July 20, 2010

Alright, walls of text return finally, sorry for the wait. Me am tired now, running out of words an grammer. Bed now. Sleep.



PS: Just a reminder (to add to my constant wheedling) that posters are now for sale. And just a word of thanks to those who’ve bought one or have even just taken a look (you too, mom).

56 Responses to “Signs”

  1. Randall Says:

    I like the signs in the third panel…I was singing that song to myself as soon as I saw the title of the comic.

  2. kami Says:

    Just bought your Weird print man. Good luck with the fury in your pants.

  3. D Hue Says:

    That was great.

  4. LafinJack Says:

    WTB Beware of Sphynx sign.

    Also, one of sign guy’s speech bubbles in the fifth panel isn’t yellow.

  5. LightHorseman Says:

    Is that Ron Jeremy in a wig?

  6. Meghana K Says:

    This was just too brilliant!

  7. Questo's Dad Says:

    S Club 7? I love those guys! I just want to know what’s on the other side of the sign…

  8. Buldwren Says:

    We’re going to need to see more of mad masturbation man in the future ;P

  9. GerryB Says:

    Yep, Wanker o’ Beanflick seems like he has a lot to tell. Great stories Winston, lovely spread of chuckles.

    And special praise to the ’employee only’ sign at the back thar.

  10. Geigan Says:

    I think the sign will definitely get the mushroom vendor more customers, though not ones he’s prepared to sell to.

  11. Dusty668 Says:

    No fungus controls my pants! Great comic!

  12. Gary Says:

    Eh, didn’t work for me. As my grandaddy used to say, that joke was a long, long walk for a short drink of water. If you’d come up with a way for the bizarre denoument to be set up by steps that made sense instead of each step being so heavily contrived this could have been gold.

  13. Infanttyrone Says:

    The big reveal of the final sign brought me great big chuckles. Thanks, man.

  14. GerryB Says:

    DenouEments aside, my Granddaddy always used to say “You can lead a gift horse to water, but mix your metaphors and you’ve never met a proper horse.”

    He literally died though. Laughing. Literately.

  15. Dino Says:

    I thought the signs in panel three were a nice touch.

  16. stanley Says:

    I’ve been to “The Government.” The seating does indeed suck.

  17. bachterman Says:

    the fury! the fury!

  18. Richter Says:

    Funny and a whole gang of new characters! Awesome! Laughed at the beans poet. ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. dannykins Says:

    Amazing and creative as always. Also, i concur with some of the other posters, we will need to see more from the anarchistic bean man.

  20. AlanSmithee Says:

    I live near the “Dick Putz Memorial Baseball Field” so no sign has the ability to surprise me anymore.

    That was damn funny, though.

  21. Bill the Cat Says:

    What’s the French sign in panel 1? “To Rent Rent/ Oh baby, I have to go”??

  22. Nico Says:

    Love it.

    I don’t get why The Guvernment and the Koolhaus have two names. Also digging the Five Man Electrical Band signage.

  23. DoubleW Says:

    @Nico –
    When your business is just a brand slapped on a building, it can pay to have a lesser known secondary brand (the second name) for people ‘in the know’ to know about and be, well, you know.

    I’ve been cooking a lot of dishes with beans lately. You know, just sayin’.
    (dont let me go crazy dont let me go crazy dont let me go crazy)

  24. dave Says:

    thank zeus you’re not above this.

  25. dave Says:

    oh… and: it’s ok not to attempt depth all the time! really! occasional frivolity does not betray anything that doesn’t deserve to be betrayed.

  26. GeoX Says:

    Big fan of the “Louie, Louie” joke.

  27. brashieel Says:

    I chuckled, and then I bought the Weird poster.

    So I’d count that as two ways you’ve made my day better. Thanks man.

  28. Ross Says:

    I hurt myself laughing.

  29. Cleo Says:

    Hey W.R., can you post those pictures you made for Cracked After Hours? The picture of the Cracked crew was awesome… as well as the Black hoverboard scientist & Biff.

  30. Cleo: Yeah, no problem. Find the Cracked artwork right here:

  31. stanley: I know, i’ve always just ended up leaning on the back wall by the fire exit or something.

    Bill the Cat: It’s just a joke reference to the song “Louie, Louie” using “A Louer” and then the french lyrics to the song.

    And here’s the song “Signs” for anyone wondering:

    dave: Cheers, i appreciate the sentiment. My creative process needs a big sign that says exactly that i reckon.

  32. Kinda funny/pleasant, but as Gary says too labored a setup to really click. (for me.)

  33. Adam Says:

    Simply awesome! I havn’t laughed that good all day! I love how the crazy guy was wearing an “S Club 7” t-shirt. Truely mad, that one is. One of my favorites so far…

  34. bm32 Says:


  35. AliceHatt Says:

    I just saw your name on a Cracked Video about back to the future.
    You’re someone’s brain.


