Not an Insult

November 11, 2009


There are people who make comics on the internet. Christ, all that waiting and it’s fucking not even funny. Hey, it’s november 11th though, which is pretty much the least funny day of the year, so, uh, yeah. Now i must go.

weirdly yours,


411 Responses to “Not an Insult”

  1. fred Says:

    I liked it well enough indeed, although I couldn’t tell what everyone’s tiny hidden opinion was.

  2. steve Says:

    I pretty much fit into one of those categories and I am happy about it.

  3. Doom Says:

    nice one.

  4. JTFC Says:

    A great graphical representation of one of my favorite quotes by Michel Foucault:
    “…if you are not like everybody else, then you are abnormal, if you are abnormal , then you are sick. These three categories, not being like everybody else, not being normal and being sick are in fact very different but have been reduced to the same thing.”

  5. Joe Says:

    Middle, second column! perfect description.

  6. Sili Says:

    There are several perfectly good uses of “normal” in maths, and I refuse to rephrase myself just to conform.

  7. Tibi Says:

    Thank you. It was _great_.

  8. bachterman Says:

    i’m the 4a.m. internet and talk to themselves type. and i always smile, but not truly happy. :/
    and i’ll post this pic on my tumblog. thanks. πŸ™‚

  9. Charles Says:

    This comic strip is essentially perfect. Thanks.

  10. Bengo Says:

    Not to mention, half of all people are below average.

  11. Sam Says:

    Probably your best more serious comic since The Line. Brilliant work. Thank you.

  12. theChistu Says:

    I think this is the best comic you’ve ever done.

  13. Ah, great stuff! Thank you, Wimbledon Blowdry!

  14. zwrdl Says:

    Great strip.

    I appreciate the last panel,while it expresses the next best point of view, it misses the very best POV.

    The best POV, IMHO, is “Why compare yourself to anyone at all?”

    I didn’t say not to use folks as role models, or examples to avoid being like…but you are not them and vice versa, and making a comparison is unnecessary.

    For example, you may be more, or less (fill in the blank____) in some way, but you don’t know what they started with and anyway, you’re working with what you have to become what you want to be in the best way you know how. What difference does it make if someone else is (fill in the blank____)?

  15. William Brust Says:

    I think I may save this as my wallpaper. You, sir, are a master.

  16. Gary Watson Says:

    OK, with today’s comic, you have risen to the ranks of Philosopher-King. All hail, God-Emperor WR!

  17. Richard Says:

    That was great. Thanks

  18. Muscleman Says:

    I’m not weird.

    I’m Strange . . .

  19. I’m very much taken with the blueness of it all. I like it, and think you ought to sell a “WEIRD” calling card in your shop.

  20. JarrodB Says:

    Wow. Thank you for today’s strip. I guess there are all sorts of little quirks and eccentricities that set us apart. And, really, that’s what we all have in common. I think you made me feel a little less isolated, when I didn’t even know I was feeling isolated.

  21. John Jacques Says:

    Mind if I get your permission to print this onto a poster at my local Photo Center? It’s BRILLIANT!

  22. TrumanJones Says:

    Too true Tromboneous.

  23. ralotius Says:

    I saw a lionk to this comic at reddit, and I really, really, love it. thanks for making my day.

  24. Michael Ezra Says:

    Succint and thought-provoking.

  25. Andy S Says:

    I’ve been reading your site for a long time, and I always enjoy it (delays or no!), but this is one of your best comics yet. The delivery is perfect, the art is perfect, and the message is one we could afford to hear more often.

    Thanks, Winston!

  26. james w Says:

    Every day of my child life from the time I was two my father told me I was weird, and I grew up feeling perfectly normal.

  27. Abe Says:

    I often find myself annoyed by the sometimes overbearing pessimism of this comic. In the past I even considered discontinuing my readership, yet I was always felt compelled to come back and read every word of every update. I think this particular strip exemplifies why.

    I realize how backhanded that must sound, but I don’t mean it that way. The message in this strip has far more impact given the body of work from which it comes. It’s like someone sitting you down and reminding you of all the awful truths in the world only to end with “but it’s not all bad…” — and you ultimately end up in a better place for it. This balance has been kept quite nicely through most of Subnormality’s history. Good stuff.

  28. wzrd Says:

    You are my favorite comic on the web. Love the artwork, but really the writing and thoughts.

  29. p Says:

    i always look forward to my dose of subnormalality cynicism and wry, knowing chuckles, but boy did this one put me in a cheerful mood!

    very nice choice with the colors, too!

  30. Bvz Says:

    Awesome, that is something that really needed to be said. A lot of people say you (hypothetically, not anyone in particular) should act ‘normal’, as that’s what society expects. Well, screw them! Normal is a point of view, a matter of opinion, not some ideal that everyone should strive to mirror. Eh, your comic expresses that better than I can. Well played, a brilliant comic as per usual.

  31. Leak Says:



  32. CC Says:

    I fit into the “almost never smiles but is almost always happy” category

  33. sy5551 Says:

    love it

    great work

  34. vanetz Says:

    I can relate to this comic.

    Also, I live in Latvia, and November 11th is pretty funny around here, because it is a national holiday inspired by an old tale of a man with ears of a bear called “Bear-slayer”.

    I shit you not.

  35. hurm.

    this one made me ponder.

    Nice work, Rowntree, you magnificent apostrophe.

  36. Cataclyst Says:

    Thank you for this comic.

  37. Hey I was just thinking this comic over — what’s really surprising about it is that it’s not at all sanctimonious. I remember various times in childhood being told that some term I (or someone else) was using as an insult was “not an insult” and it always seemed like a meaningless thing to say. This strip imbues it with some meaning.

  38. scruss Says:


    “Think of it, Ellen … a world full of weirdos!”
    “That would be wonderful …”

  39. Evelyn Wolke Says:

    Marvellous, thank you very much. I’ve always been weird and proud of it.

  40. Chris L Says:

    Dig the aesthetic in this one. The blue works out really nicely. I think I have a thing for two-colour. (Does that make me weird?)

  41. Mark Z Says:

    Really great, worth the extra wait for sure. This comic keeps me coming back, it’s by far the best on the internet.

  42. m z Says:

    amazing piece of work. touched me deeply.

  43. Suntiger Says:

    Hear, hear!

    Love this one. I’m going to print this out and put on the fridge. ^_^

  44. Laurel Says:

    I have been reading your comics faithfully for a while now, and I’ve loved nearly every one of them. This one was no exception, and made me break down in tears at how true these categories are. Thank you. Thank you, from one of the girls who was called weird. It’s good to be here.

  45. Stacy Says:


    I’ve been reading for quite some time, but this comic just brought a real smile to my face. I don’t know how often you get told that, but in case it isn’t often, I thought I ought to speak up.


  46. pond Says:

    Haha, I can’t count the nights I’ve stayed up far too late reading about planets, or conspiracy theories, or cellular automata, or..

    I’ve yet to meet a paper eater though (i admit, i did that in about 7th grade… probably just a phase though).

  47. joel Says:

    Amen brothers and sisters!

  48. Luc Says:

    Beautiful πŸ™‚ I love it.

  49. Again, with the truth exactly when I need it.

  50. edomaur Says:

    Concrete is an interesting stuff ya know. Well, I look at porn too, but it downs through without leaving much more. Otherwise, not weird. Not enough at least.

  51. Brian Says:

    You have no idea how much I really needed to read this today. Thank you.

  52. Jamin Says:

    That was incredible. It’s good to see points of view like this escaping from the cracks of our ‘normal’ society.

  53. kobraski Says:

    oh yes. beautiful.

  54. Alex Says:

    This comic really sums up what your work always says to me. Thank you so much for this and all the other stuff.

  55. Gaber the Guba Says:

    Well, I thought about that many times, while talking to myself. Only not in the way you put it. An excellent way, by the way.

  56. Silly Goose Says:

    as for me, i wear the same type of clothing with different variations all year and nobody notices. love the blue highlights

  57. kitsana_d Says:

    That was beautiful. Thank you!

