Just Five Minutes

August 25, 2010

New comic for you, sorry for the wait. I gotta run, i was supposed to meet my friends at the hockey hall of fame like an hour ago… (sorry, friends)


58 Responses to “Just Five Minutes”

  1. Jon Says:

    Your frequency has been great lately as has the quality of your updates. Keep ’em coming!

  2. Nico Says:

    H&R Geiger FTW.

  3. Leak Says:

    That comic was just full of NIN, errr, WIN… 🙂

    (Though that it turned out to also be a cat instead of a dog was really killing me, what with the insane laughter and all… 😉

    np: Shadow Huntaz – Sown Terror (Corrupt Data Instrumentals)

  4. Tomas Says:

    Am I the only one who imagined the man speaking with Tommy Chong’s voice?

  5. schtroumpf Says:

    Poor Pink Hair. She may have got her hair colour back, but she’s still in need of a spine. Won’t you help? If you’re not using your spine, please ship it to her, care of the SPH (Spine for Pink Hair) Foundation, 456-123 Passive Ave., Yesmaam, ON, X5X X5X. Organ donor card not necessary. Spine donations are not tax deductible.

    • Line Noise Says:

      I think you ment X5X 5X5
      only in all lower case. or since this is a scamm the code sould sart K1A …

  6. Tzenker Says:

    I was thinking about Schrodinger’s thought experiment, and I cracked up when it turned out to actually be a cat in the safe.

    Of course, it’s also possible that the nature of the pet will be in flux until the safe is opened.

  7. mike Says:

    the meow made me laugh hysterically, one of the funniest comix in awhile

  8. MediaGhost Says:

    Yeah, I’d have watched the dog-safe for him, too.

  9. Alex Says:

    Why is it that hard to say no, i should try to take “how to say no” lessons from one of the girls i’ve tried to ask out, they seem to be experts…
    Although one who agrees to the lessons might not be the best teacher of the subject… i just catch22ed myself.

  10. Jonno Says:

    Haha that comic killed me! The ‘meow’ at the end especially! Great stuff lad.

  11. Richter Says:

    He he… loved the Alien in the background. And I like the crazy guy, he was pleasantly nutty.

    Storywise, that’s the first time I don’t like the comic. I couldn’t shake the general feeling of being let down. After the amazing return of PHG’s color last month, nothing happens here. No payoff, no change, nothing. She might as well still have brown hair. It’s like the transformation of #155 was for nothing. It’s not a bad comic, it just didn’t do anything for me. Sorry to be a negative nanny. 😦

    The ending meow cracked me up though. 🙂

  12. bm32 Says:

    spotted alien

  13. Quirel Says:

    Alien? How about how the background was in constant flux?!

    Poor girl, she still has a long road to walk down in life. Of course, we all have trouble saying no…
    Doesn’t mean this is the end of it. Imagine, handing that guy a bag full of Worcester steak sauce and shoving him down an alley occupied by the Sphinx.

  14. Quirel Says:

    And though it be terrible manners to post twice, I’d definitely stop for the lost tourist.

  15. Meghana K Says:

    That ‘meow’ is hilarious! Poor pink haired girl, can never say no to anything… Please bring back that salesman from Salesmen without borders. He is the only one who has been nice to her.

  16. Questo's Dad Says:

    All is forgiven. That was awesome. I think we landed on like 4 of those squares in our three entire days in the big city. Thanks for being our tour guide!

  17. Cereal Says:

    Teehee, H&R Giger. 😀

  18. Nrst Says:

    I do like it, but only she mentions that he, for some reason, doesn’t know the code to the safe, he never does. Damn, I’ve been proofreading too much.

    • I know, my rationale was that him not knowing the combination was implied by the fact that he hadn’t opened the safe yet, but rereading the comic there’s probably nothing you can safely assume from the guy’s behavior..

  19. Andy Says:

    It was probably a mistake to put wheels on a safe.

  20. I. love. it.
    Back on hilarious form. Good show indeed!

  21. Rain Says:

    Love that she made a stand, quit the soul-sucking job, got the pink hair back…
    and STILL cannot say no.
    Poor thing.

    *meow* FTW!

  22. hmason Says:

    Awesome, one of the funniest ones I’ve read in a while.

  23. valy Says:

    “nonsense…nonsense i tell you” was the first thing that came to my mind when i got to the part when the guy shows his “dog”…but it as a sense to it…people who try to stop you on the street asking for the most incredible things…jez…

    loved the win/NIN shirt…oh…and alien walking by

  24. Local Vagrant Says:

    Very, very funny.

  25. Jamie Says:

    Loved the Win t-shirt *cough*sell it to us*cough* and the boardgame which can’t be won, hence the resignation. =P

  26. Jamie Says:

    And one more thing, i absolutely love how you’ve developed a lot of your comics into posters, it’s awesome dude, and a respectful business decision.

    Not to say you’re selling your soul or something to that degree, i’m quite in love wiht what you do. *cough*

  27. snap1415 Says:

    {snort} (in a good way)

  28. Fopenplop Says:

    Maybe you’re above this sort of thing, but the alt-text made me lose The Game.

  29. smallerdemon Says:

    This is funnier/sadder living in San Francisco due to its accuracy.

  30. Marcus Says:

    Just spend 2 hours in a viruscomixmarathon
    and had a blast, great work.

  31. dodoman1 Says:

    This does not take place in Dimension ?XJQ. You lie.

