I do. I am a teacher in high school here in Norway and I would like to translate this and put it on the walls. Is there a way I can support you by paying for a high quality PDF file somehow ? Buying a poster would be a bit silly as I need to change the text any way, the language is a bit hard for some of the students, even in high school here in Norway.

  65. Ogi Moore Says:

    If this was a poster, I would buy in a heart beat.

  66. eugliz Says:

    I would purchase this as a poster!

  67. slugboi Says:

    The internets demand a poster!

  68. tim Says:

    Another nice one holmes.

  69. Ventez Says:

    Loved it.

  70. Lex Sisney Says:

    So true!! Really, really awesome insights and poignant. Thank you.

  71. Dan J Says:

    I’d buy a poster of this in a second!

  72. Yes. Please. Poster. Did I say please?

  73. anne Says:

    more people need to see this! loved it!

  74. Moaem Says:

    Hey Winston. I would really love it if I could have the monster in panel 3 “self-assured-assumed-others” on a t-shirt. I would really love it.

  75. CBPS Says:

    You ought to make this a poster. It just made the front page of reddit under the headline, “Now this is a comic that needs to be available as a poster. It is f*cking awesome.”

  76. wow Says:

    this is great!

  77. Jack Thomson Says:

    Thanks winston, this made my day

  78. Andrea Says:

    Really freakin great! I’m with everyone else on the poster. Email me when it comes out! This could be the best random fb link ever.

  79. this is really nice…good work

    check my art

  80. Spooky Says:

    Excellent strip! I always like your work, but this is the best one in a while!

  81. Spooky Says:

    And I agree that this strip would make an excellent poster. I’d buy one.

  82. Tara Says:

    PLEASE make this a poster! PLEASE!!??!!?

  83. Marc Says:

    Long time reader, first-time commenter… your stuff is really great! Keep up the terrific work. Some of your comics have changed my outlook, no joke.

  84. Truly great stuff, thanks for this.

  85. tator Says:

    that shits kool and funny you FUCKIN ROCK DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. DoubleW Says:

    I love your monster designs. Have you ever thought about doing concept art for game development? There’s tons of indie developers out there who want to have this kind of meaningful visual style in their games, but don’t seem to know how.

  87. Xavier Says:

    Amazing. It made me happy.

  88. thunt Says:

    Love this work. Want it on a poster really badly. Any plans for that? Thanks again for helping me feel less small, lonely and defeated.

  89. LaShawn Says:

    Awww…I love the monsters!

  90. Chris Lee Says:

    This needs to be a poster I can buy and hang places. That or I’m making my own.

  91. Ben Le Says:


  92. Drgals Says:

    Seems that you’re growing quite a fanbase… obviously because of the great work!

  93. Rui Says:

    Poster please πŸ™‚

  94. Matt Tobin Says:

    Make this into a poster, stat!

  95. Gary Watson Says:

    Hey, nice job WR. Profound.

  96. Jamie Says:

    (Warning, this comment sounds unbelievably poncey, pretentious, and just really bad..)

    You say a lot more when you say less. At least when you’re not using people, because you capture people perfectly, or at least their thought process, just long streams of doubt and anger. That may just be me though..

    Anyway, love the social commentary, you’re amazing, the art helps too, makes any message less dried out.

  97. Phil e drifter Says:

    Did he died?

  98. OKAY! Even Topatoco have requested that this be a poster, so it’s on the way, the wheels are in motion, etc. Stay tuned for an announcement, and thanks for the requests, it’s the way things get made into posters, i reckon.

  99. Superb comic. Right on.

  100. mike Says:

    Here are several concepts that I’ve slowly been learning over the last few years, but can’t often put into words. Love it.

    Also, LOVED seeing your GREAT WORK on Cracked.com!

  101. Carl Says:

    u da best

  102. Nas Says:

    I’ve been reading your comics for a while and one of the main reasons I like them is because they have a strange type of optimism (well most of them anyway). Keep up the good work mate πŸ™‚

  103. Giganos Says:

    An excellent thing to read with a virus riddled head and still a full day of work yet to complete before the weekend.

