September 30, 2009


Okay, finished, back again with my weekly brain-damaged-trained-monkey-performance-art or whatever it is i do. Kind of crawling across the finish line here, so if there’s any mistakes in there, and i’m sure there are, then let me know (except for the use of “on deck” instead of “in the hole,” i know about that mistake already, baseball fans).Β  And if you think the last part is implausible then you’ve never had a cheapass grocery store pizza.


145 Responses to “Supermarket”

  1. hristo Says:

    didnt read it yet…. but first comments make me happy.
    it better be worth the wait, i was dying the past week.

  2. NoVan Says:

    hirsto: I, too, demand my free entertainment to be prompt. Let’s let Rowntree know who’s boss, hey?

  3. Mike Harris Says:

    There’s reference to “Exotic Orchards” by a few people as if it’s the name of the store, but the register girl is wearing a smock with “Shite Mart” on it. Not sure if that’s a mistake or not.

    By the way, I love your stuff, and my life’s such lately that I need a good smile/laugh.

    So, honestly, straight from the heart here, thank you for what you do and put out there free of charge.

  4. Michael Ezra Says:

    This was totally worth the wait. So many great lines and background gags I can’t choose a favourite this time.

    Memo to Cantaloupe Guy: Dude, haven’t you ever read Portnoy’s Complaint? Liver, man. Go with liver.

  5. LafinJack Says:

    I gathered that “Exotic Orchards” is the place that grows the dragon fruit, which is sold by S-Mart.

  6. tefferen Says:

    that’s subnormality.

  7. Meghana K Says:

    Hey! so the pink haired girl goes to the shite-Mart after checking out used cars! As usual, brilliant detailing…
    This one builds up so well!

  8. Sean Says:

    Sir, you are fantastic. πŸ™‚ Absolute brilliance.

    Just a note, the page at that I visit compulsively still has the comix (singular?) from a couple weeks ago.

    But no hurry – take the garbage out & enjoy life first. πŸ™‚ You deserve it!

  9. Well worth the wait. Very well drawn and very funny! I especially love the facial expressions. Also, I too sometimes dream and hope for the apocalypse when standing in a long line at the store.

    Great stuff again! Cheers!

  10. Gary Watson Says:

    I refuse to believe that the love of my life buys Cheese Whiz. I think she’s more of a Chinese Chicken Salad kind of girl, when she can afford it, and maybe frozen veggie burritos otherwise. Who’s with me on this?! Revolt against the defamation of “pretty skirt girl”!

  11. bachterman Says:

    the dragon fruit beavis & butthead are a nice homage. πŸ™‚

  12. chris Says:

    hahahahaha most wonderful!

  13. Harry Says:

    Please don’t feel as though you have an obligation to provide free content to us promptly! Your updates should match your philosophy; you shouldn’t be constrained into servitude for people who are hardly deserving of your talent! Stop apologising.

  14. Mo Says:

    Is awkward silence guy a Cantona-era Man Utd fan?

  15. I love you.

    But mostly I love used-to-be-pink haired girl ❀

  16. Kurdt Says:

    Oh man. If I ever see a guy in the grocery store line with a bunch of cantaloupes I’m going to laugh so hard.

    Bravo again on another fine comic sir!

  17. Camille Says:

    brilliant! The facial expressions of your characters are spot-on, you don’t even have to read the thought bubbles to guess what they think. Well done, sir! And seriously, don’t think you owe us anything, do your comic whenever you want.

  18. DrStupid Says:

    I mostly agree with Harry up there. You are a talented artist & writer, a rare gift. I’d say feel free to take SubNorm to other places if you feel uninspired or in a rut, all artists do it. And I’m sure most if not all of us will follow.

    There’s also no need to apologize, some things can’t be forced. We’ll be happy when your work comes around, whenever it does.

    To M.Ezra : You sir, are The Wit, kudos.

  19. Jerry Says:

    My favorite Subnormality yet. Excellent.

  20. tris mccall Says:

    ricin bran = truly disturbing.

  21. Sili Says:

    I honestly didn’t get the dragonfruit thing.

    And I was halfway expecting Sphynx to be up front.

  22. Nieaga Says:

    Hey, you have marzipan too, but you paint it like fruits, curious. God, how I hate queues, excellent one!

  23. Sublime work, Rowntree!


    Any more works like this and the universe will implode due to pure concentration of awesomeness.

