World’s Worst

October 27, 2009

Okay, there is a comic, here you go.Β  Thus concludes the world’s worst blog post.


W. R.

57 Responses to “World’s Worst”

  1. Mr.E Says:

    Is anyone else having trouble getting to the site?

  2. chris Says:

    Many laughs! And a little surprised for there to be a happy ending for once…

  3. Meghana K Says:

    ‘Women make good punching bags’, quite literally!
    Sir, you are a genius!

    This reminds me of what Calvin said to Hobbes: ‘I find my life is a lot easier the lower I keep everyone’s expectations’

  4. Rems Says:

    I liek!

  5. Esammex Says:

    Nice one!
    I really liked this commic. It speaks truth.

  6. Michael Ezra Says:

    The reveal in the last panel was brilliant. I’d date that guy too.

  7. Buldwren Says:

    This comic made me happy. πŸ™‚

    Nice touch making the dating service a division of Bernard Enterprises.

  8. George Says:

    Great comic, I thought she was just going to end up a lesbian or something due to all the times her soul was broken.

    Your idea couldn’t be any worse than regular dating services, and maybe that guy who tried to kill J.K. Rowling was actually trying to kill Stephanie Meyer, and there was a typo on his profile. In which case, I will go to his house immediately with my army, and crown him the new king of America.

    (I know, we don’t have kings here, yet.)

  9. Sean Says:

    Ahh, awesome.

  10. Jake Says:

    Very nice – It’s the old “zero punctuation” method of expectation. If you expect something to be terrible and it is, you get smug self-satisfaction, and if you expect something to be terrible and it isn’t, then you get a pleasant surrise.

    Oh and re: George, you guys don’t know what you’re missing.

  11. Quib Says:

    Y’know, the other end of that is the other person is expecting you to equally terrible. Unless they’ve got some sort of uneven set up, like the guys there are coming over from a mediocre dating service…

    Looks like Bernard is doing well.

  12. This comic sums up my philosophy on life.
    Always expect the worse, that way if shit happens you were expecting it. If it doesn’t, EPIC WIN!

    Well done, sir.
    And yes, good job on the happy ending πŸ™‚

  13. Sili Says:


    (I feel bad, but I can’t remember who Bernard is …)

    Is Sphynx a member of this service?

  14. Camille Says:

    Brilliant! I especially liked the “age of irony” nod-off at the end. You keep on suprising us, Mr Rowntree. Bravo πŸ™‚

  15. LeHack Says:

    Very well done πŸ™‚
    I really liked the new comic itself with all the hidden flavours, but what struck me most was, that we (the readers of subnormality) got used to the cruel irony-filled endings so much, that we lowered our expectations towards the punch lines, making this quite typical happy ending, something really big (yeah, six of’em πŸ˜‰

  16. bachterman Says:

    the flying washing machine screensaver: i want one! nice homage to the flying toasters. πŸ™‚
    it pays to be pessimistic.

  17. Chipmunk Says:

    This one was great, keep up the good work man!

    (Oh and btw…anyone else think the WWDS girl is totally cute?)

  18. SeΓ±or Bean Says:

    I can’t believe it’s not a downer! Thanks for another great comic. Let’s hope she shares her good feelings with the guy.

  19. Hypnos Says:

    I love how blase she is about her sixth orgasm.

  20. Joe R Says:

    “Happiness is just the difference between your expectations and what you end up with.”

    Good stuff this week.

  21. ArcticMetal Says:

    Great comic this week! Nice homage to Rush on the calender there, too.

  22. Petra Says:

    Hilariously snarky as always, WR. I dug the “Hemispheres” calendar.

  23. TheBrummell Says:

    I like this one rather a lot. Many words, but not too many. Definately not, this is the right number of words here.

  24. Splendid! I’d call this a highlight of recent strips.

    But no acronym? Indeed, Winston!

  25. Philip K. Ellison Says:

    Bravo! Another brilliant one.

  26. hilary Says:

    Awesome. I always look forward to your comic.

  27. No Hablo Ingles Says:

    Was this an attempt to make the women less-than-perfect looking after someone made a comment on how your depiction of women contradicts your feminist views?

  28. Nentuaby Says:

    Hmm, what does that last bar on the comparison chart read? “Lesbian Sample Size 4″…

  29. Manu Says:

    Wow. That was just genius. I expected no less, though.

  30. 420broalldayfuckbitchesgetmoney Says:

    So, I am wondering after reading this. Do people in the canadian ‘mid-west’ talk like the people in the u.s. mid-west?

  31. Pierre Says:

    *golf clap with respectful nod*

  32. Dusty668 Says:

    I get three orgasms just seeing you’ve posted, but the comic itself, takes me OVER the TOP!