    Here’s hoping for rain πŸ™‚

  104. Jonathan Dugan Says:

    drop the sexuality pane, and send it to a children’s book publisher. with only slight tweaks, would be a *great* book for kids ages 6-10

    • Jβ€”dV. Says:

      don’t drop the sexuality panel. kids have to deal with that shit too, and why should heteronormative be the only message out there?

    • ^Yes, agreed. I wanted to say something, but you got the phrasing better than i could. The sexuality bit is the last one i’d drop, i’ll say that.

    • Catinthewall Says:

      The sexuality one is perfect. It beautifully describes the situation in a way that could be applied the same way to religious opinion, politics, and so on.

      You don’t even need to understand what sex is to get it.

    • Charlotte Says:

      The sexuality pane struck me the most. If you really must be so conservative about it, make the age more like 12-14. They’ve seen worse by that age, trust me.

  105. J-F Says:

    this makes me feel better

    thank you for describing life through your art
    it makes it that much less scary

  106. Wallace of troy Says:

    I dont what to say, in one moment of glorious truth, all my anxieties of the day left. Ive been reading Subnormality for a while, but this one just spoke to me. It would be awesome to see more like this.

  107. stryde22 Says:

    gah! when you want to be moving, YOU REALLY DO IT! i think i love all the serious ones just as much, if not more, than the funny ones…im gettin a print lol!

  108. valy Says:

    as many of your comics, this one made me feel like i’m not alone (yes…i’m still in that fase in life where i think i’m dealing with everything by myself 😑 )

    it made me feel at ease…and since i’m going to bed right now,tonight i’m not going to question every decision i’ve made so far xD

    thanks for the wonderful comic

    (oh…with walls of text or no walls of text your comics are great, but i prefer walls of text)

  109. Caitlin H Says:

    I have been reading your comics for a little while now so I wanted to tell you that this one is so simple and beautiful! It really made me smile!

    PS I love you wordy comics, too!

  110. Joshua I. Says:

    Damned good pick-me-up. I enjoyed it.

  111. Kelly Says:

    wow. ❀

  112. Andy Says:

    This was really cool. Thanks for making it.

  113. Ali S. Says:

    Now that was a pick me up I really needed. πŸ™‚

  114. Kieran Taylor Says:

    Please make a poster of this.

  115. kniteli Says:

    This is, plain and simple, excellence. Witty, deep, surprising. Hard to hit all three of those at once. I’ve read a lot of your stuff and have never failed to be impressed, but this I think is the fabled rare masterpiece.

  116. hmason Says:

    Brilliant work, Winston. The only way it could of possibly been better is with PHG.

  117. Cleo Says:

    Maybe I’m just slow but can someone explain the gist of the sexuality panels to me? (I think I have an idea but I can’t quite explain it)

    • om Says:

      Oops I somehow didn’t notice there’s a reply link. I put my reply in the next comment.

    • Tobu Says:

      I had trouble understanding it as well. If you read out the colours, it is β€œblack and white” vs β€œshades of grey”.

      The people on the right aren’t mixing attributes (would be: sphere head with one eye) but rather blending them (round-ish head with two eyes).

      It presumably has to do with the Kinsey scale as om points out.

  118. om Says:

    This is great. Really provides a beautiful adjustment of perspective, and the illustrations really crystallize the concepts.


    My interpretation of the sexuality panel is that it refers to both gender identity and sexual preference. In both cases it’s more of a continuum than a stark divide between men and women. As a result, rather than sexuality being a binary thing, as on the left panel, it’s a mix.

    I’m assuming the right hand panel represents possibilities in gender identity: transvestite, transsexual, other; and sexual preference: straight, gay, lesbian, etc.

  119. genuineparts Says:

    It’s pure, distilled and unfettered brilliance.

    Your comics regularly make my days.

  120. LeMauvais Says:

    amazing πŸ™‚
    and sweetly drawn ….

  121. Sean Says:

    This is unfettered excellence.

