Some assorted whatever

August 3, 2010

-Heyyy, new comic over at Cracked, for those interested.

-Check this out, it’s the greatest sphynx t-shirt photo ever, courtesy of my friend Tim (click to enlarge):

(thanks again Tim, that was awesome.)

-Oh yeah, and a new subnormality comic is on the way, fear not. Walls of text are being hoisted into place as we speak…



4 Responses to “Some assorted whatever”

  1. GerryB Says:


    Just made me cancel my Egypt trip though.

  2. jgury Says:

    What new wonder will the burning sands of Egypt reveal next?

  3. GerryB Says:

    Pinkhaired (girl)Guide?

  4. Jeff Says:

    “Welcome American!” “Welcome Obama! Yankee Doodle!” — Things they say to tourists there!

    Dam! Good idea Tim. I was just there last year and should have thought of that. Better idea, I should get a T-Shirt.

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