the scenic route

July 6, 2010

Comic for you. This might have to be two weeks’ worth of comic as it took a while and now i have a lot of work to catch up on, but we’ll see.


I finally joined the 20th century [sic] and got a digital camera, so here for no particular reason is a picture of this week’s comic (click to enlarge):

And here is a picture of it with a bus driving on it:

That is all.



Good timing with the poster requests (and a big Thank You as well)! The poster store has now launched, and this comic is one of those available.

209 Responses to “the scenic route”

  1. nadineydoll Says:

    Get out of my BRAIN

  2. YEM Says:

    I want a poster of that! Now!

  3. Amanda Says:

    “Maybe you should have been a potato farmer instead.”

    Haha so true! (not that YOU should be a potato farmer, of course) I feel like musicians go through a similar thought process every time they are to perform in front of the community (at least I do). Hours and hours spent grueling over classical viola have made an occupation in agriculture seem very appealing, and at many times, more satisfying.
    Great work as always!

  4. Julie K. Says:

    I’m also pushing for a poster! Thanks, W.

  5. I’m gonna need a bigger monitor. 😦

  6. Buldwren Says:

    How do I get out of indolence?

    I can’t find the exit.


  7. On my way to the motivation station! Love this! I would buy a print.. πŸ™‚

  8. Leak Says:

    Is it just me, or is “Overthinking” just another metaphor for “Highly complicated TrackMania stadium track”? πŸ˜‰

    But besides that – it’s sooo true.

    np: Klimek – Pathetic And Dangerous (Movies Is Magic)

  9. Paul Says:

    Seeing the comic inked on paper just makes it even more impressive. The drawing is the tip of the iceberg, and everything in the comic is what lies below.

  10. Crisp Flows Says:

    When I finished high school and went into college, I pretty much gave away my entire portfolio…

    and I did it again after my 2nd year in college.

    Now, I don’t even remember if I was still any good in comparison to what I did in the past.

    At least I knew enough that my stuff was shit.

    It’s nice to know I’m not alone doing this stupid merry go round.

  11. Alex Says:

    Good comic. You forgot the route whereby you get out of creativity and enjoy yourself doing something that doesn’t require overanalyzing everything.

  12. Blauzone Says:

    True, so true. And fun, so much fun! =D

  13. Jonno Says:

    Love this

  14. Melvazord Says:

    Novel: Half finished
    Art: Huge canvas of Totoro-No colour.
    Game projects: In bits.
    College work: Un-written

    Yes.This comic applies to my life.

    Carry on.

  15. D Hue Says:


  16. LafinJack Says:

    You’d think motivation would cost more than $0.00. Maybe they’re out.

  17. Eth-Zee Says:

    This one is excellent and I salute you.

    @Crisp Flows:

    Luckily (or unluckily) I have taken to posting my finished work on Deviantart, giving people an instant way to ignore my pictures. Every so often I like to go right back to the beginning and work my way forwards, going “Oh, Gods, I thought this stuff was good?”.

    Strangely, though, I always do better stuff quicker when I’m pathetically trying to impress people.

  18. omginorite Says:

    Oh PLEASE make a poster!

  19. author Says:

    This is utterly brilliant.

  20. Ed_Grundy Says:

    I really liked this. Especially the fallen over ‘It’s just art’ sign.
    So much truth. Thanks for making it.

  21. Ayn Rand's Queef Says:

    Dude, trolls aren’t critics.

    Sick cartoon though, I think I’m currently in the long term storage lot.

  22. DoubleW Says:

    I’m stuck in the Overthinking loop. Since it’s all in my head, the centripetal force is real and making me slingshot to higher and higher speeds, and the impossible geometry of it has left me trapped.

  23. Fernando Says:

    This is all actually really motivational.

  24. Filipe TomΓ© Says:

    wow… awesome!

  25. deytukrjerbs Says:

    This comic is much better than the Smiths.

  26. Christopher Ames Says:

    YES. Insomuch as it is possible to buy things ‘hard’, I would buy a poster of this so hard.

  27. YK Says:


    First off, I haven’t done more than glance, but seriously, dude, please don’t make a habit of drawing comix that are damn near impossible to view on a screen of <21". kthx.