  122. Dave Says:

    Make this into a damn poster and I will buy it immedi- er… uh, when I’m not dead broke.

  123. Dunga Says:

    Actually one of the best comics I have ever seen in my life.

  124. Hafwit Says:

    That was good as usual, but also very uplifting as not-usual. Thank you very much.

  125. AngSav Says:

    Thanks man. Just thanks. Awesome, as always.

  126. dethtoll Says:

    That one about being alone…


  127. emma Says:

    I want the one about the fire and the rain cloud as a ti shirt. Do you make ’em?

    love it. thanks for the insight

  128. Tesia Says:


  129. danklina Says:

    I never wanted this to end.
    I’m saving this to my hard drive.
    It’s rather brilliant

  130. Dana Says:

    this is wonderful! i wish there were more! i’m going to show them to all my friends!
    thank you for doing this!

  131. Andrea Says:

    Wow. I wish I’d seen these when I was young. Perhaps I’d have had a different view of myself and the world, instead of waiting till I was 40 to come to the same conclusions you’ve illustrated. I’m going to show them to my kids! They’ll totally dig them! Thanks!

  132. Elizabeth Says:

    This is *brilliant*. I’m sending to friends & relatives. And will save to look at myself for those great reminders.

  133. Lovely! Sentiment, not drawings–they’re cool and funky!

  134. Carlos Says:

    Beautiful, is a trigger for feelings!!!

  135. Chip Says:

    Brilliant, absolutely brilliant! I’ve been reading Subnormality for a little while now, but this is my first comment. Again, brilliant!

  136. LightHorseman Says:

    Mad Cat/Timberwolf WIN frame 2!

    • Ackapus Says:

      I thought that immediately myself, but noticed that the legs were not digitigrade. Honestly, I’m a huge fan of the games and an OCD dorkamugnous, so this stands out to me, and given Win’s attention to detail I honestly don’t know if it’s a happy coincidence or honest mistake. Heck, it may just be the perspective of the panel, but it looks like a knee-joint ‘mech.

      Even still, bloody good show having a Battlemech at all.

    • Yeah, i don’t even know why i threw that in, i guess i just Felt Like It. And it was more a caricature of said mech, in line with the cartoony nature of the strip, hence any deviations from the actual design (/nerdiness).

      Oh, and Mechwarrior 2 = best box art ever. That’s just inarguable if you ask me.

    • Ackapus Says:

      Hey, I was bound to over-analyze a strip at some point, right? Sorry for nitpicking. All things told, I will never fault a soul for throwing a random Battlemech in somewhere.

      I figured you more likely to be a fan of Civilization, though. Especially Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri.

    • Naw, don’t apologize for nitpicking, a fair point is a fair point. As for Civlization etc, i never really got into those, i try to stay away from super-addictive open-ended games, knowing i could easily disappear down that particular rabbit hole for god knows how long..

  137. Lillie Says:




    thank you for making this.

  138. Rodan Gopaul-Singh Says:

    Never left a comment on a comic before. This is fantastic, both in execution and meaning. I’m sending it to my 15 year old son.

    Amazing work. Thank you.

  139. dodoman1 Says:

    I think this is the best one yet.

  140. Max Navajo Says:

    An excellent poster candidate; I’d love to have this in my room πŸ™‚
    Good job!

  141. tony Says:

    very nice. thanks for making this

  142. Ammar Says:

    Amazing work !! Love to have this in my room

  143. Leox Says:

    Excelent comic I enjoyed it very much. TY

  144. Mary Mobley Says:

    Want as t-shirts!

  145. loosenut Says:

    one of the best comix yet. I would pay for a poster.

  146. Steve Says:

    Never commented before but this is probably one of my favourites so far πŸ˜€

  147. Steve Says:

    Wow I only commented once before (and to complain), this is amazing though, I would pay money to put this on my wall!

    Great job!

  148. Keith Says:

    Words fail me.

  149. NoVan Says:

    Wow! I love it. Good on you, man.

