this is (edit: was) a temporary post

December 22, 2009

Here’s the deal: i drew Something, and i’m about 12% confident in it right now, so i’m gonna post a link to it right here and then i’m gonna go to bed and then i’m gonna wake up in five hours to go on my xmas vacation. Anyone reading this post right now who wants to read the Something in question and leave a comment on this post can help me decide whether to post it as this week’s comic or just toss the fucking thing, because i just don’t know. Thanks for you participation, and sorry to come before you weak-kneed and jabbering like this, thus betraying my magnificent aura of suave nonchalance or whateverthefuck. Five hours–go!


PS: Ugh.

[UPDATE:] Alright, thanks you guys for talking me down off the ledge. I have these wrestling matches with self-certainty at times, and this time it was worse than usual i guess, staring at those thousands of words and thinking “what the hell am i doing?” But i’ll learn. Someday i’ll learn. Until then, Thanks Again–so very greatly appreciated, my friends.

37 Responses to “this is (edit: was) a temporary post”

  1. tulio Says:

    Too much for me, maybe later…

  2. Chris Says:

    Possibly the best thing you have ever written. This is film script worthy and not Michael Bay script worthy were talking Kubrick and Hitchcock worthy.

    Fuck that’s a whole comic book series worth of stuff there

    Art is also excellent. Publish Publish Publish Publish

  3. Tom Says:

    I skipped the middle section, but then I went back and read it. You write good stuff, you should really put it in text files so screenreaders can read it and the deaf can enjoy it :-/

  4. Timmy the Talking Tapeworm Says:

    Post it, dude. Eunice is magnificent, I loved how you didn’t pile her with Whore at Christmastime angst – indeed, I had the impression she’s just a seasonal prostitute, not a full-time one, is that right? Their dialogue at the beginning was for the win.

    Yeah, Bruno’s story is movie-ish, and you can totally see where it’d differ from usual We Are Horrid Polluting Monsters and Mother Nature Takes Its Revenge films (did you watch Avatar, by the by? Is that what prompted this?) – there’s women officers! There’s personal dramas sketched and resolved in one sentence. (Had she been pregnant?) Bruno’s voice works, man, it’s slanged-up and sincere-sounding and attention-holding. The Here’s What Really Happened part was, admittedly, predictable, but it was still gut-punching. And Bruno’s hell-shocked return made me recall Captain Estar.

    You did manage to finish it with a semihopeful note, like, no, no, Bruno won’t really go back, kids, don’t worry, and also here is why Eunice is awesome. I was very glad there wasn’t a punchline, just a hug. (The frame format really works for you, y’know.)

    The artwork was a bit sloppier than usual – the top right panel looks unfinshedish and the brothel-deco is a bit irritating. This might be a good thing? Like, less distracting with the tiny details and wall signs (which are so also your trademark) and more story-focused. Eunice and Bruno’s body language rocks. So does her overall and his hair.

    …like I said, dude, post this, now.

  5. Mac Says:

    This is why i come here every week. Humor, Thought, and sometimes, really WTF? stuff that will tumble around in my head for hours. Its all good. Thx

  6. Benjamin F. Says:

    Oh I thought it was great, and it almost took huge walls of text to a whole new level!
    I’m really one of the laziest readers out there, but Subnormality is actually something I find worth reading!

  7. Vandrerol Says:

    Post it!

  8. grawk1 Says:

    Winston, post it, this good stuff. I won’t say it’s one of your best, but it is among your better ones. Your story was thrilling, your ideas interesting and your text wall-ish. Plus, don’t forget that this unusual, unique, cynical, sometimes illogical, always interesting (except the previous two, with the Atomic cowgirl and the animals, didn’t like those) comics are the reason why you have this loyal readership. Keep it up and don’t fear the weirdness or the text walls, they are what make you good!

  9. Miles Says:

    Wow, Jesus that’s some hard core stuff there. I am likely to have nightmares about it, and I’ve had nightmares twice in my life. Also, I feel like I have been put in my place, just because there is no propane here (cold showers in winter? Hooray! Can’t cook on a stove? No heat? Bundle up!) I don’t wake up screaming, and have to function 24 / 7 while all my comrades are dying it off around me. I agree with everyone else, post that f’ker up.

  10. I have no words except…


    I mean SCHWING!!


    sorry about that.

