Sept. 15th: Down at the Used Car Lot

September 16, 2009

Comic finished, sorry for the wait.  Once again i am going to bed now, so g’night and thanks for reading my semi-successful weekly god-knows-what-in-a-blender.

and how the year does linger,


71 Responses to “Sept. 15th: Down at the Used Car Lot”

  1. Questo's Dad Says:

    …and this is why I only buy cars from family.

    Ha. Blue screen of death.

  2. Invader_Zig Says:

    Hey! Krass and Bernie! Used to read CARtoons as a kid. Funny stuff back then.

  3. erik Says:


  4. Meghana K Says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! And so, i happily ride a bicycle!
    I love her t-shirt!

  5. erik Says:

    also every time someone says hey at the end of a sentence in this comic is it like ‘eh’ or what because it is really confusing sometimes. And then I reread the comic in a way where all the characters have ridiculous Canadian accents and see if that looks better. So what is the scoop on that?

  6. Serpentia Says:

    Okay, this is an AMAZING idea. Anyone else want to start Vendeurs Sans Frontières? Mind you I only speak a little German so “Verkäufer ohne Grenzen” would be a tad better.

    Who’s up for it? =D

  7. Very funny and very well-drawn one again, good sir! The girl in it is really cute, especially in the third-to-last panel. That’s not weird for me to say, is it?


  8. Mikkel Says:

    I know a real life tragegy, but I loved the Putin joke – it actually made me laugh out loud. Funny (and ever so tragic) ’cause I think its true.

    The rest of the comic is also great – certainly one of the better (a discount for Boer war veterans – lol!)

  9. Crocoduck Says:

    . . . oh yeah, that’s right, owls stole her old car.

  10. Max Says:

    God I love your comic. I wish it was possible for you to put a new one out every day.

  11. Jake Says:

    I bet you could remove Putin from the backseat with enough bleach.

  12. Michael Ezra Says:

    Aw, Former Pink-Haired Girl is in love. Not that anything will come of it, of course, given her luck thus far.

    Even so, this is probably the closest thing to a good day she’s had since she had to become a waitress and lose the pink dye job.

    Oh, and good to see that Putin takes time out of a busy day suppressing free expression and political opposition in Russia, to keep in touch with average North Americans. Very close touch.

  13. FINALLY!!!!

    a love interest!
    about damn time Rowntree.
    Expect my check in the mail.

  14. vole Says:

    I love how the humor starts all shrewd and subtle, and then we have skeletons.

    Also, I can’t look at the last panel and *not* hear the Benny Hill theme.

  15. peerie Says:

    Totally worth the wait! I can totally relate to this.

  16. Blatant Coward Says:

    Eric, that should be Corporate Canada is keeping people down.

    And she can’t love him, I love him! Swooooooooooooooon……

  17. Bookfisher Says:

    Vendeurs Sans Frontières. Best Concept ever.

  18. Mr. POSSLQ Says:

    Thank goodness I’m not the only one that noticed the Krass & Bernie reference.

  19. Gordo Says:

    anyone notice Big John McCrook kinda looks like one of the trolls from a few weeks back?

  20. ben Says:

    VSF=wonderful idea! We definitely need some help here in these affected nations.

  21. Charlie Says:

    I agree with the positive statements above.
    This is another rich, splendid piece.

    I like all the little smiles, many are mentioned above, I love the details, giving her a patterned skirt instead of just filling it with color, and I love the bigger concepts, the Vendeurs Sans Frontières.

    And as important, I love the balance. Too many little jokes, details, or complex ideas can drown a viewer.

    Thanks R. W.

  22. Vadim P. Says:

    Great morning read.

  23. Dare Says:

    Very funny comic, I truly enjoyed The panel in which you depict Putin strangling a man in a car you have him shouting an infinitive verb. Although the sense, “To rub out,” is preserved, it makes little sense in context. I offer as an alternative “Я Вас сотру с лица земли!” (“I’ll wipe you off the face of the Earth!”) utilizing the same verb.


  24. Jae Classic Says:

    @Serpentia I call dibs on doing this at various coffee shops in metropolitan areas.

  25. artgrey Says:

    Utterly fantastic in every way. My sincerest of thanks for devoting your time and energy to make such great art. I’ll stop licking your boot and let you get back to sleep.

  26. Crotalus Says:

    I especially loved “Crass & Bernie’s” guest appearance, My misspent youth thanks you.

  27. Michael Says:

    Alright. That was funny. That was very funny.

  28. Leak Says:

    Cue Yakety Sax in 3… 2… 1… 😀

    np: Telekinesis – Coast Of Carolina (Telekinesis)

  29. daisyvilla Says:

    It might be because I’m on my third coffee, but I think this might be the funniest Subnormality I’ve read.

  30. Old Codger Says:

    Mad props on the cute skirt Yo!

  31. tefferen Says:

    that’s a good one alright, vendeurs sans frontières is a really cool idea, i won’t be surprised if i see it happening in the future. there’ll be people sans frontières for everything one day.

  32. shockdoc Says:

    I gotta say, I just loved the Vladimir Putin joke. A lovely, low key bit of humor that was completely unexpected given the overall theme. Bravo!

  33. George Says:

    That salesman should carry a stake and holy water with him, considering the work he has cut out for him.

  34. I must rush to Sir Paul’s defense on this one, sir! “Maybe I’m Amazed” starts well, and it DOES go somewhere really great… Unfortunately then it kind of stays there for too long, sort of like a lover who doesn’t understand the words, “No, really… I’m good. Actually, I have to be up early tomorrow…”

  35. Amanda Says:

    VSF…Very clever!