  150. Magic Mike Says:

    This is consistently the best web comic out there! Every strip is filled with truth! You somehow put into images everything I feel and somethings I don’t even realize I feel. Thank you for all of these comics and keep them coming! Love the art and love the words!

  151. Excellent, Rowntree.

    As a person who has been crippled by shyness for most of his life, may I say this is one of my favourite subnormalities.
    Wonderful job.


  152. Leonidas.1@sparta.gr Says:

    I don’t get The Perceived Significance of One. Is it that the furry guy is a) a small, small creature in a large, large cave, and b) that the small furry creature has a lamp on his forehead and can thus lead the even smaller creatures?

  153. Betty Says:

    Wow! I woke up feeling really bummed this morning as things arent going so great. This cartoon put things in perspective. THANX!

  154. Lee Harvey Says:

    Love your work.

    This is one of your most beautiful strips, along with The Wall. The lack of Wall of Text and the lovely monster art gives this one big value as a poster.

    I don’t understand the reference to institutions, though. Can anyone clear it up for me and other people with no analytical minds? Is it that although institutions look

    • miaow Says:

      How I see it: Well if you go to a school or university or have a job at any institution, the place can seem overwhelmingly intimidating, infallible and demanding. But in reality it’s not like that- the foundations are a lot more shaky. After all, individuals like you are the ones who actually keep the place going.

    • Summer Says:

      I’d say that it is very much like what miaow said, but also that getting through red tape seems so daunting – institutions as a whole seem like a huge obstacle, but everything has a loophole. If you’re not afraid and take a little time to figure it out, you can walk right under the legs and out the other side. πŸ™‚

  155. kyle Says:

    Awesome comic, think the drawing and ideas are great.

  156. Lucas Says:

    i love this!

  157. Allison Says:

    Wonderful πŸ™‚ My favorite was the sexuality part.

  158. Ivan C. Says:

    One of my most favorites so far…

  159. Joseph York Says:

    I would totally buy this as a poster!

  160. GerryB Says:

    Winston, your visual musicality is rich and full, the sweep of thinking matched by a true communication between mind and hand; I would still mark this as ‘unfinished symphony’ though – ‘is it all a dream?’ didn’t work in Dallas, and for such an impressive paedogogic piece, the last frames seem a little… shortcutted somehow.

    The alt text, ascribing those very frames to an external influence, seems to support this. And above all, nitpickers are scum.

    Love your work.

    • You know your nitpicking is always welcome, sir (not that i’d classify legitimate concerns as “nitpicking”). In response i’d say that coming up with a satisfying ending was tough, and it took a while, but i’m actually relatively happy with how it turned out.

      And cheers for your kind words once again!

  161. Kyle Says:

    That was a great comic good illustrations and message. 5 stars.

  162. elan Says:

    you made my day πŸ™‚ this is really sweet

  163. I love the cave part, that’s you!

  164. Wookiepooky Says:

    Very nice. I approve. Well done. Medium rare.

  165. Joyce T. Says:

    Awesome way to offer encouragement! I really like your work.

  166. Kim Says:


  167. bejay Says:


  168. benS. Says:

    FUCKing awesome !

    Although the last panel’s yet a bit worrisome:

    “but is it just a dream?”


    /re-entering doubt mode/

    running for full stents

  169. Scott Says:

    I would totally put a poster of this one up in my office. (I’m a mental health provider.)

  170. redapples Says:

    Perfect. Bravo!

  171. Sean Says:

    Just came across the strip through Stumbleupon and just thought I’d let you know it was really excellent way of gaining a little perspective on life. Thanks πŸ™‚

  172. Janet Says:

    Please let me know when the poster is ready. I’m thrilled that they’re making one. I’ll probably buy several.

  173. Serenissima Says:

    Like the Mad Cat on the monitor there.

  174. JulieK Says:

    I most loved the one in the cavern. Nice monsters. Beautifully drawn.
    thank you!

  175. rob Says:

    !!!! πŸ™‚

  176. Vlad Says:

    AMAZING! πŸ™‚

  177. Brit Says:

    I often feel like the fella with the antlers. This made me smile at a time when I needed that.