  24. Augustine Says:

    I like how pink-haired girl is buying rice cakes (flavorless) and tan oil (still conforming to other people’s ideals).

    But why is the psychic stocking up on carbo drink?!

  25. Bandit a la mode Says:

    Love it, bravo.
    ‘How to bend over for hubby’…. classic.

  26. NoVan Says:

    @Harry: Damn straight. I just want to be clear that I was being sarcastic, because that might not have been obvious, and I wouldn’t want to alienate my favorite web-cartoonist.

  27. Bandit a la mode Says:

    Oh, and Marzipan. I didn’t even know that existed.
    Imagining starving to death on a desert island with nothing but marzipan around you…

  28. b.patrick Says:

    Recently released from a ten-year tour in supermarket-hell, I found this comic extra hilarious. I totally identify with the girl behind the register. As bad as being stuck in a supermarket for several minutes is – several hours a day for several years is immeasurably worse. Born. Work. Die. Awesome as always!

  29. Samuel Says:

    As an ex-Catholic, I find it frightening how much I can empathize with the lady who is fourth in line.

  30. Wu Says:

    Sometimes I feel like Subnormality is written by a funnier version of me.

  31. Leak Says:

    Love it. But what’s the flag joke about?

    “That flag looks like chocolate-vanilla-strawberry ice cream?”

  32. Graham Says:

    I have so been that cashier lol.

  33. Daniel Says:

    I really hope you can keep cranking these out, It makes my day just that bit better to get that straight shot of hilarious, biting cynicism into my veins. Please, keep it up if you can!

  34. Daniel Says:

    I don’t get the Naples joke : [

  35. Lew Basnight Says:

    These keep getting better and better. While it pains me on those rare Mondays when there’s no strip, I calm my jittery nerves with the knowledge that you are a skilled craftsman who is unwilling to let sub-par comics clutter up the virtual landscape. Thanks for doing what you do, man. It’s a bright spot, whatever day of the week it falls on.

  36. Sean Says:

    Nice. It would suck to be a psychic, wouldn’t it?

  37. Fennec Foxz Says:

    Worth the wait, Tnx Rowntree, keep it up

  38. Rob Retter Says:

    Cool strip. But Winston, where do you encounter a random sampling of the public that’s so introspective or with so much self-awareness? While there are some people who actually think, the vast majority are just chimps with shoes. For instance, missing-iPod-lady wouldn’t be wabting her toy to block out thoughts, so much as to avoid being uncomfortable-silence-guy in her own head. Seems like a line of ten or so with five Winstons (in various guises) makes for a really unlikely scenario.

  39. Rob Retter Says:

    wabting, clearly, was a typo for wanting. oops.

  40. Leifbk Says:

    I had to google for Neapolitan Ice Cream. First hit is Wikipedia, and right on target.

  41. No Hablo Ingles Says:

    I cried

  42. rayceeya Says:

    I’ve seen every one else in this line but I don’t see myself. Where’s the poor slob who just got off work at 4:30AM and just want a couple beers before crashing out all day? You know the guy who buys beer at 6:00 AM when the store opens who everyone thinks is an alcoholic?

  43. selenology Says:

    @Leak and Daniel: “Neapolitan” is both a kind of ice cream and a word to refer to people or things from Naples (a city in Italy). The ice cream is chocolate (brown), strawberry (pink), and vanilla (white) swirled together.

    Re: “on deck” — that works for me, since it’s theater-speak for “up next”.

    Nice horizontal layout! Way to stretch yourself, Rowntree πŸ™‚

  44. GlitterBerri Says:

    “Exotic orchards” are just orchards that grow exotic fruit. It’s not a company.

  45. ironflange Says:

    Love it, as always, and your Canadian-ness is showing again (Kraft Dinner). I’m the guy who forgot the milk, whom others think is creepy.

    I, too, still have a bad crush on FPHG (Formerly Pink Haired Girl).

  46. George Says:

    I see why you took so long, this is pretty Lord of the Rings sized.

  47. pG Says:

    The horror. The horror. The familiarity.
    Hell is a eternity of being stuck in a queue with a sweaty fat woman with no sense of personal space behind you and a tired couple with three little brats in front of you. Add the obligatory cute girl with the coinslot that you just get passing glimpses of in front of them and the guy on the phone somewhere behind you loudly explaining the finer points of anal sex (really happened). And you are carrying a basket with bananas, tampons and a jar of hand cream (All stuff your roommate forgot when he/she was at the shop and phoned you about). Add to that that you forgotten what you came into the shop to buy for yourself, but am sure its something really important… The horror, the horror.