    One more creative pitfall for ya. πŸ˜‰

  28. valy Says:

    once again…a comic i would like to see as a poster on my wall -_-‘ (i’m beginning to think i’ll make one by myself :x)

    as a pseudo-writer and a fan of d.y.i. i see myself in this comic…i guess everytime someone try to create something they go trought some of those steps…you’ve really done it, it’s a really good way to explain the creative process…

    oh…and why is the PHG almost being run over?is this comic her creative process?is this a clue for future development on her character? 😑

  29. Christine Shia Says:

    that’s just choice.

  30. OjnoTheRed Says:

    One more vote for a poster version! In fact, (for when I tank up on motivation … and cash …) can I ask: Winston, would you have any objection to individuals taking the image file to a print shop to print up big for personal use?

    What I like about this is that you, Winston, produce so much honest and beautiful art to share, and yet reveal your own struggle to do so with this comic.

    For me, this comic is hopeful. And helpful. Thanks, Winston.

  31. Jeff Says:


  32. Dustin Says:

    Pink haired girl!

  33. Alex Says:

    Mr Rowntree you are a genius.

    As a writer myself I felt very identified with your comic.

  34. Kabe Says:

    I don’t buy prints but I think this is a great candidate for a poster. This is a fresh, charming and insightful take on a motivational poster.

  35. JPEspinoza Says:

    smashco. makes a lot of bucks in the process

  36. Once again, a lovely metaphor for something we all share and that you still manage to make look new and thouroughly enjoyable.
    Good show, as per bloody usual, old boy.

    Now get back in the cage…

  37. Salad Says:

    Now here’s a wallpaper to remind me…


  38. JP Says:

    “deytukrjerbs Says:
    This comic is much better than the Smiths.”


    seriously though, this is one fantastic piece of art. many thanks.

  39. Anders Says:

    So basically what you’re saying is believe in yourself?

  40. Line Noise Says:

    the art stile reminds me of your “circle of life” comic.

    …and believing in your self is easier if you have talent
    or can develop some step by step.

  41. d Says:

    I would absolutely buy a poster of this. I feel it is mandatory for my creative process. Along with a sticker or magnet that says “YOU ARE HERE.” Sometime to be moved at will.

    Not kidding, this actually makes the process seem clearer. “You are here. Get it together, girl!”

  42. Benedikt Says:

    I miss the option “Notifiy me when the poster is available”.

  43. GerryB Says:

    PHG should for this comic be called ‘Meta’ just so you can say ‘Meta girl on the road once…’ and also so you can use Meta three times in a comic about making comics. Comics. Yum.

  44. E. Dejeva Says:

    Poster! Poster! Poster!

  45. E. Dejeva Says:

    Also, I love how of the three boxes Schadenfreude has the most people.

  46. Dusty668 Says:

    Love the comic as always, Can’t wait to see how you’re going to work in the Artist redo after publication, or series art reboot later on! Not having it in the first publication is soooo meta!

  47. TentacledBeast Says:

    What a piece of crap. πŸ˜›

    Seriously though, you have an impressive talent in grasping, crystallising and communicating situations and thought processes that we’ve all been through but seldom realise. You get the big picture while the rest of us just go through the motions.

    You’re a great artist.

  48. Eth-Zee Says:

    What size do you work in, Winston? The working version looks surprisingly small. (I’ll admit that I though you worked with a tablet)

  49. Innominate Says:

    Another brilliant one.

  50. simon Says:

    Self-taught graphic designer here, and yes, you’ve pretty much wrapped it up. I’m gonna show this to my boss in the morning.

  51. simon Says:

    Wait, what? You draw with sharpies? Next you’ll be telling us you colour by hand. Damn it man, sell some merch and buy a cintiq.

  52. I Am Says:

    So ridiculously true, it’s sad. But a happy sad. And funny, too. Well done!

  53. Ragnar Says:

    Great shot kid, that was one in a million!

  54. Thomas Says:

    Poster, NOW!

  55. Questo's Dad Says:


    The only thing missing is an alternative end; a large dark warehouse labeled “for private consumption”. That’s where the few ideas I’ve had that survived the demolition derby ended up.

