Oh the search

October 19, 2009


Ah, finally. The Wall of Text returns. Plus that monster as well. Nice to be back, nice to be back.

pleonastically yours,


74 Responses to “Oh the search”

  1. Michael Ezra Says:

    Welcome back, Winston.

    Once more the Sphynx waxes philosophical about the human condition. I wonder what she’d have to say about your graphic essay, “The Line”?

  2. Buldwren Says:

    Thank you for wrapping up your depressing assessment of the human condition in such an amusing way; I don’t think I could swallow it otherwise. The Sphynx’s expression at the end was hilarious.

    How does the Sphynx ride the bus, anyway? Like a skateboard?

  3. Christopher Norton Says:

    Glad to see you survived. But I have to ask is the similarity between The Sphynx and Paget Brewster (Huff, Criminal Minds) just my own tv addled mind?

  4. Spicy Says:

    It’s about damn time. I was waiting all day! It’s been the 18th for 23 hours you know.

    Just kidding, glad to see you back. I hope you had a good vacation!

    I love that last panel. I want to make sweet, sweet chocolate-covered lesbian love with it.

  5. SanSolo Says:

    The Sphinx rocks too hard. Ah, silly human monkeys…

  6. Dusty668 Says:

    Actually most wars are a lot of standing in line too.

    Sphinxie!!!! Squeeeeeeeeeee!

  7. Sili Says:

    Is it wrong of me to wish for Sphynx to find happiness?

    (Not so much the annoying bluehaired git.)

  8. Bvz Says:

    Ahh, it’s been too long. Of course, the wait is always well worth the end product.

    As per usual, the Sphynx delivers some interesting social commentary, all wrapped up into one amusing bundle. Nicely played.

    Oh, and am I the only one so far who almost choked on their coffee at the second-last panel? Bloody hilarious, yet slightly disturbing at the same time. Ahh, the mark of a tru genius =P

  9. Tom Says:

    I’m thinking the Sphynx just needs to get laid.

  10. bachterman Says:

    yeah, you’re right about going over and over our mistakes.

  11. Kumaiti Says:

    Great comic as usual. I love your strips.

  12. Abdul Alhazred Says:

    I love you Alice B Sheldon. 🙂

  13. Cam Says:

    Cinema Six vs. Cinema Sex. Brilliant.

  14. Suntiger Says:

    Heh, it’s interesting to hear what the history of humanity look like from the perspective of one who has seen a lot of it and is higher in the food chain.
    I wonder what it would look like to someone who has lived as long but is below humanity in the food chain… Probably even worse.

    Bluey has some good points though. Perhaps we are too comfortable to rise above our pre-judging and prejudices. A rather sad thought that, considering how many died to get to this point. It’s like we’re squandering a hard-earned legacy.

    Luckily things aren’t all darkness and gloom. There are a lot of people who do good and progressive stuff, they just don’t get a lot of attention. 🙂

  15. Chris Says:

    “Featuring a Sphynx”

    Does this mean there are more than one?

  16. shockdoc Says:

    “Lucy in your mom with strap-ons”
    Just hilarious.

  17. Arky Says:

    Hey great to see the Sphynx again. Somehow my opinions always overlap with hers.

    Also for some weird reason I find her paws adorable.

  18. Melvazord Says:

    Nic Cage in the Hobbit is probably the worst case scenario I can imagine. Unless of course you got Segal to play Gollum, then…sorry, paused for a quick vomit there.

    Nice gratuitious use of the word “cunt” there.

  19. Filipe Says:

    phew, glad you made it mate!

    i love the sphynx! can i make a shirt of her? i’ll put the link to virus comix at the back… also, its almost halloween

    her paws are adorable!

  20. George Says:

    It’s good to have you back, although I don’t think of humanity as a bird flying into glass, more of a pendulum flying back and forth repetedly. Hopefully one day, the pendulum will just keep moving forward.

    Also, why do Canadian writers always seem to be so depressed. You haven’t been in a war since the 1940’s, your money and reserves are stronger than ever, you can impeach your president even when he has a 47% approval rating, you have free health care, and wont get a life sentence for your third bust with marijuana. The only problem I can think with being a Canadian is the constant stream of shitty bands and artists that seem to come out of it.

    What’s up with it anyway, you’ve produced Daniel Powter, Avril Livigne, Sum 41, and Nickelback in this decade alone. For a country that’s produced The Band, Arcade Fire, Rush, and Neil Young, I can’t understand how that happened.

  21. Fentown Says:

    Great comic! Just like a feast after a long fast.

    @George: I always get offended when people don’t include K-os as a great Canadian artist. I just can’t seem to understand their aversion …

  22. tulio Says:

    I love the forth frame

  23. I can’t stand people like that blue-haired guy. I’m all for freedom of expression, but when people wear t-shirts that are deliberately intended to shock and/or offend (as in his case), then act surprised when people react… grr!

  24. Bengo Says:

    I was just contemplating the Marie Celeste. I guess that’s settled.

  25. Arky Says:

    Well George I live in Sweden myself, we haven’t had a good war in ages and still we have lots of depressed people.