  48. tantekoo Says:

    I have been there. Instead of throwing frozen pizzas, I dreamed of a rigged-up flame thrower. Or I’d have forgotten the damn milk (which happened not two days ago.)

    Your work never fails to make my day in some way, either with some meaty thoughts, or laughter. Thanks for the quality, good sir.

  49. Chris Martinez Says:

    Let me tell you Good sir.
    I worked at a Grocery store, and well.
    You’ve nailed it right on the head.
    I applaud you.

  50. Dusty668 Says:

    Dammmit, why do I have to wait so long to have my comment read? I hate coming here. Jeeeeze move it along with the Naples comments already, its friggin ice cream for pete’s sakes!

    Ha! Loving the comic sooo much!

  51. Is the shirt of the woman who’s 6th from the end of the line (“I am the carpenter”) a very subtle Beatles reference? If so…bravo.

    (When writing “I Am The Walrus,” Lennon chose the Walrus to try and reference “The Walrus and The Carpenter” by Lewis Carroll. Only after the song was recorded and released, however, did Lennon find out that the Walrus was actually the villain of the story, and jokingly remarked that the line should have been “I Am The Carpenter,” but then also commented that it wouldn’t have had the same ring to it.)

  52. erik Says:

    i was let down this week

  53. Gordo Says:


  54. marilou Says:

    it is great great great!

  55. bitchtitz Says:

    I am/have been several people in this line. But nobody’s looking for buried treasure!

    Anyhoo, I wanted to know if high resolution downloads were available? A couple of your strips impressed me enough to want them as decoration for my flat, and I have access to a large format printer. How much would you charge for, say, a 2m wide @ 300dpi JPG of this one?

  56. bitchtitz Says:

    That’s m as in metres not miles, for all you ignoramuses still using imperial (and I thought you had seceded!).

  57. Rob Says:

    Am I mentally ill for finding myself thinking about the apocalypse most of the times I get bored?

    Mr. Rowntree, you have made my day better. Again.

  58. Hrtk Says:

    Excellent,as always.Keep the vibes!

  59. Hocus Pocus Says:

    YAY!!! The Girl with the Crappy job and the one who tells horror storys are back!!!

  60. Mo: Totally.

    Sili: She was actually in the original script, buying large amounts of ketchup, but she was cut at the last minute since she didn’t fit in with the nuts-on-the-inside theme.

    Augustine: The carbo drink was kind of a quasi-reference to that X-Files episode with the guy whose brain tumor gives him powers of suggestion or whatever. “Cerulean blue…”

    pG: I always forget to buy the one thing i specifically went to the store to get (usually milk).

    [VGN] Chronos[Ha-G]: Indeed it is, glad someone noticed!

    bitchtitz: Send me an email and I can hook you up for a reasonable fee (though I can probably do only 1m due to the file size, i hope that’s alright).

  61. Melvazord Says:

    Lunatic’s Choice Tinfoil made me spew with laughter. SPEW I say!

  62. Dawn Says:

    I am the Shite Mart employee. Sometimes daydreams of decapitation are all that keep me going.

  63. Leak Says:

    @selenology: See, around here (aka Austria) “Neapolitaner” are a kind of wafer:

    (You might remember them from Terminator 3… :D)

    And here’s the German (can’t say I hear that term much in Austria) equivalent to said neapolitan ice cream:

    So, in short – that joke got quite lost in translation… πŸ˜‰

    np: The Orb – Woodlarking (Baghdad Batteries)

  64. kaiopai Says:

    amazing … it’s true πŸ˜€

  65. EvilVillain Says:

    When I’m in the queue, I’m either contemplating my choice of impulse gum or scanning this month’s magazine covers to keep myself from getting paranoid. Have you ever noticed that the title of the featured article in Cosmo is always the same sexual thing with slightly different wording? Or that, this year, there’s always John and/or Kate on the cover of every gossip magazine? Believe me, I have.

  66. Noel Says:

    I used to work at Superstore – most boring job I think I’ll ever have. I used to notice the very act of shopping seemed to irritate all the customers. There weren’t enough angry people in this line.

  67. Evie Says:

    Amazing, just simply amazing.