    I love you work and have been reading for some time. I will keep my eyes out for the poster.

  178. Ghosty Says:

    This is amazing. I try to think like this a lot, and it really helps day to day. Perspective is a difficult thing to teach.

  179. franky the non-guido sensation Says:

    this was awesome. plain and simple. kind of makes you feel like the monsters are almost not monsters at all!…… almost

  180. torie Says:

    I really loved this!! I sent it to my niece and it made her day as well. Thanks for sharing your work and keep drawing as long as you find happiness in it.

  181. Cipher Says:

    This is good. Nice job, I really liked it!

  182. Winston Says:

    Read your comics for a long time now and every one of them has been amazing in one way or another.

    I’m going through a rough patch right now and even though I’ve seen this particular comic three times in coming back to look for updates, it’s cheered me up a little every single time. The ‘How alone we are/ How alone we aren’t part’ especially. I just wonder how one could realize how not-alone they are when everything feels that way…

    Anyway, I feel honoured that we share the same name hahah. Hope to see many more comics for many more years!

  183. Bystander Says:

    I love this and do want it as a poster too! πŸ™‚

    I especially enjoyed the part about fortune, which really did speak to me.

  184. fely Says:

    i don’t know if you’re already aware of this, or if you even care at all, but just fyi: dark horse, the comic book publisher, tweeted about this strip πŸ™‚ http://twitter.com/DarkHorseComics/status/24399107716

  185. rudy Says:

    hey, i find this greatly inspirational, great use of non-fictional characters and everyday appearances, and perception, im a philosophy student, and theories of perceptions and subjective conceptions are explored greatly, hense, these comics spoke to me, and i find them cheeky yet motivating. Thank you.

  186. Al Says:

    I’m having a pretty terrible day. This cheered me up a little. Thank you.

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    Definitely my favorite Subnormality comic so far, really made me feel better. Keep up the good work!

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    thanks man, this comic made my night. like your artwork. keep it up bro

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    Truly an excellent strip.
    Also hidden in there is the Mechwarrior reference, the Commander Keen reference.. Narnia? Snakes and ladders?
    Makes me wonder what else I’m missing here.

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    Thanks! The comic strip says a lot. It is the reality we did not know or we ignore. Very intellectually made =)

  194. Nick Johnson Says:

    Thank you. I’ve been dealing with some pretty crappy stuff in my personal life recently, and reading this made me feel a little better. I see from the hundreds of comments that I’m not alone in this.

    I hope you feel really good that you’ve improved the lives of hundreds or thousands of other people in a small but significant way with your art. You should.

  195. Strenner Says:

    Man, you are really great.
    I’m from germany and i dont even have the need to kill you. Thank you!

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    i love the ‘how fortunate you might be’

    you got skills

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  202. Okay, the poster’s now available, for those interested. Thanks again for your requests, i’m really glad the comic’s been so positively received!

  203. Robert Says:

    Oh this is just **brilliant**!

    I’m going to be honest and say that I actually teared up looking at this. Especially “How alone you aren’t” and “The potential significance of one”. Amazing stuff, man, please keep it up.

  204. Duchess of prunes Says:

    I’ve gotten through them all and I’ve been led back to the beginning. great work, I love it!

  205. Alex Says:

    I know these and simultaneously don’t throughout my life. So glad to have something to remind me!

  206. Annie Says:

    These are great! I think they would make great posters for high school students.

  207. becky Says:


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    I really like this. It took a while for me to get it, but it was cute.

  209. BC Says:

    My favorite is the difference between how fortunate you feel and how fortunate you might be, though I enjoyed the generally positive message of this whole comic. The potential significance of one was especially touching.


  210. BC Says:

    My favorite is the difference between how fortunate you feel and how fortunate you might be, though I enjoyed the generally positive message of this whole comic. The potential significance of one was especially touching.


    Reposted with correct email

  211. tuan Says:

    love the artwork. love the message

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    I really liked that, thank you.
    A good message, and illustrated in a eye-catching, humorous style. I like it,
    and thank you.