  58. Lew Basnight Says:

    Excellent work, man. For some reason I read it as if it were set to music, all slow fades from one panel to the next. I don’t fret about your comics if they’re late, I know they’ll be worth it.

  59. Shaun Says:

    Weirdness is a relative metric like most. Wonderful comic.

  60. Grady Ward Says:


    Thank you.

  61. Kevin Keyser Says:

    Wow. I had a heck of day; I felt all beat down and outcast. Then I read this. It helped, you know? Thank you.

  62. tiashe Says:

    Great comic! I’m the girl who eats paper and the girl who has never had sex yet is perfectly happy and fulfilled (let alone never had a relationship, something I find which boggles some peoples minds), the 4am internet dude and the ‘true fans’. Of course, I think a P. butter + banana and bacon sammich would be really good too, but I never tried it. Now I must.

  63. nickganga Says:

    awesome, purely awesome

  64. Terry Says:

    Yeah. Fuzzy feeling inside and all that. Happy tear.

    Thanks. You’re a hero.

  65. Almafuerte Says:

    Wow. This comment just blew my mind out.

    Subnormality is one of the webcomics I enjoy the most. The drawing is amazing, and I just love the huge walls of text and the amazingly insightful words of wisdom in every single comment. I found about it a few months ago, and I just had to go through the whole archive. At least 5 categories in this comic apply to me. I think one of the XKCD memes totally applies to this comic:

    Winston, Get out of my head!

  66. miscmatt Says:

    simply beautiful

  67. g Says:

    I eat paper!
    And, I think I am in love with you.

  68. you Says:

    Some of them ARE weird… people who hurt people without knowing why are psychopaths, and people who do porn are obviously disgusting, same with people who fornicate 8x a week

  69. DamienBixlan Says:

    I’d buy a poster of that.

  70. Anna Says:

    This is so amazing. ❀

  71. brashieel Says:

    That was beautiful, man. One of your best, and not just because it didn’t leave me feeling the need to inflict random violence on somebody.

  72. til Says:

    “Some of them ARE weird… people who hurt people without knowing why are psychopaths, and people who do porn are obviously disgusting, same with people who fornicate 8x a week”

    This is not supposed to be an insult or anything but BOY it must REALLY suck to be you.
    Get somy perspective, man – SERIOUSLY!

    This is clearly one of the most amazing comics ive seen here
    (and YES i’d REALLY like to buy a poster of it)

  73. One Says:

    Simply beautiful, thank you SO much Sir Rowntree

  74. Adam Mcintosh Says:

    Thank you for a profound look at “weird” and “normal” !!!

  75. dooma Says:

    me likey!

  76. Jonathan Says:

    I absolutely love that comic. Excellent.

  77. No Hablo Ingles Says:

    Okay, I’m going to skip the “OMGWTF AWESOME”, the “Making an insightful observation that the author must have made as well”, etc., etc., because you already know you’re a genius.

    Why was the “R” highlighted blue in “WEIRD”?

  78. Jerod T. Says:

    I really liked this one πŸ™‚

  79. Mitch G Says:

    Well put. Insightful. Enjoyed it.

  80. Johnny T Says:


  81. Paul Says:

    From another wierdo!

  82. Christopher Norton Says:

    Wicked awesome.

  83. shoyu Says:

    Why is everybody white?

  84. kevin Says:

    I have been called weird before….it makes me happy and I’ve always considered it a compliment.
    Freaks and weirdos unite!

  85. Matt L Says:

    Loved it. Everyone should realize and embrace how weird they really are. I do. And I love it (my weirdness).

  86. jaybee Says:

    I followed a link here expecting to see a “ha-ha” comic strip and the first few frames I read I thought “Hey, this isn’t funny, what gives?”. So then I sat up, shook my head, re-assessed the situation and started reading from the top without any preconceived notions this time, and I discovered a moving homage to humankind that’s going to stay with me for a long time.

    Thank you.

  87. You’re one of the greatest artists and writers of our times!

  88. Angus Says:

    There need to be awards for this kind of thing… serious, publicized, major awards with huge prizes.

  89. Nathan Says:

    Bravo. Well done, man.

  90. Meghana K Says:

    !! LOVE IT!

  91. S. A. Ravenheart Says:

    Man, what a great portrayal of real people. I love how you not only make people laugh, but make people think. If only people would take more pride in their weirdness we’d all treat each other more like humans…

  92. Chris Says:

    Really worth the wait for this comic! Possibly my favorite one so far.

  93. Delaney Says:

    Absolutely fantastic. This proves my theory so far that Subnormality is the best comic strip the internet has ever spawned.

  94. Locothrope Says:

    I have snarked at you in the past.
    I will probably snark at you in the future.

    But right now. For this one comic.
    You are so very, very right on.

  95. Christian Says:

    I get the sense that being “weird” on the east coast is worse than on the west. Whatever the case, this was fun. Weird is great and it’s funny/scary how many of those wierdos I am.

    Love your work!

  96. Gia Says:

    i am home now. thanks for the party.

  97. Bluevirage Says:

    I totally do not smile a lot but I am mostly happy. I really just like listening to my music during my commute and not really focusing on anything but whatever makes me happy.

    I love being weird, I love weird things, and I pretty much do stay up late reading up on stuff that is totally benign whilst others browse porn.

    Hell, I am going to see if this webcomic as a whole has a Tvtropes page!

    • Vigilant Taxonomist Says:

      *Hearty LOLZ at 6th panel* I’m definitely one of those ‘people’. We call ourselves Tropers, some of the time, and the term for getting lost like that is a Wiki Walk.

  98. Revyloution Says:

    Ill concur with the sentiment that this is an opus magnum. Beautifully done.

    But if anyone wants to make this comic really click, listen to the song ‘Weird Revolution” by the Butthole Surfers. They complement each other like bullets and guns (credit to the best/worst movie simile ever from Lost Boys)

  99. PO8 Says:

    I read a lot of webcomics, but don’t generally leave comments praising strips in the forums. This is the second such comment you’ve got from me.

    This particular strip rocks. Thanks hugely for it.

  100. max Says:

    damn, that really struck true on several parts, either as me or people i know. WELL dONE!

  101. Will Says:

    ” ‘Wyrd’ is a concept in Old English and Old Norse culture roughly corresponding to sacred, fate, karma, or synchronicity.” Eventually this term evolved into the modern english term weird. huh. loved the comic, would gladly buy a poster.

  102. anon2 Says:

    coloring = fuckin badass
    actually, while of course u make a good point, i DID think some of those were funny

  103. Dusty668 Says:


  104. pG Says:

    Wow. That is eerily on target for so many people I know. I long ago gave up on normal. Weird is the new normal.
    PS. Just asked my best (girl)friend if she’d do porn. She whacked me over the head with a magazine and said ‘Of course silly, but no-one will ever ask me to.’

  105. Ollie_Miles Says:

    Greetings, I’ve been reading Sub for a long time but never felt the call to post a comment, but I had to say that I loved the bald dude in the ‘Never Smile’ panel and I hope I can draw that perfect in the future.

    =) *sincere hat*

  106. Zzyzx Says:

    Would the author mind if I debranded it? My kid would love that, but is too young for branding.


  107. The Peach Says:

    you deserve just a quote:
    “Everybody is someone else’s weirdo” (Dykstra)

  108. Ramshackle Says:

    I love this comic. In fact, I need it. Thank you.

  109. fmfm Says:

    Best cartoon ever.

    Your drawings always tackle issues are deep in our lives; yet are very simple and clear.

  110. Sheri Says:

    My daughter sent this to me. I keep reading it over and over and over. I always taught her the word “normal” is completely meaningless. Life is bigger and sturdier than a flimsy concept called “normal.”

    Great work.

  111. Sebastian. Says:

    Thoughtful as usual. I teared up a little. Thank you.

  112. Jake Says:

    A friend linked this comic on her facebook page. I’ve never been to your site before but now about 5 hours of graveyard shift later I’ve read all of Subnormality. Start to finish, incredible, thought provoking work. I’ll be back weekly.

