November 15, 2009

Sorry, there won’t be a comic this week as I must take some time for numerous Things That Need Attending To. And i know with my frequent no-shows of late i’m starting to sound like the stereotypical Bad Husband with his constant excuses, “i’m sorry honey, i know i’m staying late at the office all the time but work has just been a bitch lately, but i tell you what, once this project’s finished we’ll put the kids in water-filled plastic bags and throw them in the river and then we’ll go out for a nice steak dinner, just the two of us, what do you say?! etc.” Blah blah blah excuses and so on. However, the thing is that the various things that have been monopolizing my time and energy the past few months will be gone with the wind on december 1st, so 9 out of 10 scientists predict a decrease in missed comix in the period directly following (the other 1 out of 10 is a Mad scientist and predicts an invasion by trout with robotic legs and dorsal-mounted rocket pods). To put it more legibly, my time’s been split horribly between the day job and freelance stuff and the ol’ Subnormality in a bad kinda way, but the splitting fortuitously and finally ends at the end of the month at which point these constant breaks will be less constant. Thanks for your patience; i am aware that a large part of the appeal of a comic is reading a new one on a regular basis, so i’m definitely not full of joy to miss updates like this.  But to make up for it let’s go out for a steak dinner, just you and me, what do you say?!

groggily yours,


PS: Hey, a big Thanks to those out there who’ve been submitting the comix to sites like Stumbleupon, Reddit, and Digg and thus enabling a whole lot more people to read them. Stuff like that is word of mouth x100, so it’s handshakes all around to anyone who’s helped out in that regard by foisting my walls of text upon the various online communities of content sharin’ and site linkin’. So, yeah, Thanks Sincerely for what is in the long run a Big Contribution, and probably a contribution that is understated in the general discussion of webcomics.

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