  11. becky Says:

    No question about it, that is a keeper. Fucked up, bleak, snarky and a little sexy. More please!

  12. tulio Says:

    Ok, I´ve found the time to read it… post it.

  13. chris Says:

    I like it: I liked the art initially, and the story as I was reading it. Thanks for posting it.

  14. I agree with almost everyone here. This was very beautiful and definitely felt like I was reading a great film or comic book-worthy script. Amazing stuff, and like always amazing art. This is certainly a must-read for everyone and a must-post for you!

  15. Meghana K Says:

    please please keep it… It seems the most appropriate for this season, this phase that we are into…
    The last panel is killer!

  16. Topopardo Says:

    Incredible. Fucking incredible. Out of words.

    PS: Please post it.

  17. Sohum Says:

    Post it. This is what I come to viruscomix for.

  18. Kapustor Says:

    I can’t understand why you doubt posting it. This comic is awesome. There is an excellent sci-fi short story in the dialogue :D. I also like the message in the comic about human race showing no respect to the nature. We just waste all the natural resources in our miserable hedonistic society.

    Post this. People have to hear the message 🙂

  19. Camille Says:

    This is incredible. It made me think of Avatar gone terribly wrong. I’m pretty sure you’re the only webcomic person (hm) who can do that much Showing instead of Telling and get away with it. Wow, post it!

  20. Rich Says:

    A beautiful, alternative Christmas story. Keep it!

  21. Rich Says:

    Merry Xmas btw!

  22. muzu Says:

    The Sci-fi story itself didn’t really do anything for me but in context it was great!!!

  23. Dylan Says:

    Loved it. Publish. Publish. Publish.

  24. JackEoh Says:

    I’ve read every subnormality, and this is by far my favorite. it’s a good tale, I started at the beginning and wasn’t tempted to skip any text, which is unusual for something so long.

    good work.

  25. Mark Lenahan Says:

    Publish it. I don’t expect your stuff to make me laugh all the time, and that is not why I read it. Sure the wordy ones knock me out of “comic” mode into “novel” mode, but that isn’t a bad thing. This time, after some excellent old-school sci-fi horror when I got to the last panel I laughed out loud. Made my day.

  26. Kashkin Says:

    Post it.

    Great fucking stuff.

  27. Jak Says:

    Wow! Maybe it’s because I LOVED captain Estar, but this comic is certainly the best weekly strip I have seen for months, I was a little weary when I saw the wall of text, maybe I would have been more comfortable if the text was seperated into more panels, so it doesn’t seem like there’s too much to read. But keep it up!

  28. Mark Hergott Says:

    Post this, sell it to Hollywood, and enjoy an entire year’s worth (at least) of bills being paid.

  29. Jon Says:

    Please post it; I don’t like to think about work this brilliant just sitting where no one can appreciate it.

  30. Zach Says:

    Post this. You fucking post this right now!

  31. Mike Harris Says:

    This definitely should be posted. You did an amazing job.

    By the way, I’d agree with others that it’d be convenient to have your “wall of text” posts available in a textual form as well, just for improved ease of reading. (And, the plus side is that it would also end up making your posts’ dialogue Google-able.)

  32. Wilsonx1999 Says:

    Wow, that was amazing, you should totally post this and sell the idea to hollywood XD

  33. Sean Says:

    Jesus Christ, THIS is your 12%-sure-maybe-I’ll-post-it-maybe-I’ll-pitch-this?! THIS!??!

    Holy shit! This was incredible!

  34. Jaryd Weiss Says:

    Awesome stuff, please post this. The whole thing is just amazing.

  35. Leak Says:

    Just go and post it already; it’s cruel to make people only visiting the main page think you haven’t done anything in, what, two weeks… 😀

    (I’m just glad Firefox and Mouse Gestures Redox do image resizing – I think I’d have gone nuts reading that much text without magnifying it by a factor of two… ;))

    np: Studio 1 – Orange (Studio 1)

  36. Leak Says:

    (Errr… “post it already” in “make it the cominc showing up on the main page”, of course…)

  37. Nicholas Says:

    Holy fuck, how could you not be confident about this strip? It is far and away the best thing you’ve ever made. I mean, I could see how most “normal” people might not like it, but the comic is called Subnormality, for chrissake!

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