    This one is truly a gem. My baby sister used to be terrified of “creepy people.” Recently she’s admitted to me that the creepy people are actually somewhat interesting. I sent this comic to her right away.

  113. Olivia Says:

    Thanks for the hilarity. The job-hunting waitress sequences are my favourites by far.

  114. mathilde Says:


  115. V Says:

    Sincerely, I think this strip is just amazing.

  116. FishToaster Says:

    The community of people who appreciate underground rivers and concrete graveyards and abandoned subway stations found this amusing. πŸ™‚

  117. Josh Says:

    You expressed this perfectly, thank you! I’m the kind of weird you can’t see until you get close to me and the kind of weird that some people can’t live without πŸ˜€

  118. Adam Says:

    Isn’t the subtext thing a Beatles quote?

    Also, I always loved your comics πŸ˜€

  119. Reignonyourparade Says:

    Oh my god, it’s the representative from the local association of loutish boors!

  120. Dominic Says:

    Vie da difference!.:))

  121. xalex Says:

    YOU RULE! i love your website πŸ™‚ im munching through the archive at the moment and its awesome … belive me i haven’t got a lot of patience with other comic sites but yours is out of this planet !!! keep it up!!! and have fun πŸ™‚

  122. Don Smith Says:

    Loved it. So true. So true. I can identify with several of those people.

  123. Hominidx Says:


  124. Dave Says:

    I enjoy visiting your website. You are a wonderfully creative cartoonist.

  125. Illuminatus Says:

    Best webcomic ever. Not even a 300 pages book could put it better.

  126. Thesaya Says:

    I want that one as a poster. I have called myself weird, with other people protesting that I’m not, without getting I see it as something positive since I was 12. I love this…

  127. Justin Says:

    Best strip I’ve seen in a long time. Thanks for this.

    Normal is a theoretical construct, not a goal.

  128. Miguel Says:

    Thank you for everything you’ve done so far with your work. It’s inspiring and refreshing. It’s good to know there’s somebody out there that has similar thoughts to mine.

  129. Eric Says:

    What a wonderfully insightful strip

  130. Omar Says:


  131. Sean Says:

    11/11 was my birthday, thanks for reaffirming my belief that the ideal way of celebrating your 19th birthday is to do what you fancy.

  132. JoeR Says:

    Congrats, you made Digg. but they hosted the image of your comic on imgur, instead of just linking to your site. Its got almost 3000 digs so far.

  133. David Says:

    Everything I’ve read on here has made that silent parallel world one bit realer. Cheers!

  134. Peter Says:

    Number 3 is totally me.

  135. _mark Says:

    righteous. well done.

  136. Max Chaplin Says:

    Three of the panels apply to me. Am I weird enough?

  137. LDP Says:

    I have to disagree with your lack of normal, as your *used to be* pink hair is a perfect example… past, present, and future. Started off happy and fine, society reducing to compliance, slowly ideas are lost. conformity replaces soul. eventually becoming what you used to hate … and eventually hating what you used to be, hiding it to just survive… society diminished to singular elements … a brave new world! Some of your ‘weird’ ones show the characteristics of being ‘normal’.

  138. sarmen Says:

    you guys don’t make comics. you make intellectual journeys

  139. Alex R. Says:

    Man, ever since I discovered Subnormality a few months ago, I’ve read all the comics and have been a weekly customer. And every single week, you deliver with great comedy and insight (and walls of text).

    But every once in a while, you outdo yourself. This one and the Line, despite not being humorous at all, are easily the two best comics of Subnormality. Of course, it’s great if you keep up with the comedy and crazy art, but it’s awesome when a webcomic takes itself seriously once in a while. Keep up the great work, and keep being weird!

  140. Bert Says:

    I agree completely with Alex R. The line is one of my favourite viruscomix strips, and this ones has a very similar feeling to it.

    Utterly awesome! A comic that teaches you something important … keep it up man!

  141. Amy Says:

    My husband and I got married about 6 weeks ago and this comic reminded me of the ceremony. Over a couple of weeks of pre-marital counselling, the pastor who performed the ceremony just talked about how my husband and I are weird, it fit us perfectly. Weird is the new normal indeed!

  142. JohnC Says:


  143. A.H. Says:

    Love it Winston!

  144. Line Noise Says:

    LDP i don’t think PHG is normal she is just not zealous about being weird. Re-Dyeing her hair was a necessary for financial survival.
    Speaking of PHG (who STILL has no boyfriend!) in panel #5 she and her gal-pal are used as examples of sexual experience diversity. does this mean PHG is still a virgin? Good God RW, you are so cruel to that women! have you no compassion? have you no shame? ( I must stop obsessing about PHG… she is just a fictional character )

    p.s. paper has no calories.

  145. Melios Says:

    This is a good one. I like it. Lots. And I happen to fit nicely into one of the categories. And, you know what? It’s alright. In fact, I’m happy about it. Normal is boring.

  146. I’m kind of late to the party here, but here goes nothing…

    zwrdl: The thinking behind that was a)that we all compare ourselves to others no matter what, so b)if you go ahead and compare yourself to real people in all their glorious weirdness then you’ll like the result because you’ll feel less alone instead of inadequate. I think that about covers it…

    Abe: I appreciate what you say, so thanks. And please know that i (and the comic) get depressed because i love the world, not because i hate it. Sounds cheesy, but there it is.

    Leak: Word.

    vanetz: That is awesome.

    No Hablo Ingles: If you mean why in general, it was to make the word “Weird” itself fit in with the visual theme of the comic. If you mean why the “R” in particular, no special reason.

    Adam: Yeah, i threw in the opening line from their Weirdest song, as it weirdly expressed sentiments of togetherness.

    Reignonyourparade: Ha! Good eye, glad someone noticed my re-booring.

    JoeR: Hey, right on. I thought Digg had given up on crazy ol’ winston rowntree, but perhaps not.

    Line Noise: Either she’s a virgin or she isn’t, just like everybody else. And if paper has no calories then maybe i should start eating it again…

    And thanks to everyone for the comments! I’m always super-glad to read people’s reactions and some of this week’s are really staying with me. Is that weird? I bloody well hope so.

    Oh, and for those who might want a poster of this, I’m too busy and stupid to be set up to sell such things presently but i’m hoping to kind of get my act together with regard to that next year (got a printer in mind) so hang in there, if i do posters this’ll be one of them.

  147. Mike Seitz Says:

    Normal is what the majority voted in. Just like George Bush, or……….

  148. No Hablo Ingles Says:

    Ah. Well, it was beautiful anyways. Please, so that I may have a place of cyber solace, continue!

  149. Bee-Dub Says:

    Sublime, brilliantly worded and just the pick-me-up I needed on a looong afternoon.
    Poster please?

  150. George Says:

    Excellent comic, but I’ve always thought that the what’s weirdest in this world is that if even the most insignificant person in the world farts in a whirlwind, it changes everything, and beneath this reality of infinite matter, there are infinitely more realities where everything is different because said person farted one microsecond later than he did in this reality.

    You’re a genius, Winston, you should make a book, on paper, so it can be preserved in a salt mine forever, and when all of civilization is destroyed, some of you can live forever. You deserve it.

  151. Reignonyourparade Says:

    Also, I love how you emphasized your greyscale with TEAL of all things. Everyone’s used to greyscale/red, but teal? That’s pretty…

  152. Kat! Says:

    I am six of these.

  153. Sagar Says:

    You hit the nail on the head there! Liked the way you conveyed the theme πŸ™‚ Keep it up!

  154. Arese Says:

    Hurting a best friend hits home and still don’t know why i did such a thing. I have repented and that is a botheration likewise OH well–I’m far too perfect anyway So Sorry!! Wish I were another category

  155. Liz Says:

    At school, I remember always challenging people to ‘define normality’ after they’d mocked someone for being weird. don’t remember ever hearing a decent response…

  156. Rain Says:

    I eat paper towels. They don’t taste that great. And I will stay up all night reading wikipedia. I like to know things. I hate being ignorant about a topic, no matter how obscure.