  219. brian Says:

    Furthermore, I just glanced through all of your comments here. You have a few hundred, and not ONE of them is negative. I don’t know if you are omitting negative comments, but I’ve never seen this many positive comments without a single negative remark such as “totally photo-shopped, its fake” or “gay”. I think that speaks for itself.

    Also, I really liked the one about the institutions. I assume it’s saying that we perceive institutions as being deep-rooted and stable, or on solid supports; and in reality, many of these institutions are wobbling on weak supports. That’s what I took from it anyway.

    Thanks again.

    • No, no, i definitely don’t omit negative comments (except troll comments, of which there are only a couple every month, typically three words or fewer, “this is crap,” etc.). I was fully expecting at least a few counterpoints, but you’re right to point out that the reception has been rather positive, and i am of course cool with that. Dissenting opinions are forever welcome though.

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  234. A big THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS from Germany! Wonderful, brilliant and soooo necessary!

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    Quite great and solid, looks like it was dug up when you were quite young and polished endlessly. I had to force myself out of devil’s advocate/supercynic mode, and am left with only one thing:
    It seems to have been polished very hard, and it comes off shinier and more unified to us than to you, who has spent deep time on each image and has felt it deeper, and less revolutionarily than us. But you still, despite the dulling of the message, hammer it hard.
    Thus, you are either a great believer or a great artist.
    Either way, kudos.

  245. DeGorgoo Says:

    Perfect representation of the subjective and objective views of life. And cool monsters too.

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    This actually brought me out of the depressive mood I’d had all morning. Well played, Mr. Rowntree! Well played, indeed!

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    Thanks for this dude. I love how you used a “negaive” medium to portray good things too! genius!

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    the messages conveyed were phenomenal as well as the art work. love these!!!

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    Dear Mr. Rowntree:

    This was an excelent pannel. I’ve already forwarded to a friend It realy puts things in the reight prespective, doesn’t it?

  257. Michelle Says:

    I feel like the left column everyday. I know it’s not true. Wish I could force myself to see it like the right column more often. I love this!

  258. andrew Says:

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    Wonderful work, will look at it every time I’m feeling lost.

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    This is wonderful. I’ve recently been struggling with stress and depression and this has really brightened up my day. You are wonderful.

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    Some of these are so precise; they are simply wonderful. I especially loved: How Fortunate You Might Feel vs. How Fortunate You Might Be. Also cheered the one about How Institutions appear vs. How they actually are.

    What brilliant work! Many Thanks.

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    • Danny Says:

      Had to add to that. I can say your artwork has officially touched at least two people deeply in a good way πŸ™‚ Not so typical for a web comic, but being that I see that as the goal of artwork, I had to say so.

  276. from Chile Says:

    Very good work and very inspiring!! congratulations to the artist! thanks a lot for this

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    wow, thank you. this really put my past month or so into perspective. it lifted my spirits, to put it simply. thank you.

  282. an youngster with old eyes Says:

    Simple, yet profound. For anyone with a past of videogames and sci-fi novels, the weird characters are all the more likeable. I was especially fond of the (probably unintentional?) Yorp reference from the Commander Keen series.

    I would also like to thank you for making your comics, in general, as the quality is always very good and enjoyable, more than enough to justify its place in my “to-check” list of the best comics I’ve found on the web.

  283. marc Says:

    like your work…it is funny and so colorfull. well done. hope to see mopre in future. best wishes from hamburg. marc

  284. oscar Says:

    Oh Man,
    You are bloody good.
    Your work makes me feel so many great unexpected emotions, the only one that is not nice is jealousy of your incredible talent.
    I dont want to be gushy, but if you are ever feeling down, please know there is someone here (all the way down in Australia) who truly believes in you.
    Best wishes