    Now, for new trousers.

  33. simon Says:

    Um, so the guy signed up for the world’s worst dating service and he’s now got a date with her – she looks pretty and all, so what’s wrong with her? Does she have a hobby making slippers out of still-living puppies or something?

  34. Kevin Says:

    Why even bother with the pictures? You should just drop the comic and start a blog.

  35. Sean McCabe Says:

    LOVE IT! Your comics are always genius. I had to actually look back to get the “six” reference…the fact that I bothered shows that I cared…and LOVED IT!

    Your comic is the only thing on the Web that I actually look forward to.

    Thank you.

  36. Dean Says:

    I love the whole “Bernard” thing.

    What does it say UNDER the “Women make good punching bags” on his shirt?

  37. Nathan Says:

    For those that don’t remember Bernard:

  38. Spaztick Says:

    Rowntree, I think you may be on to something here.

  39. Vadim P. Says:


  40. JmanRomania Says:

    Anyone else notice the photo of Bernard on the wall?

    This comic is epic.

    Hobbes is always right.

    aaannnnd done.

  41. blargh Says:

    I guess as the Baronnes got older and broke up with Destro she had fewer options than she realized.

  42. LeHack: Glad you enjoyed it, and sorry your comment didn’t post until now, it was flagged as spam for no apparent reason (as seems to happen occasionally) and i just found it.

    No Hablo Ingles: Nope. More an attempt to use a character from ages ago for the sake of personal nostalgia.

    Nentuaby: “Lesbian Gondolier Connection” (match rate: 100%; sample size: 4).

    420broalldayfuckbitchesgetmoney: Nope.

    Kevin: Okay, you can write the comic from now on. Better get cracking, it’s due on monday.

    Sean McCabe: Cheers, that was some High Praise!

    Dean: I can barely even read it on the original art. I can make out “BoxCo: Committed to _______ since 2001.” Damn if i remember what _______ is.

    blargh: Destro wore that mask because he was just some creepy guy with a beard.

  43. Nathan Wilson Says:

    I loved this. So, is that with a 75% success rate? or, Moontematch, or moone match? I can’t figure that one out.

  44. Gabriel Says:

    I was wondering… you said that the woman was an old character from a long time ago. Will other characters from previous comics start appearing?

  45. Sebastian. Says:

    I’m highly impressed. Playing that way with the expectations of your readers is just marvelous. The unexpected happy ending made me … happy. Thank you for that and for once again bringing one of the elemental facts of life back to my mind.

    (Woah, i can’t believe how long in took to write those few sentences. I’ll really have to improve my active language skills. Greetings from Berlin.)

  46. Filipe Says:

    she aint looking like a girl on the sixth orgams…

  47. R.C. Slagle Says:

    Just super! You have got to do a full length graphic novel, really, man. Imagine, “Watchmen” with a sense of humor.

  48. Writer Says:

    Seems I have yet more to learn about the female orgasm.

    Awesome comic. Absolutely brilliant.

    @ Mr Rowntree

    Hey, I’ll write the comic. Heck, it’s my job. Just a guest spot. ;-p

  49. Kaemon Says:

    Hi there, my first comment so far.
    I discovered this Webcomic some weeks ago, and was happy to discover it wasn’t a dead one and you were still publishing, once a week as far as I can tell.
    (I readed throught all the archives in 2 days)

    So I added it, and now I check it every weekend.
    Just wanted you to know that I really like the comic, both the drawing and the texts are great.

    Also, I really like the sphinx character and how its written; but I’m pretty sure you are told that a lot ^_^

    Thanks a lot for the comics πŸ™‚

  50. Nathan Wilson Says:

    For people asking for a full length graphic novel, check out Captain Estar Goes to Heaven. Located somewhere on this site, plus lots of other assorted series of comics Rowntree has written.

  51. Nakul Says:

    Having subscribed to comics of the nerdy genre like abstruse goose and xkcd, to other chilled in life comics like – Questionable content and Popstrip and 909sickle, Subnormality is a refreshing change and a new genre for me.
    Awesome work.

  52. Mia McConville Says:

    hey, i love your comics n all but thats like soooo much bloody writing ! i realy cba to read it all . well cya =]

  53. Tom Says:

    Love this strip, wordiness and all.
    My new favorite phrase: “The key to happiness is just the distance between you expectations and what you end up with.”
    (Even though it does end with a preposition.)

  54. Abel Stearns Says:

    You are an incredibly good story teller!

  55. CC Says:

    Your comics are so touching! Gives a girl hope.

  56. Deena Says:

    Nice. Good job. Mind if I post it on my blog with a link to here?

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