    I loved it as usual. Keep it up 🙂

  36. Asher Says:

    I used to do this.

  37. Max Chaplin Says:

    Стирать? Is it “to erase” or “to wash”?

  38. Doom Says:

    What “стирать” was supposed to mean? People don’t use verbs this way. “стирать” literally translates as “to erase”, or “to wash clothes”. Perhaps it was supposed to be “стереть!”? In this case it could be an order that could be translated as “erase it!”.

    Other than that it was pretty interesting.

  39. simon Says:

    I love that you have picked up on the fact that the USA is in need of intervention by an international charitable organisation. If only we could donate moral integrity like we donate blood, the world would be happier.

  40. BIG JOHN Says:

    Enough of this slander. The bonus skeletons come with the vehicle at NO additional cost!!

  41. simon Says:

    Thinking back, is this strip some kind of comment on how the Medicins sans Frontières are treated by some countries that they operate in? I’m thinking certain African nations and the AIDS problems that they deny having.

  42. LeHack Says:

    Damn you for yer lack of an update script!
    The new strip is great, as often it made me laugh, and as always it made me think!
    But I just read it today, because for the last few days, seeing the first loaded words saying ‘Comic for September 7th’ and remembering that I did read that one, I quickly closed the browser tab… 😉
    Think I’m gonna finally switch to rss..

  43. Disappointed Lesbian Says:

    I was really hoping this chick (who’s probably my fav after the Sphinx ^_^) would end up as a lesbian… possibly with the Sphinx! They really seemed to hit it off before… wow, I’m really weird…

    Oh well, great stuff as usual!

  44. gazerii Says:

    all ways great but this one is better than most keep up the good work!

  45. Caleb Says:

    Awesome comic!

    I am glad she got a bit of a lucky break on this one.

  46. Meerkat Says:

    Love seeing the two guys from Car Toons, wish I could still find that comic.

  47. Nathan Says:

    Excellent comic, even with all the text this one flowed very well, it didn’t feel like I had to work to get through it.

    I was lucky to acquire a used car from one of my cousins.

  48. Anders Benke Says:

    Is that the yellow sign I see on her skirt? It should be, because McCrook’s tie is certainly other-dimensional.

    Love the comic, as always. You, sir, are a genius.

  49. Gerry Says:

    “Proud supporter of the WinRow decal industry” – a worthy piece of self-reflexive loveliness Winston.

    And as always, genius. Looking forward to reading this ‘semi-successful weekly god-knows-what in a blender’ you mention: surprised you’ve got time for it what with Subnormality and all… ;o)

  50. Chris Snively Says:

    That is an NGO I would be happy to support.

  51. George Says:

    Maybe she goes both ways, Dissapointed Lesbian.

  52. Writer Says:

    “I love him”! Ha! Totally sells it. Another awesome comic. 🙂

  53. Leak Says:

    @Anders Benke: Are you sure you didn’t mean the “Yello” (the band) logo?

    np: Electric President – When It’s Black (Sleep Well)

  54. Anders Benke Says:

    @Leak: No, but I suppose that would be more probable. I meant this:

    It’s a Cthulhu mythos symbol of madness and entropy and I tend, as a Lovecraft geek, to see such things where perhaps they are not.

  55. What currency are these prices in? Rupee? Pebbles? Failed sitcom scripts?

  56. Al Says:

    Heheh. Your comics are always funny and witty.

  57. Jenny Says:

    I love you. Well, not you specifically, but your mind and imagination and thinking and the way it is all expressed in such vivid and wondrous ways. Thanks. Please never stop putting up comics.

  58. Gary Watson Says:

    Dude, you seriously need a tip jar. I’d stick $100 in there today for all the times you made me laugh out loud. And sometimes lust after that pink hair chick. She’s so unintentionally sexy sometimes. Like the kind of chick I might have a shot at. If I was richer, younger, better looking; and if she wasn’t an imaginary set of binary color values in a jpg file downloaded over http and tcp/ip.

  59. yoyoma Says:

    did anyone else notice the blue screen of death in panel 4?

  60. Gerry Says:

    @yoyomama: Yep, Questo’s Dad did

    Waaaaaaaay ^ up ^ there.

  61. Gerry Says:

    And to be fair, Winston probably noticed it before any of us. Sheesh, he’s *always* there with that ultra-important ‘First!’

  62. vanetz Says:

    Oh man I would totally buy that ex stunt car. Even with skeletons!

  63. George Says:

    Are you making a Lord of the Rings sized comic again, and that’s why your taking so long?

  64. ME Says:

    Nooo! Come backkk VSF dude! Come back before I turn sixteeeeeeeeen…

  65. RydWolf Says:

    Tee hee!

  66. Vonthako Says:

    Always nice to see an undercover honest man – we could use a few of those in Washington D.C.

    One question though: Why is Vladimir Putin yelling “Wash!” (as in clothes) at the journalists he’s strangling? Is he wanting them to depict him in a better light? (“white-wash”)

  67. Mark Harvin Says:

    I could’ve commented on 20 of the 35 comics i’ve read so far.
    This is great.
    Thank you for your art.

    Difficult to analyze when the mere mention of vagina gobbling thows the mental train off the track down a hillside..


    you rule.
    please don’t ever stop making these til you start to suck.


  68. Yamara Says:

    “I can drive a car with confidence.”
    – Benito Mussolini, “My Autobiography”

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