    @Amanda: Woo! A fellow violist!

  56. Daulton Says:

    Very excellent!

    I seriously need this in a full-sized poster.

  57. tom Says:

    can I print this for my wall?, do you have poster sales?

  58. DM Says:

    Throwing in another vote/plea/beg for this as a poster. I’m teaching in theatre in September and I *require* this for my office.

    Just brilliant.

  59. I don’t know how many times I ended at the track of “compare to others” and the Tragic end of “Doubts”.

  60. Allgrace3 Says:

    I love this please sale as a poster

  61. Barbara Says:

    Fantastic! Brilliant! So reflects my attitudes at times. A poster is ncessary

  62. Super Joel Says:

    Another request for a poster.

  63. Caleb Says:

    Aaaand another poster vote.

  64. AlanSmithee Says:

    Frapping awesome! That’s TWO posters now. You’ll bankrupt me at this rate!

  65. Alastair Says:

    Very, very true. +1 poster…
    (First time writing here, but big fan.)

  66. Hazar Says:


  67. Larry Says:

    I liked this a lot!! And it’s terrible how true it is, It made me laugh.

  68. localvagrant Says:

    What a piece of crap.

    See wut I did thar

  69. GerryB Says:

    Winston, as a sometime POSTER, I was wondering if you’d noticed that some of the POSTERs on your comments recently increasingly POST ERratically about a certain request that doesn’t say in Latin what it should: I POST ERgo send me a POSTER from your shop.

    I think people want coffee mugs or something, so they can get their SphynxDrynx on.

  70. snap1415 Says:

    Fretting about PHG crossing streets keeps me up at nights. That and the devil clowns under the bed.

  71. S. A. Ravenheart Says:

    As an author and filmmaker, I cannot express just how true this is better than Winston. Well done.

  72. stryde22 Says:

    wow…i think i love you. im just saying. haha
    i want a print, yesterday if possible.

  73. Typebarsmack Says:

    I love it. Painfully true! All of it.

    Wonderful! This goes next to the writing desk.


  74. quaesitor Says:

    ingenious – glad self doubt didn’t hold you back…

  75. Mike Says:

    Love this one!

  76. Alex: I was not aware there was such a route…


    Ayn Rand’s Queef: Ah, but are critics trolls??

    deytukrjerbs: Thank you for…The Highest Praise. I am more pleased than the smiths!

    valy: Naw, she’s just a magnet for misfortune.

    Eth-Zee: Typically i use 11″x14″ bristol board (with extra panels on separate paper if necessary), but this was two of those taped together so 22″x14″, which is i think the largest one i’ve done and which was an unbelievable, gigantic pain in the ass to scan and assemble with my meager little 8.5″x11″ scanner.

    simon: No, i don’t color by hand, but i ain’t buyin’ no fancypants tablet, i likes me pencils and paper!

    Questo’s Dad: Yeah, i used to live in that warehouse. Oh, and i’m pleased that Subnormality is #1 among violists! #1 I SAY!

    Okay, i have heard you, and a poster will be made available. Posters are in the works right now, and will hopefully be available in the next few weeks, so stay tuned for an announcement. The wheels are in motion! YOUR PRAYERS SHALL BE ANSWERED!! And so forth. And thanks for the enthusiastic requests! The more people request something the more likely it is to materialize i reckon.

  77. Offendi Says:

    Why does the internet have such a reputable office building? I was thinking a cluster of seedy steel shacks.

  78. Gar Says:

    Its like the artist’s version of Pilgrims Progress w/o the religious bs.

  79. Ryan Says:

    I love it, really great insight into the glory of the creative process. Keep up the amazing work!

  80. Joakim Says:

    As a fan of maps and being creative myself, I must say that I love this.

    Mr. Rowntree, do you mind if I recommend this for the blog Strange Maps? ( They’ve had allegorical maps in the past, such as entry 406 (

  81. Carolyn Says:

    Oh my goodness, I would LOVE this for a skin for my computer… It would be fantastic!

