There’s a doin’s a-transpirin’

July 21, 2010

Couple items for you:

-a brief interview with yours truly over at this blog right here, so have a look if yer into it (and thanks again to Angee for the feature).

-got few drawings featured in the Highly Amusing new Cracked series “After Hours,” the first episode of which you can find right here. I’ve also posted the drawings in question to my site, for those interested in a closer look. After Hours is set to be an ongoing series, so you might see more from me in the future as i visually represent Michael Swaim’s thoughts… (best gig ever)

good times,


11 Responses to “There’s a doin’s a-transpirin’”

  1. hellblade Says:

    if there’s anyone capable of visually representing swaim’s thoughts, then it’s definitely you, winston rowntree.

  2. Gary Watson Says:

    Just received my Creative Process poster, and it looks great on my office window!

  3. LafinJack Says:

    I hope you keep posting the After Hours drawings here so I don’t have to actually watch it.

  4. Andrew w p Says:

    I was wondering, have you ever thought of animation? Some of your comics would really go well as an animation and there seem to be quite a few groups of people who do that sort of thing for webcomics. Just a thought.

  5. Quite literally excellent, Rowntree.
    Congratulations and great job once again.

  6. May I repost your “creativity” comic in a newsletter? I will provide your name and a link to your site. Thanks, Bonnie

  7. C.T. Hutt Says:

    As soon as I have a place I am going to get one of your Creative Process posters. I love your work!

  8. malachi Says:

    Loved After Hours, and I think the pairing with Swaim is a good one. Is he a fan of your work or you of his or both?

  9. Hey Mr. Rowntree, here is another story that I think you would be able to do a very convincing job of illustrating: The 9 Billion Names of God by Arthur C. Clarke.

  10. duus Says:

    Remember: look before you leap, and he who hesitates is lost.

  11. Richter Says:

    lol @ hooverboards 🙂

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