    As a depressed person myself I experience it as the futility of everything. What is the point with even living in peace at the moment and building a better future if we most likely is just gonna fuck things up later?

    Who knows, maybe we will reach enlightenment some day? But hopefully that will be before we destroy our planet.

  26. Mircea Says:

    The comic isn’t displaying. I’ve tried with firefox and IE to view it, but to no avail. Could you please repost it?

  27. John Harvard Says:

    Your worldview is so terminally bleak. The fact that we can express ourselves as individuals without being hanged is a pretty significant achievement to make in the 400 years since the Salem witch trials. It may be only a small fraction of us lowly humans who peek our dirty little heads out of that sucking well of conformity that threatens to silence our souls, but it’s a thousand times what it used to be, and it’s LEGAL now.

  28. No Hablo Ingles Says:

    nondisbeliever- In what way exactly CAN a T-shirt shock and/or offend?

  29. Gerry Says:

    Welcome back Winston & Sphynx, hope the flu passed before your hols: gotta love the egocentricity of Greenjacket there, thinking the world’s murmuring about him when they’re just murmuring about the fact he’s not murmuring about more than his love of the Dead Kennedys Good job sir!

  30. simon Says:

    What’s that sound? Winston has just knocked one out of the park. This pretty much sums up everything I think about people. We need another couple of million years to turn into a decent species but we’re just too impatient to have the perks without the work.

  31. Zygmunt Says:

    “We need another couple of million years to turn into a decent species but we’re just too impatient to have the perks without the work.”

    Another “couple of million years” won’t change anything, besides, free will is just logically impossible.

  32. Charlie Says:

    Another prime piece. Love the commentary, the environment, the humor, et al.
    Like Abdul,
    Love you Alice B. Shelton.
    And I love that shirt for George Carlin. Great!

  33. Charlie Says:

    I have not given up yet, but I cannot figure out the question with 1508 B.C. as an answer.
    Anyone got a guess?
    Ahmose, Hatshepsut, and Amunhotep I ruled during that period.

  34. Hypnos Says:

    Charlie – her year of birth.

  35. LaZodiac Says:

    Haha, “These are the Daves I Blow”

    Good god, never thought a porno parody of Kids in the Hall would make me laugh so much inside. I love other Canadians.

  36. Juliana Says:

    Hooray for the KITH shout-out–even in pr0n form!

  37. I’m really glad you’re back, my good fellow.

    Though I have to agree with John Harvard.
    I have enough depressing thoughts in my head most days of the week… I like it when you make the funny.
    I couldn’t find the funny 😦

    And will you quit jerking around and give the Sphynx a love interest?

    *returns to not drawing anything of artistic merit whatsoever*

  38. bria Says:

    Ive been looking high and low for a religious themed comic about a world without religion, and there’s a guy daydreaming happy things, you wouldn’t happen to know anything about it would you? If you find it please email it. It talks about Rapture christians and there’s a rainbow …

  39. Michael Ezra: I think the Sphynx has a lot to learn about people…

    Buldwren: Yeah, she probably caves in the roof too.

    Dusty668: Good point about wars. From what i’ve heard, what most people don’t understand is that the life of a soldier in a theater of war is primarily comprised of sitting around waiting (historically at least. I got this from a WWII documentary). The principal fight is against boredom.

    Chris: There’s that ratty old one in Egypt too. Needs a nose job.

    Melvazord: Worst-case scenario is right.

    George: Yeah, maybe it’s the consistently horrifying music that’s got us so depressed. It’s more than that of course, but any answer i could give right now would be long and inaccurate. Let’s not give depression a bad name though. I like the concept of “depressive realism” myself (here’s an interesting article, a… Damn Interesting article:

    nondisbeliever: The shirt was only deliberately intended to pay tribute to george carlin.

    John Harvard: Yeah, but I don’t live 400 years ago, I live NOW, and–[BAM! At this point Mr Rowntree was gorily punched in half by Perspective Man]

  40. Charlie Says:

    hmmm… the only thing that comes close is Mr. Natural by R. Crumb.


  41. Colin Says:

    “Lucy in your mum with strap-ons”?
    “Lucy in your mum with dildos” surely?

    Enough of my nit-picking- It’s good to see you back. Keep on giving me reasons to turn on the PC when I get to work.

  42. mike Says:

    Oh no, I missed her 3516th birthday! I hope she won’t eat me!

  43. Hocus Pocus Says:

    HAHAAahahjahjahajs loved the face of the Sphynx on the last pannel.

  44. Anon Says:

    How selfcentered do you have to be to assume every murmur is about you and that they also are negative.
    If you try to be DIFFERENT why are you reacting when people react too.
    Do you really think people aren’t going to notice some dude with blue hair and a shirt with curses on it, a very original feat indeed, and not be like “huh there’s some guy with blue hair and a fuck-shirt”
    Why do you even try to be different if you don’t want to be noticed and/or judged, I am confuss
    you want to express something with your hair/clothes and then you get annoyed when people notice ohgod we are going back in our evolution.
    Why didn’t you have a cripple there to make the point istead of an pretty sphinx?
    Some person with his or hers face melted or a really fat chick, why don’t you have fat chicks in this comic, that’s a thing I’ve been wondering about too.
    Why don’t you have fat chicks in your comic, all the chicks I’ve seen is really attractive and fit yet you put fat guys in there, why is that?
    Hope to hear from you soon.