  82. Kim Says:

    You and your comix and art are an inspiration to all other creative-wannabes, Mr. Rowntree.

  83. STOP BEING AWESOME!!! It is horribly frustrating to the rest of us in the trade. As with everything here, this is beautiful and true and horrifying and wonderful all at the same moment. It’s things like this that make Subnormality without peer in the webcomicverse!

    Now if you’ll excuse me I have a date with Indolence that is crucial to my Process…

  84. NoVan Says:

    Alt text feckin’ killed me. Well played!

  85. This is a great work of art!

  86. Gary Watson Says:

    All you social media type people please don’t forget to Tweet/Facebook/Digg etc this most excellent comic at this direct link:

    Also, would it kill you to donate once in a while? Maybe WR could afford a proper scanner then!

  87. Gary Watson Says:

    And doing a little math, I don’t think there’s anywhere on Earth where it’s 6:38AM when it’s 11:38PM in California. The reality distortion field has claimed WR’s real time clock chip. All the more reason to chip in a few bucks, you tight bastards.

  88. Gary Watson Says:

    Unless that’s 6:38AM tomorrow, in which case that’s somewhere in the Atlantic ocean. Maybe it’s GMT?

  89. Great job! I love to think where we are just now… πŸ™‚

  90. Michele Says:

    Awesome!! That expresses it exactly!

  91. Caro Says:

    absolutely brilliant.

  92. Andy Diggle Says:

    Fantastic! I wanna buy a poster of it!

  93. Ash Says:

    I’m agreeing with the comments here – not only is this scarily accurate, but I reckon creative folk like myself would benefit from having this as a poster.

  94. I want a BUNCH of posters! This needs to be huge and glossy, and come in packs of ten. I will pay, cheerfully. It’s not the only one, but really if a line of merch is going to start, start here. Everyone I know is allegedly an artist, writer, musician, or just unemployable loon, they ALL live this and talk about this every day. NOW thanks to the miracle of comics, we can just go point at the picture, say everything at once.

  95. Rich Lackey Says:

    Please, please, please can we have a high res version to make posters!

  96. Andrea Samborski Says:

    This is fantastic! I love it! I want to send it to people. Yes, make a poster. And greeting cards. And T-Shirts. And paper placemats at arty cafes. (Do they even use placemats at arty cafes?)
    Thank-you for creating this.

  97. OGM, how many times have I been round and round that merry-go-round….love it and shall distribute it around my cyber-haunts.

    Yes, poster and skin, I’ll have two! ;0)

  98. aimee Says:

    that is gold.

  99. benS. Says:

    FIVE LITTLE WORDS (NorthEast) ?
    NO ! NO CRAP !!!!!

    Focusing on the vibrant, cutting edge colours of these great sunflowers, I almost swore this must be a van Gogh art collection.

    However, upscaled 300%, the signature of the displayed painting looks more like “W’onR.” than Vincent..

    Also, there use to be at least one baker’s dozen of flowers in the Dutch’s paintings.

    PERHAPS, though, you could add some “pure suffering” loops, like starvation or .. GPS malfunction ? Dunno…

  100. JJ Says:

    The funny thing is that this comic probably went through this same process while making this print!

    I love it! Everyone keeps saying what you should add, but I think it’s perfect because everyone’s process is differnt. I used to be stuck in indolence. Now, it’s not even a part of my process…overanalyzing, however, is and probably will always be. I particulartly love the last part where is says something like, “Seriously, is this any good?” Classic.

    shameless plug: check me out at

  101. So. Much. “YES.”

    …and I probably *should* have been a potato farmer.

  102. Valerie Says:

    You’ve said it all. Have you seen what they’re getting for potato farming these days?

  103. Mrs Siddhi Says:

    Horribly, horribly plausible.

  104. […] July 2010The Creative Process by Virus Comix – a huge, scroll intensive comic commenting on the painful process of making stuff. […]

  105. adrian Says:

    did the process of making this go through “self-doubt”?

    my favorite part is the peer support.

  106. Ayn Rand's Queef Says:



    Critic = Ok, I don’t like this here’s why…

    This might be a generalisation, but then I suppose you have to treat each comment as a unique snowflake of unique specialness.

