Fall Break

October 5, 2009

Without beating around the bush, it’s like this: i had a comic written for this week but then i got the worst flu i’ve ever had, so it’s not gonna happen. And what’s even better (and by “better” i mean or course “worse”) is that i’m going out of town next weekend for “canadian thanksgiving,” (whatever that is) so i already wasn’t planning to have a comic next week. Which means that i suddenly have a two-week hiatus on my hands, and i know that people keep telling me to stop apologizing, but fuck you, i’m sorry that i’m gonna have to miss so many updates (“fuck you, I’m sorry!” insultapology!). I’m just so not in love with the realities of life right now; lots of good ideas for comix, zero time to work on them (either that or hours and hours of useless, unworkable flu time). It’s gotten to the point where i’m quite literally sick of it. Yadda yadda yadda, stress, poor me, etc. My point is that, barring any rare tropical diseases or tiger attacks,  i’ll be back on the 18th, so please stay tuned during what I shall dub the Fall Break. And thanks for the patience and the abundance of nice comments, it is so very appreciated. Handshakes far and wide, high fives on the way. Thanks for your understanding, i’ll see you in two weeks with some walls of text and snide remarks.


the reanimated corpse of winston rowntree

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