why i like animals

December 15, 2009

Alright, here’s a comic. Sorry for the delay, rewrites went into overtime and now i just want to focus on being unconscious for a good while.



35 Responses to “why i like animals”

  1. That’s why I love animals too.

    Can I have some of that potato salad?

  2. Troy Says:

    I hate to say it, it’s a tad predictable.

    But not like that ruins the comic.

  3. Troy Says:

    Oh, and as a post-note.

    Go back to cracked, I love having you show up there, too.

  4. Mark Hergott Says:

    You like animals… because they don’t care what you do for a living? Because they won’t pressure you into writing for the sake of writing? I don’t get it.

    That being said, the art is excellent, and your attention to detail is wonderful. It’s nice that someone turned off the grill before going to enlightenment in comic form.

  5. MNov Says:

    Blond girl with overalls stole a plate.

  6. The Dude Says:

    Great Comic this week man! Thanks!

    But maybe we should all admit to ourselves that this comic updates every Tuesday now 🙂

  7. bachterman Says:

    tha barbecue guy stole the smoke, i stole the mirrors. 🙂

  8. phoney Says:

    i thought this was a double update, but then i realized i somehow lost track of a whole week.

  9. Leak Says:

    @phoney: Nah, you didn’t lose track – it’s just that Winston forgot to update the Subnormality page to show this week’s comic.

    Hooray for the RSS feed, or I wouldn’t have noticed either…


    Great comic, as usual. I like animals because they’ll eat potato salad that no human would.

    Agreed with Troy about cracked.

  11. Lew Basnight Says:

    Heh, thanks. That was pretty good. I like the picnic-bear image, too. “I’m glad you came. Have a seat. We need to talk.”

  12. Michael Ezra Says:

    Hey Winston, did you know that Billboard just named N*ck*lb*ck “Band of the Decade?” Sadly, I’m not making this up.

    You know what you must do now.

  13. NoVan Says:

    @Michael Ezra: Commit ritual hara-kiri? Dude! Don’t give him ideas!

  14. Michael Ezra Says:

    @NoVan: No-o-o! God forbid. I meant, fit another Ch*d Kr**g*r and/or N*ck*lb*ack burn into an upcoming comic. Although there’s plenty of hate for the band and its slimy misogynist frontman out there, no one burns them better than Winston, whether in Subnormality or the Sloan vs. Nickelback one-shot on the main Virus Comix site.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    That’s… that’s… *counting*… only 38 words! (not counting those unreadable words on those items)


    I counted 42… or 51, if you count the hover-text.

  17. dvilla Says:

    Brilliant! Never stop, Winston.

  18. Definitely aware of the whole “band of the decade” thing, and when i finish vomiting because of it i have plans to respond via pencil/pen at some point in the future. Getting sick of hearing about THAT band, so i really wanna definitively take them on. Got some ideas.

  19. tulio Says:

    Band of the decade… another signal of apocalypse.

  20. XenoVega Says:

    So why is there a new comic on your blog, but not on the main Subnormality page?

    On this link:
    i still see the atomic cowgirl.

  21. Leak Says:

    @XenoVega: I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you… nothing personal, of course.

  22. Simon Says:

    Hi Winston, have you thought about turning your hand lettering into a font? I would convince my boss to pay $10 for it.

  23. Simon Says:

    Also, that photo at the top of the page – were you looking out of your bathroom window? Can you see Russia from your house?

  24. Jakob Says:

    Hey Winston, why aren’t you posting blog entries about the comics you do for Cracked?

  25. Tyler Kirtley Says:

    hey just read all the comics after following a cracked link, really loved all the stuff, keep up the good work

  26. anon2 Says:

    regarding voldemor-er, n*ck*lb*ck’s “award”, at least it’s based on an objective measure, so billboard isnt so much endorsing or lauding them as it is just reporting trends. trends like these: http://viruscomix.com/page398.html

  27. Dusty668 Says:

    Damn shame the comic was a Garfield strip about hating tuesdays…

  28. Tomé Says:

    i love it! so many stories into one comic strip…

  29. Sam Says:

    Just discovered your site this afternoon, and haven’t been able to leave for like 2 and a half hours. Great stuff. I especially like “why i like animals” and all the stuff with the sphynx and the other monsters.

  30. Net Says:

    Someone get some sunglasses on that dog. He’s being too cool to not have them.

  31. TheoX Says:

    This comic baffles me.

  32. SotiCoto Says:

    The guy is obviously talking about Homestuck.

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