  107. Scott Says:

    It’s funny because it’s true. I’d buy the poster.

  108. Candy Says:

    I love this

  109. max Says:

    Very cool man, I loved it.

  110. Len Says:

    Think I’ve been on most these roads.

    Love it.

    Goin’ up in my office – if that’s OK.

    Come visit some time.

  111. mac Says:

    Very funny.

  112. Please, please, please let there be a poster. I’ll order at least two.

    Thank you so much for this.

  113. Leo W Says:

    i neede posters for EVERYTHING YOU’VE DONE
    so, um, yeah. sign me up

  114. gankme Says:

    My god that’s so true it’s scary! Please make a poster or even better, a shirt!! This sums up every artist’s life in one way or another..and sums up mine far too closely.

    You are 100% pure genius!

  115. Kathy Says:

    You have captured it all! Been there myself:)

  116. Kathy Says:

    Yes, I so agree about the poster!

  117. Trill Says:

    Hilarious! I keep pointing out all the spots I’ve been… love the infinity symbol in the rework/revise area, and the potato sign, and the peer support cheering section.

  118. Elliot Grove Says:

    I teach screenwriting. I write screenplays. And I actually grew up on a potato farm in Ontario.

    This brilliant diagram has made me laugh out loud for over an hour.

    Well done and congrats.


  119. Human Unit #2345757 Says:

    That is the most gorgeous thing I’ve yet seen here. That was just above and beyond.

  120. Richter Says:

    As a writer, this hits home like Doom’s double-barreled shotgun. Add my vote to a poster, I would buy one. Excellent comic, as always.

  121. LJCohen Says:

    Brilliant. And yes, people definitely need potatoes. πŸ™‚

  122. Acquired Pessimism Says:

    “Okay, i have heard you, and a poster will be made available. Posters are in the works right now, and will hopefully be available in the next few weeks”

    Good to hear that…. again. Will stay tuned for the next such announcement in the infinite series.

  123. Charmaine Says:

    Wow, as an artist, this is so completely true…. I too shall buy a poster!

  124. Poster. Yes. I want one.

  125. Lindsay Says:

    I know it’s been said before in the comments for this comic, but this is definitely my favorite Subnormality work yet. Just wanted to say my thoughts is all, it’s a really incredible piece of art.

  126. Gerry Says:

    TRUE! LOL πŸ™‚

  127. AlanSmithee Says:

    Pstr pls k thnx by!

  128. AJ Says:

    I’ve started the research for my Ph. D. Thesis a year ago. That’s my mind map you’ve got here!

    Congratulations! Excellent work!

    Let me know if it becomes available as a poster!

  129. nkholmes Says:

    I really enjoyed mentally tracing routes throughout this; and it’s all very unfortunately true. (I love that the schadenfreude crowd is the largest one.)

    Someone teach me how to get onto that express lane! Although I guess that approach is more likely to annoy other people, hence why the schadenfreude-ists are so pleased when the overconfident fail.

  130. adrian: Damn right it did. Plus it’s usually a batttle to not add to the massive pile of wreckage at the end of the overthinking cloverleaf. So much needless destruction…

    Richter: As a Doom fan, that my friend was a winning simile.

    Acquired Pessimism: Lucky for you this was the one time i actually meant it.

    Lindsay: Hey, thanks!

    frankwolftown: Freaky. Whoever’s responsible for linking to my comix on that site, i owe you a coke. Or SOME coke, y’know, whatever you prefer.

    nkholmes: Yeah, overconfidence can definitely blow up in your face, speaking from experience. The example i always keep in mind (fictional though it may be) is the “urban sombrero” from that one episode of Seinfeld. Confidence and then…disaster. I’ve made one or two urban sombrero comics in my day, i know that…

  131. Jamie Says:

    Nice one. Detailed and takes time to get through, i love it.

    Also, i’m finding it so weird that a month after i start bitching about wanting these in posters, it happens..

    Am i GOD?

  132. Onimoz Says:

    thanks you thank you thank you! I love it and it helped me so much. keep doing one of the greatest webcomics ever, ok? THANKS AGAIN!.