    I googled concrete graveyards and didn’t really find anything. I was disappointed.

  157. J Says:

    I love your work it’s so good it’s art πŸ™‚

  158. pratheek Says:

    my friend aravind has sent me links to ur comics a few times before and each time they have blown me away… and this one was surely the best of them all. for some reason, i’ve never thought of going and looking up ur work myself. but i’ve decided that from now on, i’ll do that…

    keep up the good work!!


  159. Paul Says:

    This is an excellent comic. I love the message it conveys, and I love the examples it uses. The use of bright blue is both amusing and effective. Masterfully done.

  160. Akin Says:

    This one needs to be a poster.

    Love it!

  161. Mike Z Says:

    What a nice comic.

  162. lolwut Says:

    I stay up till 4 am on the net, but I’m pretty much just watching porn.

  163. Seanie Says:

    I don’t want this strip on a poster, I want it on a T-shirt!

  164. Hannah Says:

    As always Mr. Rowntree, your comics make me want to hug my computer for containing such wonderful things.

  165. Toubrouk Says:

    Damn, I fit in THREE of those categories! I must be amazingly weird.

  166. GD Says:

    I love it – all your comics are great, but this one in particular more than the others because it rings so true.
    keep up the great dialogue!

  167. Iggypop Says:

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful piece of wisdom.

  168. Mikko Says:

    i fit into the unconventional clothing people

  169. David Ree Says:

    what an excellent comic! Loved every panel of it.

  170. Enfermero Torero Says:


  171. Ben Says:

    I like this comment, but I think the author misses the concept of what it means to be normal (how appropriate.) Ever consider that the way we use normal does not mean being absolutely the same, but being unremarkable as far as we know? Being “normal” simply means that most other people see you and associate you with a group of other people, and by that standard, there are a lot of normal people. Think about it: before you know the secret of a person that is listed below each panel in the comic, you might think of them as normal. After you find out the secret, they are still the same person, so why should you think of them differently? Normal has more to do with whats on the outside than the inside.

  172. Stephen Says:

    I absolutely loved this and know many friends who will enjoy it as well =D
    Thanks so much for being Weird!

  173. GerryB Says:

    Proud to read this comic, proud to read the comments, Winston you make me proud to appreciate your work because it’s glee-glue that sticks my smile to my ears and I like that in a mirror, thank you.

  174. Ruben Says:

    i love this comic, i do.

    but i somehow feel that it would have been a lot better without the last two pictures.

  175. Ian Treeby Says:

    most righteous.

  176. Shou Says:

    First comment, but I’ve been reading for a long time…
    I scanned all the comments, and almost all fot hem are praises: ‘Go us, we’re weird and we’re proud of it!’ … That is soemthing to be proud of, to be yourself, to be unique, but at the same time, I intially wanted to post something like what Ben said.

    We’re ALL special and unique and different, and do ‘odd’ things here and there, but that’s the thing.
    That’s all of us. So by its own silly definition, we’re pretty much ALL normal. (I mean, except some of those in insane asylums.)
    Normal and weird, simultaniously.

    Whatever you do, whoever you are, you’re you, just like everybody else.
    I’m sure people are going to hate me for this comment. Is it because I think differently than the majority? Does that make me weirder than accepted weirdnesses? I don’t really care, but I did want to bring this defintion of normal/weird to … anybody’s attention. πŸ˜€

    Oh, one more thing, I rather enjoyed the comic.

  177. Amazing use of colour for emphasis.

    For me, it’s one of your best comics in Subnormality.

    Both as artwork and as social commentary.

  178. Filipe Says:

    I laughed the hardest at the sandwich picture up above… good times, awsome stuff. I love you!

  179. snap1415 Says:

    Heart breakingly profound. Thanks.

  180. Graham Says:

    Perfect and deservedly viral.

  181. Bearfoot Says:

    Normallicy is boring.. πŸ™‚

    I was wondering.. would it be possible for me to turn the “Weird?” into a shirt in Second Life? I wouldn’t sell it and I would definately give credit where its due.

    I just really really like the message of this strip.

  182. Bearfoot Says:

    Oh and Shou… you’re saying “I’m unique! Just like everyone!” eh?


  183. flcl Says:

    “…theyre reading about underground rivers and concrete graveyards and abandoned subway stations”

    my god.. its like he knows me

  184. Casey Says:

    Very insightful.

  185. Guest Says:

    I *knew* I wasn’t the only one who does the paper thing.

  186. Jake Says:

    Loved it. I am at least four of these…

  187. mahokiwi Says:

    Lovely. The teal highlights are great.

    Shou — you, uh, basically just summed up the point of the comic, I think. I’m not sure why WR would hate you for that.

  188. Christopher Hudson Says:

    Absolutely AWESOME! I’m Many of the Above πŸ˜‰ Or all of them? Or NOT, and either way, it’s the way I LIKE it πŸ˜‰

  189. Marty Says:


  190. Charles Says:

    Very good, I liked this one a lot! Very insightful.

  191. miguelito3dp Says:

    I think this is the best you’ve done.
    It just great.

  192. someguyorsomething Says:

    same thing as the guy above me

  193. Amy Says:

    This should be on a shirt (if it isn’t already). It’s true and I love it.

  194. Atlantic Says:

    Masterpiece! This is my favorite, absolutely, because I know what people are like and this comic is a lot of what people are like. Things that you don’t always really pick up on, either, but when you do, it’s a mini revelation. I’ve got the #6 thing going on in a big way except some other times I’m alternating between playing kiddie games and reading the news. But it’s funny, right, because you’re illustrating that everyone’s really sort of freaky but we’re all going ‘I’m totally like #1,’ just like I did. Weird? Weird.

  195. Amanda Says:

    Job well done. I love it.

  196. omega1664 Says:

    Thank you for the reminder that the only normal people are the weird ones, and that’s ALL of us. Even the ones who don’t want to admit it.

  197. RazorbladeDog Says:

    Loved this strip WR, thanks for making self-awareness guides and keeping it insightful and witty.

  198. fimbulwinter Says:

    the only normal people are the ones you don’t know very well.

    This is good. As usual.

  199. David Says:

    Why “least funny day of the year”? Hell, Carnival begins!

  200. Hippy Says:

    Nature isn`t `normal` thus normal is unnatural thus creating the illusion that Humans are, well human -not animal-. The tv told me so.

  201. Writer Says:

    Absolutely brilliant. The grey palette really sells it and the hint of blue is beautiful.

    Allright, where is the Subnormality donation link or something? Paypal? Anything. Time to drop fat loot in Mr Rowntree’s inbox so he can buy more paper.

    To draw on, not eat.

    Or eat, whatever.

  202. Gordo Says:

    I eat paper!!

  203. simon Says:

    Reminds me of the bit in Life of Brian, where the crowd outside Brian’s window shouts in unison “We’re all different!”, and a lone voice pipes up after; “I’m not.”

    Winston, why not post a link to a high res PDF of each strip (behind a PayPal link of course!) for people worldwide to download and take to their local printer, rather than mucking about with organising printing, worldwide dispatch etc yourself?

  204. simon Says:

    Oops, got that tag wrong – link will take you to Youtube clip of the movie, much recommended.

  205. RichoVonBlack Says:

    now this was good,

  206. Echo_Hotel Says:

    I gave up trying to be normal around age 7 now 23 years later I’d just settle for “neurotypical”

  207. Patricia Says:

    Hey Winston Rowntree, happy 500th page! I’ve been reading you faithfully ever since I saw The Line (and I went through all the prior Subnormality pages too). Your insights and your way of expressing them are a real benefit to anyone who sees them.

  208. ElGuappa Says:

    I love this. Thank you for being an artist that not only has the ability to make us laugh, but also for being someone who THINKS and can shape your art to convey messages we all need to hear.

    Thanks again!

  209. Cody T Says:

    Love it!

  210. mike Says:

    I’m sooo happy from reading this. Thanks! A true gem.