  68. Thomas Says:

    Hi Winston, saw you beating yourself up on the blog over taking a long time to come up with a new comic — as several before me have already said, please don’t! I love your work and if it takes more than a week to do, heck, however long it takes, it’s worth the wait as far as I’m concerned. Thank you for keeping this up!

    On an unrelated note, have you tried using PNG files instead of JPEG? Comic-style artwork, with little or no color/brightness gradients, is typically not well suited to JPEG’s compression method, with lossless compression schemes a la GIF and especially PNG usually giving smaller file sizes (and no artefacts) — as long as you do the coloring on the computer, anyway. Just a thought.

  69. Buldwren Says:

    You don’t owe us anything; I don’t care how long it takes to make your comics, it’s all great stuff. I’m happy to see anything new. πŸ™‚

    Nice to see some familiar characters, too! Ethel Blackmore’s rant was awesome.

  70. Franco Says:

    I usually hate your shit. Thanks to stumbleupon I stumble upon it often. BUT this is was good.

  71. Franco Says:

    ‘ta hell, hopefully this one makes it.

    is was… fuckin’ pills

  72. Gerry Says:

    Holy godhead Winston, Christmas in October! Lovely being able to set a slowscroll sideways and walk eyes up the queue. Frighteningly good social observation as always: the type of ability that no doubt frightens people away from being friends with psychologists. But if you’ve got the skills, it’s a shame not to use them, eh?

    You humble us with this, thank you.

  73. Joe R Says:

    The word Queue offends me, since it clearly has an extra “ue” for no goddamed reason.

    By the way, are you a Briton Rowntree?

  74. Joe R: No, but my dad is, hence any Britonness you may encounter in the comix. Good point about “queue” by the way.


    Joe R: duh! The “ue” is there for the express purpose of offending you!

  76. Writer Says:

    Thank you Mr Rowntree; awesome comic as usual. πŸ™‚ Blob Dylan made my day.

    I want to whisper sweet nothings to former-pink haired girl. I love her. Huuuuugs.

  77. adsfasdf Says:

    Brilliant as always.

  78. Blee Says:

    Is the marzipan the metaphor for the cantaloupe guy? Fruit on the outside, NUTS on the inside?

  79. taylor Says:


  80. dodoman1 Says:

    One of my favorites of yours! The funniest part of this for me is, for whatever reason, “God dammit, I forgot to get milk. …Sigh.”

  81. Hardcastle Says:

    Loved this weeks comic. Especially the walrus and the carpenter/i am the walrus reference and “Tips to bend over for your hubby”. Don’t be put down by the people who hate the text. Your art style is wickedly original and there’s so much more substance in your work.

  82. Illogic Says:

    Ahh, the many times I’ve stood in line, lost in thought, casually looking over at the magazine stand and trying to look disapproving as to avoid giving the impression that I might actually like anything there, trying to act cool if there’s a cute girl at the register, embarrassment when buying strange things. The list goes on.

  83. this was SO worth he wait! you are awesome!

  84. LeHack Says:

    Fantastic work πŸ™‚ Thanks for keeping your level so high, even despite feeling uncomfortable when you’re not on time. Really, like many have said here, you shouldn’t!

    Also as for the X-Files guy, he was called ‘The Pusher’ πŸ™‚

  85. Suntiger Says:

    Bwahaha! It’s almost as the dad’s line is an allegory for everyone in the queue, and yet everyone are actually fairly normal to my eyes.
    As often, horribly beautiful and beatifully horrible. πŸ˜‰

    Oh and I can sympathize with the cashier. Haven’t had that job myself, but I’ve friends that work in stores and their stories…
    And yet, few people are actually assholes or stupid on purpose, regardless of what it might seem like. Mostly, it’s ignorance.

  86. Kurdt Says:

    Get better quick Winston! Which Elder Gods do you want me to pray to for your quick recovery?

  87. chris Says:

    like it !!!

  88. Cernunnos Says:

    While I would personally like to be prayed to you should pray to Brigid, I know Ceridwen might seem like a good choice but trust me she’s become such an emo, definitely go with Brigid.

  89. William Brust Says:

    …and the coupon is only for 30 cents. Nice touch.

  90. George Says:

    I can’t get over this, that last lady at the end of the line with the red curly hair looks like my mother. It’s the damn spitting image.


    Considering the variety of characters that Winston draws, it seems inevitable that, sooner or later, you will see a character who looks a lot like someone you know in real life.