  285. Becky Says:

    I’m an almost 45 year old woman(on the 30th of this month), who is not into video games at all(my 23 yr old daughter is tho)so I did not catch any of the game references at ALL. But I got the gist of this comic just fine. This is an amazing and touching piece of work. I have seen a bit of your work in Cracked.com, but honestly being more of landscapie/cute animal kind of artist(drawing), I didn’t quite “get it” most of the time.
    To the mental health worker who said they’d like to hang this in their office, I say, yes, you should. I have struggled with depression all my life…to the point of trying to take my own life more than once. While this poster on one of my counselor’s wall may not have “saved my life”, it would have definitely been “food for thought”. It’s striking nature and boldness of color would have been so eye catching that I would not have been able to NOT read and absorb it’s overall message.
    Thank you so much to the artist. I’m going to ask my husband to buy me the poster for my birthday(I’m a framer, also).

  286. Abel Stearns Says:

    Yeah this one’s definitely my favorite.

  287. Brittany Says:

    I saw this on a day that i was really down in the dumps and it has helped A LOT!!!!! Thanks for creating this comic strip πŸ™‚

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    Beautiful, wonderful, poignant, lovely, apt, funny, well-drawn and colorful. Made my day.

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  291. Inspiration and the chance to touch other people feels amazing, doesn’t it?

    Bravo Viruscomix.

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    so i simply leave my comment with an applauding

  299. all right, +1 for reminding me of the bible my mother gave me when we were kids.

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    Fantastic! I’ve been following this web comic for a while now and it never fails to make me smile–not only because it’s so subtly funny but because it’s super profound and really well drawn. Keep up the good work please! Also, the sphinx is probably my favorite, hahaha.

  304. bum Says:

    great art, great message
    perception should always be taken into account
    we should strive to find another way to look at any situation before we act

  305. Thanx! I needed that! GREAT work!

  306. Bronze Says:

    I wish I would have learn this in pre-school. I’m sure I would not have waisted years with low self esteem.

  307. Daaave Says:

    Wunderbar! I especially like the one about being fortunate and the one about sexuality.

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    I think teenagers can learn a lot from this. I wish I would have thought of the world this way, the way it really is. lol, good comic!

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  318. Andrew Says:

    Wow, I loved the inclusion of a Timber Wolf mech in the second panel…takes me back to the long days spent mastering Mech Warrior II. I still keep an ancient computer at home for the sole purpose of being able to play that game.

  319. garrett Says:

    excellent! I love this. thank you for this beautiful depiction of shifts in perception…

  320. Dan Elliott Jr Says:

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    Lol, this is so very accurate! I am going to send it to my daughters, who could both use a laugh and an eye opener to reality!

  324. James…keep it up! Obviously your onto something. πŸ™‚

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    Thank you.

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  331. Hey!!! I went trough your work thanks to the Stumble! button. Sometimes It seems to do magic.
    I loved the comic. Totally the attitude we idiots take almost allways and the way things may turn if you see them with a little light.
    Light for you then.
    Lu =)!

  332. Kate Says:

    Thank you!!!! This is excellent.

  333. Joe Says:

    Read through your archives…
    you often connect with exactly how i think but am too insecure to express

    +1 for you

    oo btw i enjoy the hot girl talking techno lingo strips too!

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  343. paul Says:

    These are excellent visualizations of mindsets and conceptualizations we all struggle with every day. They should be posted on billboards across the land. Everybody needs to be reminded they are better off than they think.(Not everyone can afford or has access to therapy. These aphorisms in everyone’s backpack would go a long way to help each of our journeys.

  344. tree Says:

    just did some time travelin right there

  345. Andrew Z Says:

    Really good with deep messages. Danke for taking the time to make these! Smarty.

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  347. Kacy Says:

    Awesome stuff

  348. Aki, dreaming Says:

    I love your brain.

  349. Craig Says:

    You have my vote,perceptions heh.
    I have a 2% notion, that the people we meet, the things we do, places we go may be similar as everyone elses experience that is within the 2% neich of tha population that one may circulate regularly.
    So if I hang in a particular part of town, interact with the people there etc.It may seem like the whole city does too, but in fact only 2% of tha total population hang and do the same.
    If one grows up in a household that is devout Christian or alcoholic, drug effected, swinging parents or old car enthusiasts as opposed to football fanatics.
    It may seem like everyone lives that way but in fact it’s probalbly 2%.
    2%,2%,2%,2%,2%, etc,etc,etc.
    Ditto with pot, people who smoke it think most people have tried it.
    But 2% of the population are regular smokers.