  211. tbonky Says:

    sweet comics, I love the one about the pacman t-shirt!!

  212. ironflange Says:

    Best “Subnormality” ever. Hell, best ANYTHING ever!

  213. SongCoyote Says:

    Wow… I am floored by this one. I love the Sphinx; she’s fantastic and I’m always hoping the next Subnormality will feature her… but this was truly amazing.

    Will you make this available as a print or poster? I want one, please. This seems to collet my e-mail; please let me know if it will be possible.

    As if I wasn’t already checking regularly for updates… now I’ll check even more. Thanks again and again for the profundity, erudition, and yes, weirdness you’ve shared with us.

    Light and laughter,

  214. Rosy Says:

    Wow. Just… wow. One of the best (along with ‘the line’). What makes them so great is probably because it comes from you, kinda unexpected.
    And Bearfoot? I would totally buy that t-shirt. White shirt with just ‘WEIRD’ (with the teal ‘R’) on the front.
    Seriously. That was amazing.

  215. Miniar Says:


  216. emily Says:

    my husband thinks he’s normal.
    but he’s so wonderfully quirky.
    i’d love it if he could see it because he’d take it easier on the rest of us.
    oh, so…
    there are people that think they’re normal and everyone else is weird. it must be a lonely place.

  217. Nosaj Says:

    Man, if you were an evil man, you’d make this into a facebook app. TAG YOUR FRIENDS! Hurrrrrrrrrrr…

    Thank you for not making facebook apps.


  218. tantekoo Says:

    Late to the party, but this one made for the warm inner deliciousness. Excellent work, sir.

  219. pillota Says:

    Amazing,sweet,awesome,delightful-I actually fit a couple of the descriptions πŸ™‚

  220. andres Says:

    last cartoon wast just fantastic!

  221. Beeip Says:

    Stumbled it. Loved it. Thanks for the lift.

  222. Mari Says:

    Absolutely beautiful. Also, I appreciate your mention of the peanut butter banana bacon sandwiches, that made me smile. Especially since you wrote “and always will.” It reminds me of my grandmother, she would say that he’s “eating peanut butter banana bacon sandwiches in heaven now.”

    I’ve been reading your stuff for a while now (like a year or so) and this is my first comment, so it drove me to tell you how awesome you are, so good work.

  223. someguynamedjamessomethingorother Says:

    I really am reading about science at 4 am I swear!!! Thanks this was funny… I was just thinking how I could fit a few of those profiles when I got to the last block.

  224. Suzy J. Says:

    that made me do this:


    thank you!

  225. OjnoTheRed Says:

    Love it. Love that other people love it as well. I think you’re one of the sanest people I’ve read on the Internet.

  226. No Hablo Ingles Says:

    Jesus christ, this thing exploded.

  227. svesten Says:

    impressive comics ! really thoughtful !

  228. Pixelguy Says:

    I’m like the guy who learns a lot talking to himself. I’m working at a university and doing so (talking to myself) it really helps lecturing by knowing how it sounds if I say this and that.

  229. Glove Says:


  230. Delaney Says:

    Nice “I Am the Walrus” reference. I quite enjoyed that.

  231. Evil clown Says:

    Ha ha ha hah ha ha heh heh ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha hah ha ha heh heh ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha hah ha ha heh heh ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha hah ha ha heh heh ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha hah ha ha heh heh ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha hah ha ha heh heh ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha hah ha ha heh heh ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha hah ha ha heh heh ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha hah ha ha heh heh ha ha ha ha ha ha ha kill kill kill

  232. Michael Says:

    John Stewart Mill would applaud your support of eccentricity.

  233. I love this! Posted it on my twitter and facebook for all to see, and also gave it thumbs up on stumbleupon

  234. niva Says:

    i stumbled upon this website last week and couldn’t get off the computer until i had read (?) all of the comix. congratulations, your work is absolutely mindblowing.

  235. Mezza Says:

    I thought I wasn’t /that/ weird when I was reading this comic. Then I finished eating my carrot, and started nibbling on the paper.

  236. Zane Says:

    This is fantastic, I fit at least 4 of these! Such a Wonderful comic. Thank you.

  237. Shira Says:

    This needs to be a poster! This is an amazing comic!

  238. This is awesome. I’d buy a poster of this if it’d be available πŸ™‚

  239. mr.beaver Says:

    best work yet!

    2nd the poster idea!

  240. tehKenny Says:

    I read all of your mcomics last night. ALL of your comics.

    Why did I read all of your comics last night?

  241. Sofia Says:

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NICEEE, I’m the one who stay in the computer reading about interesting stuff XD haha

  242. Anirudh Tara Says:

    An awesome thought and great piece of work! I guess you’re right and everyone is wierd πŸ™‚

  243. kyle Says:

    I am bald, wear a pea-coat, and a button up shirt, ride the bus, never smile(in public),but I’m quite happy. Perhaps that is normal because there is obviously copies of me out there.

  244. bsa Says:

    This is one of your amazing comics that makes me proud to be a fan. I’m totally identifying with the ‘never smiles but is always happy’ one…gah! how are you so introspective and wise?! xD very nice comic dude

  245. Smith Says:

    I love this, and love you for creating this. Thankyou.

  246. EA Says:

    When I finished reading this I said aloud to myself, “coool”.
    You’ve got a new fan mate “D.

  247. Ruler of Little Says:

    Thanks for that.

  248. Ellemar Says:

    love love love this

  249. jack Says:

    deep, dude, deep.

  250. Mau Says:

    And there are some of us who like to leave an impression, in the off chance that it will be unique, even though we know the nature of the internet.

    I know these people, and I am more than one of them. Thanks for reminding me. ^_^

  251. Demopoly Says:

    This is one of the best things I’ve read in 2009. I mean, out of the entire year of reading everything on the internet voraciously. I’m one of those all night guys who is rarely even distracted by porn. I find the odd places and read about them. I study economics and physics online.

    I’ve read hundreds of books this year. This comic is better than most of them.

    The only remote criticism I could ask for is to tone-down the male-bashing, but maybe you don’t even see it as that. Some of your comics lose it in the end where you slam the gender, but then you might be trying to retain the other gender as readers…

    Best wishes and happy new year. I hope.

  252. River Says:

    Hey I think something’s wrong with page 500, the ‘Weird’ page? The last fourth of it is blurry. That made me sad – I went to fetch the link to show it to a friend! D:

  253. SoUWannaBeAFangirl Says:

    I really like this page. Makes total sense. I believe in this wholeheartedly. People really need to stop making stereotypes and get down to the face that most people aren’t normal. And no one ever will be. =D

  254. wheels Says:

    Loved the kinds of weird you choose to include. Unconventional.

  255. Ted Daniels Says:

    Again I’m in awe. I hope, in case you haven’t visited the Charter for Compassion yet, that you’ll look over their discussion boards on FB. You have an enormous gift to share in the very best possible cause. They need you.

  256. Tom Says:

    This might be the perfect webcomic page. Been out there for years, but have never seen anything like this one page bringing it so simply to the point.
    Thank you!

  257. Sean Archer Says:

    Beautiful strip. This is definitely one of my favorites. I love the use of color in this one, and the specific color choice is spot on. It’s really striking, and yet subtle enough that it doesn’t distract.

  258. Dave T. Says:

    Brilliant. Absolutely marvelous. I’ve been printing this comic out and sticking it to every billboard I can find. I enjoy the hell out of your comic, but this is by far my favorite strip.

  259. s1 Says:

    Man… this is just fantastic. Makes me want to rediscover beauty in everyone I meet. Thanks for making my day!

  260. Colum Paget Says:

    (I am assuming you are a sir, because I reckon you drew yourself in this comic at one point. Hmm… unless you have wings and claws? If you drew yourself, and have wings and claws, then please replace ‘Sir’ with ‘Madam’. If you have pink hair, then can I enquire after your marital status? Actually, if you have wings and claws, can I enquire after your marital status? I’m just curious you understand. What’s your favourite flower? Okay… I’m drifting.)