  92. scott Says:

    hey hey hey now. The people saying that you needn’t apologize all the time are showing the best side of humanity, and you — or your Mr Rowntree persona — needn’t swear at them.


    Wait – he apologized AGAIN?!??

    The nerve!

  94. Andy Says:

    Well, I guess it still beats lying in the gutter & starving to death.

  95. fantilator Says:

    upps… no antidote for reality for the next two weeks?? tough luck. but your apology was also well worth the wait, maybe you can just update some apologies until then??

    cheers πŸ™‚

  96. Joe R Says:

    Winston: Ahhh gotcha. I for one love all the little differences between American and British language/culture. I had a English roommate for a few months and I must have drove him crazy asking…”so in England do they” questions. Turns out the US is just like England but with Monster Trucks. Weirdly enough, I’m drinking nice cup of PG Tips as we speak…uh… I speak.


    Joe R: you are aware that Winston lives in Toronto, Canada, right?

  98. norbet Says:

    I would buy Runt-Away condoms.

  99. LafinJack Says:

    COVIZAPIBETEFOKY: Being a somewhat-recent British territory, Canada still possesses a lot of Britishisms in common speech.

  100. Effis Says:

    A lovely homage to line up thoughts. Funny too. Keep up the great work. Aside: do you get paid for your work, excepting of course all the praise and requests for high dpi copies? You should…

  101. ancona Says:

    At last!!! a decent comic to read, because the stuff here in mexico is absoute crap! all people here have mesoglea instead of brains!, we are living in a world were the morons are multiplicated exponencially!!! where is that asteroid?? why the end of the world is soo delayed? why? why?… mierda! I allways end begging for the end of time,,, I need to rest some time…….. before go to read this comic again!!!!!

  102. Joe Roberts Says:

    I hate web comics. Hate the medium. People are always sending me shit and I have to look at them because they will fucking CORNER ME and ask me if I saw the HILARIOUS FUCKING COMIC they sent, and they’re never funny.

    Love Subnormality though. This is the only god damned comic I have liked since Bloom County. This particular one is a great example why.

    People don’t deserve Winston Rowntree. I hope his life is happier than his art.

    Often the only bright spot in my day.

  103. wrincewind Says:

    you, sir, are fantastic. truly outstanding work on every page.

  104. andrewriddle Says:

    Hey, I love your comics, I found the site a couple of weeks ago and devoured everything. Keep it up, genuine talent in webcomics is rare!

  105. akuko Says:

    i work at a department store. i read this and thought: yes!!! but with hangers….. and for all associates working in department stores, fast food, and all other minimum wage mills who endure and smile because we need money- thank you entirely.

  106. Herbalife Says:

    Hehe, the cashier sums it up beautifully. Standing on her feet for 8 hours a day bagging items and counting money. And all she wants to do is kill everyone.

  107. Corinne Says:

    Thanks Winston, i love your comics. Especially the recurring characters, i love them more with every appearance.
    It does sort of shame me that out of all the grocery line customers i am unfortunately the ‘scrutinizing my purchases!’ girl. If i buy something weird or embarassing i have to balance it out with a bunch of normal things like bread and milk and kleenex, or else i will get paraniod that even the checkout girl is judging me. I always end up with a bunch of shit i dont even want.

  108. Nit4u Says:

    This is sure to bring about a laugh to anyone who reads,wonderful world we live in, Thanks to the Author

  109. Max Says:

    Thanks much for composing this comic, I’ve read Subnormality for months and months, and am grateful you do what you do!

    I visit near to everyday in hopes of seeing the next installment. I really enjoy how you portray the anxiety of public places, I don’t see that much in other pieces of media.

    Thanks again Seigneur Rowntree, I’ll be back again tomorrow.

  110. Max Says:

    Aha, I read around a little bit almost like a smart person. Make that: I’ll be back again on the 18th!

  111. Neil Says:

    Just read my way through your archive after Irregular Webcomic pointed you out.

    I’m very impressed. Thought provoking, beautifully drawn and either hilarious or exhibiting a dry black humour that I love.

    I appreciate the accolades of someone you don’t know probably mean little, but here they are anyway.

    Keep it up.

  112. Vincent Says:

    Poor Mongo! Maybe his appartment will give him the clue to break free!

  113. George Says:

    I hope you get healthy soon, Winston, you and Arcade Fire are the biggest talents in Canada.

