July 12, 2010

Okay, so: merchandise, for real this time! Some posters are now available thanks to the fine webcomics-assistin’ people over at Topatoco, so get on over there and have a look! Very pleased to finally be announcing this after several months of dilly-dallying and such. Mostly i was having trouble coming up with a third poster design, but then there was this big unexpected reaction to the latest comic, so i figured there’s poster #3, let’s do this thing. Super-excited about this, anyway. It is About Time, as they say. Big thanks again to Jeffrey and David over at Topatoco for making this possible, and if things go well you can perhaps expect further wall-oriented visual decorations to emerge in the future. Good times!



18 Responses to “FINALLY!”

  1. Nadineydoll Says:

    How long will those posters be available for and do they ship overseas? Specifically to the UK?
    Creative Process would be ideal for me and the BF to gaze upon when joint work on a story idea falters.

  2. Yeah, they definitely ship overseas! And the posters will be available for as long as people are buying them, i reckon. For the foreseeable future, at any rate.

  3. Nadineydoll Says:

    Oh awesome, yes, so excited now, thanks!!
    Nadine xxx

  4. Jesse Says:

    Is there any chance at seeing favorite band ( ) become a poster? I really like that comic, though there are many I like.

    That said, when the funds clear in my bank account this week I will totally get the weird poster. πŸ™‚

  5. valy Says:

    thank you thank you thank you!!!i’ll try to order my posters soon enough (please don’t go “unavailable” on me!):x

    …but as i was looking at the posters i just realized that pretty much every comix made could be a really good poster….i want them all -_-‘

  6. Onimoz Says:

    are you going to make (in the foreseeable future) a subnormality t-shirt? because that would be absolutely rad.

  7. Camille Says:

    Eh, that’s great! Thanks πŸ™‚ And it’s amazing to see you in Topatoco alongside comics institutions like Kate Beaton and Qwantz.

  8. JP Says:

    hey those posters look nice, im seriously thinking of getting the monsters one, sadly i’ve to start saving money… the shipping price is most of times even more expensive than the price itself:(!.

  9. forteller Says:

    Great, congrats!

    There’s so many more I’d like to see as posters, though. Like this:

  10. GerryB Says:

    Excellent! Money, meet mouths. About time I got rid of those wallful blanks holding up my ceiling.

  11. Johhny Says:

    Pardon kind sir, I realize it’s massive, but.. any chance of an atheist apocalypse poster?? =D

  12. Henry Turner Says:

    Winston, congratulations at last on the win/win of your readers getting prints and you getting paid.


    Is it possible that you could make available a high resolution downloadable file for us to take to a local printer wherever we are in the world, as well as working with a central distributor? It beats waiting for international shipping, and that way I can also choose mounting and framing options from a local supplier, plus helping local business.

    I would love to have some of your art on my walls, and having a paid for online store selling digital downloads would be a big step forwards for those not on the continental USA/Canada.

  13. Gary Watson Says:

    This is excellent news. I placed an order for the Creative Process poster a few days ago and am looking forward to adorning my office wall with it. And a quick note to Henry Turner — I think the idea is to *buy* the poster to help support the struggling artist, though no doubt Kinko’s also would love to have the cash.

  14. AlanSmithee Says:

    Just ordered posters, but I’d be just as willing to pay the same $$ for a downloadable hi-res file. Either way, thanx, Winston! Yer aces!

  15. YEM Says:

    I’ve ordered all three posters. I hope all the other fans clamoring for posters have done the same. It’s the least we can do to keep our favourite comic genius from starvin.

  16. Richter Says:

    Woot! Awesome posters!

    Now, fingers crossed for giga desktop wallpaper featuring the Subnormality crew! Please, pretty pretty pleeeeeease! πŸ™‚

  17. Richter Says:

    Mr Rowntree, there seems to be a word missing in the description of the Monsters poster :

    “Erm, anyway, it’s a nice-looking print and would great in your apartment!”

    I assume the sentence is meant to say “…and would LOOK great…”

    Is it still possible to tell the dudes at the online store to edit the text?

  18. Gary Watson: Freakin’ kinkos… Nine cents for a photocopy my ass! Twice the cost of anywhere else in town (this i know from my ‘zine days and the obscene amounts of photocopying therein).


    Richter: Good eye, cheers for that. I’ll make sure to drop them a line about the typo. As for giga desktop wallpaper, it’s definitely on the To Do list…

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