    Dear Sir or Possibly Madam (or Other if applicable),
    Many times in the reading of these comics, I have felt the urge to write and say “Dude, lay off with the truth.” Many times I’ve had the soul-destroying experience of reading one of these and thinking “Oh god, that’s me, there I am, stuck and unable to escape my worthless life and becoming bitter and being chased by cybernetic dinosaurs and stuff, this is exactly what’s wrong with my life, and it’ll never get any better, because I can’t draw comix”. But for once, here, you’ve managed to bring us some truth that’s uplifting and hopeful, for we are all individuals and that’s what’s best about us. I fit into several of these catagories, and I’m proud of it! (No, I will not tell you which ones. I will, however, try eating paper shortly to see if I can further increase my score).

    Oh, and do something to get pink-haired girl out of that restaurant and get her hair back to it’s natural color, please.

    that is all.

  261. Miriam Says:

    Hi. ❀
    I'd just like to say, this completely made my night. The entire webcomic is astounding, and this strip is the best of the lot.
    I saw it, I read it, I laughed and thought "that's me, that's so completely me".

    Now you see, I have this large empty poster shaped space on my wall, and I would love having something to put up there.

    Make posters available?
    Pretty please?

  262. vadakkus Says:

    Holy Whatever is Holy, this is Solid Gold of Pure Awesomeness! dude you rule. i always ‘Wierdness’ just being a tag given by the frustrated ones among us to the more happier ones among us, the stifled ones in awe of those who appear more ‘free’ and the ones with a false sense of ‘superiority’..

    I was so taken by this strip that I have posted a writeup and link of it on my blog. believe you wont mind :).

    Please give more like these.. Brilliant. Yours is my all time favorite Webcomix. never seen anything like it.

  263. ksym Says:

    Dialogue in comic format. Wonderful and beautiful thoughts waiting to be refined further …

  264. Thank’s for what you put on the net; I have never ever met a normal person and I hope I never do! Being a little off kilter is wonderful; life is more interesting and fun that way!!!!!

  265. Jason Says:

    I absolutely love this. Sooo refreshing. I love that I come across awesome artistic renditions of interesting thoughts and points.

    Is that weird? πŸ˜‰

    I also love the massive response and interest this comic has generated!

    Thanks so much for creating/sharing,
    Keep rockin’, WR.

  266. Katie Says:

    Thank you so much for this comic. Virtually everytime I’ve gotten in a conversation with someone who’s doubted themselves because others have told them they’re “not normal,” I link them to this comic. They get a good laugh out of it and usually end up seeing their weirdness as something beautiful versus something to be squashed out. =P Thanks so much for writing this.

  267. Katie Says:

    Oh, I almost forgot. The first time my friend linked me to this comic, I was eating an almond-butter banana red pepper blueberry sprout sandwich, light on the mustard. =P It was tasty.

  268. Joe Says:

    That was great!

  269. zed Says:

    verry nice. I Like it.

  270. Butterflyfreek Says:

    Thank you. You will never know how much I needed to see that comic.


  271. RydWolf Says:

    Big tick. Huge motherfucking tick.

    3, 5, 10, 11, hopes that there’s someone else who’s 14 and totally agree with 15.

  272. aravind Says:

    This is probably the best one yet. I have a printout of this in my office cubicle.

    Thanks πŸ™‚

  273. LeapingLemur Says:

    Best comic ever. Simple as that.

  274. Mary Says:

    i am 6, 9, and 11. does that make me extra weird? versus someone who is, say, only number 3? is this a stupid comment? it is, never mind.

  275. Sorry, repeat that... Says:

    Thank you. This really brightened up my day, as weird as that sounds…

  276. Blake Says:

    Truly amazing.

  277. Les Says:

    Just stumbled across this comic via another site. I would like to add my voice to the chorus saying they’d love a poster of it to hang on my wall.

  278. evolver Says:

    Some of the best stuff I have ever read. You had reached classic-level on the net. +9001 internets for you.

  279. quintopia Says:

    I define “normal” as “lacking in major psychoses and personality disorders.” I feel this encapsulates almost everyone within a few standard deviations of the mean on almost every dimension. By my definition, almost everyone is normal. And I’m normal, too.

  280. Kyle Frost Says:

    This is without question the best comic strip ive read in a very very long time.


  281. Baudvine Says:

    I love you for this, and I mean that in a very honest way. Third time I read this particular comic ever since it was published, and it still gives me goosebumps.

  282. Bridget Says:

    Yeah, weird should be gone, because what exactly does it mean? What’s really weird? Weird is how people say “different” but in a really judgmental way.

  283. Nick Says:

    Is there anyway to digg this comic?? i really enjoyed it

  284. Alex Hutson Says:

    Very inspiring.
    Can’t tell you how brilliant & wonderful this is.
    thank you for making this

  285. Diziis Says:


  286. WonderGoon Says:

    I found this via StumbleUpon and I have to say this is a ten gallon bucket of awesome.

    I’ll be coming back.


  287. Vonthako Says:

    So true. Brilliant as usual.

  288. MJ Says:

    I just added the quote
    “There are people with the same hidden opinions and fantasies and together their thoughts are a silent parallel where secrets are few” to my Facebook page. ;D It may sound silly, but I think this comic just changed my life.

  289. I love this. It’s totally how I see the world.I guess it’s because I know so many people!

  290. jason Says:

    I love this one. I’m one of those people who tends to be a bit more obviously weird (Well once I start talking anyway) and I’ve definitely observed that everyone has some sort of character quirk.

  291. Dani Says:

    Masquerading as a normal person day after day is exhausting.

  292. Smileyfreak Says:

    Super entertaining!! πŸ™‚

  293. Dylan Says:

    I’ve been reading your comics on and off for what seems along time, especially since I’m fairly young, and I have to say: its seriously effected my outlook on life, how I view people/strangers, and coincidently, my personality (for the better(?)). Or maybe your comics and general philosophy are mirror to what my personality was destined to be/is?..

    I also wonder if you’ll ever read this, underneath the hundreds above it? Or above the potential hundreds below it! Probably not, haha! Beautiful! Fitting some how, keep the good stuff coming.


  294. Dylan: Glad you’ve found some value in the comix, man, and not to worry, i definitely read all the comments.

  295. Dalton Says:


    I am so bookmarking this!

  296. Hryck Says:

    Just discovered you tonight, and I’m loving this. This comic especially is genius. Thanks for doing this.

  297. TheFirstborn Says:

    This one, is just lovely. Ive so far read most of the comics i could, up to now.
    I like the thought behind this, that “There are no -normal- people, but real people”, it just makes me smile when i got a downer for some reason.
    Ironically i found this one in lolpics, and decided to follow ye olde’ link down there. And man am i not regreting it.
    Well done, can count me as a fan πŸ˜€

  298. Sam Says:

    you have to think: if everyone is weird, are the people who aren’t obviously odd the strangest of all? or simply the most gifted? is it all just up to opinion? yes. should that matter?

  299. Sylvain Says:

    Please, never ever stop making comics.

  300. Ross Says:

    You’re gifted, for sure. Keep it up.

  301. anonymous Says:

    This comic is awsomeness in a raw form, please keep it awsome.

  302. Chester Says:

    Haha, this one reminds me of a big philosophical arguement I used to have in school about how nobody is actually totally ‘normal.’ Everyone in their own way is weird, and THAT is what normal is! If there was ever someone who was totally by-the-book, definitively normal… That’d be the weirdest fucking person ever! Hurrah. Normal weirdness in personable amounts!

  303. GerryB Says:

    I am deleriously expectantly delighted because of this piece of art. Not only will it imminently be on my wall, it will be on the wall of a far-off friend of mine.

    And I can’t begin to explain how much of an important bridge that makes Weird as a ‘paper view’ piece of art.

    Thanks Winston Rowntree for loosing your wares.

  304. GerryB Says:

    “I HAVE YOU NOW”, Weird poster. Slinky glossy tubular greatness arrived today. If I could post a SouthPark Kenny ‘WhooHhooo!’ mp3 I would, but instead I’d like to send a pic of your poster on my wall.