  114. Nathan Wilson Says:

    I finished your archives yesterday and read every word, even commented a couple times on some old comics, (Effects, and the Customer from Hell are my favorites so far, oh how I love funny conversations)

    I found this site when I followed a link to “Hitler’s Time Travel Exemption” on TV Tropes from Irregular Webcomic, which in turn linked to your comic: The Home of Adolf Hitler…

  115. Alexander Says:

    Wow this is genius!

  116. Craig Says:

    Bloody brilliant…. I literally LOLed at a couple of the interior monologues. Will be coming back for more!

  117. No Hablo Ingles Says:

    No Hablo Ingles here again, we’re all jones’in for a new subnormality over here.

    *reads blog*

    Oh shit, you died?

  118. Filipe Says:

    hey winston


    hey, man!

    shit, you died? (2)

  119. No. Unless i did die and the afterlife is exactly the same as being alive (anyone remember that evan dorkin comic, “Cartoonist Goes to Hell?”)

  120. No Hablo Ingles Says:

    Well you can be reanimated…it’s debatable whether the soul remains.

    So, your soul is still here (unfortunate) and so is your body, so you’ve concluded that you’ve never died?

  121. Filipe Says:

    good to know! downloading your comics is one of the main uses of this internet thing for me =D

  122. Unless i did die and the afterlife is exactly the same as being alive (anyone remember that evan dorkin comic, β€œCartoonist Goes to Hell?”)

    No, but I believe there was an Angel episode in which “hell” turned out to be the same as real life.

  123. Jack Human Says:

    I’ve been noticing a lot of the band names your characters have on their clothing. The thirt time I read this one I noticed Al Jourgensen’s “Piss Army”, in addition to the “1000 Homo DJs” a couple strips back. I’m just geeking out, but high five.

    • spade Says:

      yeah, he drops those a lot. i commented about him using algebra suicide, i loved their song bodies? i think it was about dying.

  124. Jamin Says:

    Genius, absolutely genius!

  125. Finn Says:

    how many times have I wanted to tell coupon man to go and fuck himself?

    normally im quite a tolerant person, but you put me behind a check out and place a dipshit shouting at you demanding you get him some fucking carrots from ‘out back’ and when you haven’t got any ‘out back’ you have to summon them from the void of sweet fuck all to make him go away. I turn quite rabid.

    I hate my job.

  126. Zombie-man Says:

    Am i the only one who sees that dialogue in a red ballon with a 3d effect???

  127. Dhatz Says:

    that’s like the reason the physical shops have to end @ some point. also I would like to go shopping with frinds instead of just alone, wonder if i’ll ever have such friends where it would make sense. like everyone needs to shop ofter.(I’m from czech republic and the stuff is the same everywhere.)

  128. Leo .W Says:

    I think the one with the cheese whiz just came in for the special offer, a guaranteed personality

  129. Vonthako Says:

    Winston, you seem to be quite good at the whole “serial perspective” thing. Keep it up.

  130. Eddie Wardo Says:

    The whole being a supermarket cashier and wanting to kill all the customers thing is very true.

  131. TheNickster Says:

    Shite mart! LMAO!!, yea the thoughts were funny too.

  132. Anonymoose Says:

    Dammit, make a book please. A BIG BOOK.

  133. lincoln Says:

    just spotted the “happiness pie”. deeply enjoy all the subtle references. now i must watch brain candy again.

  134. Zette Lambin Says:

    That’s me in the grocery line – worrying about always begging for the apocalypse whenever I leave the house. Or is it every time I stay in the house? Or is it that I worry about buying groceries when I’m begging for the apocalypse? And why am I staying up far too late reading these comics all by myself and laughing maniacally? Must be due to lack of a mind-numbing job and a growing disconnection to all things mundane, including paying the bills. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA……clunk….snore.

  135. spade Says:

    i particularly liked the internet meme guy. but damnit, now i want neapolitan ice cream! thanks! :p

  136. LiliannaByron Says:

    I love Ethel. She’s like a comic version of me.

  137. George Says:

    I just wanted to tell you that you’re awesome and I love your comics.

    George, UK.

  138. Ali Says:

    hey, dragonfruit is tasty shit on hot summer days. Stuff it in the freezer, cut it in half, and just scoop it out with a spoon.

    And kraft dinner is surprisingly better than the US version. I still don’t understand how.

  139. So PHG and Ethel could meet each other. But not this time…

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