  32. Wade Says:

    Awesome comic as always!

  33. Otter Says:

    The cat makes sense in a way if the Pet store is full of dogs 😀 But doesn’t make the man any smarter.

  34. Adam Samsa Says:

    Damn, I thought I was good at saying no, but it cost me 27 dollars to get to my apartment.

    Alex has a point. PHG must be able to say no in some circumstances – otherwise she would be pregnant.

    IRL, I’ve been living in the city for so long, I’ve had to unlearn reflexively refusing to help passers-by. Once I refused to let a girl make a call on my mobile phone, because it was raining and I didn’t want my shiny new smartphone to get wet. Never mind that she was getting wet waiting for some woman that didn’t show up. It was in front of my apartment – I should have told her I only had a landline!

    This month, I took a chance and handed my phone to a dodgey-looking couple. They were nervous, tackily dressed, probably alcoholics, lost in their own city (I could tell by their heavy accent) and they couldn’t find a payphone at the mall. It turned out they were genuine and I got my phone back within a minute.

    It seems I have better karma now. Yesterday I was desperately trying to fix a flat bicycle tire in the rain, when a passing biker handed me a spare inner tube. Still, I hesitated for a moment to accept his help, and made a lame offer to pay for it.

  35. Adam Samsa Says:

    Oh, and I loved the meow!

  36. initialdproject Says:

    I figure that even if I lose time or money I hopefully gain something in the long run.

    • Well said. Plus there’s something flattering about being the person that’s always asked for stuff, even if it means you sometimes get home ten dollars lighter..

      Was kind of worried that the comic came off as “DON’T GIVE MONEY TO PANHANDLERS THEY ARE SCUM” or something, but that was not my intention in the least. (/paranoia)

  37. PS: I’ve enabled the ability to Reply to comments. Would have done so years ago, but i didn’t realize it was an option until now (hurr durr..). Only two “levels” of discussion are enabled though, i don’t want this turning into Inception…

    • Yamara Says:

      “Inception” is not how dreams work, anyway. But like Pink-Haired Girl, I’ll probably be sucked into paying to see a sequel anyway.

      And the panhandler-PC-paranoia wasn’t justified. Just another impossibly mad person from the Subnormality Central Casting. Well done, sir.

      And… activating one level of replies means having to reply to replies under a different reply, like I just replied above, if the reply slot in the post you wanted to reply to is already filled with a reply. So it’s not like you’ve complicated matters at all.

  38. Jeremy Says:

    Now, THAT my friend, is RICH. I actually LOL’ed at the little “meow” in the corner. BRILLIANT, as usual. 🙂

    You keep making them and I keep loving them. What a winning combination…! ❤

  39. Carlos Says:

    Brilliant, just.. brilliant… I love this comic and the chick with pink hair.

  40. Carlos Says:

    that safe pet needs to be regular, pink hair needs a pet!

  41. Yamara Says:

    Life is sad, believe me, missy,
    when you’re born to be a sissy,
    without the vim and verve.
    But I could change my habits,
    never more be scared of rabbits,
    if I only had the nerve.

    I’m afraid there’s no denying,
    I’m just a dandelion,
    a fate I don’t deserve.
    But I could show my prowess,
    be a lion not a mouse,
    if I only had the nerve.

    -The Wizard of Oz (1939)

  42. Melvazord Says:

    She wouldnt last 5 seconds on sauchiehall street in Glasgow

  43. pG Says:

    Stop. Stop.
    You had me at meow.

  44. Apropos Says:

    anyone notice the Alien in the background?

  45. Hazza Says:

    Sense of resignation not included.

  46. Coco Bear Says:

    I have spent the past 4 days reading all of your comix, and have wanted to comment on several, but decided to just do a group comment here, where it’s likelihood of being seen is highest.
    Thank you Winston. I have laughed, cried, been angered, and been inspired. I have not always agreed with the message, but the delivery and it’s backing are always spot on. I had long since given up on the world, and it’s many people; but, after reading your work, i have lifted the veil of hate and awakened from my slumber of apathy. I have spent the last week enjoying the world, and people, around me, and have been able to keep it up with the help of another comic whenever i feel it creeping back. WIthout trying to be all “As good as it gets”, you make me want to be a better person. So, again, thank you Winston, for the ride, and the lesson.

  47. Gobllecoque Says:

    I reread it just now and the background of the third panel made me sit back in stunned silence. I don’t see how I missed that thing.

    Also, in regards to the “game”: I think the best roll you could make is 5 and then 2.

  48. S.A. Ravenheart Says:

    HR Giger reference for the win. Absolutely made my day.

  49. Mideast Says:

    looking down and NOT seeing the “next button” was very depressing 😦 these comics have been my hope and joy lately 😀 thank you Winston.

  50. benS. Says:


    Let’s hope the pussy-in-safe is some metaphor only*, and the dead-looking dog is her shoulder bag.

    Also, having an emperor size bladder wouldn’t be all wrong out there.

    *kidding or not kidding, that’s the question.

  51. alter ego Says:

    Police car falling from the sky.
    -Go back one square
    -Lose a turn

    Also, are the letter in the Bg some kind of hidden message or I’m just being paranoid?

  52. JimImb Says:

    H&R Giger…Why is this so hilarious to me?!

  53. Aiarashi Says:

    It’s nice to see Pink-haired girl again as she used to be. ^^

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