    (When my camera gets back from the wedding I couldn’t attend through flu).

    Hope your offer of ‘send T-shirt pix and I’ll make a gallery’ applies to posters. If not, it doesn’t matter: I gots me some realtime analogue Subnormality.


  305. sir jorge Says:

    all i can say is “wow”

  306. Niba Says:

    That’s really great.

    Wait, not great.


    Well done.

  307. BlakeB Says:

    The third from last panel brought tears to my eyes. I often think about this.

  308. gotigreblog Says:

    I have to say, this site is beyond awesome. Honestly, it’s mind-blowing how great the comic is.

  309. Steve Nordquist Says:

    Good rot for school.

  310. youllforgetit Says:

    Of course, there will never be a way to properly indicate how poignantly and cleverly your comics expose all those ‘little life truths’, so the most I can do is give you a big cyber hug and tell you you’re awesome.

  311. Ghosty Says:

    ^^^ Ditto.

    Hugs all around!

  312. Stephanie Says:

    I love you.

  313. Wendy Says:


  314. Lindy :) Says:

    I loved that! It is so true!! πŸ™‚

  315. Zoe Says:

    I wear a wristband that says “normal people worry me” all the time- And I think I squealed when I read this comic. It’s very good!!! πŸ™‚

  316. Lisa K. Says:

    I just stumbled upon this page and I loved this comic! I’m not even into comics, but this amazing. I stayed and read more of yours and I liked them all. πŸ™‚ You have a new fan.

  317. Dradra Says:

    This week people haven’t stop telling me I was weird, actually that I was the weirdest person they ever met and after reading this, I realise how much a normal person will be creepy.

  318. Travis Says:


    Thank you.

  319. Ema Says:

    I think everyone can relate to at least something within this comic. πŸ™‚ Great job! That is a tough thing to do.

  320. Ben Says:

    I can’t express what this makes me feel, but just know this affected me deeply.

  321. Meg Says:

    Not to be a bother, but could you put “like” buttons for facebook on your comics? Or a share button? Because I keep posting them on facebook hoping someone will click through the link, but if there was a share button, the post would come with a picture and I think people would be far more likely to click on it if they saw what they were getting at the end of that blue text. Anyway, love you immensely.

  322. Meg Says:

    Not to be a bother, but could you put β€œlike” buttons for facebook on your comics? Or a share button? Because I keep posting them on facebook hoping someone will click through the link, but if there was a share button, the post would come with a picture and I think people would be far more likely to click on it if they saw what they were getting at the end of that blue text. Anyway, love you immensely.

  323. Duncan Says:

    Touching and very amusing.

  324. kapsi Says:

    Well that didn’t convince me to support gay marriage.

  325. sam Says:

    This is so awesome, should be posted everywhere

  326. I’m not interested in reading up on the trollings above. Sorry about the non-trollings.

    I just wanted to say thanks. One weird person to another. Not sexually, but caring-about-stuffually.

  327. swati Says:

    is it wrong that this moved me to tears?

  328. Will Says:

    Maybe i’m over-analysing but why is the “R” in weird blue? The one right at the end. I pretty much got the significance of the coloring in the rest of the comic except that one part. Opinions?

    • GerryB Says:

      I’ve got a poster of this framed in front of me, and that’s been tickling me since first seeing it. Immediate opinion – it’s a different coloured letter, but it’s still a letter – important enough in any colour to be a part of the alphabet, and the fact it’s blue poses one question in four ways:

      Why is it blue?
      Why are the others black?
      Why is it not black?
      Why are the others not blue?

      I know you asked for opinions not koans, but I think to answer your question it needs to be thought of in that way. Or not.

  329. Will Says:

    Ok then! When I first started thinking about it it bothered me because it felt like I was missing something. Now I still don’t understand but I like it that way, if that makes sense… At least I understand that it’s not supposed to make sense. Anyway thank you for enlightening me!

  330. jason Says:

    the underground rivers things i have done b4 X)

  331. Ben Says:

    So I was wondering… are any of these you?

  332. Jason Zarifis Says:

    Thank you for your comic strips and particularly this one.

    You have that rare gift of observing things, particularly those unsung everyday things that many of us know but rarely vocalize.

    Like others have said before me, your humble strip is moving, like a great song, painting or film.

  333. JerksWithWhips Says:

    I’m probably one of those people who have the same opinions and fantasies.

  334. bla Says:

    genius <- i hope i spelled the correctly

  335. Ken Says:

    Too true, too true. It should always be remembered that the prefered synonym for weird is unique. A little factoid that changed my life.

  336. Kluza Says:

    This is an amazing comic strip and it is very true!!

  337. Smo Says:

    I love this, I can identify with a couple of them

  338. Lativa Says:

    ΰ²₯_ΰ²₯ So true. . .I’m like 5 of the pictures maybe 6.

  339. Gregory Hansen Says:

    Thank you for making this comic.

  340. Will Says:

    All I can say is thanks.

  341. Net Says:

    Specifically favorited this page of your comic. I read through and identified myself as many of these, laughing all the way through.

    It’s good to be reminded sometimes that no one is perfect, however they appear to you in public.

  342. Edddd Says:

    I can talk to mysel for hours
    can you

    yeah i wonder how that works?
    maybe ive got a split personality,

    But no, i don’t think so
    could be

    i remember both sides of the conversation though
    oh yeah.and people with split personalities can’t, can they?

    i don’t know. i don’t think so. maybe
    well, why i am i saying all this i know no ones going to read this.

    oh. should i sign off, then

    no wait, say goodbye


  343. unclesam Says:

    dope stuff, much respect

  344. Obsidian Says:

    Ah, this is the best one of all. Thanks for making my day. I feel that I can connect with a few. Hahah!

  345. Andrew Says:

    I talk to myself so often it’s not even funny. And yet I always feel…. smarter’s not the word but I guess… more afterwards. Make sense? πŸ˜›

  346. I always knew being called “weird” was okay, if not *good*. πŸ™‚

  347. Tenjen (shaun) Says:

    this was…beautiful ;-;

  348. James Fern Says:

    holy fuck

    people like you are the reason a quarter of everyone you meet will effect weird mannerisms because apparently personality is derived from how many idiosyncrasies you have!

    fuck you

    • idΒ·iΒ·oΒ·synΒ·craΒ·sy
         [id-ee-uh-sing-kruh-see, -sin-]

      A characteristic, habit, mannerism, or the like, that is peculiar to an individual.


      1. The combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual’s distinctive character.
      2. Qualities that make someone interesting or popular.


      A contemptibly foolish or stupid person; dolt; blockhead; ass.

    • scottyjx Says:

      Ha! Great response Winston. Keep up the great work.

  349. TheoX Says:

    This is probably my favorite comic of all time.

  350. Jenny Creed Says:

    I think the closest you get to normal people are people who try to be normal. For whatever reason they not only think normal is something you can be, but something worth striving to be. I expect it has something to do with generalizing people instead of looking at them as individuals, combined with trying to be someone other than yourself. From a distance, a group of people can seem normal, and if you never see them up close that’s all you have to emulate.

    Normal people scare me, as it were.

  351. spade Says:

    you know, i’m starting to ask myself why i haven’t found this comic until now. you are most definitely one of those creative geniuses sir.

  352. Jiffy Says:

    Great comic!
    Normal is a strange term that indicates common characteristics. The moment after birth when we take our first breath is the only experience we all share, making it the only “normal” thing in our life. After that, our experiences vary and shape who we are and we define our own standard of “normal” and whether we live up to it or not.
    In conclusion, I’m the standard for “normal”! Tremble in fear!

  353. Fernan Says:

    I really like you comics! keep the good work! πŸ™‚
    Sorry my english its poor so i don write to much.

  354. vdemetros Says:

    So so true, awesome!

  355. tembrooke Says:

    Thank you, thank you, for reminding me that there’s nothing wrong with me.