  133. Loni Edwards Says:

    This is awesome! I passed it along to my twitter and FB friends. Great job!

  134. era Says:

    POSTER!!!! It’s great!

  135. Jenz Says:

    Yeah! Finally!

    My bare walls will get some nice decorum in the next months.



  136. MIchele Says:

    Right! Potato farmer it is.

  137. Christian Says:

    I can’t begin to describe how flawless this is.

  138. infinite_bias Says:

    Brilliant as ever of course but speaking of merchandise, any chance of getting Captain Estar published soon? Now there’s something I (and many others judging from the comments) would buy in a heartbeat.

    Seriously, don’t even bother changing the art just print it into something resembling a book and I will pay for it.

  139. Samantha Says:

    I LOVE THE IMAGERY…A lot of ppl dont realize the effort that goes into creative works…n that it more often than not it has to be viewed 4m a creative angle…n believe me there r ppl in this world wth no creativity or imagination…do urself a favor n dont let them get to u…the worlds greatest artists were never appreciated by their own time…

  140. Viktor Says:

    I wish it was really that complicated and hard to display art!

    Reality proves it is way easier.
    A visit to most modern museums would make you question yourself for – Why those artifacts on display shame those beautifully designed architectural buildings.

    Answer would be – It is too easy to define art today! Even though our appreciation of it is purely sentimental and based on collective values we still see every scribble as twisted manifestation of our own individuality.

  141. Fan Says:

    I was led here by some text from Cracked. I’m not normally one to post on first visits but I wanted you to know (if you even read these) that clicking back through the comics was a fantastic experience. It’s rare to find web content that is thought provoking, observant, humorous, and well-drawn all at once and consistently. I feel like this is what could have been if Ryan North or Randall Munroe had taken art classes. Keep up the fantastic work and welcome to my bookmarks!
    -A Fan

  142. @Fan Where on Cracked did you see it?

  143. aan Says:

    the comic is very interesting. give me motivation.

  144. Leak Says:

    @frankwolftown – I’d hazard a guess it was the link to Subnormality on any of Winston’s articles on Cracked

  145. AlanSmithee Says:

    As a part time potato farmer and full time freelance eschatologist, I’d just like to say that TEH POSTRS R AXESOME!!!eleventy!!!

  146. David Says:


  147. Josh Says:

    I’m so glad I stumbled onto this, this is exactly what I’m going through know- it’s like a map of my brain, even the little people burning and bailing their vehicles.
    Simply- amazingly brilliant. Thank you for this.

  148. Donna Says:

    By any chance, do you study DBT (Dialetic Behavior Therapy)? This great poster could be a whole chapter in their book!

  149. tinerbell_14 Says:

    that was kool

  150. kel Says:

    nice! x

  151. pekiboy Says:

    one might think:
    “what’s the big deal; we all know how it goes anyway.”
    it always helps to see the big picture.
    now i know that express way is the one to take! and the picture itself says the motto:
    Stay On The Target!
    Thank you so much for the map!

  152. Kenny Olsen Says:

    Love this! -Great

  153. zorya Says:

    love it!

  154. Alec Says:

    Great job. Love it!

  155. Andrea Freeman Says:

    It’s really great! Well done!

  156. MadeByTammy Says:

    Soooooooooooooooooo True!

  157. ViNo Says:

    Just amazing…. Great thinking. Good work

  158. Marshal Says:


  159. mr chewtoy Says:

    you left out the part where you can sell your soul to the man on the fast track to hell…

    i love your comic. only discovered it two days ago. have read to this point…

  160. Saeed Says:

    You are a genius.
    No seriously. You are a genius.

  161. Cindy Says:

    Love this poster! It is a perfect description of a writer’s life.

  162. Beth E Says:

    I am so getting a poster.. I need to have this right beside my computer to remind me to avoid the fiery pits! haha brilliant!!! I love it!

  163. KOS Says:

    Simpsons did it

  164. KOS Says:

    Right on! You hit every nail on their funny, truthful little heads.

  165. alexis Says:

    love the schadenfreude section! lol

  166. Deb Says:

    I love this!