  350. Killjoy Supreme Says:

    I like it, but some days it’s hard to expand our view

  351. MIKE Says:

    Important paradoxes that occur in life, portrayed alongside art, in a heart-warming way.

  352. Justine Says:

    I love it!

  353. zach Says:

    wow, this is incredible. coming from a teenager, i dont think a better representation of such socially abundant complexes has crossed my path, especially considering the profound significance to my own life that i find in the meaning of this work.

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    I loved your comic on monsters. That was beautifully and simply put…that was a great read

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  362. These are so awesome, I love to see illustrations that visually show the falsehoods of situations. Very Nice

  363. Jeammy Dee Says:

    incredible! I really liked them, alot of these I think people don’t realize until they read them.

    I also like how every scene had that look outside the box/look at the bigger picture feel to it

  364. Jenny Says:

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    The Monstruos Discrepancies comic is awesome and it should be a poster in school rooms all around the country.

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    was absolutely and utterley amazing! Gonna have to share this with my Psych profs!

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    AWESOME! And very correct on so many levels!

    -Peace and love-

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    Great work, really enjoy all I’ve seen so far!

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    this is moving, funny, and sobering
    all at the same time!
    thank you
    you are great

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    I really liked this… It’s everything so true…

    Thanks for sharing this…

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  396. thank you. i really felt the connection and reltivity of these images. like a peek further past the silver lining. πŸ™‚

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    awesome! you have a wonderful mind!

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    and so, every day’s a brand new day?

  417. If every monster could, just maybe they would.

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  419. Greg Says:

    Awesome and Accurate, Thank you…

  420. I love everything about this. It’s good for us monsters to be reminded, from time to time.

  421. gumshoe0108 Says:

    You should make a children’s book! I would buy it for my kids.

  422. This is All types of Wonderful and should be shared as frequently as possible and made into a short children’s book. (posters already available or I’d say that as well) It’s not like you have to do much more then pint it up since the words and illustrations are already made and internet marketing is so viable these days for projects like these especially.
    CEO Of MasterCommand

  423. Jason C Mee Says:

    I love this style of art. It draws you in and forces you to crave for more. Great stuff!

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  425. Yotam Lev Says:

    One of the best things on the Internet.

  426. Thank you for bringing the truth to reality in a perspective through your art. I work as an On Call Counselor with the Haven House with Community Youth Services. In addition, I am on a Art Committee with Family and Juvenile Court for Thurston County and a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) for children in Thurston County. I will bring up your work at our next Art Committee meeting as we discuss exhibits for displays on the courthouse walls.

  427. I really needed that.

    Thanks ..

  428. pal Says:

    Too wierd for words. And wierd is just another word for awesome.

  429. pal Says:

    In reviewing the comments, they are rife with grammatical and spelling errors. Get a grip folks, and have some pride in what you write !@#$!

  430. a. Says:

    hey there, “pal”, guess what? you misspelled a word. it’s WEIRD not WIERD.

    dear wr: kudos on the comic. as you already have heard from many others, it’s brilliant. thanks for sharing!

  431. This is my favorite thing to read when ever I am feeling down. It has gotten me through some bad days. I am so excited to see there is a poster version available. Thank you for creating this!

  432. Jon Says:

    Makes me feel better about life.

  433. Fuad Udemans Says:

    insightful and truthful, well done. Fuad

  434. Tarini Biswas Says:

    This is really well done. I think its a beautiful way of putting things in perspective

  435. Teo Says:

    Always really liked this one. One of my favorites from yours.

  436. illy Says:

    LOVE, LOVE. too true!

  437. Tayler Moon Says:

    this is fucking awesome. keep doing what you do!

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