  356. Hesch Rothman Says:

    I approve.
    In fact, I resemble that remark.
    And as far as I know, so do ALL the people I think are worth knowing β€” I’ll be ‘polite’ and not talk about the others.

  357. Roman Says:

    “Probably you will never know anyone for real, but their facade, their cover, their mask, the cloth over their souls, is very real. That is enough to love them.”

    The artist behind a bunch of flowers:

  358. alaina Says:

    I am several of these. And I am normal.

  359. CaPacific Says:

    Normal? a setting on a washer machine…….ugh I am Tyler Durden’s stomach filled with rage bwhahahahahaahhaa

  360. Arturo Vera Says:

    Beautiful! Thanks!

  361. curiositycat Says:

    LOVE IT. Weird is a compliment in our family. “Mommy, tell me again how I’m weird,” is a frequent request around here. I am, by the way, three of the people in your list. But you left out the one about people who use their iPhones to light the way to the chicken coop on those nights when yoga class runs late.

  362. hatch Says:

    Weird is as weird does

  363. rastilin Says:

    An actual optimistic, non-hating comic; I’m shocked. I’ve seen these things on Cracked for ages and they’ve always struck me as really bitter… πŸ˜› Good work, I liked it.

  364. saraphin Says:

    Nice. It certanly looks good.

  365. Andrew Says:

    why compair yourself at all

  366. Lindsay Says:

    So I came onto this site and found the new ‘Happy 5th Anniversary’ comic. I loved it.
    Then I decided to come back to this one, the one that introduced me to the whole project.
    Still amazing after all this time.
    Cheers for all the weirdos, truly a trait to embrace.

  367. GayPanda Says:

    Why ruin a good story with true. Gay pride

  368. Power Says:

    This strip really hits home with me.
    I’ve always been a weird kid. In 4th grade a girl gave me “normal lessons”. It was my first year at that school and I had one friend, a jerk of a girl who bullied me.
    By the middle of seventh grade, I had no friends, no one to talk to, was bullied not only by students but by teachers, and while at school, I felt like I was going to die.
    Once I got home, I was okay. So finally we took me out of school.
    I now go to a school for kids like me- “the outcasts of the outcasts,” one student called us. We have our issues. One friend misses school often because of her anxiety. I have had a panic attack during school. We have the quiet room and three counselors. One time I looked myself in a bathroom for three hours.
    At my school, its okay. Its not a good thing that we fall apart or miss class, but its okay.
    I still remember the feeling of having no friends. Of being weird.
    I am weird.
    But no one’s normal, so thats okay.
    -An austic girl with anxiety and ADHD who finally can be herself.

    • andie Says:

      i kinda got emotional over your comment. it felt like getting shivers over a good song. i had a past like yours. and i want you to know you write really well. -an 18 year old child with add and a social curse.

  369. Ali Says:

    Being weird is the best kind of normal there is!

  370. Josh G Says:

    freakin awesome. πŸ™‚ way to change my perspective.

  371. Connor Says:

    I like how the description has ‘ I am the walrus’ lyrics in.

  372. kitkats Says:

    amazing. beautiful.

  373. N.C.Heddon Says:

    I will turn 60 this year, and this seems like something I would have seen when I was 18. I wouldn’t have known how true it is then, (and I wouldn’t have “Stumbled” upon it on the internet then either). Very Cool. – Curt

  374. SotiCoto Says:

    You say there is no normal.
    And yet over 80% of the other comments are essentially parroting the same thing. The wording varies, but the message doesn’t.
    They all agree… in essentially the same way. The trivial differences are just decoration.
    It is pretty much just like that scene from The Life of Brian.
    You know the one I’m talking about.

    Well, this is the bit where I pipe up and say “I’m not!” … and then someone shh’s me.

    Anyway… I’ve always took pride in my differences.
    Yet I know for the most part they’re just decoration. I know because in the few aspects where they aren’t, being different is a social death-sentence… and quite often a physical death-sentence too. And I cover up those differences by dressing in strange suits, or acting up in public, or whatever… You know the routine. Act like an attention whore to get people to ignore you. The best kind of reverse psychology.

    What I suppose I’m getting at is that for all your supposed feel-good nonsense aimed at those who strive to remain ON the bell-curve, you are demeaning those of us who are unavoidably outside the two standard deviations.
    There is a normal. And there are those who have green hair. And there are those who think of everything in terms of Flash Gordon references. And there are those who inspire to make a home on an electric pylon (or “transmission tower” as you might call them).
    All quirks. Pointless, silly little quirks, held by normal people with normal lives.
    Weird is for those of us who get reported to the police, locked away in mental institutions or just plain hospitals, get reactions of disgust and / or pity from anyone we might just try to interact with.
    Weird is when EVERY SINGLE DAY is like Kafka’s Metamorphosis, and every single stranger is an alien outsider existing for the sole purpose of ensuring we’re in perpetual hell.
    Weird is when you see people afraid to come out of the closet for being gay, and you just raise an eyebrow because you’re a necrophiliac and playing in a whole different ballpark.

    Weird is for when you have nothing else left to fall back on. When all that keeps you going is knowing that someone has to be different so that everyone else can feel better about themselves.
    And the hilarious thing is… we’re not all that different either. We’re “just different enough” that we stand out as freaks, but still somehow manage to survive. Millions die each year due to essentially being “too different”, and nobody even bats an eyelid.

    … Actually, y’know what. It doesn’t matter. I just like to rant about stuff. I’m a self-parody. Like the look of my own text. Hate the sound of my own voice. Is why I type a lot and hardly speak at all.
    But really now. You guys are normal and I’m weird. If you guys start being “weird”, you’ll just think of a new, more derogatory term for such as myself.
    Can’t we just stop this game?

    • Rich Says:

      try looking for the cones of light that Daniel of Lungfish speaks of – listen to Joseph Kellogg Vibrations Sonata and Hey Grandma by Moby Grape. I mean it dude.

  375. This is awesome. I wish more people would learn this.

  376. Eric Hamell Says:

    “What many people refer to as common sense is nothing more than a collection of prejudices accumulated before the age of eighteen.” — Einstein (first quote I ever memorized)

  377. alarashi Says:

    Man, now I want a peanut butter banana bacon sandwich too. And I’ve never had one, mind you.

  378. Neferius Says:

    You know the appendix? ,,,yea that little bit that connects the smaller intestine to the big intestine and is prone to malfunctioning spectacularly (and potentially deadly) in some.
    That part which we’re told is was used to process cellulose and other useless gunk but is fully regressed in modern-day humans?
    Well, paper is mostly cellulose and binding-agents(i.e. glue).

    And then there’s this hype around “eating fiber” to somehow get people to lower their caloric intake while still stuffing their bloated digestive sacks somehow.
    Wanna guess what the main ingredient in those wonder-slushies and “whole-wheat” breads is? …that’s right :}

    I don’t eat paper tho …for the same reason i didn’t eat paste as a kid and still refuse to eat garlic-scented meat-jellies as a grown-up xP
    If it looks weird and smells weird …i ain’t ingesting it.

  379. Eric Hamell Says:

    Not all comics are meant to be funny. Some are meant to make you think — and/or, as in this case, perhaps feel better about yourself.

  380. vercalos Says:

    I just have to say, I never pretended to be normal

  381. Rich Says:

    All sorts of good. Hurray-Hurray.

  382. Seth M Says:

    home plate is backerds πŸ˜‰

  383. Ian MacMillan Says:

    I hadn’t seen this previously or I would have let you know: I’m the normal one. It’s lonely, I gotta tell you.

  384. Sharon Gross Says:

    Thank you for putting my feelings and thoughts on the internet!

  385. Liam Says:

    And the there are people who are on the internet until researching underground political groups trying to trace where all the money stolen from the developing world is going, or reaching a programming bug for work. All the while while reading great web comics such as this one.

  386. Sam Says:

    Thank You

  387. JohnP Says:

    Last picture was the best:
    the “eyes” touch.

    Because it’s not what it is its what yoy see in what it is, and you see good.

    Thank you, nice comic.

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