  167. Svick Says:

    I love this! Definately going to look into buying a poster, but I have a question. The blue sign across from the “I forgot to fill up!”

    What does it say?

  168. tinku Says:

    good one ..

  169. Work Sucks Says:

    LOL – Love it! As a creative professional it’s hard to stay positive sometimes – thanks!

  170. Maseeh Says:

    Very well thought of! Excellent execution.

  171. geekyjock Says:

    It’s so true it hurts so bad

  172. Michael Says:

    Now I have an easy post to Facebook when it ask what’s on my mind. I think I’ll re-post this daily. Hilarious, painful and true. Come to think of it, maybe you could add a special black hole for Facebook. Thanks.

  173. Nester64 Says:

    Your poster on the creative process is almost exactly what i have experienced in my work on my novels. One detail I especially enjoyed was immediately after the ramp off over thinking there was a truck marked “salvage”. Keep up the good work!

  174. Ben Says:

    Just got my poster in the mail! It hangs above the desk where I write. ^_^

  175. Doc Shoe Says:

    Dude: This strip is freakin’ AWESOME.

    (I wish I had something intelligent to add to that, but you’ve got one too many comics about artistic self-doubt and whatnot so I figured I’d throw in my two cents’ worth of positive feedback. Ummm… Yeah, that’s really all I’ve got to say.)

    (Except, oh, one thing: If the Sphynx ever starts taking requests regarding who to eat next, let me know, alright? First suggestion: Dick Cheney. Next stop: Keith Olbermann. Also: Lady Gaga; just add enough salsa and I’m sure Sphynx will hardly notice that sour after-taste of hairspray, cocaine, and over-inflated ego.)

  176. just want you to know that I’ve mentioned your great Creative Process poster on the monthly eblast for my online course, Radical WRiting, and on Twitter and Facebook. COngratulations on a great piece of art.

  177. Pontus Says:

    I recently discovered your comic and I love it. I posted a blog entry with this panel in it, linking to your website so that some of my friends might find their way here too. Hope it’s alright. (And I’m not going to make a habit of posting your pictures in my blog, it’s just this once).

  178. Pontus Says:

    Sorry, I took the post away. I felt it was awkward since I almost exclusively posted my own images before. Because of that people might make assumptions. Anyway, I decided not to post any pictures but my own unless they’re creative commons stuff.

  179. Kernan Says:

    Filled with win . . . and angst, and self-doubt, and schadenfreude, and hilarity, and . . . just about perfect.

  180. Arvandus Says:

    Have this as a desktop wallpaper at my job. at least once a week someone ask where I got it.

  181. Max D Says:

    This… is truth. So amazing.

    Also makes me very nostalgic for OWL and MAD magazine.

  182. Belinda Says:

    Awesome, just awesome πŸ˜€

  183. S R Segrist Says:

    I just “completed” a four-year project yesterday for my master’s thesis. Please make a poster of this and sell it to me so I can put it on the wall of my studio and my classroom. It is brilliant! Definitely not a “piece of crap.”

  184. Damnit! We’re out of potatoes!

  185. banjo Says:

    This is excellent I think ive done it all ha ha except the end bit

  186. Enoch Says:

    fucking awesome

  187. Jack Tate Says:

    Love this one. Only problem I see is that the infinite loop of revision seems to not be so infinite XD all the same, the message is quite clear and surprisingly accurate =3 (hell, I go through this one every time I’m making a game =P)

  188. Zach Says:

    Loved it man good work. glad you didn’t crash into pits of self doubts.

  189. Liam Says:

    I can’t see procrastination anywhere? or is the whole piece on big piece of procrastination. Good show Sir.

  190. a girl online Says:

    love it

  191. Heh! I’ve been to quite a few of those places, quite a few times!

  192. Rich Says:

    Thank you for this! As a writer, I have not found anything better to capture all of the thoughts and emotions that run through my mind as I’m working on something. Brilliant!

  193. Okay, so I’m not as completely nuts I had originally thought…

  194. Alan Pritchard Says:


    We innovators and innovation enablers love it

  195. Sam Wallace Says:

    This poster is strangely comforting.

  196. dale Says:

    how can i get a large size of this image?

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