  36. Benvenuto Says:

    Opportunity missed, sign people:


  37. benS. Says:


    Just kidding, who’d care ? Seed-Adam ?

    Beside of that, we do have some loose ends here, some of which could end up in a brain implosion..

    Still Xploring the map.. window still open..
    Dick or Duck?
    THAT’s the question!

    July 22

  38. AlanSmithee Says:

    I saw the sign.

    It opened up my eyes!

  39. GerryB Says:

    Benvenuto, I don’t think the opportunity was missed: if you repeat the words forever, eventually they run into your version.

    If anything,I think Winston’s version saw your version coming, fungi that he is…

  40. Dhatz Says:

    Thank you for continuing the comic, there is no other media that achieves what games and movies fail to do, at least I haven’d found any as successfull as Subnormality.

  41. Michael Says:

    “Give the bourgeois enough rope, and they’ll hang themselves.”

    Your comics are fucking genius.

  42. Chazz Says:

    This hasn’t been mentioned, probably because it’s so obvious I’m wasting everyone’s time by mentioning it here, but is Solomon’s Signs a reference to King Solomon?

  43. is Solomonโ€™s Signs a reference to King Solomon?

    I would say definitely yes, based on panel 11.

  44. You Says:

    S club 7!!!!

  45. Otter Says:

    Yay, thanks for the Fatboy Slim reference ๐Ÿ˜€
    It was a great little sign ๐Ÿ˜€

  46. bbot Says:

    A friend linked me to your comic, so I wrote a post on it.

  47. LafinJack Says:

    bbot, I know you’re new here, but the too-many-words thing has been done and done again in these very comments, making the same exact points your tl;dr post made. The comic’s slogan is comix with too many words; so if it helps, think of them as stories with pictures instead of pictures with stories, but seriously, get over it.

  48. Richter Says:

    bbot, you’re missing the point…

    It’s not that Subnormality should tell better jokes with fewer words. It’s that the words are part of the fun of reading. Some comics have punchlines. Subnormality has a flatline of goodness. There’s no ups and downs of silence and jokes. There’s a continuous stream of pleasure and fun.

    You claim it’s a comic that sucks? It’s probably you who are expecting to find the usual conventions of an online comic and finding none. The usual hooks you’re used to to read a comic are missing. So you feel you can’t penetrate the thickness.

    Well, try harder. Or don’t. But don’t say “it sucks”. Say “I am not the audience for this”.

    Subnormality is part drawings, part writing. The text is not just there to tell a joke. It is the joke itself.

  49. GerryB Says:

    Totally with Richter. Though ‘flatline of goodness’ is crying out for a ‘plateau’ of wordsomeness.

    In other news: My WEIRD poster arrived today, and I am torn between loving the flat hi-def shineglory of the print and celebrating the cute tubeness of the parcel.

    But ‘plateau’ for sure. I think, but not ‘I am not the audience for this’ – I’ve bought a Weird poster for a friend I know will orbit on his own axis in hilarity as recipient. For the friends you wanna drag to the monitor and say “SEE? SEEE!!” – send’em.

  50. GerryB Says:

    And Bbot, to approach your sesquepidelian-leaning outlinking bubble:

    “certain mediums” would require an audience who believed the person they were reading to be in touch with an afterlife; which may be reported in *certain media* perhaps.

    “some ideas are just plain complicated, and have to be explained at length.”

    No. Some ideas are good, and richly complex, overly deserving a banquet of repeats.

    And I did read the rest, and well done for off-siting your twitchy nonsense, but “Winston obviously wants to be a political cartoonist”… really?



  51. GerryB Says:

    BTW, the sesquipedalian typo’s especially for your next blog.

    Apologies all if I’ve lowered the tone.

  52. Mike Says:

    Haha, great comic and thanks for putting posters up. I wanna buy the poker one but I’ll have to settle for putting it on my to do list. I think one of my friends looks and quite acts like the sphinx, esp. after down on 16th st. so I def. love the sphinx. Keep up the sweet work.

  53. Pascal Says:

    Is that a sign saying “No fighting in the war room” in the second panel? I hope so. Nice nod to Dr. Strangelove!

  54. Marion Says:

    I wish the Bean Man was running the Guvernment.

  55. John Loo Says:

    I finally did it! I’ve finally read all you Subnormality comics up to date and even your Abnormality comics! And LOL, what a way to finish. That sign was hilarious.

  56. White Hawk Says:

    Ah! It all becomes clear! I thought all along that the reason I thought 2/3 of your strips were uninteresting or overblown tripe (but the remaining third I thoroughly enjoyed) was generally attributable to differences in personal politics, and I struggled to simplify the difference in terms that might better aid my understanding… but now I can render it down to one fundamental disparity in the nature of our exclusive constitutions; you think markers smell foul, while I love ’em!

    The universe is divided by the like or dislike of solvent scents! I have achieved ultimate enlightenment thanks to this remarkable revelation – I cannot thank you enough.

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