  45. LaZodiac Says:

    Maybe because he wanted to contrast the blue haired guy obviously TRYING to get noticed, while the Syphinx has no way to not be taken notice of.

    Also, maybe fat women are hard to draw?

  46. andres Says:

    your drawings and stories are awesome, love your writing and insights… aove all, I find your sphynx a wonderful and oblivious humans character…

  47. Line Noise Says:

    The Sphinx should introduce Pink to Blue. They would be a perfect match for each-other. Being diametrically opposed to each other on the issue of “standing out” they could thrash out their ideas on each-other and refine their opinions. Plus each is in the same age range and HOT! Come on WR don’t leave pink and blue marooned out there.

  48. Anon: If you’re referring to Mongo, he’s not fat he’s big-boned.

    Line Noise: Bonus points for use of the word “marooned.” I love that word, i keep meaning to use it more often.

  49. Sean Says:

    I love the Sphynx.

  50. brashieel Says:


    I think you’re assuming Blue Haired Guy is supposed to be the sympathetic protagonist. I don’t get that from this one.

    Also, using someone else would rob the strip of most of the punchline. The Sphynx is a giant monster that eats people. You can’t really substitute a normal person (for or otherwise) and do the same joke.

    Any rate, good comic.

  51. simon Says:

    Winston! Having a creature like the Sphynx exist in our world is somewhat incongruous. Surely there would at some stage be an intervention via some semi-secret paramilitary agency, perhaps to capture and weaponise the poor darling. May we see a story one day with this premise?

  52. Thomas Says:

    Now I can’t stop wondering what question “because you’re hairless and there’s too many of you” is the answer to…

  53. LaZodiac Says:

    That ones easy Thomas. “Why do you eat us”

  54. Marc Mielke Says:

    I’d hazard a guess that Sphinxie weighs in at about a ton. That takes care of the male-female weight disparity.

    (Really, I’m just rounding. She doesn’t look an ounce over 1800.)

  55. Kevin Says:

    So I just made the acquaintance of Subnormality today, and I’m in officially in awe. This is some hi-test comicking. The “Lou Reed revealed to be elaborate practical joke” gag is so funny I can’t stop laffing. Also, I may be in love with the Sphinx. So, does Pink-Haired Girl have a name, and will she ever be pink again? Just askin’.

  56. Eugenio Says:

    I totally agree with Hocus Pocus!

  57. Serpentia Says:

    I’m in love with the Sphynx. I’m a cynical bastard, and misery loves company!

    Personally I love your comics that expose the depressing sides of life. I suppose it’s fitting you have a homage to the Seven Words here, because you’re very similar to George Carlin in attitude.

    Keep up the great work, W.R. Maybe someday you’ll get a TV show based around your main characters =D

  58. rat Says:

    I enjoy the conjunction of the Colonial Marines patch with the cinema billboard n:o 3. Sadly though, this strip does suffer from the lack of pleasant characters – I’m too much of a wimp to like a character that kills people, so I’ve never been member of the Sphinx fanclub. <:(

  59. Renee Says:

    I’ve never loved the Sphynx more than in the last panel.

  60. Ian Treeby Says:

    man, i can’t remember what i was going to say. not going to let that stop me though.

  61. BigFan#1236645 Says:

    Why don’t we ever see the sphinx REALLY eat people??? Can you draw disemboweled people correctly? She’s an awesome character who’s got lots of moxy, but I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing a little left-over blood on her cheeks from the last meal she had…Don’t “Disney” tha sphinx, dude!

  62. Zach Says:

    Yes! Finally, someone else remembers Blink 182’s “Shit Piss Fuck” song, the only song of theirs I ever liked. Rock on, W.R.!

  63. werdan Says:

    That last panel needs to be on a T-shirt. 🙂

  64. Josh Says:

    I’d do her(it) anytime :3

  65. Serpentia Says:

    @Josh: I totally know it’s gross, but I totally agree. =D

  66. John Says:

    “These are the Daves I blow”… I’m American and I got that. Yay!

  67. Sam Says:

    simon, i think, even though you probably had a thought process to disprove this, that his entire idea of having the sphinx in our world is to see how something like that would behave when the culture evolves beyond it. sort of like if jesus were on the earth, 2000 years later… and ate people

  68. Rememberit Says:

    I must keep my shiny little cog to myself.

  69. Dicks Says:

    I’m starting to cream my pants every time I see a punk reference. I fuckin love this webcomic.

  70. Dee Says:

    Is that a The Last Airbender reference I see in the top left panel? Thank God for you. Thank God.

  71. spade Says:

    ah hah! another reference to an awesome band! god i miss DK.

  72. Billy the Kid Says:

    Panel 1: “The Hobbit” starring Nicholas Cage.

    Oh God please no!

  73. Kyle Says:

    You should’ve had “Nicholas Cage in “Bee Rider 2- Oh god, not the bees”.

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